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                                               Men’s Jewelry - We Call It "Bling"
                                                              By Jason Tye

   When we say “jewelry”, it is usually connected among women. But nowadays, even the fashionable
male species know that a ring around the finger or a bracelet on the wrist can make a huge impact in
his outfit and define his personal style as well. And the good thing is: men’s jewelry is not just a trend
that passes by for a while.

 Historically, men had adornments with different kinds of accessories. From the primitive beaded
necklace, precious stones and gold thread in his clothes, classic fob and watches to bull rings and
necklaces. Today, men are now becoming more fashionable and experimental with style through
jewelry. And unlike before, they are now more comfortable wearing them.

 Through jewelry, men are able to express their personal style and identity to the world. Because of
that, more varied forms became available and socially acceptable. But then what kind of jewelry do
they want? Or rather, as the main basis in choosing jewelry, what do they think catches the ladies’

 According to the design experts of GIA, old and new styles are merging in terms of jewelry design.
Also, masculine designs are given a feminine twist for that fresh take. And with the growing trend of
genderless fashion, jewelry designers are also making pieces that can be worn by both men and

 There are a lot of kinds of men’s jewelry today, but perhaps one of the safest choices is the ring.
We’re talking about rings as accessory here, not a wedding ring or engagement ring. Designs vary
from simple, plain bands to engraved ones, and materials vary from gold, silver, platinum and titanium.

 Bracelets are also a popular choice, especially the ID bracelet. These bracelets are the kind with a flat
chain and long, curved slab of metal where the name of the owner is engraved. Such bracelets are
popular with the growing trend of jewelry that also serves as identification and heirloom pieces.

 Among the corporate men, cufflinks are a must-have fashionable item. These serve as fasteners of
the cuff part of the long-sleeve shirt or suit. Simple silver, gold and platinum are common, but for the
fashionable types, precious and semi-precious stones such as diamonds, black onyx and ruby are also

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

 And who says earrings are for athletes or rock stars? Even a small stud of diamond or metal worn in
one ear can create that masculine appeal. Thus, stud earrings are also gaining popularity among men

 Aside from these pieces, another item is gaining popularity today: dog tags. Originally identified
among military personnel, dog tags also create a tough, manly appeal. And along with ID bracelets,
this piece sets the trend for jewelry that also serves as identification. Dog tags are usually made with
stainless steel, but fancy types such as those made with gold and silver or embedded with studs are
also popular.

 But if there’s one item that a man must have, it would be the watch. Watches with big faces and made
with metal material are identified among men. But nowadays, added functions such as water-proof and
glow-in-the-dark hands and numbers are basics in buying one. Designs are improving, as watches
today are becoming more and more “manly”.

 With a lot of types, materials and designs available, there is definitely no excuse for a man not to have
at least one piece of jewelry. After all, even a single “bling” can add “zing” to your outfit.

© 2008 Jason Tye. Jason Tye is the webmaster and owner of the men's jewelry emporium -, specializing in quality, designer jewelry and rings, for men.

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                                    When is the Right Time to Sell Out of Style Bling?
                                                                By Jay Withers

Selling Out of Style Bling

 Since we cannot all afford the same bling as our hip hop celebrities we look for the the same bling that
these hip hop artists wear but at not nearly the price that they paid for it. Therefore great hip hop
jewelry brands such as Iced Out Jewelry are selling bling but they do not stay in the stores for too long.
Such pieces like the 2 Pac Iced Out Bling Bling, the 50 Cent Iced Out Bling and the The Game Watch
Bling are selling out of Bling style.

 If you browse along certain products from the Iced Out Jewelry collections you will see that these hip
hop jewelry categories are selling out of bling style so you have to order yours fast. So why do these
hip hop jewelry watches, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc. sell out so quickly? Not only because
everyone wants to have have a piece of jewelry that their hip hop favorites in their collection but also
for a variety of reasons.

 These hip hop jewelry makers are selling out of style bling because they are the latest trends in hip
hop jewelry so everyone wants a piece of the action. Since these prices are so low, just about
everyone can purchase them. Some prices are as low as $2 for great hip hop jewelry pieces. Then one
has to factor in the great quality of this bling pieces. The majority are made of silver, gold and platinum
plated pieces with the finest collections of Cubic Zirconium jewels and of Austrian Crystals. These
products shine longer and look real. They are not some cheap piece of plastic costume jewelry but
rather very well made pieces of bling that are selling out like crazy.

 Some already selling out of bling style pieces of hip hop jewelry include the following pieces: the 36
inch Platinum Edition 196 Cubic Zurconian Stones Chain, the 36 inches double square links silver
rhodium chain, the lng shich gold rope chain, the Big Boss Rolo style silver chain, the Ecclectic Icy
Designs bracelet, the Silver thick Rope men’s bracelet, the Marcy NY Jay Z Bracelet, the sterling silver
small diamond earrings and the sixteen icy points On square graph earrings.

 Hip Hop Jewelry is very popular and as soon as a hot item drops, they sell out. If you know that one of
your favorite items is going to go on sale soon, you better make sure that you are at the store, have
ordered it already or online the moment that it is put on sale. Why? Because by tomorrow it will be sold
out. There is no limit to the popularity of hip hop jewelry. Therefore, when these popular items hit the
stores you know that they are going to be popularly selling out of bling style. If it is sold out, it will
definitely cramp your style.

 These days, Hip Hop Jewelry is considered to be one of the fastest growing unique cultures. Over the
past 10 years, the industry has grown substantially due to the growing trend of hip hop culture. This
culture has been closely linked to fashion and music. One of the most popular types of hip hop jewelry
out there would have to be a watch. But, these aren’t just any watches. The more bling, the better!
Gold, Platinum, Silver watches are all the bands of choice, but as far as the face goes, if it sparkles, it
is in. If the face on your watch is not surrounded by diamonds, then you can go ahead and throw your
watch out. It would not be considered essential hip hop attire.

Jay Withers has a love for hip hop jewelry and has been emersed in Hip

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Hip culture for years. He makes real hip hop jewelry at home and
frequently likes to sell hip hop jewelry to his close

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