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					Celebrating 15 Years of Shakespeare
Randy Sears '02
                                      SPRING 2006
 3   President’s Message
 4   In the News
 8   Passings
10   Sports
12   Students
     A Roman Learning Adventure
16   Alumni
     Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival
18   Alumni Focus
     Randy Sears ’02: Water Water Everywhere
20   Message from the Alumni Office
20   Class Notes
25   Share Some News with Us
26   Opinion

                                               Director of Publications
                                               Tom McNamara ’92
                                               ASSOCIATE EDITOR
                                               Communications Assistant
                                                                                                        CONTRIBUTING WRITERS
                                                                                                        B.J. Spigelmyer ’99
                                                                                                        Fr. Mark Plaushin, O.S.F.S.

                                               Laura R. Charnick
                                               NEWS EDITOR
     SPRING 2006                               Director of Public Relations
                                                                                                        Cover photo: Christopher Mirigliani ’06 at
                                               Penny Savakis                                            DeSales University’s May Commencement. (Photo:
                                                                                                        2006 Phil Stein)

                                               DeSales University Magazine is published twice a year by the Development Office of DeSales University for the
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Dear friends of DeSales
                           Message from the President

O     Our fortieth anniversary year is now at an end. The DeSales
University community has truly enjoyed all the recollections and
stories. The video created by our TV/film major delighted each of
the alum groups that we were able to visit this year. The largest group
was in Philadelphia; the smallest, in Houston. But all the groups,
Bethlehem, Baltimore, New York City, Wilmington, St. Petersburg,
Orlando, Jacksonville, Fort Lauderdale, and Atlantic City were won-
derful opportunities to share fond memories and to savor friendships
that last.
     I am always amazed by the excitement that older alums feel
when they see how their university has grown and matured. They are
immensely proud of the accomplishments of DeSales. In a real sense,
the University’s growth mirrors their own. Just as they have ventured
out into the world and created something good, so their University
has done the same. This is a special gift that belongs only to the true
pioneers in the journey that is called DeSales.
      Fr. Alexander Pocetto’s masterful book, Drawing Out The
Goodness: From Allentown College to DeSales University (1964-2001),
has attracted universal praise. We distributed more than 3,500 cop-
ies to alums in the first ten years, major donors, Oblates throughout
the world, parishes in the Diocese of Allentown and the Archdiocese        ries. The faculty of the University gave him a richly deserved standing
of Philadelphia, government officials, board and supporters of the         ovation after his session with them. Fr. Pocetto, Fr. Schubert, Fr.
Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival, friends of the Salesian Center for      Harvey, and Fr. Donahue were all pioneers. Anne Ulans bought all the
Faith and Culture, foundations and libraries, Presidents of all indepen-   land. The Marcon sisters remembered well the passion of their father
dent colleges and universities in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,        Frank as he labored to give birth to this new institution. Attorney H.P.
and faculty, staff, administrators, and board of DeSales University.       (Jim) McFadden’s daughter, Mary Lohr ’82, tells wonderful stories of
      The response was spontaneous and overwhelming. I continue            her father spending hours with Fr. Dooling fashioning the documents
to meet people who comment upon Fr. Pocetto’s gentle and humble            that would ensure a proper legal foundation for the school. People are
style. They marvel at the courage and faith of the early Oblate found-     the key to the adventure we call DeSales University. They are clearly
ers and the vision of Bishop McShea. Fr. John Conmy died peacefully        God’s greatest creations.
at 95 this April. I’m very glad that he got to read Fr. Pocetto’s work.        One nice note to round out the year, the University’s endow-
(If any of you wish a copy of the text, it is in the Campus Store at       ment funds topped the $40 million mark in April for the first time.
DeSales.)                                                                  What a nice number for our 40th anniversary!
     For me, one of the best aspects of our 40th anniversary celebra-           Thank you all for joining with us for this year of celebration. We’ll
tion was the presence of some of the founding Oblates, diocesan cler-      see you in ten years for the 50th. In a quiet moment, say a little prayer
gy, and lay trustees. Fr. Gambet seemed to beam as he told the old sto-    of thanksgiving for God’s blessings. We certainly have grateful hearts.


                                                                                                         Bernard F. O’Connor, O.S.F.S.

                                                                                                                      S p r i n g   2 0 0 6        3
              I n T h e News                                                                             Student Elected State
                                                                                                         Treasurer of the PA
Spring Commencement Exercises Held                                                                       Federation of College
May 20; Christopher West Delivers Address                                                                Republicans
                                                                                                              Josh Lee, a native of Allentown and
      The 38th Commencement exercises                    admired by colleagues and students alike,       a junior majoring in finance and market-
were held at DeSales University on May                   his career spanned over 50 years, before he     ing at DeSales University, was elected state
20 on the mall between Trexler Library                   retired in spring 2003. During his tenure       treasurer of the Pennsylvania Federation of
and DeChantal Hall.                                      at DeSales, Warren taught a wide range of       College Republicans at the group’s annual
Christopher West,                                        chemistry courses, from general, nursing and    convention held recently at Millersville
faculty member of                                        computers in chemistry, to analytical, bio-     University.
the Theology of the                                      physical, and inorganic chemistry, as well as         His position responsibilities include
Body Institute and                                       various seminars.                               preparing and managing the budget, fund
one of the most popu-                                                                                    raising, and assisting with statewide events.
                                                               Prior to joining the DeSales faculty,
lar speakers in the
                                                         Warren taught at the University of Hartford          Lee helped organize the DeSales
church today, delivered
                                                         in Connecticut, the Catholic University         chapter of the College Republicans and
the Commencement
                                                         of America in                                   has been active with the group for two
                           West                          Washington, D.C., and                           years. Currently, he serves as lead chairman
     During the cer-                                     at St. Anselm’s College                         of the club. He also is a member of the
emony, Fr. Bernard                                       in Manchester, New                              Northeast Caucus for the Penna. Federation
O’Connor, O.S.F.S., president of DeSales,                Hampshire. He also                              and oversees the operations of 16 College
conferred degrees upon 396 graduating                    was a flavor chemist                            Republican chapters.
students, including 338 bachelor’s and 58                with Cott Bottling                                   During the spring 2006 semester,
master’s.                                                Company. While                                  Lee served as a student intern for U.S.
    Also, honorary doctor of humane letters              teaching at DeSales,                            Representative Charles Dent (R - 15). Last
degrees were awarded to West and to John A.              he also taught in                               semester, he interned with U.S. Senator
Leone, owner, chief executive and chairman               summer programs at Leone                        Rick Santorum.
of Bonney Forge Corporation.                             Lehigh University and
                                                         Elmira College.                                      After graduating from DeSales, Lee
     An honorary doctor of science degree                                                                hopes to attend law school and either work
was awarded to Dr. Harry O. Warren, dis-                      His numerous honors and awards             in the business sector or for a law firm. He
tinguished retired DeSales faculty member.               include the DeSales Medal in 2003, the          plans to pursue a career in politics and gov-
Senior class president, John Lanzilotti, a               university’s highest non-academic honor         ernment.
nursing major and member of the DeSales                  given for outstanding contributions to the
Nurses Scholars Program, gave welcoming                  development of the university through per-
remarks.                                                 sonal service.
      West is a research fellow and fac-                      Leone is the owner, chief execu-           Best Buddies Named
ulty member of the Theology of the Body
Institute in West Chester, Pa., . In more than
                                                         tive officer, and chairman of Bonney
                                                         Forge Corporation. He began his career in       Chapter of the Year
1,000 public lectures, both nationally and               Pawhuska and Maysville, Okla., working as a
                                                                                                              DeSales University’s Best Buddies was
internationally, he has addressed a variety              laborer for Texaco during summers while he
                                                                                                         named Outstanding Chapter of the Year by
of topics, such as Christian anthropology,               was in college.
                                                                                                         Best Buddies of Pennsylvania.
especially Pope John Paul II’s theology of the                 After Leone earned his degree in
body, as well as the Creed, morality, sacra-                                                                   Best Buddies is a non-profit organiza-
                                                         petroleum and natural gas engineering from
ments, marriage, sexuality and family life.                                                              tion dedicated to enhancing the lives of peo-
                                                         Pennsylvania State University, he joined the
                                                                                                         ple with disabilities by providing opportuni-
     He is the author                                    Mene Grande Oil Company (Gulf) as a field
                                                                                                         ties for one-to-one friendships. It has over
of three best sell-                                      engineer in Cabimas,Venezuela, where he
                                                                                                         1,200 chapters around the world and effects
ing books: Good                                          specialized in off shore work and production
                                                                                                         over 250,000 individuals.
News About Sex &                                         station operations. He was promoted to pro-
Marriage, Theology of                                    duction foreman of the Bolivar Coastal Field        Jessica Gross ’08 serves as college buddy
the Body Explained, and                                  and later to project manager of the design      coordinator with the DeSales chapter. Other
Theology of the Body for                                 and construction of production platforms on     members include Elise Young ’09, Caitlin
Beginners.                                               Lake Maracaibo.                                 Walters ’07, Mary Galantino ’08, and Laura
                                                                                                         Prumachuk ’08.
      Warren estab-                                          Leone is a life member of American
lished the depart-        Warren                         Society of Mechanical Engineers, an EMS               The Best Buddies College pairs col-
ment of chemistry at                                     Centennial Fellow, a PVF Industry Hall of       lege students in one-to-one friendships with
DeSales University in 1966 and served as its             Fame selection and a former member of the       people with disabilities in the Lehigh Valley
first chairperson until 1988. Well respected             DeSales University Board of Trustees.           area. DeSales has 20 matches at the university
in academic and professional circles, and                                                                and numerous student associates that assist
                                                                                                         with events.

