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					   About Your
Costa Blanca

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‘Villa holida
                                                                                                                       out Villa Plus
                                                                                                     A little more ab                         05
                                                                                                                     vice Centre
                                                                                                     Villa Plus Ser                      06 - 07

    to the
                                                                                                     Before you go                             08
                                                                                                                              your villa
                                                                                                          ting to and from

         ta Blanca
                                                                                                      Get                                      09
                                                                                                                       el Insurance
                                                                                                      Villa Plus Trav

                                                                                                                                          10 - 11
                                                                                                       About your vill                    12 - 13
                                                                                                       Health and Saf                      14 - 15
                                                                 arkling                                    ces to visit
                                                dy beaches, sp                                         Pla                                      16
                    by sun,    sea, white san                ery, the                                   Festivals and
    Characterised                           stunning scen                                                                                        17
                   opula    r resorts and                                                               Sports
    blue waters, p                   cter.
                                                                                                                                            18 -19
                   is full of chara                                                                      Golf Courses
    Costa Blanca                                                     ves,                                                                         20
                                                     enchanting ca                                         hildren’s Activ
                     e parks, na   ture reserves,               nture
                                                                                                         C                                        21
     Discover them                              fortresses. Ve                                           Shopping
                   nas, and     mountain top                             nd                                                                        22
     modern mari                                         trus groves a
                                      ag es, fragrant ci                                                  Food
                    h timeless vill                   h restaurants
     inland throug                   itional Spanis                                                       Resorts
                      lore the trad                                                                                                                                23
      vineyards. Exp                          ife.
                               out the nightl                                                             Calpe                                                    24
      tapas bars or check                                          oice of
                                                   an endless ch                                          Javea                                                     25
                      packed h   oliday there’s                            nis
       For an action                                      courses to ten                                  Moraira
                                           pionship golf
                       orld class cha                                                                      Useful Inform
       sports from w
       and waterspo                                                      of                      Javea
                                                         a Blanca one
                                                                                                                                                               to ensure
                                                                                                                                              has been taken
                        rd to welcom    ing you to Cost                                                     Disclaimer: W
                                                                                                                            hilst every care
                                                                                                                               the information
                                                                                                                                                 contained in this
        We look forwa                                     s.                                                                                                         for
                                          ay destination                                                    the accuracy of                          responsibility
                         popular holid                                                          Moraira     publica  tion Villa Plus
                                                                                                                                      cannot accept
                                                                                                                                                       ay guide does
        Europe’s most                                                                                                        omissions   and this holid
                                                                                                             any errors or
                                                                                                                               r contract with
                                                                                                             form part of ou                                made by past
                                                                                                                                             ns have been
                                                                                                                              commendatio                        change
                                                                                                              Restaurant re                        ants close or
                                                                                                                                  casions restaur
                                                                                                              clients and on oc                  able to guarantee
                                                                                                                                efore we are un
                                                                                                              hands and ther
                                                                                                               quality or availability.                          d this
                                                                                                                                                Plus Limited an
                                                                                                                                served to Villa
                                                                                                               Copyright is re                 ed, reproduced
                                                                                                                                not be circulat
                                                                                                               material may                        thout the writt
                                                                                                                                  ole or in part wi
                                                                                                                published in wh                   01/04/2011
                                                                                  Alicante                      consent of Villa
                                                                                                                                   Plus Limited.

2                                                                                                                                                                             3

                                                                                                                                                                                   Villa Plus Service Centre
                                                                                                                   s Service Ce
          A little                                                                                        Villa Plu
                                                                                                                                                             of your holida

                e about
                                                                                                                                         ensu re all aspects            ur Villa
                                                                                                                         ff are there to

                                                                                                          Our resort sta                                . Details of yo
                                                                                                                                         in your privacy
                                                                                                                          and to mainta            curity inform
                                                                                                                                                                 ation in
                                                                                                          go as planned            found in the se
                                                                                                                        ve can be

          Villa Plus
                                                                                                           your travel pa

                                                           a fabulous ho
                                         hope you have
                         illa Plus. We              ll you a little
                                                                     about the
          Welcome to V              ould like to te
                         ca and w                                          wn
          in Costa Blan                                  nly sell our o
                         a direct sell  operator we o                  quality
          company. As                                t emphasis on
                           means    we place grea                st in the
           holidays. This                      ersonal intere
                             fa ct we take a p                        e ongoing
           and service. In                          ur staff receiv
                           your ho  liday and all o                         ood
           enjoyment of                                   consistently g
                           sure we pro   vide you with
            training to en
            service.                                     86. Our produc
                                                                        t focus is
                                                      ays since 19             more facilities.
                                   nged villa holid             ate pools and
            Villa Plus have arra                tions with priv
                                             ca                                        across
                            s, in better lo                          ation to eleven
            on better villa                   from   just one destin                rgest tour
                            s we’ve grown                          w one of the la
            Over the year                      Gre  ece. We’re no
                             n, Cyprus and                              clusive villas.
             Portugal, Spai                             fer over 700 ex
                               e villa  market and of                                           ad
             operators in th                                                  liday. Please re
                                                                enjoy your ho
                                ide is design  ed to help you                       ra ngements
             This holiday gu                                       sure all the ar
                                                   way we can en
                              fo re you go. That
              it carefully be                         ly.
                                      lf run smooth                                      in the future.
              mad   e on your beha                                       see you again
                                                  Plus and we hope to
                                choosing Villa
               Thank you for

