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									    How to Find a Heathrow Airport Parking
Heathrow Airport is London's busiest airport: nearly 70 million passengers travel through the
airport each year. Heathrow has five terminals and there are Heathrow airport parking facilities
near each terminal. You can pay for your parking at the airport or you can book your parking
space in advance. The cheapest rates can be found online.

If you need a parking space for a few hours, the Short Stay car parks are convenient and easy
to use. Each Heathrow terminal has its own short term car park and most are located just a
few minutes' walk from the terminal entrance. You can also find a Business car park near each
terminal and these car parks welcome both leisure and business travelers. They provide a free
shuttle bus transport to the terminal and they are situated closer to the terminals than the long
stay facilities. The Business Parking Plus is a special service near Terminal 1 and its transfer
service is fast and convenient.

Heathrow has three Long Stay car parks and they serve passengers departing from terminals
1, 3, 4 and 5. Parking rates in the long term facilities are lower than in the short term car parks.
Each departure terminal is served by one long term car park. Every parking facility offers a free
shuttle bus transfer to the terminal. Allow enough time for finding a parking space and for the
bus transfer. The bus journey can take up to 15 minutes depending on your terminal.

If you are dropping of a departing passenger, you can drive directly to the terminal forecourt.
However, you cannot stop at the forecourt to wait for arriving passengers. If you are picking up
a friend or a family member, the best option is to park in the short term car parks that can be
found near each terminal.

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