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      Calendars are often given as gifts and if you choose the right type they can actually make brilliant presents.
          Books make us acquire knowledge. Books definitely feed our imaginations. Books are not boring.
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                                                 Inexpensive Handmade Christmas Gifts
                                                         By La Tunya Sifford

    How many of us at Christmas time end up spending a fortune on gifts for friends and family, which
are not the least bit personal, and we end up regreting it afterwards? These days we often get caught
up in the rush of the holiday season to spend more on gifts, when in fact we could spend less money
giving great presents if we applied ourselves to hand making them. Here today I will bring you a lovely
selection of ideas that are quite easy and affordable.

1. Collect and make recipe books. Find recipes in magazines or on the Internet. Copy them on the
computer and print out on stationary . A office supply store can bind it together for you for about $5 or
$10 dollars.

2.Handmade Mixes. Find good mix recipes for seasonings, cookies, cakes, etc... and give the
instructions to the recipient.

3.Bath Salts. Fill a lovely jar with bath scented bath salts, then add some decorative ribbon aroud the
jar to make it festive.

4. Office supplies. Yes! people like me would love this gift. Fill a small crate with pens, pencils,
notpads, staples, sticky notes, etc....

5. Gourmet Gift Basket. Fill a wicker basket with gourmet cheeses, crackers, wine, sausages, mustard,
chocolate, etc..... you'll leave a lasting impression!

6. Christmas Ornaments. You can make them, or purchase them on sale, women love new ornaments
to hang on their trees.

7. Books. Books are always a great gift to give during the holidays, you can curl up in bed with some
hot chocolate and just enjoy.

8. Calendars. Calendars come in a wide variety. See if you can catch one on sale ahead of time.

9. Magazines. This is a great gift, because it keeps on coming all year!

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10.Pictures. To make the gift more special, find pictures that will have meaning to the recipient, like
pictures of family members, favorite places, place they admire, etc..

Enjoy the Holiday Season and Remember the True Meaning of Christmas Is not what you give

It's the Meaning behind the gift.!

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                    Christmas Baby Bedding Set – A Priceless Gift For Your Little Angel!
                                                                By D Southard

Perhaps your little cherub is too young to comprehend the joyous and festive celebrations of
Christmas, but surely you would not want to leave him or her out of gift list, here’s a unique option for
you – a special Christmas baby bedding set, something that will remind your child of your
thoughtfulness years later!

 Face it, you’ll have to do a bit of assembling pieces together to create the Christmas baby bedding set,
but you I’m sure you’d do anything for your own angel! You don’t have to grope in the dark, here’s a list
of things and the store you can purchase them from:

Online Stores has a perfect and assorted range of such products that you can choose from! Like,
Dance With Joy ''The Nativity'' Christmas Fitted Baby Bassinet Sheet, Dance With Joy ''The Nativity''
Christmas Fitted Baby Crib and Toddler Sheet that will excellently coordinate with their Christmas
Handmade Baby Bedding Comforter depicting ''The Nativity'' !

They also stock Christmas Bears and Stockings on Cream Handmade Fitted Crib Sheet, Christmas
Bows and Holly Handmade Fitted Baby Bassinet Sheet , Christmas Bows and Holly Handmade Fitted
Baby Bassinet Sheet, Christmas Stockings & Gifts Handmade Toddler Pillowcase etc..

 There’s more, Christmas Tree Handmade Baby Bed Skirt, Gabrielle's Fleece Blue Baby Blanket and
Gift Set ( this set comes in Pink, Green and Yellow shades too)! The variety for each of these items is

 Nevertheless, in case you have any difficulty in getting them together, there are two other alternatives,
you can either go for the readily assembled Christmas Trains & Candy Canes 5-piece Handmade Baby
Bedding Crib Set. Or else there’s an array of patterned fabrics of numerous designs like Christmas
Trains and Candy Canes Fabric, Christmas Trains and Candy Canes Fabric, Festive Christmas on
Green Fabric, Christmas Joy and Cheer on Red Fabric, Christmas Joy and Merry Christmas Fabric
and so on. You can buy these by the yard and then let your tailor make Crib and bassinet sheets,
pillowcases, bed skirts, bumpers, comforters etc. using the same theme! You can add Santa Clause
inflatable to add to your baby’s delight.

Gift Packaging Ideas

 Why not present your gift a little different this year, while you’re at it? Instead of placing your bedding
in a box and wrapping it, place it in a large gift basket, adding small trinkets inside as gifts, too, like a
rattle, small stuffed animals, and other trinkets for the bedroom and child.

 Package it with some pillows, a bed ruffle, sheet set and lamp with coordinating lamp shade. Add a
homemade quilt or one you find online for a great price. All in all you have it, your Christmas baby
bedding set – a priceless gift for your little angel!

 This unique Christmas baby bedding set, will not only remind your child of the special essence of
mother and child bonding you share all through the Christmases and nativities for the following years,
but also serve as a special heirloom that can be passed down the generations.

Emerson Publications
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For more ideas and information on baby bedding set visit

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