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					1Eat healthy                                                              more tourists than the others?
1.Parents in the united states tend to ask their children                 B. Spain
C. not to waste food                                                      4. the latter half of the last sentence in paragraph 3,i.e., “or one tourist
2.why do American restaurants serve large portions?                       for every person living in Spain” means
A. because Americans associate quantity with value                        B. every year almost as many tourists visit Spain as there are people
3.what happened in the 1970s?                                             living in that country
D. the American waistline started to expand                               5.according to the passage, which of the following factors might spoil
4.what does the survey indicate?                                          the tourists’ fun at Mediterranean resorts and beaches?
A.many poor Americans want large portions                                 D. Rainy weather
5.which of the following is not true working class Americans?             8One-room schools
C. they don’t want to be healthy eaters                                   1.It is implied in the passage that many educators and parents today
2Outside-the-classroom Learning Makes a Big Difference                    feel that one-room schools
1.An extracurricular activiq1ike raising a fund of$300,000 is risky       D. provide good education
because most student leaders                                              2.Why are one-room schools in danger of disappearing?
D)will not take an interest in it.                                        C. because there is a trend toward centralization
2.American students join campus organizations mostly for                  3.What is mentioned as a mafor characteristic of the one-room school
C)building friendship                                                     system in the second paragraph?
3.Who is katie Rowley?                                                    D. Learning is not limited to one grade level at a time
B〉She's a senior student.                                                 4.Which of the following can best describe the author’s attitude
4.What do student leaders need to carry an activity d1rough to a          toward one-room schools?
successhl end?                                                            A. Praising
A)Passion.                                                                5.It can be inferred from the last sentence that parents living in
5.The phrasal verbjhuen up m paragraph 6could be best replaced by         Nebraska
C)polish.                                                                 A. don’t like centralized schools
3Milosevic’s death
1.where did milosevic die?                                                9Single-parent kids do best
B. inprison                                                               1.With which of the following statements would the author probably
2.which of the following is NOT true of the young Milosevic?              agree?
D. he was extremely ambitious                                             C. Two-parent families produce less attractive children
3.all of the following persons in one way or another changed his fate     2.according to the passage, in what way does family conflict affect the
EXCEPT                                                                    quality of the offspring?
B. his parents                                                            A. the young mailes get less care
4.why was milosevic sent to kosovo in 1989?                               3.What is the relationship between paragraph 4 and paragraph 5?
C. to remove the serbians’ fears that they were discriminated against     B. Experiment and result
5.what happened in 1991?                                                  4.according to Hartley, which of the following is NOT influenced by
A. Yugoslavia broke up                                                    sexual conflict?
4Feast on turkey and good wishes at thanksgiving                          D. the offspring’s body size
1.on Halloween, children in the United States often dress up as           5.according to the passage, people believe that a female’s
A. ghosts                                                                 reproductive strategy is influenced by
2.when are turkey and pumpkin pie eaten?                                  C. ecological factors
C. on Thanksgiving
3.Thanksgiving is the time for the American people to thank God for       10New York—the melting pot’
B. providing then with comfortable and happy lives                        1.the report issued by the department of planning of New York
4.Many children in the United States like Thanksgiving because            C. studied the structure of New York’s population
A. they can stay with their parents at home and eat a lot of nice food    2.according to the second paragraph, which of the following is true of
5.The first pilgrims settled in America in. B. 1620                       the immigrants in New York?
5Sino-Japan Animosity Lessens                                             A. one can not find his place in New York unless he is ready to work
                                                                          3.the mayor of New York considers immigration to be
1.Which of the following statements about the survey is true?             B. a push needed to develop the city
C)The survey is jointly sponsored by China Daily, Genron NPO and          4.where are the new New Yorkers from?
the American council on Foreign Relations.                                C. all over the world
2.According to the passage, the Beijing-Tokyo Forum                       5.what is the author’s attitude towards immigration to New York?