 4                                                                                                                                                                                       5
About your holiday

                                                                                                                                                                                     About your holiday
                     Before you go                                                                                r/s
                                                                                                     Travel adapto n electrical equipment then you w
                                                                                                                                                     ill need to
                                                                                                                     ur ow
                                                                                                     If you bring yo                 tor.
                                         t...                                                                         an travel adap

                          ’s our tick lis
                                                                                                     bring a Europe
                     Here                                                                                          ils
                                                                                                      Passport deta Advance Passenger Information (A
                                           ents                                   ght tickets                                                          before you fly.
                     Travel docum holiday documents – specifically fli eck in),
                                                                                                      You must give                    to your airline
                                                                                                                    lled APIS) details
                     You’ll receive
                                                        e number (to
                                                                       quote at ch                    sometimes ca
                                      , flight referenc                 information an
                     (if appropriate)                  ctions, car hire                                            wance                               depend on
                                       n details, dire
                                                            you travel. Plea
                                                                             se check the              Baggage allo , normally 20 kilos per person, can t. Infants
                                            n days before                                                               ance                      ified on your tic
                      vouc her – about te              rvation.                                        Baggage allow               d will be spec
                                     atch your rese                                                    who you’re   flying with an                       allo wance.
                      documents m                                                                                                         ve a baggage
                                                                                                                          seat do not ha                           chairs and
                                                                                                       w ho share your              car seats fo r infants, push
                                      nce                                                                              heelchairs,                                         e
                       Holiday insura ken the ‘Villa Plus’ holiday insura g                                                                             in excess of th
                                                                         nce or                         Collapsible w                   hand luggage
                                                                                                                         be carried as                            e final
                       Whether you
                                    tahave                        have a pre-ex
                                                                                 istin                  carrycots may                      ually be taken
                                                                                                                                                            to th
                                                   of your party                                                            ce and can us                               t. Many
                       not, if you or a member                         your insurance                   ba ggage allowan                   the hold  during the fligh
                                                         MUST advise                                                       to be stored in                         d equipment
                                       ition, then you                         lidate your               departure gate                        cess baggage
                       medical cond                    ilure to do so may inva                                                 w charge for ex
                       company st    raight away. Fa                                                     char ter airlines no
                        insurance.                                                                       such as golf cl
                                                      Card (EHIC)                                                     ods
                           uropean He alth Insurance (EHIC) allows you to                                 Dangerous go security policy of the airline you’re
                         E                              nce Card                                                              the
                                         Health Insura                         Economic Area              Please refer to
                         The European                         in all European
                                        provid ed healthcare                    or sometimes              travelling with
                         access state-                           a reduced cost
                                                Switzerland at                                                                                         nts
                                                                                                                                    nd requireme
                                         s and                                 addition to yo
                         (EEA) countrie                         charge and, in                                          sa
                          free of charge
                                         . The  card is free of
                                                                      gn up. Registe
                                                                                     r online at           Special need        ber of your pa
                                                                                                                                              rty, have any sp
                                                                                                                                                               ecial needs or
                                                      mmend you si                                         If you, or any
                                                                                                                          mem                                 at the time of
                                      rance, we reco                                                                                          se let us know
                          travel insu                                                                                       m ents then plea                    less mobile
                                                                                                           specific require                       disabled and
                                                                                                                            send  you a form for               n ensure the
                                                                                                            booking. We’ll                      turn so we ca
                                                                                                                            to co mplete and re                       your needs.
                                                                                      and most              clients for you                            y suitable for
                             Money                                      ely accepted,                                                    are completel
                                             ard and Visa cards are wid                   ’s                 and flights you’ve chosen
                             Whilst MasterC                                 get some Euro                                                                          86 or
                                                            mend that you                                                                         7 8366
                             resorts have AT
                                             M’s, we recom                                                                        ll + 44 (0) 172
                                                                                                             Any q ueries just ca
                             before you go
                                                                                                             email info@vi
                              Towels                                     s, you’ll   need to bring
                                                       ided in the villa
                              Although towels are prov
                                                           els with you.
                                            h and pool tow
                              your own beac

    6                                                                                                                                                                                    7
                                                          villa                                                                                        rance
                                             nd from your
Getting to and from your villa

