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                                           Costume Contact Lenses - It’s All in the Eyes
                                                                 By Peggy Schmitt

   People no longer have to wait for one night out of the year to have fun and dress in costumes!
Costume parties are held all year long for different occasions. Some people are even having weddings
that require guests to come dressed in costumes! If you are looking for great costume ideas for either
Halloween or a costume party, you can have the edge over other people and get your costume
noticed. If you want the costume that stands out over every other costume, consider using costume
contact lenses for your eyes!

 Sometimes, the small details are what make a difference. Using costume contact lenses can be the
one thing that changes how you look when you dress in any type of costume. If you’ve never heard
about costume or specialized contact lenses, do a quick search on the internet and you might be
surprised to discover the amazing and even frightening options you can have for your costume!

 One of the classic costumes can become completely original for you when you add the right contact
lenses. If you are considering dressing up as a classic vampire, complete your costume with vampire
contact lenses. Vampire contact lenses come in many different color options, but most of them consist
of shocking colors to really get your audience’s attention! Blood red irises with black pupils are very
popular, but you may also find contact lenses with white, icy blue, orange or yellow irises with black
pupils. Some people have discovered that they get the most reaction from wearing completely black
contact lenses when dressing as vampires for a realistic “living dead” look! Even if you are one of a
dozen or so vampires in one location, the right contact lenses can make all the difference in making
your vampire costume stand out.

 Many costumes people choose to wear for various occasions can be sexy or provocative. You can
add the perfect contact lenses to truly accentuate and distinguish your costume from other people who
have dressed along the same lines. Many sexy costumes include witches, angels, French maids,
nurses, fairies and many more original and fun characters. Baby blue contacts with navy blue outer
rings make eyes sensuous and very noticeable. Pink is also a color sure to stand out. Although less
immediately noticeable, violet makes quite an impact when used with sexy, similar colors.

 Cat eye contact lenses are very unique and draw all kinds of attention! Many times you can also get
animal patterns like zebra or cheetah spots. If you are thinking of dressing as your favorite sport’s icon,
consider getting costume contact lenses that correlate with the sport. You can get soccer ball,

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basketball and even football contact lenses!

 You aren’t limited to the costume contact lens ideas above. You can get glow in the dark contact
lenses, pure white contact lenses, patriotic contact lenses and so much more. You have just about as
many options for costume contact lenses as you have for costume ideas!

 When you consider using costume contact lenses, it is easy to go on the internet and order a pair.
Consider going through an eye doctor even if you don’t need a prescription for your lenses. The right fit
can make for a much more comfortable wearing experience and it can also limit the chance of infection
in the eye.

Part of the fun involved in wearing a costume is choosing what costume you are going to wear and
what accessories you will use to make it extra special. To make your costume really stand out, you
might want to consider wearing special costume contact lenses.

Peggy Schmitt is a respected writer at Costume Jungle ( She writes on
a wide variety of topics, does regular costume reviews and can be considered an expert when it comes
to this subject.

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                                7 Tips For Healthy Contact Lens Wear This Halloween
                                                             By Barbara Lewis

 Do you want to have the coolest costume this Halloween? The best way to do that is by wearing a pair
of Halloween contact lenses. Before you run off to grab a set, read over these 7 tips to ensure your
eyes will stay healthy and to get the most out of your lenses.

1) Soft contact lenses have a limited lifespan. Even when you take the best care of your Halloween
contact lenses, they must be discarded after a pre-determined amount of time. Ask your eye care
provider how long your particular lenses are designed to be used.

2) Always wash your hands before inserting or removing your contact lenses. Use a plain soap that
does not contain extra moisturizers, as they may coat up your lenses.

3) Your lenses are for your eyes only. Never ever share your contact lenses with your friends. It is far
too dangerous and easy to pass infection through contact lenses. Don't even think about it.

4) Remove your lenses before sleeping at night. Halloween contact lenses are not designed to be worn
while sleeping. Take off your lenses before you get into bed.

5) Your lenses must be prescribed by a licensed eye care provider. The actual costume effect, such as
cat eyes, or dragon eyes do not have to be on the prescription. However, the actual fit of the lenses
must be prescribed. This is true, even if you have perfect vision.

6) Use the recommended care system with your lenses. Some theatrical lenses may be ruined by
certain types of solution. To protect your investment and your eyes, always follow instructions.

7) Buy your Halloween lenses from a reputable source. Never even consider buying lenses from
untrusted sources. You never know where those lenses have been or if they have been sterilized and
stored properly.

If you follow these tips this Halloween, your eyes will stay happy and healthy and you will have the best
costume at the party.

Barbara Lewis wants to ensure your contact lens success with happy healthy eyes and lens wear. is where you can find more of her contact lens tips.

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