B)aims at promoting communication between the two countries.              D.Positive
3.In the last year,         % of ordinary Chinese and              % of
Chinese students have a positive impression of Japan.                     11.Late-night drinking
D)30.2 ; 43.2                                                             1.the author mentions “ick-me-up” to indicate that
4.which of the following is NOT mentioned as the major obstacles to       C. coffee is a stimulant
improving bilateral ties?                                                 2.which of the following tells us how caffeine caffeine affects sleep
B) trade frictions                                                        C. caffeine halves the body’s the body’s levels of sleep hormone
5.The survey found that                                                   3.what does paragraph 3 mainly discuss?
C) an overwhelming majority of the respondents from each country          A. different effects of caffeinated coffee and decaf on sleep
believed that the Civil exchanges were an important way to improve        4.what does the experiment mentioned in paragraph 4 prove?
relations.                                                                D. caffeine drinkers produce less sleep hormone
6TV shows and long bus trips                                              5.the author of this passage probably agrees that
1.according to the passage, what do the passengers usually see when       B. we should not drink coffee after supper
they are on a long bus trip?
C. advertisements on billboards                                           12.Smuggling
2.what is the purpose of this passage?                                    1.the dog was different from others in that
A. to talk about the similarities between long bus trips and TV shows     D. it had a very big abdomen
3.the writer of this passage would probably favor                many methods are used to transport drugs?
D. no billboards along the road                                           A. as many as a smuggler can think of
4.the writer feels long bus rides are like TV shows because      many pounds of heroin were estimated to be smuggled into the
B. they both have a beginning ,a middle, and an end, with                 United States in 1994?
commercials in between                                                    C. 25 770
5.the writer thinks that the end of the ride is somewhat like the         4.which of the following could best replace the expression “small fry”
beginning because both are                                                in the third paragraph?
A. exciting.                                                              C. small smugglers
7Modern sun worshippers                                                   5.what is this article about?( C.) varied drug transportation methods
1.the writer seems to imply that Europeans travel mostly for the          13.The Barbie doll
reason that                                                               1.when Ruth and Elliot Handler were younf, they had a strong desire
D. they wish to escape from the cold, dark and rainy days back at         C. to make frames
home                                                                      2.who owned MATTEL?
2. in paragraph 2, cities like London, Copenhagen, and Amsterdam          D. Harold Mattson, ruth and Elliot Handler
are mentioned                                                    can be inferred from the second paragraph that Lilli was fashioned
A. to show that they are not good cities in terms of geography and        after
climate                                                                   B. a German doll
3.according to the passage, which of the following countries attracts     4.where did Ruth Handler’s inspiration for the design of the Barbie
doll come from?                                                             3.what is the author’s interpretation of the driver’s reluctance “to wait
B. Lilli                                                                    outside the Chemical bank”?
5.which of the following statements is NOT true of the Barbie doll?         B. the driver thought it wrong to support a taxi rider unconditionally
A. she does not attract young men                                           4.which of the following statements is true about NEW YORK taxi
14.Sleep                                                                    drivers?
1.the question raised in paragraph 1 id “no mere academic one”              C. they refuse to pick up those who would kill themselves.
D. because shift work in industry requires people to change their           5.what does the passage mainly discuss?
sleeping habits                                                             C. the attitudes of taxi drivers towards the taxi riders having personal
2.according to the passage, the main problem about night work is that       crises
B. your life is disturbed by changing from day to night shifts
3.according to the passage, the best solution to the problem seems to       20.Sleep lets brain file memories
be                                                                          1.which of the following statements is nearest in meaning to the
C. to employ people who will always work at night                           sentence “To sleep Perchance to file?” the second paragraph, “the third” means                                A. does brain arrange memories in useful order during sleep?
A. the third week                                                           2.what is the result of the experiment with rats and mice carried out at the last sentence of the second paragraph, “another” means             Rutgers University?