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Villa Plus Travel Insurance
                                 Getting to a                                                                                    Villa Plus Travel Insu
                                 Villa Plus transfer from airport               Leaving your villa                               Villa Plus holiday insurance is provided by Union Reiseversicherung AG. If you’ve
                                 If you booked a Villa Plus transfer then,      Please vacate your villa by 10am. The            taken this out there is a 24 hour medical emergency assistance facilities service who
                                 in general, you’ll see your driver in the      maid could arrive as early as 8am.               you can call directly on +44 (0) 845 658 4584. Remember to have the following
                                 arrivals hall with a Villa Plus sign with                                                       information to hand:
                                 your name and the name of the villa.           Flight delays
                                                                                EU legislation entitles passengers to            n	 A contact telephone number
                                 Please refer to the itinerary in your travel
                                 pack for more information.                     compensation from the airline if there is        n	 Name and age of patient
                                                                                denied boarding, cancellation or delay to        n	 Location of hospital and doctor’s telephone number
                                 Villa Plus car hire                            flights. Reimbursement in such cases is
                                                                                                                                 n	 The medical problem
                                 If you’ve booked a car through Villa Plus      the responsibility of the airline and will not
                                 then please refer to your itinerary and car    entitle you to a refund of the price of your     n	 Your premium receipt number and details of booked travel arrangements
                                 hire voucher for collection details. It is     arrangements from us. If the airline does
                                                                                                                                 Please refer to your Insurance policy for details of the procedure you should follow,
                                 advisable that one member of the party         not comply with these rules you should
                                                                                                                                 should you require outpatient treatment.
                                 waits for the baggage whilst another goes      complain to the air transport user’s
                                 to the desk to complete the contract and       council on 0207 2406061
                                 pay the appropriate deposit and so on.
                                                                                Lost luggage
                                 Directions to your villa                       If you’re unfortunate enough to lose your
                                 Your directions are included in your travel    luggage then you need to report this at the
                                 pack.                                          lost luggage desk in the baggage reclaim
                                 Arriving at your villa
                                 You can get into your villa at 1pm. If you     Left luggage
                                 arrive before 4pm, particularly in the         If you have a late return flight, then there
                                 larger villas, the maid may still be tidying   are normally facilities where you can leave
                                 up.                                            your luggage on your last day. This
                                                                                information can be found in the villa
                                                                                manual or you can contact the local office.

                                                                                Villa keys
                                                                                The keys to your villa will be contained in
                                                                                a security key box at your villa. Details of
                                                                                this together with the boxes security
                                                                                number are included with your final
                                                                                documentation. Normally only one set of
                                                                                keys will be supplied for the villa that you
                                                                                will be occupying. We would appreciate it
                                                                                if you could take care of the keys as
                                                                                obtaining replacement keys, or
                                                                                changing the locks can be expensive.

      8                                                                                                                                                                                                                        9
About Your Villa

                                                                                                                                                                      About Your Villa
                   About Your V
                   Cots/extra beds                                    Internet                                         Satellite TV’s
                   The majority of the cots that we supply            Many Costa Blanca Resorts have an                At some times of the day or night, satellite
                   are of the collapsible travel type. All cots       Internet access point ‘Hot Spots’, where         signals may fail to operate for various
                   supplied in the villas comply with local           you can check emails etc, and the location       reasons in all our resorts and some
                   safety standards. All linen is laundered           will be given to you in the Villa Manual.        channels will be unavailable. When this
                   together so if you have concerns about cot         Please see your Villa Manual for more            occurs we will have no liability in these
                   linen, please bring your own. Extra beds           details.                                         circumstances that are beyond our
                   are normally of the fold-up variety and are                                                         control.
                   suitable for children only up to the age of
                                                                      Air Conditioning
                                                                      Many villas now include air                      Without any de-coder cards you should be
                   11 years old.                                                                                       able to view BBC1/ITV plus several news
                                                                      conditioning/heating in the bedrooms as
                                                                                                                       channels including Sky News. We
                   Gas Supply                                         standard. Please see the individual villa
                                                                      descriptions. Some of these units operate        cannot guarantee access to all the
                   Not all the villas have a gas supply. If
                                                                      on a sensor that will turn off the unit if the   channels however as UK de-coder cards
                   applicable, the villa will usually be
                                                                      room is not in use. Please consult the Villa     are not legal in Spain and must not be
                   supplied with a silver or orange coloured
                                                                      Manual for full details. In the case of any      used.
                   Butano gas bottle. In the unlikely event
                   that the gas should run out, please                malfunction, we will endeavour to rectify
                   contact our local Villa Representative, who        them as soon as possible, Villa Plus
                   will arrange for a replacement. Where gas          cannot be responsible for any
                   water heaters are used in villas, they are         non-operational time that is out of our
                   subject to an annual inspection by local           control.
                   qualified engineers. A carbon monoxide
                   detector is provided for your additional
                                                                      All our villas have barbecues and
                   peace of mind.
                                                                      wherever possible, brick built. It is not
                   Electricity                                        normal for maids to clean the barbecue
                   Electricity is 220 AC with continental twin        and we ask guests to leave them in a
                   plugs. Your villa electricity supply is not        reasonable and useable condition. We
                   always as constant as in the UK. You may           have asked owners to supply cleaning
                   find that the electricity will “trip off” if too   implements.
                   many appliances are used at once. This
                   has become more apparent as we have
                   added more equipment into the villas. If
                   this happens, simply turn off some
                   appliances and reset the main fuse box
                   (the location and full details will be in
                   the Villa Manual at the villa).

