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                                                 Photos on Canvas: A Wedding Idea
                                                                By Hugh Parker

  Getting married is a very special occasion for all couples. It's a promise of eternal love, happiness,
and a shared life together no matter what challenges may come down the road. Your wedding day is a
memory which you'll remember for the rest of your life, and which you'll (hopefully!) always want to look
back at with a smile.

 One way newlyweds preserve memories of that momentous occasion is printing and framing their
wedding portrait at a specialized portrait framing shop, a task which can cost hundreds of dollars to get
done professionally. If you're a new couple who just had to pay for a wedding, do you really want to
pay hundreds of dollars for a picture when there's a cheaper-and more unique-alternative?

 Printing photos on canvas is the new preferred method of photographers to display their own private
works in their homes, and doing so yourself is as simple as uploading a file. By transferring your digital
photo file to a professional canvas picture printer, they're able to use a special printer configured with
exacting details to print perfect quality reproductions of your photos on canvas rather than paper. Your
most treasured memory is printed directly into the canvas itself, creating a canvas picture in lieu of a
traditional paper-based one.

 For newlyweds, the process of printing portraits on canvas is a perfect opportunity to preserve your
most precious memory in a format that not only lasts the test of time (on average canvas prints begin
to fade after 100 years) but displays them in a way your friends will sure to be envious of.

 With your wedding portrait displayed as a photo canvas print instead of printed and framed using the
same methods your grandparents used, what was once a picture serving only as a memory is instantly
transformed into a work of art. Using high-quality canvas which is similar to the type professional
painters use, canvas photographs just have a look to them which makes them look like a true piece of
art, whether they're a professionally taken portrait or a picture taken by your uncle's digital camera.

 Photos on canvas are just as high of a quality as professional artwork printed on expensive photo
paper for hundreds of dollars, and experienced professional canvas picture printing businesses are
now charging prices which can blow many picture printing and framing businesses away.

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 So how much is printing your wedding portrait on canvas going to cost? Given the better longevity,
artistic value, uniqueness, and high level of quality you get with professional canvas prints, it's very
surprising how affordable they are. At a reasonable wedding portrait size of 20"x30", printing your
photo on canvas costs under $100-a fraction of the price you'll pay to have your first picture as
husband and wife printed and framed at an established portrait framing studio.

 You also don't need to worry about buying an expensive frame and running the risk of needing to
purchase a new one when your furniture changes a few years down the road. With canvas prints the
essential framing and mounting is on the inside of the work, with the photo's canvas stretched over it
creating a 3D, pop-out image that stands out from your wall on its own. If you want you can still frame
photographic canvas prints, but even at their most basic element without a frame and hung directly on
the wall canvas pictures look classy and sophisticated enough that you can easily display them in the
most important rooms in your home, making all your friends jealous of your unique piece of personal

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                                                Canvas Prints: Wedding Favors
                                                            By Hugh Parker

One of the happiest times in your life is your wedding. Then why not cherish it with a canvas print?
After all, you have waited for this day all your life. Wedding is a special occasion for all of us. There are
lots of moments that have to be treasured and cared for in a wedding. Photographs have long been
associated with preserving memories of loved ones for a lifetime. Canvas print photos have proven to
be perfect wedding gifts or anniversary gifts.

 There are lots pf photo print service companies that specialize in wedding photography. They use a
top quality canvas for the prints and give a good service too. You can select some valuable
photographs from your wedding and get it turned into canvas print photos. The photographer will
stylize it in the manner you want. The latest technology can produce pop-art effects from photographs,
transform color photos into black and white images or just get rid of the unnecessary background
objects and create a fabulous canvas print.

 For those photographers who do not have their own printing set-up, can tie up with big photo print
service companies for delivering canvas print photos to their clients. Such companies are willing to
help you out, since you are reselling their service to further customers. You may also avail of discounts
specially given to professional photographers under this scheme.

 In this way photographers will not lose out on clients who wish to have select photos on canvas print.
As a photographer, you can give this value-added service to your regular customers and also use it for
building new relationships. Especially, wedding is such an occasion that people get very emotional
about it. The whole atmosphere at a wedding is full of happiness and desires for the bride and groom.
The family of the newly-wed couple is equally excited and a canvas print is the best way to capture
their expressions.

There are some tips which you can follow as a photographer to bring out the best canvas print photos:

 1. It is always better to check out the wedding and reception venues prior to the wedding. Due to this,
you will know the facilities available there and adjustments that need to be made. You can plan
different locations at the venue for the couple’s photographs.

 2. Make it a point that you are there at the rehearsal. You will know beforehand about the important
people that you need to focus upon at the wedding assignment.

 3. If you wish, you can visit the bride’s home on the wedding day for catching some special moments
to be secured in canvas prints.

4. Lastly, you can co-ordinate with the music band or D.J. to avoid confusion and arguments.

 A canvas print can be customized according to your needs. If you have any design idea or any quote,
poem that needs to be added to the image on the canvas, just communicate the same to your
photographer and your wedding canvas print is ready!

Author Hugh Parker Picture Photos on Canvas is a blog about photos printed on canvas and

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