A. another routine                                                          C. Somatosensory neocortex and hippocampus work together in
                                                                            memory consolidation
15.Orbital Space Plane                                                      3.what is the relation of memory to glucose tolerance as is indicated
1.The orbital space craft has been designed for                             by a research mentioned in paragraph 4
B. carrying astronauts to the International Space Station.                  D. the poorer the memory, the poorer glucose tolerance
2.From the passage we know that the design of the orbiter indicates what way is memory related to hippocampus shrinkage
D. the birth of an absolutely safe space craft                              B. the more hippocampus shrinks, the poorer one’s memory
3.when did the scientists start working on a successor to the shuttle?      5.according to the last paragraph, what is the ultimate reason for
C. Years before the explosion of Columbia                                   going to the gym?
4.Besides the main missions stipulated by NASA, the orbiter would           D. to control glucose levels
also be used as
D. a space ambulance                                                        21.Spacing in animals
5.according to the passage, the funds, if granted, would                    1.which of the following is the most appropriate definition of Flight
B. be equally shared by the two projects under Space Launch                 Distance
Initiative                                                                  C. distance between an animal and its enemy before fleeing
                                                                            2.if an animal’s critical distance is penetrated, it will
16.Driven to Distraction                                                    A. begin to attack
1.which statement is true of the description in the first two               3.according to the passage, social distance refers to
paragraphs?                                                                 B. psychological distance
C. Coyne is not really driving so it is impossible for him to have hit      4.which of the following could best replace the word “band” in “we
the woman                                                                   can think of it as a hidden band that contains the group” (in paragraph
2.What do researchers want to find out, according to the third and          3)?
fourth paragraphs?                                                          A. strip of land
D. All of the above                                                         5.the example of the children holding hands when crossing the street
3.What are the preliminary results given in the fifth paragraph?            in the last paragraph shoes that
C. in challenging driving situations, drivers do not have any               D. social distance is sometimes determined by outside factors.
additional mental energy to deal with something else
4.the sixth paragraph mainly state that the researchers                     22.Some things we knows about language
D. want to determine the best ways of giving navigational information the second paragraph the author thinks that
system                                                                      C. any human race, whether backward or not, has a language.
5.what kind of directions do men and women prefer                           2.according to the author, people of undeveloped cultures can have
B. men prefer more general directions and women prefer route                languages
directions                                                                  A. complicated
                                                                            3.the author had used American Indian languages as an example to
17.Eiffel is an Eyeful                                                      show that they are
1.Why does the author think the Eiffel Tower is transformed into            B. just as sophisticated as some well-known languages
symbol of a world on the move                                               4.which of the following statements is INCORRECT?
B. tourists of all nationalities come to scribble on the cold iron of the   D. some languages are better than other languages
tower.                                                                      5.according to the author, language changes are most likely to occur
2.what seems strange to the author                                          in
A. visitors prefer wasting time scribbling to enjoying the view             C. vocabulary
3.which statement is NOT true of Hugues Richard?
C. he climbed 747 steps up the tower in 19 minutes and 4 seconds            23.The only way is up
4.what did the builder use the Eiffel Tower for                             1.”…these are cities concerned with the past” in the first paragraph
B. conducting research in various fields                                    refer to cities that
5.which of the following is nearest in meaning to “(the Eiffel tower is     C. want to maintain their traditional image
like ) a blank canvas for visitors to make of it what they will”?           2.the difficulty in constructing tall buildings in the 19th century lies in
C. visitors can imagine freely what the tower represents                    B. the lack of a device to carry people upward
                                                                            3.when Otis came up with the idea of lift
18.Goal of American education                                               D. most people had doubt about its safety
1.which of the following best states the goal of American education?        4.which of the following best describes the experience of going a lift
C. to give every student the opportunity to fully develop his/her           now?
ability                                                                     B. uninteresting is implied in the passage that                                         5.Psychologists find the lift a good place where they can study human
D. the subjects every student takes may vary                                behaviour because
3.american schools place great emphasis on the learner’s                    D. in a lift the bubble of personal space breaks
C. acquisition of the ability to be creative
4.according to the passage, American education meets the needs of all       24.Clone farm
the following EXCEPT                                                        1.which statement is the best description of the new era of factory
C. the students from foreign countries                                      farming according to the first paragraph?
5.which of the following best states the feature of American education      C. cloned chickens are bulk-produced with the same growth rate,
that makes it different from education in other countries?                  weight and taste.