4          D e S a l e s   U n i v e r s i t y   M a g a z i n e
              I n T h e News

Campus & Community Embrace Heritage Week
     To honor the University’s patron, St.       annual R. Wayne Kraft Memorial Lecture                    More than 600 individuals attended the
Francis de Sales, and to highlight its 40th      on January 26. This year, the Reverend               week’s events and participants enjoyed book
anniversary, the Salesian Center for Faith and   Monsignor Aloysius Callaghan gave the                signings, receptions with honored guests and
Culture hosted Heritage Week in January.         lecture, titled “Bishop McShea’s Vision for          memorable discussions.
     The week was designed to remember           Allentown College 40 Years Later.”
the gifts of St. Francis de Sales’ legacy and
how they continue to enrich us more than
400 years later.                                 Quotable Quotes of Heritage Week
     “St Francis de Sales was a preacher,                                                             independently on any topic – whether sci-
                                                       “For him (St. Francis de Sales), our
bishop, journalist, lawyer, and Christian                                                             ence or religion – and forced him to shep-
                                                 spiritual life is not a separate part of our lives
humanist,” said the Reverend Thomas Dailey,                                                           herd Geneva from afar.”
                                                 or just a leisure time activity – it is our life
O.S.F.S., director of the Salesian Center for
                                                 lived in a certain way that ennobles all we              From the Rev. Douglas Burns’ Homily
Faith and Culture.
                                                 do. Everyone can have a vibrant spiritual life,      at Daily Mass
      “We wanted to honor and celebrate the      whatever their vocation may be. Its practice
spirit of de Sales in each event we hosted       consists not in radical change and heroic                  “As we celebrate our 40th birthday
by offering compelling topics for discussion,    gestures, but in everyday, ordinary virtues          this year...it is clear to us that God is our
thereby giving our students and everyone         such as kindness, forgiveness, generosity, and       greatest benefactor. In an age when many
who attended a better understanding of the       gratitude.”                                          were finding it difficult to believe, this (the
topic at hand and a more intimate under-                                                              creation of a new college) was an act of
                                                     From the Rev. Msgr. Charles M.                   incredible faith. Fr. Dooling, Fr. Conmy, and
standing of St. Francis de Sales and Salesian
                                                 Murphy during his homily at the opening              Bishop McShea had chosen one of the most
                                                 Mass of Heritage Week, January 22                    challenging periods in the history of the
      The week began on January 22 with a                                                             American church to launch this new adven-
                                                       “...In the Duchy of Savoy, a man named
special celebration of Mass, during which the                                                         ture. At that time, many Catholic colleges
                                                 Francis de Sales proved himself to be the
Reverend Monsignor Charles M. Murphy,                                                                 were experiencing declining enrollments.
                                                 “Great Communicator” of his day...Francis’s
author of “Belonging to God: a Personal                                                               Dissent from formal Catholic teaching was
                                                 communications consisted of his letters
Training Guide for the Deeper Catholic                                                                emerging as a theme in American life. Lesser
                                                 – 10,000 of them to people in all walks of
Spiritual Life,” sermonized on the spiritual                                                          men would have hesitated. But not these
                                                 life. He advised them how to find God in
life of St Francis de Sales.                                                                          three! On September 22, 1965, Allentown
                                                 their own circumstances, what pitfalls to
                                                 avoid and what habits to nurture in their            College of St Francis de Sales, with only
We wanted to honor and celebrate                 spiritual journey. No problem was too small          two buildings completed, opened its doors
the spirit of de Sales in each event             to claim his attention. One measure of his           and welcomed 156 male freshmen.”
we hosted                                        dedication to souls certainly is the fact that            From a published opinion piece by
                                                 he normally relied on only four hours sleep          the Rev. Bernard O’Connor, O.S.F.S., titled
      Throughout the week, students, fac-        per night, working on letters in the early           “DeSales’ First 40 Years Rest on Vision,
ulty, staff, and the community enjoyed daily     morning hours.”                                      Talent, Region”
celebrations of mass and a variety of events
                                                    From the Rev. Christopher Hudgin’s                      “Many saints transcend the era of
recalling the work of St Francis de Sales.
                                                 Homily at Daily Mass                                 their historical lives...St. Francis, patron
      One of the week’s highlights was the                                                            of DeSales University, remains univer-
                                                       “...The idea that science and religion
commentary offered by an expert from                                                                  sally significant as one of only thirty-three
                                                 can be divorced from each other – disin-
Catholic University of America’s Columbus                                                             “doctors” of the Church, a designation
                                                 tegrated – is a problem that has haunted
School of Law on the integration of the law,                                                          that affirms the soundness of their writ-
                                                 us throughout history. Most scientists are
religion, and St. Francis’s teachings.                                                                ings for readers of any age and place. Saints,
                                                 really people of deep faith: Einstein, Fermi,
     The commentary was followed by a            Oppenheimer...the more one studies the               like Francis de Sales, are not the exclusive
panel discussion centering on the question of    beauty and intricacy of creation, the more           purview of Catholics or any church-goers.
who makes decisions regarding health care,       one becomes convinced of the loving hand             Their heritage is universally human; their
particularly when life and death issues are      behind that creation. Both St. Francis de            holiness, globally powerful. To celebrate
involved.                                        Sales and Fr. Brisson were deeply and per-           their legacy is to seek what we are all called
     Also featured during Heritage Week          sonally influenced by societies in which the         to be.”
was an interview with Father John Bartunek,      effort to dissociate science and faith had                From the Rev. Msgr. Aloysius
author and advisor to Mel Gibson on his          been taken to extremes. The sectarian fer-           Callaghan’s 2006 R. Wayne Kraft Memorial
blockbuster movie, Passion of the Christ.        vor, which characterized Geneva and many             Lecture
                                                 Protestant enclaves of the Europe of St.
     The week culminated with the                Francis’s time made it risky to think or speak

                                                                                                                      S p r i n g   2 0 0 6         5
            I n t h e News

                                                         Frank Deford visits with students the day of the Frank L. Marcon Lecture. (Photo: 2006 Phil Stein)

Sportswriter and Author
Frank Deford Delivers Marcon Lecture
       Frank Deford, award-winning journal-              dation. It’s given me immeasurable satisfac-                     Amy Ward, a junior from Palmyra, Pa.,
ist, sports commentator, and author, pro-                tion and an opportunity to remember my                     appreciated Deford’s words of wisdom and
vided thoughtful and entertaining reflections            daughter, Alexandria, who died at the age of               his insight. She enjoyed hearing Deford’s sto-
on his career and life experiences during the            eight.”                                                    ries in his comfortable, easy style.
annual Frank L. Marcon Lecture activities                     According to Deford, whose career
on April 5.                                                                                                              “His life experiences have been so
                                                         spans more than four decades, he sees real                 interesting,” said Ward, a sports management
     The event included a public lecture                 people through the athletes. He stated that                major. “You hear what he’s been through
attended by more than 1,000 people in the                athletes are people, too, and you see what                 and what he wants to do. And he’s still going
evening and a student discussion session                 you hope to see, but sometimes you see                     strong.”
with about 24 students earlier in the day.               things you don’t want to see. He also talked
                                                         about the interesting people he has met                          Following the student discussion, soph-
     Students who participated in the ses-                                                                          omore Malina Decker, from Sullivan County,
sion with Deford represented all classes and             throughout his lifetime, people like Arthur
                                                         Ashe, Lennie Riefenstahl and Richard                       Pa., interviewed Deford for a segment on
a variety of majors, including communica-                                                                           DeSales News. Decker was very impressed
tions, sport management, political science,              Nixon.
                                                                                                                    with his stories and his life’s experiences.
TV / film, chemistry and biology.                             “Nixon was very nervous when I went
                                                         to interview him and it was before Watergate                    “Mr. Deford seems to be a very kind
     During the discussion, Deford                                                                                  man,” said Decker, a theatre/communications
addressed numerous issues, including: how                broke,” said Deford. “He kept playing with
                                                         matches the whole time.”                                   major. “He’s very family oriented and can
to get established in the field of journalism;                                                                      identify his own positives and negatives. It
the value of education; how TV has changed                    Deford also expressed his opinion on                  was an honor to interview him.”
the way you write about sports; his thoughts             the current Duke University lacrosse rape
on women sportswriters; why football                     scandal, how no one from the team stepped                       During the question and answer period
and basketball should be offered as college              forward about the crime and about team                     with the audience at the evening lecture,
majors; paying athletes; his feelings about              loyalty.                                                   Deford was asked what advice he would give
Barry Bonds, and Deford’s work with the                                                                             to a college student starting out.
                                                              “Somebody has to know what hap-
cystic fibrosis foundation.                              pened,” said Deford, a native of Baltimore.                     “Media is in flux,” said Deford. “Be
     “I’ve done well as a writer, but I’ve               “You see crimes like this happening in                     flexible and understand things are changing.
done good by working for the Cystic                      more violent sports, you wouldn’t see this                 Keep your options open, because there’s no
Fibrosis Foundation,” said Deford, whose                 in tennis. Team loyalty is reinforced with                 need to be narrow minded. And, hope you
daughter was afflicted with the disease. “Any            certain situations, but not in something as                are lucky. Work your way up, and show your
good I’ve ever done was through the foun-                serious as rape.”                                          talents and abilities.”

6          D e S a l e s   U n i v e r s i t y   M a g a z i n e
                  I n t h e News                                                                                                     PACE Team Earns
                                                                                                                                     Two Awards at
Students Earn Second Place in FBI Competition                                                                                        Regional Conference
                                                                                                                                         The DeSales University Peer Advising,
                                                                                                                                     Counseling, and Educating (PACE) team
                                                                                                                                     was honored with two awards at the regional
                                                                                                                                     conference held at Temple University.
                                                                                                                                           The DeSales PACE team was recog-
                                                                                                                                     nized as Chapter of the Year for Area 11
                                                                                                                                     Bacchus Network, and Jonathan Andrews ’06
                                                                                                                                     was named Outstanding Peer Educator of
                                                                                                                                     the Year for Area 11. Area 11 includes chap-
                                                                                                                                     ters in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New
                                                                                                                                           Established in May 2004, the DeSales
                                                                                                                                     University PACE program already has distin-
                                                                                                                                     guished itself in many ways. Members of the
                                                                                                                                     team are trained students who assist in peer
                                                                                                                                     counseling on campus. They meet with other
                                                                                                                                     students to help them deal with issues such
                                                                                                                                     as alcohol, sexual assault, relationships, time
Participants in the FBI National Case Study Competition included (l to r) Albert Sproule, Julie Morris ’08, Glenn Berdela Jr. ’06,
Colin Durner ’07, Luke James ’06, and Karen Salvemini ’06. (Photo: 2006 Phil Stein)
                                                                                                                                     management, and health/social education.
                                                                                                                                           In addition to Andrews, the DeSales
     A team of five DeSales University stu-                         formal final 30-minute presentation, fol-                        PACE team includes: Tracy Brady ’06, Jackie
dents was among the top finalists in the FBI                        lowed by a 15-minute Q & A session at                            Camm ’06, Mike Eastlack ’07, Liz Pfister ’07,
National Case Study Competition.                                    FBI Headquarters. The DeSales team was                           Brian Radziwill ’07, Chad Serfass ’06, and
     Offered for the first time this year, the                      accompanied by Albert G. Sproule, assistant                      Monica Yates ’07. Dr. Gregg Amore, direc-
focus of the competition was to provide rec-                        professor and director of the Master’s of                        tor of the counseling center at DeSales, and
ommendations on how the FBI can meet the                            Criminal Justice Program at DeSales.                             Wendy Krisak, assistant director of counsel-
challenges of its enhanced intelligence and                                                                                          ing, serve as team supervisors.
                                                                         “The DeSales students made a very
counterterrorism role. The DeSales team won                         polished presentation. They were articulate                            “The awards go beyond the shiny
second-place and was awarded $2,000.                                and answered questions with poise,” said                         plaques,” said Pfister. “They are a testament to
     EdVenture Partners organized the                               Sproule. “The response from those in atten-                      the people we help and to the quality of edu-
competition on behalf of the FBI, and the                           dance was very complimentary.”                                   cation and counseling we are able to provide.
competition was open to 50 selected colleg-                                                                                          They speak volumes of a mere two years of
                                                                          DeSales students who participated in
es and universities across the United States.                                                                                        health education, counseling, and advising on
                                                                    the presentation included: Glenn Berdela,
DeSales and the other two top finalists were                                                                                         this campus and in the community.”
                                                                    Jr. ’06, Colin Durner ’07, Luke James ’06,
among seven schools who participated in                             Julie Morris ’08, and Karen Salvemini ’06.
the semester-long project to develop strate-                        Also providing assistance with research and                                  READ MORE
gic solutions for the FBI’s new role.                               preparing the PowerPoint presentation                                         DeSales University
    The finalists were flown to Washington,                         were Michael Bingeman ’08, and Vincent
                                                                    Coglianese, ’08.
                                                                                                                                                   news at www.desales.edu
D.C., where each of the teams made a

DeSales Offers Spanish for Health Care Professionals Program
     In an effort to foster cultural under-                        Luke’s Hospital and a specialist in emergency                     in bilingual education and has experience
standing and help healthcare profession-                           medicine, family practice, and sports medicine,                   in teaching occupational Spanish, honors
als better serve the growing Hispanic                              approached the appropriate people at DeSales                      Spanish, and advanced placement Spanish
community, the Center for Professional                             and requested a Spanish course specifically                       language and literature. He has served as host
Development at DeSales University                                  designed for healthcare workers to help them                      and producer of a Latino educational televi-
offered the first Spanish for Health Care                          better serve their Hispanic patients.                             sion program on PBS for eight years.
Professionals.                                                          “Learning Spanish will allow me to bet-                           A resident of Bethlehem, Martinez
     The program was designed for all medi-                        ter communicate with my Spanish-speaking                          earned an M.S. in teacher education tech-
cal professionals, including doctors, nurses,                      patient population,” said Dr. Waninger. “In the                   nology from Lehigh University, and an
and healthcare specialists to help them speak                      long run, this will allow me to deliver a high-                   M.P.A. in public administration and a B.A. in
Spanish effectively with patients and make                         er quality of medical care to my patients.”                       psychology and Spanish from the University
accurate clinical decisions.                                            Pedro Juan Medina Martinez serves as                         of Puerto Rico.
      Dr. Kevin N. Waninger, M.D., of Saint                        instructor for the course. Martinez specializes
                                                                                                                                                      S p r i n g   2 0 0 6         7
             F a rewe l l

                                                          The Very Reverend Daniel G. Gambet, O.S.F.S., president emeritus of DeSales University (left), and the Very Rev.
                                                          J. Stuart Dooling, O.S.F.S., the first president of DeSales University (right), present Rev. John J. Conmy, O.S.F.S.,
                                                          a former provincial of the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales (center), with an award recognizing his years of service to the
                                                          University’s Board of Trustees.

