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PMT XXC allentown injury lawyer


									01.28.09                                                                            LOCAL                                                                                                          Tribp.m. 5

The fine line
If you don’t shovel
                                    broom to clear his sidewalk
                                    yesterday afternoon. He’ll
                                    likely need a shovel today
your walk, you’ll                   after the ice storm that blan-
                                    keted the region overnight.
likely be in the clear              “Sometimes we have to do
                                    things we don’t really want
      By Adam Brandolph             to do. I certainly don’t want
           TRIBUNE-REVIEW           to be out here in the cold, but
                                    I wouldn’t want someone to
  The cold bites harder than        slip and fall, either.”
Pittsburgh Public Works.               A mix of rain and freezing
  Public works employees            rain was expected to continue
last year issued more than          through this morning, accord-
300 warnings to residents           ing to the National Weather
and business owners for not
                                    Service. Temperatures likely
shoveling snow and ice from
                                    will rise to about 34 degrees,
sidewalks in front of their
                                    and rain will fall through mid-
property and about 100 so far
                                    afternoon. Between 1 and 2
in 2009, according to director
                                    inches of snow is expected
Guy Costa.
  But no one’s been fined, he       later today after temperatures
said.                               drop below freezing, accord-
  “Most people clear their          ing to the weather service.                                                                                                                      JAMES KNOX/TRIBUNE-REVIEW

sidewalks after a snowfall.            Hundreds of schools either        Paul Talbot shovels a sidewalk yesterday in the 700 block of Warrington Avenue in Allentown. Talbot
There are others that need to       issued delays or closed alto-        shovels about 10 to 12 sidewalks a day for businesses in the area.
be reminded,” Costa said.           gether.
“We try to educate, warn and           Few     accidents      were
                                    reported in Pittsburgh,              tional 10 tractors joined                           But even if they’re not               liable for issuing a warning
then fine.”                                                              them this morning.                                being fined, property owners            rather than a citation,”
  A district judge would            police said.
                                       PennDOT spokesman Jim               Roads, not sidewalks, are                       aren’t off the hook — or the            Milsop said. “Regardless of
determine the fine’s amount,                                                                                               shovel.                                 whether they’re cited or
                                    Struzzi said the main corri-         the priority, he said.
Costa said.                                                                                                                  Owners who don’t clear                warned, if someone falls on
                                    dors in and out of Pittsburgh          “We usually wait 48
  Public works is responsi-                                                                                                their sidewalks still can be            the sidewalk, they still have
ble for clearing city roads,        were mostly wet.                     hours (before issuing warn-
                                                                         ings), because it usually                         held legally responsible if             a claim if the property owner
but it’s a property owner’s            PennDOT crews, which
                                                                         takes us about 36 hours to                        someone were to slip and                did not shovel within a rea-
responsibility to clear the         began treating roads yester-
                                                                         clear the roads,” Costa said.                     fall, said Mark Milsop, a per-          sonable amount of time.”
sidewalks within 24 hours of        day, started working on sec-
                                                                           The number of warnings                          sonal injury attorney with                           ———
the last snowfall, according        ondary roads this morning,
                                                                         issued by public works is on                      Berger      and   Green     in             Adam Brandolph can be
to the city code.                   he said.
                                                                                                                           Shadyside.                              reached at 412-320-7936 or
  “I do it because I have to,          Pittsburgh Public Works           pace to shatter last year’s
                                                                                                                             “The city would not be      
but also to be a good neigh-        director Guy Costa said              numbers because there were
bor,” said Vincent Donofrio,        about 40 trucks were on the          no significant snowfalls last
61, of Bloomfield, who used a       roads last night and an addi-        year, he said.

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