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					Volume 52 - Number 3 - July 2008

Construction & Plumbing
                                   Official Journal of the Master Plumbers
                                            & Gasfitters Association of WA

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                                                                         in conjunction with
                        President's Report
                        by Steve Jones

                         In this edition of the journal I would like to respond earnings but also a return on your investment.
                         to a detailed email the MPGA received from a               I touched earlier on potential and actual returns in the plumbing
                         member who has expressed many concerns over            industry over the last few years and I believe for the next few years at
                         the state of the plumbing industry in Western          least. Like with anything in life, it’s all about supply and demand. The less
                         Australia.                                             demand, the lower the price and the higher the demand, the higher the
                             The member’s first statement was that 90%          price. The plumber has and will continue to be in very high demand for its
                         of Plumbers wanted to get out of the trade: In my      services. In the 25 years I have been in the industry, I have never seen such
opinion it is quite the opposite, the current demands that have been put        a dramatic rise in the earning potential in wages for plumbers, subcontract
on the plumbing industry by the booming Western Australian economy              plumbers and plumbing business owners. Most plumbers now have annual
has encouraged plumbers to remain in the industry and also attracted an         earnings between $65K to $100K. Based on earning potential in other
enormous amount of people wanting to make a career out of plumbing,             industries this measures up very well, hence the reason for such a strong
the number of boys and even girls wanting to seek a career in the plumbing      interest from those who are leaving school and wanting a career in the
industry is booming. Many high achieving students when finishing high           plumbing industry , based on earning potential alone.
school are now looking at the plumbing industry as a very viable career             The next is quality of work carried out by the plumbing industry . In
path versus going to University or College for another three years and          my opinion with the much improved way apprentices are being trained
possibly coming out with an earning potential lower than what can be            off the job by organisations such as MPA Skills, the quality is generally
achieved in the plumbing industry.                                              coming out very high and with the introduction of the Plumbing Licensing
    Where does the plumbing industry sit as far as its value in the             Board who have a mandate to inspect and test 5% of all plumbing works
community? There is no question it sits very, very high and will continue to    carried out, this again has assisted in raising quality of works carried out.
move forward in value over the coming years, with Environmental issues          As in all industries quality will always vary depending on the business or
becoming such a major part of society and the plumbing industry being           person carrying out the work. As long as all work is being carried out in
at the forefront of that. Can we continue to improve our professionalism        accordance with AS3500 and AG601 and a licensed plumber, our industry
and values in our industry? Of course we can as long as the plumber is          standards should be maintained. Over the last few years some of the
responsible and licensed for the installation and maintenance of water          advanced products that are now available are also of higher quality and life
supply, sanitary, gas and environmental solutions.                              spans of products are increasing in some cases.
    The MPGA works very hard on a state and national level to maintain              To summarise, I believe our industry is in a very strong position being
the four year apprenticeship and not to have the trade broken down into         one of the only two licensed trades in the building industry. We still have
sections. An enormous amount of time and work has gone into making              a four year apprenticeship system along with an industry representative in
sure that we remain successful in protecting the plumbing trade. Murray         the MPGA who can continue to be a strong voice for its members to the
Thomas and his team through national meetings with the NPAA and                 government and other organisations. The MPGA is also closing in on 600
other State MPAs make sure that the correct information is tabled back          members making it the highest supported Master Plumbers in Australia.
to government to protect the plumbing apprenticeship scheme and the             I would encourage all plumbers, gas fitters, merchants, consultants and
industry.                                                                       manufacturers who are not involved to become involved with the MPGA
    Return for your investment in time and money is always an issue for         and provide constructive input so we can continue to strive and improve
discussion from any business owner, no matter what industry you are in.         the professionalism of our industry.
Again, in my opinion the plumbing industry has provided a very strong
return to most business owners over the last few years due to the very high
demand for our services and in
my opinion this will continue
for a few years more yet. A