10                                                                                                                                                                     11
Health and Safety

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Health and Safety
                    Health and Sa
                    Safety information                                can turn the water cloudy. Use the           £150 per villa per week in total. If the pool    Breakages
                    You’ll find a Villa Manual with safety            poolside shower before swimming to           has a cover, please use it as it will            In your travel documents you will have
                    information specific to your villa at the         keep the pool clean.                         significantly increase the temperature of        been given a Quality of Service and
                    property. Please take the time on arrival      n	 Children and fair skinned people             the water.                                       Accommodation letter. Please notify our
                    to familiarise yourselves with the safety         should wear a hat and T-shirt whilst         Tap water                                        Villa Representative should you notice any
                    features and layout of your villa. If you’re      in the pool as harmful ultra violet rays     For drinking we recommend bottled water          shortfalls in the quality of
                    travelling with children then please take         can penetrate water up to a depth of         only.                                            furnishings/cleaning etc. on the form. In
                    the time to point out to them any areas           1.5m and are reflected off the water                                                          case of breakages during your holiday,
                    where they should take particular care            surface.                                     Sun bathing                                      either replace with a matching item or
                    such as the pool and balconies. If you have                                                    The best, safest and longer lasting tans         report the damage to the Villa
                                                                   n	 Beware of dangerous surfaces,
                    any questions or concerns, then your Villa                                                     are built up gradually - but although most       Representative. For details of our
                                                                      drainage channels, slippery tiles or
                    Representative will be happy to assist.                                                        travellers are aware of the danger, many         accidental damage waiver or security
                                                                      raised edges.
                    Should you have an accident anywhere in                                                        holidays are still ruined by the effects         deposit, please refer to
                    or around the villa you must report this       n	 Always supervise children and                of sunburn. Do take extreme care not to
                    straight away to your Villa Representative.       non-swimmers in and around the pool          over-expose yourself or your children
                                                                      area.                                        (particularly young babies), especially          Security
                    Smoking                                        n	 Do not swim if you have been drinking        during the first few days. We suggest you        Please store valuables in the safe provided
                    Smoking is not permitted in any of our            alcohol, especially late at night.           stay under shade except for about 15             including vital documents and airline
                    villas and we would request you only                                                           minutes in the early morning or late             tickets. If you do not use the safe provided
                                                                   Report an accident immediately to your
                    smoke outside the villa. Please do not                                                         afternoon on the first day, gradually            you may invalidate any insurance claim
                                                                   Villa Representative, who will attend the
                    leave cigarette stubs in the garden.                                                           increasing the time as your skin becomes         that you may have.
                                                                   villa. Any fault with the pool or its
                                                                                                                   accustomed to the sun. Even then be sure         Most villas have an alarm and nightlight.
                    Swimming pool                                  equipment will be inspected and
                                                                                                                   to use a suntan preparation of the correct       Ensure the alarm is switched on when
                    Whilst the swimming pool is an essential       immediate action taken to correct the
                                                                                                                   factor for your skin and apply it liberally at   you leave the villa and if practical at night
                    part of the pleasure of holidaying for many    problem. If, in the opinion of the Villa
                                                                                                                   regular intervals, particularly after            when you are in the villa.
                    people, if misused it can be dangerous:        Representative the pool must be closed
                                                                                                                   swimming. Children should wear
                    n	 Make sure you know the depths of the        for your safety until a repair is facilitated                                                    Additionally make sure all doors/windows
                                                                                                                   sun-hats and their shoulders should be
                       pool.                                       as quickly as possible, you will be                                                              are closed/locked if you leave the villa or
                                                                                                                   covered as much as possible. We strongly
                                                                   instructed in writing to cease using the                                                         are around the pool.
                    n	 Please observe our strict no diving                                                         recommend the use of good quality,
                                                                   pool and our liability shall not exceed 33%
                       policy.                                                                                     waterproof sun creams especially when in
                                                                   of the villa rental portion of the holiday.
                    n	 Do not run around the pool side -                                                           and out of the pool or down at the beach.
                                                                   Pool Heating
                       especially children with wet feet.                                                          Beaches
                                                                   Many of our swimming pools have been
                    n	 Do not go out of your depth unless you      fitted with a Pool Heat Pump. This              Please be aware of the local safety
                       are a good swimmer.                         provides the pool with a beneficial             precautions when you visit the beaches. At
                    n	 Do not swim if you cannot see the           warming, but does not make it a “hot”           all times, for your own safety, comply with
                       bottom. If this is the case contact your    pool. Villa Plus cannot be responsible          the suggestions of the local lifeguards,
                       Villa Representative as soon as             for any non-operational time, out of our        warning notices or flag systems. Should
                       possible. Bad weather, thunder              control. In the case of any malfunction, we     you have any concerns consult a qualified
                       storms and/or excess suntan oil             will endeavour to rectify them as soon as       authority or your Villa Representative.
                       (especially the non waterproof types),      possible and our liability shall not exceed
12                                                                                                                                                                                                                   13
Places to visit