D. Its underlying goal to develop every child’s abilities to the fullest    2.which institution has offered $4.7 million to fund the research?
extent                                                                      A. the US’s National Institute of Science and Technology
                                                                   the third paragraph, by saying “producers would like the same
19.Taxi riding                                                              meat quantity but to use reduced inputs to get there.” Mike Fitzgerald
1.From the Ghanaian driver’s response, we can infer that                    means that he wishes
A. he was indifferent to the killing                                        D. chickens’ growth rate could be quickened but with less inputs.
2.why did the Pakistani driver refuse to take the author the middle of      4.which of the following statements about Origen and Embrex is
the George Washington Bridge?                                               correct according to the fifth paragraph?
D. Because he suspected that the author was going to commit suicide         C. Origen has joined hands with Embrex in producing cell-injecting
machines                                                                 C the current discipline imposed on the editing of articles is too lax so
5.the technology of freezing stem cells from different strains of        that a lot of embarrassments have been caused.
chicken can do all the following EXCEPT that                             5Pierre Omidyar is
A. farmers can order certain strains of chicken only.                    D an enterpriser

25.Income                                                                31.pool watch
1.this passage is mainly about                                           1AI means the same as
B. the difference between national income and personal income.           D. artificial intelligence
2.which of the following statements is true according to the first       2what is required of AI software to save a life?
paragraph?                                                               C. it can distinguish between a swimmer and a shadow
D. the money that goes for capital consumption is not regarded as        3how does Poseidon save a life?
income                                                                   B. it alerts the lifeguard
3.It can be easily seen from this passage that the government levies     4which of the following statements about Travor Baylis is not true?
tax on                                                                   A. he runs
A. corporation profits                                                   5the word “considered” in paragraph 5 could be best replaced by
4.according to this passage, the money you get as interest from          B .rated
government bonds is
B. the money not earned but received                                     32. the Cherokee nation
5.the passage implies that                                               1.the Cherokee nation used to live
D. people pay taxes somewhat unwillingly                                 B. in the southeastern part of the us.
                                                                of the ways that Sequoyah copied from the white man is the
26.Forecasting Methods                                                   way of
1.what factor is NOT mentioned in choosing a forecasting method?         A. writing down the spoken language
A. imagination of the forecaster                                         3.a law was passed in 1830 to
2.persistence method will work well                                      C. force the Cherokees to move westward
B. if weather conditions do not change much                              4.when the Cherokees began to leave their lands
3.the limitation of the trends method is the same as the persistence     D. all of the above
method in that                                                           5.many Cherokees died on their way to their new home mainly
D. the weather features need to be constant for a long period of time    because
4.which method may involve historical weather data?                      C. they did not have enough food and clothes
C. the trends method and the persistence method will be impossible to make weather forecast using the analog        33. a ride in a cable-car
method                                                                   1.the cable-car in Singapore
A. when the current weather forecast using the analog.                   C. takes visitors to Sentosa
                                                                         2.which of the following about the cable-cars is true
27.Importance of service                                                 A. the cars move along the steel cable
1.the first paragraph intends to well us that                            3.passengers can get a breath-taking view when riding in a cable-car
B. services are important                                                because
2.between 1966 and 1986, the United States created about                 B. the car is suspended so high in the sky
A. 32.4 million service job                                              4.the short trip does not bother passengers who want a good view
3.many economists, business and labor leaders and politicians believe    because
that                                                                     A. the cars move slowly
B. most of the fast growth in the service sector is in low-paying jobs   5.the last sentence of the passage, “the return journey is no less
4.the importance of services can be shown                                exciting than the outward trip”, means
C. by money spent on business services                                   C. the return trip is as thrilling as the outward one
5.what does the writer of this passage disapprove of regarding
services now?                                                            34.Career With a Uniform
C. their prices
                                                                         1. According to the passage, all of the following reasons make many
28.The National Park Service                                             college grads choose to join the army EXCEPT:
1.why are America’s national parks like old friends?                     C The pay from the PLA is relatively higher than the grads can earn in
A. because they are always out there                                     other jobs.
2.which of the following statements is true about uniformed rangers?     2. It can be inferred that about         students graduating consider
D. they protect the National Park System                                 join the army?
3.the National Park Service does all of the following except             B 6000000
B. molding the Nation                                                    3. Besides the backdrop of bad employment news and a cooling
4.what is this passage about?                                            economy, which of the following causes the PLA to raise this year’s
B. it is about the National Park Service                                 recruitment quota?
5.what will the paragraph following this passage most probably           B The PLA wants to attract high-quality personnel to meet the need of
discuss?                                                                 hi-tech sector in the nation’s defense.