Rev. John J. Conmy, O.S.F.S.
      Rev. John J. Conmy, O.S.F.S., noted                his chasuble at the altar or in his cassock in                  at the newly open Allentown College of St.
spiritual director and one of the founding               the chapel or in his overalls in his beloved                    Francis de Sales.
fathers of DeSales University died of natural            garden, Father Conmy was a man of prayer,
causes on Friday, April 21, 2006. He was 95                                                                                  “The rest is history,” says Fr. O’Connor.
                                                         seeking God and the divine will throughout                      “Religious obedience is a wonderful and
years of age.                                            life. And all who knew him were blessed                         mysterious thing indeed.”
     Fr. Conmy was born October 12,                      with the spiritual fruit of his prayer.”
1910 in Philadelphia, the son of the late                                                                                     As Novice Director, Fr. Conmy was a
                                                              DeSales University was undoubtedly                         leading figure in the religious lives of more
Bartley Conmy and the late Catherine                     blessed by both the prayer and dedicated
[Loftus] Conmy. He entered the Oblates in                                                                                than half of the Oblates in the United States.
                                                         work of Fr. Conmy, as he helped establish                       His 76 years as an Oblate—70 of them as a
June of 1929 and                                         Allentown College of St Francis de Sales.
professed vows                                                                                                           priest, were given mostly to internal service
                                                             In 1962, Fr. Conmy, who was then                            of the community. A bulk of his ministry
on September 7,
                                                         Provincial of the American Province, accept-                    was as Provincial and Novice Director,
                                                         ed Bishop Joseph McShea’s invitation for the                    forming the Oblate spirits and directing
     After receiv-                                       Oblates of St. Francis de Sales to establish a                  the course of the heritage that will be
ing a B.A. in                                            Catholic college for men in the Allentown                       shared with the next generation of Salesian
Philosophy                                               Diocese.                                                        gentlemen.
from Catholic
                                                              “I was one of the doubters about start-                         “After a lifetime of searching for his
University in
                                                         ing a new Catholic college when a number                        Beloved, Father John Conmy heard the
1933 and an
                                                         of them were closing,” says Fr. Pocetto. “But                   Lord call him by name,” Fr. Fiorelli said at
M.A. in Theology
                      Rev. John J. Conmy, O.S.F.S        Fr. Conmy and his Provincial Councilors                         the funeral mass. “I am sure that he ran to
from Catholic
                                                         were the true visionaries and true leaders.”                    Jesus and uttered –and heard- one last time
in 1935, he studied for his Ph.D. at the                       Fr. Conmy’s influence spread not only                     the words that had been the leit motif of his
University of Friborg School of Theology in              to the development of the University, but                       entire life: tenui nec dimittam!
Friborg, Switzerland. He was ordained July               also to the development of the career of Rev.                         “On that day and in that moment, two
12, 1936, in the Cathedral of Friborg by the             Bernard O’Connor, O.S.F.S., president of                        hearts that had for almost ninety-six years
Bishop of Friborg/Geneve.                                DeSales University and member of the phi-                       sought one another, finally found each other.
                                                         losophy faculty.                                                In that moment, their two hearts became but
    In his homily at Fr. Conmy’s Mass of
Christian Burial, Fr. Lewis Fiorelli, O.S.F.S,                Although Fr. O’Connor was a math-                          one, and Father Conmy could truly say at
Superior General of the Oblates, spoke                   ematics major teaching at Niagara University,                   last with St. Paul: “I live now, not I. Jesus lives
about Fr. Conmy’s lifelong dedication to                 Fr. Conmy came to him and told him that                         in me!” (Galatians 2:20).
God and St. Francis de Sales. “Whether in                the Oblates needed a philosophy professor

8          D e S a l e s   U n i v e r s i t y   M a g a z i n e
               I n T h e News                                                                               Dr. Lujean Baab,
                                                                                                            New Director of
Savitz & Edman Named Employees of the Year                                                                  M.Ed Program
                                                                                                                Dr. Lujean Baab, assistant professor of
     Linda Savitz, accounts receiv-                   of the Year, completed                                education, was named the new director of
able/cashier in the Treasurer’s Office, and           her Masters Degree                                    the master of education (M.Ed.) program.
Rosalind Edman, director of Academic                  in Sacred Theology at
Advising and director of the Academic                 St. Mary’s Graduate                                        Dr. Baab uses technology in the class-
Resource Center, were named Employees                 School of Theology,                                   room and for distance learning. She teaches
of the Year at DeSales University during the          Notre Dame, Indiana,                                  courses in Education and Educational
annual Service Excellence Dinner on April             before going on to                                    Technology and leads the movement to
18, 2006.                                             earn her doctorate in                                 online delivery of courses and programs in
                                                      Religious Studies from                                the graduate school of education.
      The Employee of the year award is
                                                      the Catholic University     Edman                          Dr. Baab holds an A.A.S. in mass com-
given annually to a professional and a support
staff member in recognition of outstanding            of America.                                           munications/journalism from Luzerne
service. Recipients are distinguished for their             She brought her knowledge of reli-              County Community College, earned a B.A.
commitment to the University’s mission, wit-          gion and philosophy to DeSales University             in English at Wilkes University, an M.A.
ness to the values for which the University           in 1990 when she joined the faculty as an             in mass communications with a specializa-
stands, and service marked by such charac-            assistant professor of philosophy and theol-          tion in educational communications from
teristics as effort, skill, positive attitude, and    ogy. Edman taught in that position for 5              Marywood University, and completed her
creativity in the work place.                         years when, in 1995, she took over the posi-          doctoral degree in Educational Technology
                                                      tions of Director of Academic Advising and            at Pepperdine University.
     Savitz, the Staff
Support Employee of                                   Director of the Academic Resource Center.                   Her area of interest and research is effec-
the Year, had plenty of                                     “I was amazed and delighted when                tive use of technology in teaching and learn-
business experience                                   Father O’Connor called to tell me that I              ing and the factors affecting students’ sense of
when she joined the                                   would be receiving the Professional Employee          classroom community in distance learning.
DeSales University staff                              of the Year award. The amazement and delight                Dr. Baab and her husband, Buddy, have
in 1985.                                              have continued with the many, many con-               four children and two grandchildren. They
     "I felt very hon-                                gratulations by cards, phone messages, and            live in Lehighton, where they like to ride
ored to be named                                      emails from our DeSales family. I am so grate-        motorcycles, take long walks, and travel to
Employee of the                                       ful to everyone. The award is not just for me.        visit family and friends around the country.
Year. When Father                                     I truly believe that it is a recognition of the
                                                                                                                 DeSales University’s master of education
O’Connor called me, I think I was so                  excellent and dedicated work of the entire
                                                                                                            is one of six graduate programs, including
shocked - all I could do was cry. I still feel        Academic Resource Center Staff, as well as
                                                                                                            the master of business administration, the
very honored that I was chosen."                      our seventy-five Academic Advisors.”
                                                                                                            master of science in information systems,
     Savitz lives in Quakertown with her                   Edman married Norman E. Edman                    master of science in nursing, master of sci-
husband of 22 years, Bruce. She is an avid            in Connelly Chapel and is the proud step-             ence in physician assistant studies, and the
traveler and enjoys going to flea markets,            mother of 5 children and step-grandmother             master of arts in criminal justice.
dancing, and collecting teddy bears.                  of 6 grandchildren. In her free time, she
                                                      enjoys traveling to the seashore and sailing.
     Edman, the Professional Staff Employee

DeSales Honored for Leadership in Character Education
      DeSales University was honored with             school board members, Learning
the Russell C. Hill Award, in recognition             for Life executives, and repre-
of its outstanding leadership in the field of         sentatives of community groups
character education, during the National              attended the conference.
Learning for Life Conference held in Irving,
                                                           Learning for Life, established
Texas, recently.
                                                      in 1991, is an educational program
      Rev. Bernard F. O’Connor, O.S.F.S.,             designed to meet the critical needs
DeSales president, Dr. Brian Kane, chair-             of young people as they face the
person in the department of philosophy and            ever-growing challenges of today’s
theology at DeSales, and faculty members Dr.          society.
Larry Chapp and Dr. Rodney Howsare, asso-
                                                            The Executive Director of
ciate professors in the department, attended
                                                      Learning for Life, John Anthony
the conference and received the award.
                                                      ’76, also was present at the cer-
      More than 200 teachers, school admin-           emony.
istrators, curricula specialists, staff developers,                                         John Anthony ’76 congratulates Fr. Bernard O’Connor, O.S.F.S.

                                                                                                                                 S p r i n g   2 0 0 6      9

Women’s Basketball Coach Earns Career
Benchmark, Burke Ties School Record
     On January 28, 2006, LeighAnn Burke                 school-record of 37 points that
’09 tied the school-record with 37 points to             had stood by itself since March of
lead head coach Fred Richter to his 300th                1986. She finished the game 12-
win. The DeSales University women’s bas-                 of-16 from the field, 4-for-5 from
ketball team defeated Wilkes University, 77-             three-point land and a perfect 9-
59, in Freedom Conference action on that                 for-9 from the charity stripe.
Saturday afternoon in the Marts Center.
                                                               The win improved the
      Richter became just the second coach               Bulldog's record to 11-8 overall
in DeSales history (Baseball coach Tim                   and 5-3 in the Freedom, while the
Neiman was first) to                                     loss drops Wilkes to 5-13 overall
earn 300 plus wins in                                    and 1-7 in the Freedom. DSU
a career. At the time                                    shot 50.0 percent (24-of-48) from
of the win, he had a                                     the field and forced 21 Colonel
300-131 overall record                                   turnovers in the game.
in 15 years as the
                                                               DSU jumped out early,
Bulldogs’ head coach.
                                                         opening up an 8-0 lead that was
Richter has guided
                                                         quickly erased with WU tying the
DSU to six straight 20
                                                         game at 12 at the 13:32 mark. The
plus win seasons and
                         Richter                         game remained tied at 19 with
to the post-season in
                                                         7:04 to play before an 11-2 run
14 of his 15 seasons in
                                                         over the next four minutes gave
Center Valley.
                                                         DSU a 30-21 lead.
      The ECAC titles over the last two
                                                              Sophomore Amanda
seasons add to Richter’s long list of coach-
                                                         Kuperavage started the run with a
ing accomplishments, including two
                                                         lay-up, Burke nailed a trey and hit
Pennsylvania Athletic Conference titles (’96,
                                                         two freebies, and freshman Kim
’97), two MAC/Freedom titles (’98, ’00),
                                                         Rarick finished the spurt with
five trips to the NCAA Tournament (’96,
                                                         four straight points.                  LeighAnn Burke (Photo 2005: Greg Carroccio)
’97, ’98, ’00, ’03), and four ECAC South
Region Tournament Championships (’99,                          The Colonels closed the half
’02, ’04 ’05).                                           on a 7-0 run to trail by two points, 32-30, at     Burke led the charge with 14 of her 20 sec-
                                                         the break. Burke led DSU to the two-point          ond-half points during this stretch.
     Richter was also named Coach of
                                                         halftime lead with 17 of her 37 points in the
the Year three times: once in the Freedom                                                                         Along with Burke, Kuperavage tal-
                                                         opening half. Rena Bolin had a team-high
Conference (’03-’04), once as the WBCA                                                                      lied double digits with 10 and junior Kirby
                                                         16 for the hosts.
Mid-Atlantic Regional Coach of the Year                                                                     Lutz added 11 points. Kuperavage also had a
(’03-’04) and once by the Eastern States                      The lead grew to seven points, 46-39,         game-high five assists and Lutz totaled four
Athletic Conference (’92-’93).                           five minutes into the second half before a         steals in the win.
                                                         26-8 run over the next nine minutes gave
     LeighAnn Burke tied Lynn Butler’s
                                                         DSU a 72-47 lead and put the game away.