                                          Do you know the BCA (Building Code
major area we as plumbers
can continue to improve
dramatically are our skills as
businessmen. Do all plumbers
who own and run businesses
                                          of Australia) pipe energy standards?
believe that they are business
people who own a business                    The BCA has revised provisions for heating and cooling water pipes.
that carries out plumbing? This              Bradford Insulation can provide the solution with a range of products
is a major culture change in
mind set for many plumbers                   for most applications.
and definitely a short coming in
                                                                                              Glasswool Sectional Pipe
our trade. Many plumbers are                                                                  Insulation (SPI) is a lightweight,
fantastic plumbers, but are they                                                              highly durable, moulded product
fantastic businessmen? I would                                                                that will ensure compliance to the
encourage all our members to
do whatever they can to gain                                                                  BCA requirements.
more business knowledge and
understanding of accounts,                                                                    For more information go to:
marketing, human resources,
budget setting, planning etc.                                                        
No matter what business you                                                                                                  or
are in, understanding all your
costs and then deciding your                                                                  contact Paul Veletta 9365 1635,
mark-up on these costs is                                                                     email:
crucial to the success of any
business. The mark-up must
take into account not only your

                                                                                                         Construction & Plumbing Journal • July 2008
2                                                   CEO's Report
                                                                                                                                      Volume 52 - Number 3
                                                                                                                                      July 2008

                                                    by Murray Thomas
                                                    TRAINING TOMORROW’S                                                               President's Report
                                                                                                                                      by Steve Jones

                                                    PLUMBERS TODAY                                                                    CEO Report                                          2
                                                                                                                                      Energy Safety Report                                4
                  The Importance of Selecting the Right Apprentices                                                                   News from the PLB                                   5
                  for our Industry                                                                                                    Dux Feature                                         6
                  Currently with skill shortages and supply of labour having a huge impact on                                         Torndao Rainhead Feature                            8
                  our Industry the temptation to grab the first 17 year old that walks in the door
                  and sign them up as an apprentice may become more tempting as demand                                                News from the Water Corp                            9
                  increases.                                                                                                          Environmental Report                              13
                      With the majority of our work force pushing closer to retirement, our
                                                                                                                                      BCITF Report                                      15
                  selection for the “right people” to take us forward as an Industry is of paramount
                  importance.                                                                                                         Membership Report                                 17
                      Research across Australia is showing that the commencement rate of                                              Apprentice Profiles                               17
                  apprentices and the percentage of those that are completing is starting to suffer.
                  Four years is not a long time to secure your future, however, for Generation Y                                      MPA Member Profiles                               18
                  it can be an eternity.                                                                                              What's On at MPGA                                 20
                      Most of the 17 year olds I know are what I call “instant resulters”. They want
                  it now. The more we can make the right choice and help apprentices through                                          Institute of Plumbing Report                      21
                  the learning phase, the better off we will be.                                                                      MPA Skills Report                                 22
                      Apprentices also need to be shown the right way to undertake good business
                                                                                                                                      Business Coaching                                 23
                  practices and we need to know that they have been trained in all facets of the
                  training package which has been designed for them so that they have a holistic                                      Plumbers at elevated risk                         24
                  range of skills.                                                                                                    of asbestos exposure
                      When it comes to signing off, employers must be sure that an apprentice is
                  competent in a skill. Just ticking the box will not help an apprentice who will
                  be out competing for a job with half the skills he/she should have. If someone
                  comes to you seeking employment, as an employer, you need confidence in that
                  “trade certificate”. If someone has achieved their trade certificate they should
                  know their stuff.
                      Training is a costly exercise for an apprentice. Not to complete an
                  apprenticeship is a huge waste of resources not only from your pocket as the
                  employer but from the Governments purse, which fund the majority of the
                  off-the-job training component. I encourage you to pick the kids that will stay.
                  The ones that will be career minded and have the flair and the nous to take our
                  Industry into the future.

                                              2008 Master Plumbers & Gasfitters Executive Committee

         Steve Jones                      Kim Byrne                  Noel Abercromby                    Paul Charteris                 Shane Calegari                     Paul Manifis
             President                    Vice President            Immediate Past President           Committee Member                Committee Member                Committee Member

           Bill Busby                    Paul O’Leary                   Dean Harnett                     Edward Fyfe                    Bob Goodchild                      Tim Swift
       Committee Member                Committee Member                Committee Member                Committee Member                Committee Member                Committee Member

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   Construction & Plumbing Journal • July 2008
4         Energy Safety Update