C. the work that has been done by the partners                           4. Why does the author think that the grads are given an extra chance
                                                                         in starting a career?
29Find yourself packing it on? Blame friend                              C. Grads who have already volunteered to sign up can give up before
1.who had the greatest influence on people who became obese?             the deadline for enlistment if they can find another job that is more
A. their friends                                                         suitable.
2.which of the following Statement about a friend’s influence is false   5.The word confidential in the last paragraph could best be replaced
according to the report?                                                 by
C. people were not likely to lose weight when they have skinny           D secret
3.according to Dr. Nicholas A. Christakis, what is the explanation       35.Dorm Food More Comfy
for friends being the greatest influence?                                1 Which of the following is not mentioned as a basic equipment in
D. friends affected each others’ feelings of fatness                     today’s student dorms?
4.which factor of becoming obese is not mentioned in this report?        D TV sets
C. life style                                                            2 Which of the following statements is true according to the author? what way is obesity contagious and epidemic                         C. US college students want their dining options to more flexible and
A. social networks let the obesity spread rapidly.                       personalized.
                                                                         3. The following food are among Sodexo’s top campus foods for 2009
30Wikipedia Imposes New curbs on editing articles                        EXCEPT:
1what is the latest change of Wikipedia?                                 A Italian Pizza
C some of the pages will not register changes without the approval of    4 which of the following statements about Angelo Berti is NOT true?
an experienced Wikipedia editor.                                         B He teaches cooking in a cooking school.
2why has Wikipedia set the criteria for “experienced editor” status      5 What does Angelo Berti mean by saying “The meal is your
relatively low?                                                          canvas”?
C because stricter criteria may discourage legitimate editing.           C cooking is a good way to express oneself freely.
3Whick statement about Robert Byrd is false?
D he used to edits entries in Wikipedia.                                 36.a tale of Scottish rural life
4Which of the following statements about Wikipidia is true?              1 what is sunset song mainly about?
D. the lives of rural Scottish farmers.                                   C. has various forms.
2 which statement is not true of Chris?                                   2. what is understood by some people to be the true sauna experience?
D. she married only once.                                                 B. saunas with smoke
3 what is the opening section of the novel mainly concerned with?         3. according to the third paragraph, saunas can do all of the following
B. the history of Kinraddie                                               except
4 who are responsible for Evan’s death, according to Chris?               D. curing asthma.
A. the Germans.                                                           4.according to the fourth paragraph, saunas gives the skin a healthy
5 the word sunset occurring in the title of the novel most probably       glow because
means                                                                     A. Pores are cleaned by sweat
C. the end of traditional life                                            5. who are advised not to take a sauna?
                                                                          D. all of the above
37. who wants to live forever?                                            43.can buildings be designed to resist terrorist attack?
1which of the following is not mentioned as one of the things that        1. the question raised in the first paragraph is one
living longer might enable an individual to do?                           C. that was never thought of before the terrorist attack.
B. having more education                                                  2. the project funded by the national science foundation
2which of the following is implied in the sixth paragraph?                D. was to find out why some buildings could survive the blasts.
A. marriages in the us today are quite unstable                           3. the column mentioned by Dr. whittaker
3.all of the following are possible effects living longer might have on   A. was part of the building close to the world trade center.
working life except                                                       4. A surprising discovery made by the investigators during their visit
B. more money would be used by employees in payment of their              to ground zero is that
employees                                                                 B. some floor framing systems demonstrate resistance to explosion important feature of a society in which people live a long life is   5. what Dr. Reinhorn said in the last paragraph may imply all the
that                                                                      following except that
C. it lacks the curiosity to experiment what is new.                      D. blast engineering emerges as a new branch of science.