10         D e S a l e s   U n i v e r s i t y   M a g a z i n e

Men's Track and Field Standout Has Banner Year
    Men's Track and Field standout Lou               47.63 seconds and earns All-American honors
Corominas has celebrated a tremendously              for the fourth time in his career. The top eight
successful 2005-2006 season.                         finishers earn All-American honors. Previously,
                                                     Corominas had recorded the second fastest
      Corominas, a senior at DeSales, finished       qualifying time of 47.17 seconds to advance to
in third place in the 400-meters at the NCAA         the final.
Division III Indoor Track & Field National
Championships. This year, the championships                Corominas’ time at the Muhlenberg
were held on Saturday, March 11, 2006, at St.        College Invitational was ranked as the fastest in
Olaf ’s College in Minnesota.                        the entire country as he beat the second place
                                                     finisher by 2.43 seconds.
      He earned All-American honors for the
second time in his career with the third place            He also celebrated success as he ran as
finish.                                              part of the 4 x 800-meter relay team. The team
                                                     consisted of sophomore Anthony Naimo, junior
      Corominas finished with a time of 48.62        Nick Reichert, sophomore Frank McClatchy
seconds and earned All-American honors for           and Corominas, and they took second place in a
the second time in his career after taking eighth    time of 8:18.67.
in the 400-meters at the Outdoor Track & Field
Championships last season.                                With the Men's Track and Field Season
                                                     not yet over, Corominas continued his dominat-
     At the qualifying rounds for the finals, held   ing outdoor season by leading the Men's Track
on Friday evening, Corominas qualified with a        and Field team to a fourth place finish at the
time of 48.66 seconds. Although he entered the       CTC Conference Championships on April 22
weekend seeded 11th, Corominas rallied to fin-       and 23.
ish with the third fastest time in the country.
                                                          The Bulldogs finished just ahead of
     Corominas followed his success at the           Rowan University with 85 points, earning the
indoor championships by putting on quite a           fourth place spot.
show at the Muhlenberg College Invitational
on Saturday, April 1. In the 400 - meter race, he         Corominas was sensational and finished
automatically qualified for the NCAA Division        with a second place finish in the 200-meters
III National Championships, with a time of           (21.64 seconds), a first place finish in the 400-
                                                     meters (47.42 seconds) and led the 4 x 800-         Lou Corominas (Photo 2005: Greg Carroccio)
47.04 seconds.
                                                     meter relay team to a first place finish with a
       At the National Championships held at         time of 8:00.90.
Benedictine University, Corominas finished
fifth in the 400-meter dash with a time of

Soccer Player Receives Post-Season Honors
                                                                                                           Nominations Now
      DeSales junior Randy Sturm, of North                Sturm, an elementary education major
Cape May, N.J., received post-season honors          with a 3.57 cumulative GPA, has been named             Being Taken for
as he was named to the ESPN The Magazine             to the MASCAC Fall All-Academic team twice
Academic All-District II College Division            and is a four-time member of the Dean’s list at         the Athletic
First-Team as announced by the College Sports
Information Directors Association (CoSIDA).
                                                                                                           Hall of Fame 2006
                                                          He finished the season as the team’s lead-
     The members of CoSIDA voted on the              ing scorer totaling 15 goals and four assists             Inductees
2005 ESPN The Magazine Academic All-                 for 34 points and was named the Freedom
America Men’s Soccer Teams. Only Academic            Conference Player of the Week four times and         Nominees will be considered by the
All-District First-Team members are forwarded        led DSU to its first-ever Freedom Conference         committee for induction into the
to the national committee and considered for         Championship and first-ever berth into the
                                                                                                          Hall of Fame in the fall of 2006.
All-American status.                                 NCAA Tournament.
                                                                                                          The induction ceremony will be
     On November 3, Sturm was named to the                 DSU finished with a 15-3-2 overall record
All-Freedom Conference First-Team, as well as
                                                                                                          held on Homecoming and Reunion
                                                     and Sturm will enter his senior season ranked
the Freedom Conference Player of the Year.           sixth all-time with 75 career points and seventh     weekend, September 29 and 30.
       He is also a three-time All-Freedom           all-time with 30 career goals.                       For Nominee criteria, visit the
Conference member and has been named                                                                      athletics website at http://athletics.
twice to the First-Team. He earned ESPN The                                                               desales.edu/ and click on Hall of
Magazine Academic All-District honors for the                                                             Fame.
first time in his career.                                         SIGN UP for e-mail
    He also received a post-season award when                      updates from athletics at
he was named to the NCAA Mid-Atlantic All-                          http://athletics.desales.edu
Region Third-Team.

                                                                                                                            S p r i n g    2 0 0 6    11
      O u r S t u d e nts

A Roman Learning Adventure
By Laura R. Charnick

     Last fall, five DeSales University
students enjoyed the unique opportu-
nity to study for a semester in Rome.
      Through a newly established
program at DeSales University, David
Stevens, Yarmelisa Jimenez, Maureen
Williams, Anthony Coppa, and
Stephanie Shultz experienced the price-
less opportunity to immerse themselves
in European culture while staying on
track for graduating in their individual
      Elizabeth Rosa, professor of business,
established the Rome study abroad pro-
gram at DeSales and sent the first five stu-
dents to study last fall. “We know how well
students love Rome. We know how well
the Romans love our students,” Rosa says
of her decision to send DeSales students to
Italy’s Eternal City.
      Each of the students had their own
reasons for traveling to such a historic
city. “I have always wanted to travel,” says
Stephanie Shultz. “When I heard about the
study abroad trip to Rome, I was excited
to have an opportunity to see other parts
                                                                                                                                  oppa,Williams, and
of the world.” Maureen Williams agreed.                                                                        Stevens, Shultz, C
“I had an interest in studying abroad, and
Italy is one of the countries that I wanted
to visit, so that was the incentive.”                    beautiful villa on top of one of the seven     much that she felt right at home among
     The students studied at the American                hills.                                         the piazzas and classic Roman architecture.
University of Rome (AUR), an American-                         The beauty of the campus extended        “I loved everything – the people, the cul-
style university with classes taught in                  to the beauty of the entire city, and the      ture, the language, the food – everything!
English and an international student popu-               students were enamored with Rome and           Life in Rome was amazing. I felt as if I
lation. The University is perfect fit for                its culture. “I was awestruck,” says Shultz.   was going back to my own country: the
DeSales because it offers a large selection              “I really got used to the Italian culture. I   Dominican Republic.”
of courses, including history, art history,              found the people very charming and the              Although they immersed themselves
political science, communications, and                   relaxed atmosphere was just so peaceful.”      in Italian culture, none of the students
even TV/film. The campus is located in a                      Yarmelisa Jimenez enjoyed the city so     spoke Italian before they traveled to Rome,

12         D e S a l e s   U n i v e r s i t y   M a g a z i n e
and although some students wished they          Popolo, Piazza Navona, the Pantheon, the
could have conversed with Romans in the         Vatican, and everything else Rome has to
local language, they did not generally find     offer was incredible.”
their lack of Italian to be restrictive.              Although the students each took a
     “Italian was not a problem for me,”        full course load while they lived in Rome,
says Jimenez. “Not only do I have a             their study abroad time was unique to
Hispanic background, which already allows       their past school experiences. “Life in              THE LAST NIGHT
me to understand a little of the back-
ground of a romance language, but I also
                                                Rome was much different,” says Williams.
                                                “I took trams and buses to school. I lived
                                                                                                      OF BALLYHOO
took intensive Italian classes, which helped    in an apartment. I didn’t have a job. At                 by Alfred Uhry
me a lot.”                                      times it felt more like a long vacation than            September 27 to
      As proof of her quick comfort with        a semester at school.”                                  October 8, 2006
the language, Jimenez explains that she              The study abroad in Rome program,
still keeps in touch with Italian friends she   open to students entering their junior or                GODSPELL
made during her Roman stay, and all they        senior years at DeSales University, is truly a        by Stephen Schwartz
speak is Italian.                               once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.                      October 12 to 22, 2006
     Even for the students without a                 Although last fall’s students loved their
romance language background, Rome
proved to be an accessible and comfort-
                                                time in Rome, they will not be permitted
                                                to enter the program again because the
able city. “Most menus and ATMs were in         program is designed to bring new students          CHOREOGRAPHERS
English and many Romans spoke at least          abroad each fall.                                      SERIES
some English, while some were fluent,”               They do, however, have advice for               November 3 to 5, 2006
Williams says.                                  future students. “Learn some basic Italian
     Still, Shultz recommends that future       and go with an open mind,” suggests                  THE TRIAL OF
students try to learn at least a bit of the     Jimenez. “More importantly travel around          EBENEZER SCROOGE
language. “Learning some Italian would          and have fun!”                                          by Mark Brown
make the transition smoother. The
Romans appreciate if you try to speak
                                                      Shultz agreed that it might be benefi-            November 29 to
                                                cial to learn some Italian, and that it is also        December 10, 2006
their language.”                                beneficial to be open-minded. “I would
     While the students attended classes        tell them to take full advantage of every-
and lived in Rome, their time in Europe         thing that Rome has to offer. Don’t hold                OUR TOWN
also included a great deal of travel both       back and experience everything you can.”              by Thornton Wilder
within Italy and across the continent.                On a similar note, Williams suggested       February 21 to March 4, 2007
“Classes were only held Monday through          trying something new. “Don’t be afraid to
Thursday, so you always had a 3-day week-
end,” explains Shultz.
                                                try something you wouldn’t picture your-            DANCE ENSEMBLE
                                                self doing. It’s an amazing opportunity, so            CONCERT
    Through their various travels, the stu-     take advantage of it. And be prepared to
dents visited a number of cities in Greece,     eat a lot of good food.”
                                                                                                      March 16 to 18, 2007
Spain, France, Ireland, England, Germany,            Having earned a full semester's worth
the Czech Republic, and of course, Italy.       of credits and a lifetime of memories, the            STUDENT FILM
     “Within Italy, I traveled to Naples,       students returned to the United States                  FESTIVAL
Capri, Venice, Florence, Pompeii, and           right before Christmas.                               March 29 to 31, 2007
Perugia. I enjoyed every city,” says                 Next semester, five new students will
Williams. “Traveling within Italy showed        enjoy their own unique travels, educations,         INTO THE WOODS
me how each part of the country has their
own dialect of the language and their own
                                                and memories, and judging from the expe-           Music by Stephen Sondheim
                                                rience of last year's travelers, it would seem       Book by James Lapine
style of pizza!”                                that the old adage is true. To experience
     Rome itself also offered a plethora        the fullness of Roman and Italian culture,
                                                                                                    April 25 to May 6, 2007
of sight-seeing opportunities. “Within          when in Rome...
Rome, the travel was great,” says Jimenez.
“Seeing the Colloseum, Spanish steps,
Piazza Venezia, Campo di Fiori, Piazza dei                                                        Call 610.282.3192 or
                                                                                                  visit www.desales.edu/act1
                                                                                                           S p r i n g   2 0 0 6   13
      D i n n e r D a nce