                                                                                                                                                                                                        Places to visit
                  Places to vis                                                                             Places to vis
                  Beaches                                                                                   Attractions
                  La Grava. Close to the port of Javea, a        Puerto Blanco-Calpe. A small cove with     Denia. A vibrant old port town with          Fuentes D’Algar. The popular fresh water
                  pebbly/shingle beach. The facilities of the    a bar and restaurant and small port with   traditional squares and cobbled streets      springs are an ideal place to relax and
                  town are within easy reach.                    fishing and chartered boats. The beach     lined with bars and restaurants full of      cool down. Seven basins are fed by the
                                                                 has views towards Penon De Ifach.          character. The magnificent beaches are       river Algar in which you can bathe plus
                  Cala la Barraca Portitxol. A rustic cove of                                               the main attraction.                         you can visit the environmental museum
                  shingle, pebbles and rock that overlooks       La Fossa. In Calpe, between the Punta                                                   or discover unique plants on a nature trail.
                  the beautiful Isle of Portitxol. Snorkelling   de Bassetes and the Penon de Ifach. Fine   Altea. A beautiful coastal resort, the old
                  and canoeing is available.                     golden sand. Sailing, windsurfing and      town sits atop a hill and is dominated by    Montgo Natural Park. A Natural Park
                                                                 beach sports available.                    the glazed blue-tiled domes of the church.   753 metres above sea level, located in the
                  El Portet. A picturesque sandy cove                                                       The town hosts the best market on the        municipal areas of Denia and Javea. Over
                  surrounded by high cliffs. A small                                                        coast and has a thriving trade in the art    699 plant species grow here and several
                  promenade features a range of                                                             shops.                                       walking trails take you through some
                  restaurants.                                                                                                                           impressive scenery.
                                                                                                            Benidorm. Geared to entertainment
                  La Fustera/Baladrar/La Llobera. To the                                                    with restaurants, clubs, shops, pubs and     .
                  north of Calpe heading towards Moraira                                                    bars, there’s something for everyone
                  are a number of coves and marinas.                                                        in Benidorm. A promenade runs along
                  Excellent for snorkelling/Scuba diving.                                                   the famous Levante beach, lined with
                                                                                                            pavement cafes and exclusive shopping
                                                                                                            area. And the sweeping rollercoasters of
                                                                                                            Terra Mitica and the Mundomar sealife
                                                                                                            park will keep everyone entertained for
                                                                                                            the day.

                                                                                                            Guadalest. Known as the ‘Eagle’s Nest’
                                                                                                            is in a spectaclar location set high on a
                                                                                                            pinnacle and carved out of a mountain
                                                                                                            top. It offers magnificent views over the
                                                                                                            surrounding mountains and countryside
                                                                                                            down to the valley of the Guadalest river
                                                                                                            below. The remains of several ancient
                                                                                                            castles can still be seen today.

                                         ches please
                            For more bea
                              see resort sec

14                                                                                                                                                                                                       15
Festivals and Events

                                    vents                                                                                                vents
                       Festivals & E                                                                                        Fesortals & E
                                                                                                                            Sptiv s
                                                                                                                            Diving                                        Sailing & Windsurfing
                                                                                                                            Unspoiled underwater locations have           Les Basetes Nautical Club. 1km from
                                                                                                                            led to several commercial diving centres      Calpe. For windsurfing and dinghy sailing.
                        April                      ir, old town Ja
                                                                     vea 12-19th.
                                                                                                    g in the street
                        Artisan  Craft Street Fa                  a. 26/4-3/5. In
                                                                                    cludes dancin                           opening. Multi-lingual diving courses are     Winsurfing schools in Calpe and Javea.
                                         s of Nazareth,                                                                     offered at Les Basetes just to the north of
                        Fiestas of Jesu                                                                                                                                   Calpe Yacht Club has dinghies for hire.
                                                                                                          reets             Calpe.
                                                                                         d dancing in st
                         M  ay                           1st Sunday   . Procession an                             .                                                       Tennis
                                        Rose, Javea.                                            tolome church               Fishing
                         Fiestas de la                                          from San Bar
                                                           3r d. Procession                                                                                               There are numerous leisure facilities in
                                         a Cruz, Javea.                                                                     Fishing charters are available from all
                         Fiesta of Sant                                                                                                                                   the area that include tennis courts.
                                                                                                                            main ports on the coast. A special angling
                                                                                                   the castle,
                          June                                                    . On beach by                             license is obtainable from branches of        Club de Tenis Los Pinos, Ctra. Cabo la
                                                          ians,   2nd weekend
                                          rs and Christ
                          Fiesta of Moo                                                                                     Caja/Caixa Rural Bank for fishing in          Nao, Urb. Balcón al mar, 03730 – Jávea.
                                                                                                g & singing.
                          Moraira.                                              Music, dancin                               reservoirs, rivers and estuaries. There       Tel 0034 96 577 0294.
                                            l Festival of   Javea 15-17th.                        fireworks.
                           IX Internationa                                         processions,                             are both public and private waters on
                                                              -2 4th. Dancing,                                                                                            Club de Tenis Xabia, Ctra. Cabo la Nao
                                            Joan, Javea 14                                                                  the Costa Blanca in Spain. You’ll need an
                           Fiesta of Sant                                                                                                                                 s/n. Playa del Arenal, 03730 – Jávea. Tel/
                                                                                                                            additional permit to fish in some of them.
                                                                                                         en air dancing                                                   Fax. 0034 96 579 0289.
                                                                                        ivities with op
                            July                                 kend , Moraira. Fest                                                                                     Email:
                                              Santa’ 1st wee                                     15/16th. Sea               Horseriding
                            Fiestas of ‘Fon                 in t of Moraira.
                                                                                Fireworks on
                                           the Patron Sa                                                                    Club Hipic Benissa, Plaça Rei Jaume, 11,      Club de Tenis L’Ancora, Avd. De Paris 18
                             The Feast of                                                                  sailors.
                             procession on
                                             16 th.                                        e fiesta of the                  03720 Benissa. Tel 0034 965 731 832           03730 – Javea. Tel 0034 649 451 966
                                                             Carmen     , Javea 16th. Th                            ttles
                                             stra Sra. Del                                       actments of ba             Riding school and rides into the
                             Fiesta of Nue                      ristians, Ja  vea 14-18th. En                           e
                                              Moors and Ch                                             Dancing in th
                              Fiestas of the                                          July-2nd Aug.                         surrounding area
                                                             Angel   es, Javea. 31                          .
                                             Virgin de los                                 wine of honour
                              Fiesta of the                               ing out of the                                    Los Caballos, Buscarrons Norte, 30,
                                              bands.   Mass and shar
                              streets to live                                                                               03779 El Poblets, Denia, Tel 0034 966
                                                                                                              o fight at    475 177. Swiss management, lessons and
                                                                                              biggest tomat
                               August                           Last Wed    s. The world’s                                  rides into the surrounding countryside.
                                                ato Festival.
                               Tomatina Tom
                               Bunyol near Va