5which of the following best describes Callahan’s attitude to
anti-ageing technology?                                                   44 Americans Get Touchy
C. reserved
                                                                          1. The word “practically” in the first paragraph could be best replaced
38. Immigration and Problems                                              by
1. Many immigrants swarmed into streets in the US in early 2006,          B nearly
demanding that they should be treated as                                  2. Which of the following is NOT among the typical ways of
B. citizens.                                                              greetings in the past?
2. Some Canadian officials want to keep the door open because             D. embrace
C Canada is suffering from labor shortage.                                3. Some parents teacher and school administrators concern the new
3. What has the Spanish Government decided to do?                         trend of hugging for the following reasons EXCEPT?
D Take tough measures against illegal immigration.                        D. Diseases could be transmitted more easily through the extra-long
4. After France's new immigration and integration law takes effect, it    body contact.
will                                                                      4. Which of the following statements is true according to the passage?
C drain developing counties of talent                                     D In some countries, it’s usual for men to kiss each other on the cheek
5. The phrasal verb rounding up in paragraph 1could be best replaced      5. We can infer that the author holds a             attitude toward the
by                                                                        new trend of hugging.
A capturing.                                                              A positive
39. eat to live
1. according to the passage, which of the following is not true?          45. Women Staying in Mini-skirts for Longer
D. we have to begin dieting from childhood.                               1. Debenhams could most possibly be:
2. why does the author mention an elderly mouse in paragraph 2?           D a department store
B. to illustrate the effect of meager food on mice.                       2. According to the passage, British women are happy to wear
3.what can be inferred about completely normally fed mice mentioned       mini-skirts up until an older age because of the following reasons
in the passage?                                                           EXCEPT:
D. they are more likely to suffer from inflammation.                      C The Climate of Great Britain are getting warmer in recent years,
4.according to the author, which of the following most interested the     thus women can wear minis for a longer time.
researchers?                                                              3. We can infer from the second and third paragraph that in
A. the mice that started dieting in old age                               1970s            ?
5. according to the last two paragraphs, Spindler believes that           D Most women no longer wore mini-skirts when they reach the age of
C. dieting is not a good method to give us health and a long life.        33.
                                                                          4. Which of the following statements about the length of the us plan for disease prevention                                     mini-skirts is true?
1. which of the following is not true of chronic diseases in the us?      D From the age of 23, skit length increases because girls are in their
C. they often result in unhealthy lifestyles.                             first stable relationship.
2. the author mentions all the following as ways of disease prevention    5. The word “zoom” in the first sentence of the last paragraph can be
except                                                                    best replaced by:?
D. higher survival rate for cancer.                                       A. soar
3. the article indicates that more money spent on disease prevention
will mean                                                                 46. defending the theory of evolution still seems needed
B. much less money needed for disease treatment.                          1. according to the first paragraph, which of the following statements
4. the $15 million program is aimed at                                    about the theory of evolution is true?
A. promoting disease prevention.                                          B. school boards oppose AIBS’s effort to defend the theory of
5. early cancer screening can help reduce significantly                   evolution
D. cancer death rate                                                      2. which one of the following is not the reason for an overall lack of
                                                                          teaching Darwin’s theory?
41.the operation of international airlines                                D. Darwin’s theory is denied as the central theory of biology
1. according to the passage, in operating airlines it is essential to     3. AIBS is composed of
D. satisfy the need of the executives only.                               A. more than 80 societies and 250000 members.
2. the following are all mentioned as reasons why the airlines are        4. according to Weis in the 5th paragraph ,the theory of evolution
having a hard time except that                                            A. is fundamental to the development of modern genetics’ molecular
A. the tourist industry is experiencing an all-time low.                  biology and genomics.
3.the improvements the airlines attempt at include all the following      5. Why do people replace the term creationism with the term
except                                                                    intelligent design nowadays?