     On March 18, 2006, DeSales University
celebrated the 25th year of the Annual
Dinner Dance, a fund raiser that benefits
student financial aid programs to help
deserving students meet the cost of their
education. The event, held in Billera Hall,
has raised more than $1.7 million during its
25-year history.
     This year, the Dinner Dance was a
particularly joyous occasion as the guests,
dressed in black ties and ball gowns, expe-
rienced the transformation from winter to
spring with the theme, “Promise of Spring.”
The evening’s elegant décor, designed by
Will Neuert, head of design in DeSales
University’s Performing and Fine Arts
Department, escorted the guests through the
seasonal change as birch trees and winter
shades of cobalt blue and white gave way to
budding pastoral spring with warmly col-
ored buds and flowers.
     This year’s event was also special in the
alumni support, lead by Gold Sponsors and
chairpersons Timothy Nolan ’77, chair-
man of the Board of Trustees, and his wife
Kathleen Kund Nolan ’79. Increased alumni
support is particularly welcome since the
funds raised by the Dinner Dance support
current DeSales students.
     The evening began with assorted hors’d
oeuvres and a full bar and was followed by
dinner, complete with crab appetizer, salad,
the entrée, and dessert. The Uptown Band,
which specializes in Big Band, decade,
Motown, classic rock, and contemporary
music, all with an emphasis on dancing, led
the guests in dancing until midnight.
     Next year’s Dinner Dance is scheduled
for Saturday, March 17.

14         D e S a l e s   U n i v e r s i t y   M a g a z i n e
S p r i n g   2 0 0 6   15

Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival
Celebrates 15 Years of Alumni Involvement
By Laura R. Charnick

      The Pennsylvania Shakespeare                       but Shakespeare
Festival (PSF), which opens its 15th                     requires the whole
anniversary season this summer, is a festival            human spectrum.
in the truest sense of the word. After all, a            To do Shakespeare
festival is a time of celebration, and what              fully, to give the
is a more worthy cause than the magic of                 language its due,
Shakespeare, the joys of performance, and                you need the best
the enrichment of the human experience                   professional actors.”
through professional theater?                                 Although
      As all things start, PSF was merely an             the idea had been
idea of the potential for celebrating theater            percolating since
and Shakespeare.“It has always been a dream              the Labuda Center
of mine to bring professional Shakespeare to             was completed,
DeSales,” says Fr. Gerard Schubert, O.S.F.S.,            the inspiration
retired chair of the performing and fine arts            to actually host a
department, PSF Endowment Director, and                  Shakespeare Festival
the man who brought PSF to Center Valley.                at DeSales came
     This dream slowly evolved to real-                  to Fr. Schubert
ity when the Labuda Center for the                       as he drove back
Performing Arts, featuring a professional-               from a Shakespeare
grade theater, was completed in 1981.                    Festival in Stratford,
     For a few summers in the late 1980s,
the University hosted an annual summer                         During the
theater program in which alumni came                     nine hour drive
back and worked with students to produce                 back to Center
two plays. The experience of producing and               Valley, Fr. Schubert
performing quality summer shows was a                    thought how nice
boon to both the alumni and the students,                it would be if the
and the program was a success.                           festival were closer.
                                                         And he had a rev-
     However, while many people wanted                   elation – “if you
the summer program to continue on its set                build it, they will      Dennis Razze ’75 is Feste in PSF’s production of Twelfth Night (1993).
path, Fr. Schubert had other plans.                      come.”                   (Photo: 1993 Lee A. Butz)

     “In my mind, I knew the theater                           In 1990, an ad                                      PSF and a major supporter of Father’s vision
should hold the greatest plays ever written,             hoc committee formed to study the feasi-                  for the Festival, for helping open doors and
certainly in the English language and prob-              bility of hosting a professional Shakespeare              offering moral and financial support.
ably in any language – the Mt. Everest of                festival at DeSales.
theater – the works of Shakespeare,” he says.                                                                           In 1992, the committee’s hard work
                                                               Fr. Schubert credits Roger Mullin, the              paid off – PSF launched its inaugural sea-
     “The students did some fine work,                   first president of the board of directors for             son with productions of Shakespeare’s The

16         D e S a l e s   U n i v e r s i t y   M a g a z i n e
Taming of the Shrew and Romeo & Juliet and         Show—a lively 45-minute, Elizabethan-                   ed the summer before the first season of PSF.
Michele Vacca’s children’s classic, Pinocchio.     style program, including dancing, music, and            However, in the years following that first
     While PSF hired Equity actors to ensure       clowning.                                               success, Cameron has become a very active
the professional quality of the productions, Fr.        As PSF enters its 15th season, it also             PSF alumna. This year, she is returning to
Schubert emphasizes that it was always their       welcomes back a host of alumni, including               stage manage the productions of As You Like
intention to include the students and alumni       several DeSales University                                               It and My Fair Lady.
of DeSales in the program.                         alumni, who were actively                                                               As PSF enters its
     “Our students were always part of             involved in the early sea-                                                        15th year, the alumni and
the dream,” he says. “The students who are         sons of PSF.                                                                      students, both present and
hired as interns work hard and work well. It            Dennis Razze ’75,                                                            future, can expect a long
becomes a segue into professional theater for      was cast in the first year                                                        and bright future of learn-
many of our alumni.”                               of PSF as Hortensio in                                                            ing and working with the
                                                   The Taming of the Shrew.                                                          Festival. As Fr. Schubert
     History speaks for itself when it comes                                                                                         always hoped, PSF and the
to student and alumni involvement in PSF.          He made his career on
                                                   DeSales University’s cam-                                                         DeSales Theater program
In the very first season, PSF employed nine                                                                                          have given audiences visu-
alumni to perform in the three plays, and          pus as an associate profes-
                                                   sor of theater, and this                                                          al proof of the quality and
alumna Mary Mlodzinska ’73, was the first                                                                                            class of DeSales University.
general manager.                                   year he will be serving
                                                   dual roles as the Festival’s                                                           “Always in my head
    The alumni were not the only ones to           associate director and                                                            was a plan to make the-
benefit from the new Shakespeare Festival in       director of PSF’s musical,                                                        ater a major program – to
Center Valley.                                     My Fair Lady.                  Christopher Patrick Mullen ’87 played Laertes      make it a calling card for
                                                                                  in PSF’s production of Hamlet in 1995.
      “In the first year, we had 13 interns             Another returning         (Photo: 1995 Lee A. Butz)
                                                                                                                                     the college,” he says.
from the theater program,” says Lisa Higgins       DeSales and PSF alum-                                                           In the 15th season,
Pechter, director of marketing and pub-            nus, Christopher Patrick                                                  with more than 26,000
lic relations for PSF. “Some of the interns        Mullen ’87, is undoubtedly the Performing               attendees to the Festival last year alone, PSF
played named characters, in addition to            and Fine Arts alumni with the most PSF                  has certainly demonstrated its worth.
serving as townspeople and servants in the         credits. Mullen performed in the first season
plays.”                                                                                                         “We have been blessed with the talent
                                                   of PSF as Biondello in The Taming of the                that has come here,” Fr. Schubert says. “Not
      Through the internship program, one          Shrew and has appeared in a myriad of PSF               only talent, but the willingness to work
of several outreach and educational pro-           productions since that season. This summer,             hard.” And that blessing on the community,
grams established by PSF, students enjoy the       he will perform in the main stage produc-               the theater, and DeSales is a certainly a rea-
rare chance to work side by side with pro-         tion of As You Like It.                                 son to celebrate.
fessional actors.                                       Maria (DiPetro) Cameron ’92, graduat-
     While the interns may come into the
summer without professional experience,
                                                        Mark Your Calendar Now!
their work with PSF, both on and off the
stage, builds their skills, improves their résu-

                                                        President’s Tour 2006-2007
més and gives them the immeasurable expe-
rience that allows them to become, in mind
and body, professionals.
     “The Pennsylvania Shakespeare                      We’ve set the dates and locations for our upcoming alumni recep-
Festival,” says Fr. Schubert, “is very much             tions. Please mark your calendars now. All alumni are welcome at
about teaching DeSales University students              every event. More details will be released as the dates approach.
and alumni to be better, stronger workers.”             Check out the “Alumni Events” section on the DeSales web site at
     These opportunities for alumni and                 www.desales.edu.
students to experience professional theater
have expanded as PSF itself evolved faster                               2006                                                     2007
than many of its founders imagined.
     In the years linking the 1st and 15th                October 12 - New York City                                January 9 - Arizona
years, the program has expanded its mis-
sion, success, and productions to include six             November 2 - Connecticut                           January 10 & 11- California
shows during the course of the summer.
     This year, from June 3 to August 6, PSF              December 5 - Lehigh Valley                               March 21 - Delaware
is proud to feature Shakespeare’s As You Like
It and Othello, the mystery thriller Sleuth,                                                                     March 22 - Philadelphia
the musical classic My Fair Lady, and Vacca’s
Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs.
                                                                                                                  April 12 - New Jersey
     The sixth show, which is free to the                                                                        May 3 - Chicago, Illinois
public and runs one hour prior to each
evening performance, is the outdoor Green

                                                                                                                                  S p r i n g   2 0 0 6      17
           A l u m n i Focus

Randy Sears ’02:
Water Water Everywhere
By Laura R. Charnick

     Randy Sears ’02 does not have your
typical office job. In fact, during the
course of his day, sharks and fish sur-
round him more often than coworkers,
and his daily attire includes a SCUBA
tank, mask, and regulator.
     As the Aquarium Care Director
for his own company, Aquarium Retail
Maintenance, Sears spends his days
building and maintaining aquariums
inside homes and businesses. But many
of these aquariums are not your typical
20-gallon set-ups. “Some of the aquari-
ums are large enough where we actually
SCUBA dive in people’s living rooms to
clean them. We have clients with aquari-
ums, in their houses, that are 35 feet
    Sears began his career in aquariums
in April 2002, three months after he
graduated from DeSales, when he joined
and assisted with the startup of the
maintenance division of Living Color
Enterprises, Inc., a high-end aquarium
business in South Florida.
    Once the retail end of the business
opened, Aquarium Retail Maintenance
broke away and became its own com-
pany, with the goal of proving that they
could be a good business and could
support themselves. The company has                      Randy Sears '02
exceeded its goals and has been inde-                   He then speaks with different business       do maintain some of the larger, more
pendent for a year and a half.                          clients, designs core systems (filters and   exotic tanks with large sharks, jellyfish,
      Sears, whose passion is for marine                pumps) for aquariums, and maintains the      and things of that nature,” he says.
life and aquariums, typically spends his                company’s daily logs and invoices.
                                                                                                           While working with sharks, sting-
mornings working behind the scenes. He                       When it comes to the more unique        rays, barracuda, and eels may be danger-
prepares his workers for the day, ensur-                client needs, however, Sears is more than    ous work for the inexperienced, Sears
ing they have everything they need for                  happy to dive into an aquarium. “I still     isn’t afraid of the animals. “I’ve been
their work from morning to afternoon.