                                Fiestas of Mos
                                1st Saturday in
                                               e tasting,
                                Wine and grap
                                 music and da

16                                                                                                                                                                                                                     17
Golf Courses

                                                                                                                                                                                                           Golf Courses
               Golf Courses
               Costa Blanca is a golfer’s paradise. There are over fifteen 18 hole                          Denia                                          Moraira (Benissa)
               golf courses all within a two hour drive of Javea and Moraira.                               La Sella Golf. Located next to Montgo          Golf de Ifach. Situated in Moraira
               Remember to bring your handicap card along with you though.                                  Natural Park. Suitable for players of all      (Benissa) on a country estate with some
                                                                                                            standards. 18 holes, Par 72. Tel (96) 645 42   of the best views on the coast. 9 holes.
               Here’s a taster of some of the courses:
                                                                                                            52 Ctra La Jara-Jesus Pobre, 03749 Jesus       Urbanisation San Jaime, Ctra. Moraira-
               Alicante                                      La Marques. A fine golf course within          Pobre – Alicante.                              Calpe, km 3, Apdo. 28, 03720 Benissa. Tel
                                                             Ciudad Quesada set in low lying land. 18                                                      96 649 7118.
               Alenda Golf. A demanding course located       holes, Par 72. Address: Ciudad Quesada II,     Javea
               about 15 km west of Alicante. 18 holes,       03179 Rojales.Tel 96 671 9536 534.             Club de Golf Javea. In a wonderful             Oliva
               Par 72. Address: Monforte del Cid,                                                           natural setting surrounded by pinewoods,       Oliva Nova Golf. Voted as Severiano
               03670 Alicante. Phone(s): +34965620521.       Campoamor Golf. This course is                 60 miles from Alicante on the way to           Ballesteros’ best designed golf course – a
               Website:                  surrounded by pine woods and orange            Valencia. Ctra. De Javea a Benitachell, km     true but fair test for all golfers. Urb 46780
                                                             trees and overlooks the coast from             4.5, Apartado 148.Tel 96 579 2584.             Oliva. 18 holes, Par 72. Tel 962 857 818.
               Alicante Golf. Designed by Severiano          Torrevieja to La Manga del Mar Menor.                                                         Email:
               Ballesteros this course is located at         There are three 18 hole courses, Par 72.
               the beach of San Juan. 18 holes, Par          Cartagena-Alicante, km 48, Orihuela. Tel
               72. Address: Avda. del Parque, s/n. La        96 532 1366.
               Condomina, Playa de San Juan 03540
               Alicante. Tel: 965153 794.                    Altea
               Website:                Don Cayo Golf Club. Set in rolling hills
                                                             below the spectacular Sierra Bernia in
               Bonalba Golf. Located in beautiful            Altea. Mature course with tight fairways
               surroundings with breathtaking                and undulating greens. 9 holes Urb.
               Mediterranean sea views. 18 holes,            Sierra de Altea Golf. 03590 Altea la Vieja,
               Par 72. Address: Partida de Bonalba,          Alicante. Tel: 965 848 046. Directions: just
               s/n 03110 Mutxamel. Tel 965 955 955.          after leaving exit 64 of the AP7, follow
               Website:                 directions to Altea la Vieja (“Altea the
               El Plantio Golf. An interesting course near   old”).
               Alicante. 18 holes, Par 72. Ctra. Antigua     Benidorm
               Alicante-Elx, km 303114 Alicante, close to    Villaitana Golf Club (formerly Real de
               Alicante Airport. Tel: 965 189 115.           Faula). Close to the seaside resort of
               Las Ramblas de Orihuela. Challenging          Benidorm, 2 courses set in a pine valley
               course situated in a mountainous area         with sea and mountain views. Levente
               with water hazards. Ctra. Alicante-           (North) Course 18 holes, Par 72 and
               Cartagena, km. 48. Apartado 35, Orihuela      Poniente (South) Course 18 holes, Par
               Costa, 03189 Alicante.Tel: 966 774 728.       62. Tel 966 813 013. Address Av. Eduardo
               Website: Location:       Zaplana Hernández-Soro Partida del
               30 km from Orihuela – Alicante airport:       Moralet.,03500 Benidorm.
               47 km.