C. showing more movies during the long flights.                           D. Because the term creationism is too direct.
4. there is not much the airlines can do when it comes to                 47. the best way to reduce your weight
C. speeding up customs procedure.                                         1. what determines your weight?
5. which of the following is a bad habit of the executive passengers      D. your genes
that frustrates the airlines?                                             2. what did Jules Hirsch do in his study?
C. they do not travel on the flight they have booked                      D. he gave the eight fat people a liquid formula providing 600
                                                                          calories a day
42. Sauna                                                                 3. what happened to the eight fat people after they left the hospital?
1. ceremonial bathing                                                     C. they were back to normal weight
4. what did Ethan Sims make his subjects do?                                2. With the advent of new gadgets,what will happen to
B. increase their weight
5. what did scientists think was true?                                      Generation M’s present e-devices?
A each person has a fixed weight range
48. finding enlightenment in Scotland                                           C) They become part of the ever increasing collection
1. Scotland is thought to have made important contributions to the
civilization of the western world because of                                of novelties.
D. the ideas proposed by some famous thinkers and intellectuals             3. How will multitasking affect Generation M adversely?
2. which of the following is the ultimate aim of Hume’s
humanity-oriented studies?                                                      B) It makes them aloof and elusive to family and friends.
B. to find ways to improve human society as a whole
3. smith’s idea of “enlightened self-interest” has great significance for   4. What is the biggest problem for multitasking
B. the prosperity of all nations
4 which of the following statements is true of the Scottish                 undergraduates in universities?
enlightenment?                                                                  D) They should try harder to focus on one task before
D. it is still alive in a broad sense
5.the institute for system level integration is used as an example to       moving on to the next.
B. The tradition of Scottish higher education.                              5. In dealing with today’s youth. what approach should
49. the beginning of American literature                                    parents take?
1. what does ‘that hope’ in the first paragraph refer to?
B. the hope to start a new life                                                 A) Be supportive and understanding.
2. when did American literature begin?
D. long before the year 1000
3. what can we learn from the literature of the tribes of the native
Americans?                                                                  53. Spoilt for Choice
A. about the everyday life of the native Americans                          1. What is the difference between the decision to shop in
4 the main purpose of the last paragraph is to tell the readers that
D. early-day experience provided the foundation for American                a certain supermarket and the decision to drop out of college
5 According to the last paragraph, which of the following statements        according to the first paragraph?
is true about American literature?
D. some British writers had great confidence in the future of                   B) The latter has more impact on life.
American literature                                                         2.When people can not easily decide what to buy,what is the

50. Older Volcanic Eruptions                                                least possible choice?
1. Why did older volcanic eruptions do more damage than more                    D) Seek advice.
recent ones?
  A) Because they killed off life more easily.                              3. Why do products have short lifespan nowadays?
2. How did Wignall calculate the killing power of those older volcanic
eruptions?                                                                      A) They are more often replaced with better ones.
D) By comparing the proportion of life wiped out with the volume of         4. How does migration differ from the past?
lava produced.
3. When did dinosaurs become extinct?                                           C) People now have more choice about where to migrate.
D) 65 million years ago.
4. What can be inferred from paragaph3 concerning dinosaurs?                5. Which is the best summary of the writer’s attitude
D) The cause of their extinction has remained a controversial issue.        towards choice in a commercial society?
5. What is the main thesis of the article?
B) Older volcanic eruptions were more destructive.                              A) More choice,more anxiety.

51. The State of Marriage Today
1. Which is true about the problem of marriage in the United
States today?
     D) More and more people are getting divorced.
2. What does “this is no longer the case” in paragraph two
     C) Women are not economically dependant any more.
3. Why may the outlook of marriage not be as gloomy as it
     A) Many people still like to get married.
4. How do people usually feel in their marriage life?
     C) They are more satisfied.
5. Which of the following about marriage is NOT mentioned
in the passage?
     B)Many people try to get married again after divorce.
52. Excessive Demands on Young People
1. According to a recent study, what is probably true about
the multitasking Generation M?
     B)They waste more time than they should save,contrary
to common assumptions.