18        D e S a l e s   U n i v e r s i t y   M a g a z i n e
doing this for way too long to get ner-          and then I did my undergrad research on
vous. You recognize signs of aggression          fish diseases with Dr. Colosi.”
before it actually happens,” he says. “As
long as you know what you are looking
for, you’re generally okay.”
                                                     The rest is history, and from those
                                                 two experiences, Sears found that envi-
                                                 ronmental science and work with aquari-
     His injury track record reflects his
experience and knowledge of the signs
of aggression. While he has worked with
                                                 ums and aquatic life was a rewarding and
                                                 unique experience.
                                                      As was his experience at DeSales:
                                                                                               Heritage Society
sand tiger sharks, black tip sharks, long-
                                                 “I loved DeSales. It was a quiet; it was a    The DeSales Heritage Society has been
nose gar, and six-foot eels, his worst ani-
                                                 great place for me. I searched all over the   established to recognize friends of
mal-related injuries have been limited to
                                                 place, I visited colleges in Miami, New
a sting from a ray or two.                                                                     DeSales University who have committed
                                                 Orleans, all over, but DeSales was just
      It is the challenge of working with        fantastic,” he says.                          themselves to planned or deferred gifts
exotic tanks that really stirs Sears’s inter-                                                  for the benefit of the University.
                                                      Sears entered the class of 2002 and
ests. His current project, building a jel-
                                                 quickly found that his educational expe-      Gifts can be provided through
lyfish tank in South Beach, Florida, is the
                                                 rience was also top-notch. “I absolutely
perfect example of the type of work that                                                       bequests, charitable gift annuities,
                                                 loved my classes with Dr. Berg. He is a
very few people would want to touch,                                                           charitable remainder or lead trusts,
                                                 great man, a great educator, and I still
but that Sears loves.                                                                          life insurance, retirement plans, or
                                                 speak with him from time to time–
     “I like to work with projects that          probably about once a year or so. I just      participation in the University’s Pooled
have never been done before. I have to           wish they had opened that new science         Income Fund.
get these jellyfish shipped to me from           building while I was still there!” he says.
Australia. These projects are weird things                                                     As an expression of the University’s
                                                      Although Sears was able to spend
that nobody likes to put their hands on,
                                                 half a year conducting research in the        profound gratitude for their generos-
but I like to see if I can do it. It’s part of
                                                 state-of-the-art Hurd Science Center, he      ity, members of the DeSales Heritage
a challenge.”
                                                 wishes he had been able to attend classes     Society receive:
     His love of a challenge also drives         in the building.
his long-term goals. Sears hopes that his                                                        * A personalized certificate of
                                                      After Sears graduated and while
current work with aquariums will even-
                                                 he worked at Living Color Enterprises,            membership.
tually lead him to the research and devel-
                                                 Inc., he attended Nova Southeastern
opment phase of the aquarium industry.                                                           * An invitation to the DeSales
                                                 University, a university that promotes
     “I would like to work, one day, with        a professional atmosphere. In 2004,               Heritage Society annual
the development of new filtration sys-           Sears graduated with a M.S. in Marine             recognition event.
tems or even water quality parameters,”          Environmental Science/Marine Biology.
he says. Sears also has interest in working                                                      * Invitations to other special
                                                     While he enjoys his work with large
in a more animal-focused environment,                                                              University programs.
                                                 aquariums, many people are surprised to
versus the maintenance industry he is in
                                                 hear that, ironically, he does not own and
now.                                                                                             * Invitations to occasional seminars
                                                 maintain a large aquarium for himself.
      In the meantime, Sears is quite sat-                                                         on estate and financial planning.
                                                       “I have a 20 gallon tank,” he says,
isfied in his current job. “Every day is
                                                 laughing. “I have a teeny tiny tank that        * Personal recognition on the
different,” he says. In the course of any
                                                 is a foot long, two feet high, and has no
given day, Sears may speak with a myriad                                                           DeSales Heritage Society plaque.
                                                 pumps, no filters, nothing. Its just that
of international clients, jump into a tank
                                                 when you do that work all day long, you         * Listing in the University’s annual
of hungry sharks at Big Al’s Aquarium
                                                 don’t want to have to do it all night as
Super Center, and meet the challenge of                                                            Honor Roll of Donors.
dealing with 75 to 100 regular clientele.
That schedule does not take into account              In his time away from the office         If you would like additional informa-
the numerous emergencies that come in            and aquariums, Sears enjoys spending his      tion about the Society, please contact:
at all hours of the day and night.               time SCUBA diving with his girlfriend.        The Development Office, DeSales
                                                 Their current home is only about a mile
     As a biology student starting his                                                         University, 2755 Station Avenue,
                                                 off the beach, which is ideal for Sears.
education at DeSales, an undeniably                                                            Center Valley, PA 18034-9568,
                                                 “We’ll go out there regularly, just to see
land-locked University, it may not have                                                        Phone: 610.282.4604, or e-mail
                                                 what’s going on and how things have
seemed likely that Sears would discover
                                                 changed.” And in the end, Sears’s job,        Thomas.Campbell@desales.edu or
his passion for marine biology. Yet Sears
                                                 hobbies, and passions combine in one          daniel.gambet@desales.edu
says that his career path began during his
                                                 straightforward fact: he just likes being
time in Center Valley.
                                                 in water.
     “It’s really kind of weird, but I start-
ed all of this while I was at DeSales. I did
an internship at the Tennessee Aquarium
in Chattanooga, Tennessee, one summer.
Dr. Blumenstein helped me set that up

                                                                                                            S p r i n g   2 0 0 6       19
                                                                                              Class Notes

Dear alumni                                                                             • 1972
                                                                                        Vic Melis g raduated with a mas-
                                                                                        ter’s in information science degree from
                                                Message from the                        Pennsylvania State University. Vic also has
                                                Alumni Office                           an MBA from St. Joseph’s University and
                                                                                        is a product manager at Motorola. Vic and
                                                                                        his wife, Nancy, and two children, Steve and
                                                                                        Jennifer, reside in New Hanover, Pa.

                                                                                        • 1975
     As the 40th anniversary celebration at DeSales                                     Jay Farmerie was installed as the new
comes to a close, I thank the many alumni who                                           president of the Association of Water
helped us recognize this special year. At our alumni                                    Technologies (AWT). Jay is a certified
receptions, we shared a 40th anniversary presenta-                                      water technologist at Cyrus Rice Water
tion that was created by DeSales TV/Film students.                                      Consultants in Pittsburgh, Pa. He lives in
It was very well-received. Each time at least one or                                    Moon Township, Pa., with his wife, Mary
two alumni gasped or chuckled to see a black-and-                                       Cay (McCole) Farmerie ’76.
white photo of a close friend or past professor from
the “AC days.” Everyone agrees that the changes on
campus are amazing while the spirit of the students                                     • 1976
remains the same.                                                                       Tom Shirley, head coach of Philadelphia
     The changes on campus continue. Much like the spring daffodils, a construction     University’s women's basketball team,
crane recently popped up for work on the DeSales University Center (DUC). This          reached a career milestone. On January 5,
second phase has two areas of construction – a new conference area and a bookstore.     2006, Shirley and his team celebrated his
When this phase is completed, the bookstore will be moving out of McShea Student        500th career victory.
Center to a new and larger area in the DUC. The new conference area will have the
capacity to hold up to 500 people, providing much-needed meeting space on campus.       Cousins Marie Chapman-Hill and Kevin
                                                                                                            L u t z ‘ 0 1 re c e n t l y
     I hope you’ll visit campus to see all that’s happening! But if you can’t, please                       worked together on a
join us for one of our upcoming alumni activities. We’re gathering for Alumni Day                           project for the North
at Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom on June 25. It’s not too early to think about                            Pe n n U n i t e d Way.
Homecoming and Reunion Weekend, scheduled for September 29 and 30. Check                                    Marie produced a pro-
out our web site at www.desales.edu and go to “Alumni Events” for more details.                             motional video at Janis
     While on our web site, take a look at a few new items of interest. First, test                         Productions in Plymouth
your knowledge of your alma mater with the new Alumni Trivia Contest. The ques-                             Meeting. Kevin sang,
tions change each month so you have more than one chance to win! Monthly win-                               “You Raise Me Up” on
ners enter a drawing for a grand prize of dinner and a one-night stay at a bed &        the soundtrack. After the recording session,
breakfast. Next, get involved with current DSU students through Career Services’        they met up with Ron Check ‘01, Kevin’s
on-line mentoring program or help Admissions as a member of the DeSales Alumni          roommate while they attended DeSales. Ron
Recruitment Team. Descriptions of these programs can be found on the Alumni web         is now a seminarian at St. Charles.
pages, too.
     It’s our goal to keep you connected, engaged, and involved with DeSales stu-
dents, faculty, staff, and alumni. Thank you for your support and for all that you do   • 1978
for DeSales.                                                                            Michele (Cunningham) Niederer is
                                                                                        looking at DeSales through the eye of a par-
                                                   Sincerely,                           ent. Her son, who is a sophomore in high
                                                                                        school, is starting to look at colleges, and
                                                                                        DeSales was the first stop!

                                                                                        Jeffry Johnston is proud to announce
                                                   Kathy Diamandopoulos                 that his first novel, Fragments, a novel for
                                                   Director of Alumni                   young adults, will be published by Simon &
                                                                                        Schuster Publishing in February 2007.

20        D e S a l e s   U n i v e r s i t y   M a g a z i n e
          C l a s s N o tes

• 1979                                                 shepherd’s pie was served. Those attend-         • 1990
                     Dr. Debra Ahrensfield
                                                       ing included best man Bud Miller ’87,                              Rev. Gregg Schafer was
                                                       Joe Long ’85 and Sue (Kuss) Long
                   was recently appointed                                                                                installed as the Pastor at
                                                       ’87 , Chuck Malinowski ’86 , Marty
                   cardiologist at Temple                                                                                Newfoundland Moravian
                                                       Chamberlain ’86, and Dan Donohue
                   U n ive r s i t y H o s p i t a l                                                                     Church, Newfoundland,
                                                       ’87 . Also attending were "A.C. alumni"
                   where she specializes in                                                                              Pa. He received his Master
                   general cardiology, nuclear         Kathleen Warren, Joe Staudemeier, and                             of Divinity degree from
                   cardiology, and echocar-            retired DeSales professor Dr. Harry Warren.                       Moravian Theolog ical
                   diography. In addition to           Ed is Director of Recruiting for American                         Seminar y, Bethlehem,
the publications, presentations, and research          Medical Staffing of Trexlertown, Pa., while                       was ordained a Deacon
experiences to her credit, Debra is a member           LoriAnne is the Advertising Coordinator for      in 1998 and was consecrated a Presbyter
of the American College of Cardiology and              Coldwell Banker Realty Corp. in Lansdale,        in 2001. Gregg lives with his wife, Lauren,
the Pennsylvania Medical Society.                      Pa. The couple, along with LoriAnne’s            and their four children, Katelyn, Victoria,
                                                       daughter Kayleigh (class of ’20), resides in     Malachi, and Aiden.
                                                       Richland Township, Pa.
• 1980                                                 Lindsey Hanahan was awarded a Marlowe
Trudy (Cravatta) DiNardo lives in Paoli,               Award for her choreography on the Denver         • 1991
Pa., with her husband John and their son               premiere production of Assassins with Next                         T h o m a s a n d Ta r a
Christopher, 14, and daughter Johanna,                 Stage Theater Company last fall. She has                           (Boyle) Mirabella
12. John is the vice provost of academ-                also just completed the choreography for                           '97 recently welcomed
ic affairs at Drexel University and a pro-             their production of Chess. In January, Lindsey                    daughter Emmalee Grace
fessor of physics and Trudy is a substitute            was elected onto the Denver Area Liaison                          to their family. Emmalee
teacher in the Tredyffrin-Easttown School              Committee of the Actor's Equity Association.                      was born on December
District. She is also chair of DELTA (District                                                                           22, 2006. Big sister Annaka
Educating And Learning Through the Arts).                                                               Jordan welcomed Emmalee home just in
Trudy had a great time at last year’s DeSales          • 1989                                           time for Christmas.
Homecoming and says she is still clowning              John and Lynne (Poslosky) Bellano
around!                                                ’89 relocated to Geneva, Illinois, last July
                                                       when John was promoted to vice presi-            • 1992
                                                       dent of sales for Third Wave Technologies        Luci (Casalnova) Keeler and her hus-
• 1982                                                 of Madison, Wisconsin. The Bellano’s have a      band Lee are thrilled to announce the
Terry (Nevada) Coleman was recently                    son, Griffin, 7, and a daughter, Payton, 5.      birth of their son. Kevin Michael was born
promoted from vice-president to direc-
tor at Deutsche Bank. Terry has worked
at Deutsche Bank for four years. She
had previously worked at Citibank and
JPMorganChase after leaving public
accounting in 1986. Terry has been married
almost 24 years to husband Bill. They live
in New Castle, Del, and have three children
ages 14 to 19. Her oldest, Rachel, is now
second generation DSU.