18                                                                                                                                                                                                         19
Children’s Activities

                        Children’s Activ                                                                            Shopping
                        Terra Mitica. An exciting theme park, just    Aqualandia. Within easy reach of all          Like the majority of coastal resorts in Spain you’ll find a wide variety
                        five minutes from the centre of Benidorm.     the resorts, Aqualandia in Benidorm is        of markets in the Costa Blanca selling everything from clothes and
                        Different areas represent Greece, Rome        packed full of fun rides. There are slides,
                                                                                                                    lacework to vegetables and fruits.
                        and Egypt. Each part has a host of rides      springboards, pools, rapids etc to satisfy
                        and attractions with speed, excitement        all members of the wet set. Themed areas      In the larger cities such as Valencia and Benidorm you’ll stumble upon plenty of
                        and thrills thrown in.                        house the Pistas Blandas, the Laguna,         fashionable boutiques and shopping centres. In the town of Javea there is a market
                                                                      Niagara and much more.                        every Thursday where you can expect to find local produce and clothing while in
                        Mundomar. The kids will love Mundomar                                                       Moraira there’s a Friday weekly market where fresh fruit, leather goods, pottery and
                        in Benidorm. There is a dolphinarium,         Safari Vergel . The large safari-park En      rugs are sold. The street market in Teulada a few miles inland is worth a visit. In
                        parrot show, flamingos, turtles, sea lions,   Vergel near Denia is definitely worth a       Benidorm there’s a Saturday arts and crafts market with live music.
                        a bat cave, penguins, a children’s park and   visit. Drive through the park in your own
                        a galleon. The park is well equipped with a   car and admire such animals as tigers,
                        number of refreshment kiosks.                 lions and even Iberian wolfs. Kids will
                                                                      have fun in the playgrounds or on
                                                                      Go-Karts, trampolines and boats.

20                                                                                                                                                                                                         21

       Food                                                                                     Calpe
       All Villa Plus resorts have local Spanish restaurants with a welcoming                   The town of Calpe is dominated by the towering ‘Penon de Ifach’ rock
       and traditional atmosphere.                                                              which is often used as a symbol of the Costa Blanca. The summit can
       The food and cooking is typically Mediterranean in its liberal use of olive oil (Spain
                                                                                                be reached via a tunnel and offers panoramic views along the coast
       produces one third of the world’s supply), onions, garlic, peppers and tomatoes. Like    and on a clear day to Ibiza some 60 miles away.
       the rest of Spain, meat and seafood are eaten almost everywhere in the Costa Blanca.     Calpe has a wonderful mixture of old Valencian culture and modern tourist trappings,
       The Valencian region is also the home of the famous rice dish Paella which is widely     with three of the most beautiful sandy beaches on the coast. The town itself is rich in
       available in all resorts. Seek out tapas bars and have a taster of Spanish food.         history and culture and its strategic position on the coast has attracted many voyagers
                                                                                                and settlers throughout history. The cobbled stones of the old town lead to a modern
       Some popular tapas                                                                       amphitheatre with displays and shows during the summer evenings. The cove of Puerto
       Aceitunas – olives                                                                       Blanca lies to the south of Calpe, with a small marina and port looking towards the
                                                                                                modern skyline of Calpe in a peaceful location. There is a very popular restaurant and
       Albondigas – meat balls in sauce
                                                                                                small beach with water sports during the summer season.
       Ali oli – garlic mayonnaise
       Calamares a la romana – deep fried squid rings                                           Beaches                                      Dining & Nights Out
       Chanquetes – tiny fish, deep fried                                                       Calpe has three excellent white sandy        From traditional Spanish restaurants and
       Gambas – prawns                                                                          beaches where you will find pedaloes,        tapas bars to English style pub food, fast
                                                                                                wind surfers and even jet skis. The small    foods and international cuisine, Calpe has
       Seafood                                                                                  rocky coves that litter the coastline and    something to suit all tastes and pockets.
       Caracoles – snails                                                                       the clear waters make this the perfect       There are a selection of lively bars and
       Lenguado – sole                                                                          spot for scuba diving.                       clubs that offer live music.
       Mejillones – mussels                                                                     Shopping                                     Sports
       Rape – monkfish                                                                          There are shops selling local handicrafts    Water sports include fishing, scuba diving,
       Rosada – a thick white fish                                                              such as ceramics, leather goods and          water skiing, windsurfing and sailing.
       Paella – contains mussel, cockles, prawns and squid                                      wickerwork together with a range of          The Puerto Blanco diving centre has trips
                                                                                                souvenirs and gifts.                         for beginners and experienced divers.
       Meat, poultry and game                                                                                                                Besides watersports you can play Golf,
       Cochinillo – roast suckling pig                                                                                                       tennis or hire a cycle.
       Ternera – veal
       Pollo asado – roast chicken
       Conejo – rabbit
       Cerdo – pork

22                                                                                                                                                                                         23

