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                                  Photography Techniques For Taking Great Pictures
                                                              By Ted Burns

   Beautiful moments routinely come and go in our lives. Fortunately most of us have at least one
camera to capture a few of those unforgettable scenes. Cameras can be used for purposes ranging
from birthdays to graduations, from a school play to tragic scenes on a battle field, and much more.

 Unfortunately most people who stand behind the camera button do not have the expertise to snap
high quality pictures that truly draw our attention.

 We love our family members, friends, and work associates, but that love doesn't translate to
photography talent. Consequently, many of us hire professionals to do the job for us, despite their often
steep expense.

 For those who wish to avoid the cost of paying others, below are a few brief techniques to guide you in
capturing pictures you will be excited to show off.

 1. For portraits, it is important to have an appropriate backdrop. Using a camera stand helps to
stabilize the image and avoid blurring it.

 2. Using the sun as your primary light source adds natural beauty to the picture. Make sure the sun is
not directly in front of the camera lens but rather behind it.

 3. Natural poses usually make a picture more appealing. Photographers should try to make their
subjects feel at ease before taking a shot. Indulging them in friendly conversation prior to the picture
usually lightens the atmosphere.

 4. While taking a picture, make sure that each person or object that you intend to be in the picture is
included in the view. Provide polite instructions if necessary.

 It is advisable that the tallest person stand in the back row with shorter people in front so that nobody
is missed from the shot. The positioning can be delicate for someone who is sensitive about their
height (short or tall), so approach this step with due consideration.

5. Occasionally - perhaps frequently - you will want to take spontaneous shots. These are good

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

alternatives to stiff, artificial smiles and poses that squelch a person's natural style when you point
camera toward them. These kinds of pictures are great at weddings, birthdays, and other festive

 The job of a good photographer is to capture their subject's best moments, such as when they are
truly at ease and not actually trying hard to "act natural" in front of a camera - usually a prescription for
capturing a horrible pose.

 A photographer should also make sure the people in the pictures look as natural as possible. A great
picture will bring out the innate personality and beauty of the subject - rather than serving as an
attempt to create what isn't really there.

 Practice often, and take as many pictures as you can until you are comfortable using your specific
camera. Over a period of a few months or even weeks, you may surprise even yourself at how
compelling some of your pictures turn out.

 And if you are not happy with your early photography results, don't give up. Developing a talent for
picture-taking is a learned skill and for most people requires a dedication to practice and ongoing

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                                       Learning About Digital Camera Photography
                                                          By Vance Kardasian

There are so many great benefits that are offered by digital camera photography. Especially if you are
planning to get into photography as a career, of course you are always going to have to make sure that
you are keeping up with the times and that means using the most advanced forms of photography that
you can.

The digital cameras are by far more technologically advanced than their standard film counterparts.
The digital cameras just offer you so much more. With a regular camera you just have to take all your
pictures and then see how they turned out. You don’t even get to see an idea of what the picture is
going to look like, and so you were never really able to make sure that you got that perfect shot.

With the digital cameras that are available now however, you have a lot more variety and versatility.
With digital camera photography you are able to capture a picture and then see it right away, so you
can decide whether you want to keep it or take another. Digital camera photography has completely
changed the way that we look at photography in general and the beauty of pictures that we are able to

How it Works

Digital camera photography is great because while the technology involved is much more advanced, at
the same time taking the pictures is just as easy before, if not more so. Now you are able to see on the
display screen what you are capturing, and because you are able to see your pictures after taking
them, you will be able to realize right away what changes you need to make to get that perfect picture.

Digital camera photography is used for a variety of careers all around the world, and it has forever
changed the world that we live in today. Even kids can get the hang of digital camera photography and
can take great pictures because it is easier to do than ever before.

There is so much to learn about digital camera photography, and whether you want to get a digital
camera photo printer or any other accessories, these are definitely investments that you are going to
be able to use for the rest of your life and which will help you to capture those precious moments in life
and keep them on your computer, or even on CD or DVD to give out to people you love.

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