Chuck Lewis was recently named senior
vice president of Lehigh Valley Hospital and
Health Network.

• 1986
A mini-reunion of sorts was held on
October 15, 2005, as members of the Classes
of ’85, ’86, and ’87 gathered in DeSales
University’s Connelly Chapel to witness the
wedding of Ed Rehrig ’86 and LoriAnne                  On October 8, 2005,Tom Kreider married his wife Elizabeth in Harrisburg, Pa. Alumni who
McCorry. The ceremony, with Fr. Baiju                  attended the wedding included (left to right) Louis Rodite ’92; Mark Maylath ’91; Rebecca
Paul, O.S.F.S., presiding, was followed by a           (Kreider) Warner ’96; Jennifer (Kreider) Savon ’86;Tom Kreider ’92; Benjamin Kreider ’96;
reception in McShea Center, at which no                Abraham Kreider ’96; Mike Gerchufsky ’91; Ken Tramont ’91.

                                                                                                                       S p r i n g   2 0 0 6       21
         C l a s s N o tes

January 8, 2006, weighing in at 10 lbs 4 oz,             2. Lauren continues to be a very busy stay-      NYC for 10 years. He is happy to be back in
and measuring 22 inches long.                            at-home mommy and she says that Michael          town with his wife, Megan Evans Gartley
                                                         Kuemmerle ’99 is a very proud uncle!             '94, and their three boys, Wyatt, 8, Aidan, 5,
Claudine (Quigley) Piechotta , her                                                                        and Gavin, 2. He is also proud to say he com-
                          husband Alber t,                                                                pleted his first marathon in October.
                          a n d t h e i r t wo           • 1994
                          children Liam, 7,                                                               John and Teresa (Messineo) Manidis
                          and Mikayla, 4,                David and Kristen (Klunk) Maggipinto                                     announce the birth
                          announce the addi-             '94 welcomed their fourth child, Kayla                                   of their daughter,
                          tion of baby Sophia            Elizabeth, on August 22, 2005. She joins                                 Sophia Teresa, on
                          Grace, born March              brothers Andrew, 8, Nicholas, 5, and Lucas,3.                            October 13, 2005.
14, 2006. Sophia weighted 8 lbs, 10 oz, and                                                                                       Te re s a t e a c h e s
was 20 inches at birth. The whole family is                                                                                       childbirth classes at
enjoying their new little bundle!                        • 1995                                           the Reading Birth and Women’s center, and
                                                                                                          home schools her three older children, John,
                                                                                   Jaye Pierce will
                                                                                                          10, Grace, 7, and Nicholas, 3. Teresa and
                                                                                 be married to RJ
                                                                                                          her husband recently attended her 10-year
• 1993                                                                           Baer four years
                                                                                                          reunion at DeSales, just one week before
Henry C. Cirignano married Krista                                                this October. They
                                                                                                          Teresa gave birth.
L. Giresi. Henry and his wife are Senior                                         have a wonderful
Probation Officers for the State of New Jersey.                                  daughter, Sharon,        Susan (Hosage) Roehm's hus-
DeSales alumni at the wedding included                                           who turned one           band, Christopher, retired from the US
Matt Donovan '93 and Mark Milewski                       this March. Jaye is a stay-at-home mom           Army with more than 22 years of service.
'93. Also in attendance were Jason Kidd and              and also works from home as the direc-           They celebrated the birth of a grandson,
Richard Jefferson of the New Jersey Nets as              tor of a therapeutic foster care agency in       Donovan Jacob Jones, and Susan’s Donegal
well as Ric Flair and HHH of the WWE.                    Greensboro, N.C.                                 STRUCTURE program has received both
                                                                                                          state and national recognition as a model
Carol (Longello) Knauff, RN, MSN, is                     Patrick McDonnell was recently appoint-
                                                                                                          program for at-risk youth. Susan was a core-
one of the recipients of the David M. Flowers            ed director of the policy office at the
                                                                                                          committee member for the eighth annual
Excellence in Cardiology award for 2006.                 Pennsylvania Department of Environmental
                                                                                                          Pa. State Alternative Education Conference
Carol is also a part-time faculty member for             Protection. He previously served as the assis-
                                                                                                          for At-Risk Youth, held in Willow Valley, Pa.
the M.Ed program at DeSales University.                  tant to the department’s special duty sec-
                                                         retary. Patrick lives in Harrisburg with his
Gregg and Lauren (Kuemmerle) Machita                     wife Colleen (Lamb) ’98, and their two
are now the proud parents of three children.             children, Devin and Kerri.                       • 1996
Their daughter Leah Madeline was born on                                                                  Heitha (Padfield) Beane moved to Belize
September 15, 2005, weighing 7 lbs, 13 oz.               Christian Evans Gartley was hired at             with her husband, Richard, and their two
Leah has two big brothers, Jack, 4, and Justin,          Rodale in Emmaus, Pa., after commuting to        children to support the Baha'i community.
                                                                                                          They are enjoying the culture, people, and
                                                                                                          weather. Heitha and Richard have started a
                                                                                                          local franchise as WSI internet consultants.

                                                                                                          Edward Meakim III and his wife Colleen
                                                                                                          celebrated their first child’s birthday. Son
                                                                                                          Ryan Edward turned one on April 4, 2006.

                                                                                                          Chris and Mary (McInerney) George
                                                                                                          ’97 announce that they have a new addition
                                                                                                          to their family. Christopher Killian was born
                                                                                                          on September 28, 2005. He joins his big sis-
                                                                                                          ters Haleigh, 7, Trinity, 6, and Delaney, 4.

                                                                                                          • 1997
                                                                                                          Meg (Schubert) Wagner and her hus-
                                                                                                          band, Jamie welcomed Gabriella Marie on
                                                                                                          January 22, 2005. She joins big sister Ryan, 5,
 DeSales University alumni recently reconnected at Bubba’s Pot Belly Stove in Quakertown, Pa.             and big brother Jimmy, 3. Ellie’s godmother
 Seated from left: Michele Cunningham Niederer ’78, Pat Kilker ’77, Amy Micallef Jacoby ’77,              was Meg’s DeSales roommate and new neigh-
 Jim Feeny ’77,Tom Muhl ’77, Connie Hauke Davis ’77, and Susie Byatt Perry ’78.                           bor, Christine Shue McManamon '97

22         D e S a l e s   U n i v e r s i t y   M a g a z i n e
         C l a s s N o t es

Desmond Browne is a Marine stationed
in Okinawa, Japan. Last May, Desmond was
deployed to Iraq to assist in the development
of Iraqi Security Forces in the Al Anbar
province (Western Iraq). He is expected to
return to the U.S. sometime this summer.

James McDonnell is the head of the
Department of Theatre at a small state school
in Central California. He has worked as cos-
tume designer on several professional produc-
tions including some critical successes in L.A.
                                                   For more than 15 years, John and Diana Szostak have been hosting an annual Summer Solstice
Steve Koch helped set up a flag football
                                                   party for alumni, friends, and family. The 2005 party was the largest so far, with attendance near
match between Philadelphia University and
                                                   60. Kneeling from Left to Right: Regina Wood ’04, Joe Monte ’74, Tom Ward ’74, John Neri.
Drexel University as part of the “Rams-
                                                   Middle row left to right: Jessica Greene, Katie Greene, Ann (Conahan) Lee ’74, Rich McMahon
Dragons Classic.” The game, held at the
                                                   ’70, Carol (Armelin) McMahon ’74, Molly (McLean) Monte ’74, Connie Bomba-Copper ’75,
Wachovia Center promotes social interaction
                                                   Jerry Neri ’74, Julia Neri. Back row Left to Right: Jim Greene ’74, Dan Lee, John Cooper ’74,
between neighboring universities. Steve is the
                                                   John Szostak ’76, Diana Szostak, Denise McCormick, Paul McCormick.
associate director of recreation at Drexel.

                                                                        Vinny DePaola and             welcomed twins Ty and Tori to their family
• 1998                                                                  his wife Candace              in April 2005. The twins join their big sister,
                                                                        ( Va l e n t i n e ) ’ 9 9    Taylor, 5.
Erin (Brewster) Green and her husband,                                 welcomed their first
Chris, recently welcomed daughter Meghan                               child, Julianna Frances,
Katharine to their family. Meghan was born
February 6, 2006, and joins big brother,
                                                                       on December 23,                • 2000
                                                                       2005. Candace earned           Matthew Romero and his wife Joanne
Ryan, 4, and big sister Kaitlyn, 1.                                    her M.A. of Social             (Valentine) '00 are happy to announce
                                                  Work from Temple University in 2005 and             the birth of their daughter, Maja Megan, on
                      Cara (Davison)
                                                  she works for the Philadelphia Corporation          September 23, 2005. She was 6 lbs, 5 oz and
                      Dunn and her hus-
                                                  for the Aging. Vinny earned his M.A. of             20 inches long at birth.
                       band, Peter announce
                                                  Education from LaSalle University in 2005
                       the birth of their son,
                                                  and is a Special Education Teacher in the           Jonathan Dale was promoted to the
                       Colin Matthew. He
                                                  North Penn School District.                         product management team after five and
                       was born December
                       12, 2005, weighing                                                             a half years managing the execution and
                                                  Allison (Schneider) Tarriff and her hus-
                       7 lbs, 15 oz, and mea-                                                         evolution of Fiberlink’s customer service
                                                  band Richard welcomed their first child, son        organization. Jonathon lives with his wife,
                       suring 20 inches long.     Dean Michael, on March 14, 2006. Dean
They are thrilled to be parents.                                                                      Melissa (Shad) Dale ’00.
                                                  was born weighing 7 lbs, 13 oz.
Douglas and Annie (Yoder) Roberts                                     Donna (Jacquinto)
’98 are proud to announce the birth of                                Palmieri was promot-            • 2001
their son, Liam Douglas. Liam was born                              ed to chief operating
September 30, 2005.                                                 officer at the American
                                                                    Red Cross Southeastern
                                                                    Pennsylvania Chapter.
• 1999                                                              Donna was previously
David and Geraldine K. Blaich ’99                                   the chief administrative
achieved their goal of owning a business. On      officer and was awarded the Red Cross
January 26, 2006, they bought and became          Lifetime Achievement Award.
the innkeepers of O’Flaherty’s Dingeldein
House Bed and Breakfast in Lancaster, Pa.         Jennifer Ascosi Gable and Jason Gable
                                                  celebrated their one year anniversary on April      On December 10, 2005, Nicholas Takacs
Paul and Kimberly A. McManamon ’00                9, 2006. The couple married at the Chapel of        married Hilary Smoyer at Our Lady of
celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary on    St. Francis DeSales in Baltimore, Md. Alumni        Hungary Church in Northampton, Pa. Nick
May 4, 2006. Paul is currently going through      Mary Capaldi '99 , Julia Dinan '00 ,                Pidstawski ’01 was the best man. Alumni
the Pennsylvania State Troopers academy. Kim      Nicole Fix '00, Amber Hemmer '00, and               in attendance included Danielle Takacs
and their two daughters, Mackenzie, 2, and        Jackie Rolek '99 were in attendance.                ’08 , Anthony Casella ’01 , Thomas
Ashley, 1, are keeping things going at home.                                                          Viviano ’03, and Matthew Martelli ’04.
                                                  Darek and Amy (Seesengood) Folsom

                                                                                                                       S p r i n g   2 0 0 6       23
             C l a s s Notes

Dr. Heather (Butensky) Strencosky
graduated cum laude from New York
Chiropractic College in Seneca Falls, N.Y.,
and works at Comprehensive Chiropractic,
Allentown. She is a member of the
Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association and the
American Chiropractic Association. She is also
a member of the Rotary Club of Allentown
and the Business and Professional Women–
Lehigh Valley Chapter.