        Javea                                                                                       Moraira
        The resort of Javea is broken up into a number of small regions each                        Moraira has grown from a pretty little fishing village into one of the
        with its own unique character and attractions. The ‘old town’ has                           most popular villa destinations in Spain.
        made few concessions to tourism and within its narrow streets you’ll                        This stylish resort centre has a wide promenade that leads to the modern marina area.
        find a wide choice of shops and bars amongst museums and historical                         Lined with restaurants and bars, yet at the heart of the old village, it has kept much of
        buildings.                                                                                  its old-fashioned charm. Moraira is blessed with a number of stylish cafes and eateries.
                                                                                                    The majority of restaurants offer fantastic fresh fish dishes. In the old town a weekly
        The ‘Javea Montgo’ region is set below the impressive Montgo Mountain dominating the
                                                                                                    market takes place every Friday. Alternatively if you enjoy a drop of wine then it’s well
        views from miles around. The ‘port area’ is lined with a wonderful variety of restaurants
                                                                                                    worth visiting the San Vicente Ferrer wine cellar.
        and shopping areas combining the traditional feel of the old fishing village with the
        modern sophisticated marina. La Grava beach stretches from the port area towards            Beaches                                        flamenco dancing and karaoke and there
        the modern facilities of the Arenal beach. ‘Javea Arenal’ has a wide selection of shops,    In the heart of the resort rests a beautiful   are one or two open-air dance venues.
        bars and restaurants surrounding the horseshoe shaped bay with a large sandy beach          horseshoe shaped bay with a sandy              The only nightclub in Moraira is Mystique,
        stretching from the Parador to the cove of Cala Blanca. Javea’s coastline stretches from    beach and calm, shallow waters. This is        located in the centre.
        the Cova Tallá to the Cala de la Granadella a distance of over 20kms. This stretch of       in contrast to the majority of small coves
        coast varies from the bright lights and sophisticated bars and restaurants of the Arenal                                                   Sports
                                                                                                    south of the region which are rather rocky,
        area to the peaceful coves of Granadella and the harbour side fish restaurants.                                                            Moraira’s lovely beaches offer a wealth
                                                                                                    making them excellent for snorkelling.
                                                                                                                                                   of watersports. Local leisure facilities
                                                                                                    L’Ampolla Beach is at the heart of Moraira
        Beaches                                        Dining & Nights Out                                                                         include golf courses and other sports like
                                                                                                    and has fine sand with a play park for the
        The Arenal beach is one of Europe’s blue       Javea restaurants cater for most tastes                                                     tennis and squash. There is a
                                                                                                    children. There’s a beach bar and plenty
        flag beaches; this sandy stretch of coast      and by the port and along the waterfront                                                    go-karting circuit between Moraira and
                                                                                                    of parking which also serves the resort
        gently slopes into the sea and makes it        the food is particularly cosmopolitan                                                       Teulada Tel 96 574 14 69. Website www.
        a great place for introducing children         and includes fast food. There are some                                            
        to swimming. Behind the beach is a             excellent fish restaurants. The nightlife    Shopping
        promenade where you will find lots of          includes the occasional bar offering a       There are no large supermarkets and
        local crafts for sale while at the port area   disco, music and karaoke.                    shopping malls but these can be found
        of Javea there are a number of smaller,                                                     not far away in the approaches to the town
        pebbly beaches that are lined with beach       Sports
                                                                                                    and surrounding suburbs. In the main
        bars.                                          There are watersports available from         avenues of old Moraira there are boutique
                                                       Arenal. Other recreational activities        stores selling local arts and crafts,
        Shopping                                       include golf, tennis and horse riding.
        Javea has a large number of shops and                                                       souvenirs, holiday gear and bric-a-brac.
        boutiques which provide for holiday
                                                                                                    Dining & Nights Out
        needs including gifts and souvenirs. An
                                                                                                    Despite being relatively small, central
        open air market is held each Thursday in
                                                                                                    Moraira has numerous good quality
        Constitution Square where you can barter
                                                                                                    restaurants, several of them with Michelin
        for goods. Look out for local handicrafts
                                                                                                    stars. For local fare try Casa Dorita in the
        such as embroidered linens, leather
                                                                                                    church square. Most of the restaurants
        goods, wickerwork and pottery.
                                                                                                    offer live entertainment including

24                                                                                                                                                                                              25
Useful Information

                                                                                                       Your Notes
                     Useful Informat
                     International dialling code
                     Emergency Services
                     Central European Time - If you are travelling from the UK then you
                     must put your watch forward 1 hour.
                     220 AC - travellers from the UK will need a two-pin plug adaptor.
                     Opening Hours for Shops
                     Most large shopping centres and department stores open from 10:00 - 22:00 while
                     smaller shops generally run from 09:00 - 14:00 and then from 17:00 - 20:00.

26                                                                                                     27
Costa Blaanca
         te   im
n	 Glorious cl
               rs paradise
n	 Beach love
               ‘white villages’
n	 Charming
                tan towns
 n	 Cosmopoli
 n	 Opulent m
                le shops
 n	 Fashionab
                 ted Nightlife
  n	 Sophistica
                 sporting facili
  n	 Excellent
                 land of fiestas
  n	 Spain the
Portugal Spain Cyprus Greece