• 2002
On October 21, 2005, Joseph and Bridgit                   Members of the class of 1998 recently held a mini reunion. Seated (l to r): Bob Choiniere ’95; Mike
(Olney) Devine were married at St.                        Wamser ’98, Julia Micik ’98, Jeannie Stith ’98. Standing (l to r) Liz (Dailey) Ditterline ’98, Kelly
Matthew’s Church in Philadelphia. Fr. Joseph              Minner ’98, Stephanie (Perkins) Manning ’98, Kerry Lambert ’98 and Dennis Razze ’75.
DiMauro, O.S.F.S., presided and the brid-
al party included Christy Kennedy ’03,                   with the Fenwick Island Police Department           Jennifer Lawson is engaged to Ash
Jessica Sgro ’03, Nick Bianchini ’02,                    for almost three years, was promoted to             Congiliando '04. Their wedding is set for
Adam Bozarth ’02, Andrew Brett ’02,                      Patrolman First Class on March 1, 2006.             September 2006 in Blue Bell, Pa.
Matt Croskey ’02, and Pat Hamill ’02.
                                                                                                             Kate (Brower) Johnston and her hus-
Kristen (Gallo) and Eric Knudsen were                                                                        band Daniel married on December 31, 2005
                      mar r ied at St.                   • 2003
                                                                                                             at St. Mary's Church in Oneonta, N. Y. Kate
                      Margaret’s Catholic                L e w i s C a m p a n a ro is engaged to            and Dan met as Theology majors at DeSales
                      Church in Reading,                 Heather Mooney '03. The couple will                 University and currently serve as catechists
                      Pa., on August 13,                 marry on May 5, 2007, at St. Basil's Church         and on several committees at St. Mary’s.
                      2005. Tiffany                      in Kimberton, Pa. The couple became
                      Lopez ’02 was one                  engaged on December 2, 2005 at Tavern
                      of eight bridesmaids.              on the Green in Central Park, N.Y. Lewis
                      Other DeSales                      is a Senior Project Manager with Cardinal
                                                                                                             • 2005
guests included Matt Barber ’02, Kate                    Health in Wayne, N.J. Heather is a stylist at       After graduating in May, Brian Levesque
Peters ’02, and Dan Lopez ’02. The cou-                  Mad One Jacks Salon in Hoboken, N.J. The            became engaged to Shannon Greth '05.
ple honeymooned in Aruba.                                couple lives in Hoboken, N.J.                       Shannon is an assistant teacher at St. Peter's
                                                                                                             School in Pottstown, Pa, and is a M.Ed stu-
Stephen J. Majewski , who has been                       John Przyuski and Trisha Sullivan ’03               dent at DeSales. They will marry on June 16,
                                                         became engaged in December 2005. They               2006, in Connelly Chapel. The reception
                                                         are planning a July 2007 wedding.                   will be held in the new banquet facilities at
                                                                                                             the DeSales University Center.
                                                         Roberta “Bobbi” Micklo mar r ied
                                                         Marvin Brandstatter in August 2005. They            Brian Bottini has incorporated his sec-
                                                         celebrated with a contemporary service and          ond company, myStethoscope, LLC.
                                                         a honeymoon in the Mexican Riviera.                 MyStethoscope sells discounted medical prod-
                                                                                                             ucts from more than 20 manufactures. Brian
                                                         Lisa Higgins married Sgt. Christopher               also runs eWebDevelopment, LLC, a N.J. Web
                                                         Wippel on July 9, 2005 in Rochester, N.Y.           Design Company incorporated last year.
                                                         Lisa is physician assistant for the Department
                                                         of Defense at Bayne-Jones Army Community
                                                         Hospital in Fort Polk, La. Christopher, a grad-     • In Memoriam:
                                                         uate of Minnesota State College Southeast
                                                         Technical, is a signal support systems special-     Sandy Coffman
                                                         ist for the U.S. Army, stationed at Fort Polk.      Jeffrey Hillegass
                                                         They reside in DeRidder, La.                        Raymond Mantoni
                                                                                                             Jerry McCandless
                                                                                                             Michael A. Morgan
                                                         • 2004                                              JoAnn Smith Sigmund
Judge William Ford ’72 and his daughter                  Elizabeth Kelly will attend Bloomsburg              Catherine Snow
Brigid ’07 in front of a statue of St. Francis           University this fall to pursue her masters degree
de Sales in Annecy, France.                              in teaching the deaf and hearing impaired.

24         D e S a l e s   U n i v e r s i t y   M a g a z i n e

                          S h a re Some News With Us
                                                               H              ave you recently moved, changed jobs, received a promotion,
                                                                              married, had a family addition and/or received an honor or
                                                                              award in your profession or community? Do you have any
                                                                              interesting news to relay to us about other DeSales University
                                                                              alumni? Take a minute to complete this form and mail
                                                                              or fax back to us. It’s especially important to let us know
                                                                              your new address if you’ve moved.

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                   I am interested in:                                        end this form to:
                   □ Volunteering for the Annual Fund                         DeSales University Development Office
                                                                              2755 Station Avenue, Center Valley, PA 18034-9568
                   □ Writing for DeSales Magazine
                                                                              Attn: Development Services.
                   □ Helping to plan my class reunion                         Or Fax to 610-282-2059.
                                                                              Or you can also e-mail address changes and news to: alumni@email.

                                                                                                                                       S p r i n g   2 0 0 6   25

                                             M          Many of America’s finest warriors are
                                                    tremendously devout Catholic men and
                                                    women. Their Catholic faith is enriched,
                                                    not diminished, by their experience of
                                                    both war and Arab culture.
                                                          As I say Mass for sailors, soldiers, Coast
                                                    Guardsmen, airmen and federal agents at
                                                    the Kuwaiti Naval Base, near Kuwait City,
                                                    I usually reach the Preface Acclamation
                                                                                                            But it will be as I exit the DeSales
                                                                                                       University campus via one of the Lehigh
                                                                                                       Valley’s busy highways and look in my rear
                                                                                                       view mirror that I will likely see Frank
                                                                                                       when we get home—behind the wheel
                                                                                                       of the Upper Saucon Township police car
                                                                                                       behind me. Frank is a 61⁄2 year veteran of
                                                                                                       the department and DeSales University is
                                                                                                       part of the beat.
                                                    just as the call to prayer is sung from the             Frank affirms, “This deployment has

 Catholic                                           Muslim mosque’s minaret nearby.
                                                         Evening falls and two great religions
                                                                                                       brought me closer to God and has also
                                                                                                       allowed me to flourish in my faith.” This

 Devotion is                                        respond to God’s invitation to meet him
                                                    in the desert. “God is great,” intones the            Evening falls and two great religions

 Sharpened in                                       Imam in Arabic; “Holy, holy, holy Lord
                                                    God of power and might...,” sings the con-
                                                                                                          respond to God's invitation to meet
                                                                                                          him in the desert.

                                                    gregation in English.
                                                         Two of us at this Mass make this              is not an uncommon testimony among
                                                    Lenten journey together and are neighbors          Catholics in the war zone.
                                                    back home in the Lehigh Valley, though we
                                                    had to come to Kuwait to meet.                          I know it’s worked that way for me
                                                                                                       too. Neighbors, warriors, Lenten journey-
                                                        Currently deployed to Kuwait as the            men, we meet the Lord and each other in
                                                    Area Support Group’s Catholic chaplain,            the desert; and back at home we will give
                                                    I am an Oblate of St. Francis de Sales, and        thanks for many things, not the least of
                                                    back home I live and teach at DeSales              which is that our devotion has been nour-
                                                    University.                                        ished in our mutual ministry at this Navy
                                                         Here in Kuwait my parish is as large          base.
                                                    as the country, but I am blessed with three
                                                    extraordinary priests who help me meet
                                                    the spiritual needs of our Catholic com-                 Father Mark F, Plaushin, O.S.F.S., faculty
                                                    munity.                                            member in the department of philosophy and
                                                                                                       theology at DeSales, returned to serve in Kuwait
                                                         What gives our bench real depth,              with the U.S. Army’s Office of the Chief of
                                                    however, is the diligent and resilient             Chaplains.
                                                    Catholics in our Armed Forces, as well as
     by Fr. Mark F. Plaushin, O.S.F.S.                                                                       Before joining the DeSales faculty in 2004,
                                                    in our government and corporate agencies.
                                                                                                       Father Plaushin was on active duty and served as
                                                           Petty Officer 2nd Class Frank Najera,       chaplain and cultural relations officer with the 1st
                                                    Jr. is with the U.S. Navy’s Customs Unit,          Marine Expeditionary Force and the 4th Infantry
                                                    which insures the safe flow of equipment           Division from January 2003 to May 2004.The
                                                    and supplies through this busy logistics           tour of duty included 12 months in Iraq and
                                                    port. He is the lector tonight and like            Kuwait during Operation Iraqi Freedom.
                                                    his father, Permanent Deacon Francisco
                                                    Najera, of St. Paul’s Parish in Reading; he             Fr. Plaushin's military honors include the
                                                    provides a clear and reverent proclamation         Bronze Star, the Meritorious Service Medal, and
                                                    of Word.                                           the Army Commendation medal with silver Oak
                                                                                                       Leaf Cluster.
                                                         Home for Frank is Lower Macungie
                                                    Township. There he and Michele, his wife
                                                    of six years, raise their sons, Brendan and
                                                    Preston. They worship at St. Joseph the
                                                    Worker Parish.

26    D e S a l e s   U n i v e r s i t y   M a g a z i n e
Homecoming 2006
                                                    and Reunion Weekend
                                              September 29 & 30
                                               Join us and alumni from all classes as we cele-
                                               brate another year since you graduated. Events
                                               are still being planned, but count on these

                                               Alumni Golf
                                               Friday, September 29

                                                             Beef 'N Beer
                                                             Saturday, September 30

                                                                  Kids Tent
                                                                  Saturday, September 30

                                                                 Reunion 2006
                                                                   35 Years        15 Years
                                                                   1971            1991
                                                                   30 Years        10 Years
                                                                   1976            1996
                                                                   25 Years        5 Years
                                                                   1981            2001
                                                                   20 Years

For information call 610.282.1100, ext. 1308, or e-mail kathy.diama
“Once upon a time there           As DeSales celebrates the expansion of the University Center, the opening of Welsh Hall, and other construction projects, one off-
                                  campus landmark will soon be no more.The Peppercorn Pub and the antiques store (antiques store?) in the same block at Rte. 309
   was a tavern…”                 and Passer Road will soon be razed and replaced with a Sheetz gas station and convenience store. Share your Peppercorn memories
                                  with us. E-mail to alumni@desales.edu.

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