          Accommodation villages                          at     minesites           and
          transportable homes
          In this edition of the Journal, EnergySafety is looking at accommodation issues
          driven by the high demand because of the current resources boom. Competent
          gasfitters/plumbers working in the trade are in high demand for repairs, servicing
          and construction work. The resources boom largely comprises fly in fly out
          (FIFO) workers accommodated into numerous camps/villages throughout
          this State. Mining companies realize they must maintain a high standard of
          accommodation at these sites to attract and retain their workforce.
              The accommodation for these villages are manufactured off site and
          transported in modules and assembled at the minesite. The larger minesites
          have power stations designed to cater for high load conditions and use mostly
          electrical appliances with very little need for gas in the messes. The smaller
          camps use L P Gas fired appliances for catering and water heating. These all         Capping of pipe work/re-testing requirements
          need to be serviced on a regular basis to maintain efficiency by a gasfitter or
              In building these modules off site there is a trend away from traditional
          materials (copper pipe) towards using composite pipe for gas and water.
          These practices are also being used in transportable homes. It is usual to build
          the complete structure then separate the structure into modules to enable
          transportation to site.
              Keeping in mind the requirements to comply with the regulations, if
          the gasfitting lines are cut to enable transportation, the ends need to be
          sealed. Gas fitting work is to be compliant and this includes submitting
          the appropriate notices. The owner’s copy in regards to a transportable
          house can be placed in the kitchen drawer (along with the operating
          instructions for appliances) and the compliance badge fixed adjacent to
          the gas regulator.
              When the modules are rejoined, a further pressure test is required
          and appliances need to be commissioned. This work requires a second
          Notice of Compliance to be submitted and a second compliance badge
          to be fitted covering this work.

          Caravans and mobile homes                                                                     Flexible fluming concerns
          Gas fitting work on caravans is being more closely scrutinised following
          a number of complaints from consumers. Caravans and mobile homes
          are being imported into the State from both the Eastern States and from
          overseas. EnergySafety gas inspectors are finding non-compliances in
          that steel pipe with malleable iron fittings are being used for the gas
          fitting lines, sometimes installed on the inside of the van, in the walls and
          non-certified gas appliances being installed.
              There is a lack of appropriate warnings on the use of LP Gas and
          gas cylinders are being located within the van. The consumer then has
          a hefty bill to rectify these non-compliances. Unfortunately some of
          these caravans get through the inspection regime currently in place in
          Western Australia.
              Some instantaneous gas water heaters are being advertised and
          sold on ebay that do not have Australian Gas Association or SAI Global
          certification. There are claims being made by the advertiser that these
          are suitable for installation inside caravans, sheds on country blocks
          etc and are illustrated in the advert with flimsy flexible aluminium flues
          and that they can be connected up to LP Gas cylinders with flexible
          hose connections. This is fraught with danger as it is encouraging do it
          yourself installations.
              EnergySafety is asking for your assistance in reporting any instances
          relating to non-compliances on caravans and mobile homes. Fortunately
          there have not been any serious incidents reported in caravans or
          mobile homes of recent times here in Western Australia. This may be
          attributed to the diligence of gas fitters and plumbers here in Western                   No AGA or SAI global certification

Construction & Plumbing Journal • July 2008
Correction of advice in relation to elevated
                                                           News from the Plumbers Licensing Board

                                                                          •    in Perth a licensed tradesperson working on a Cooloongup
                                                                               bathroom renovation without the general direction and control
pipe work                                                                      of a licensed plumbing contractor led to fine of $500.00 with
In the May edition of the Plumbing and Construction Journal the                $569.20 in costs.
Board published an article on elevated pipe work which contained          •    in Perth a working visit to Broome by a plumber with a lapsed
a misleading statement with regard to 100mm unvented branch                    plumbing contractor’s licence led to a fine of $750.00 with
drains.                                                                        costs of $710.00. The plumber in question has since renewed
The Board provides the following correction: a branch drain                    his contractor’s licence with the Board.
requires venting if over 10m in length or if the loading on the branch   Details of these actions can be accessed via the Board’s web site
drain exceeds 30 fixture units. (Refer to Clause 3.10.2 of AS/NZS        and demonstrate the Board’s resolve to uphold the professional
3500.2:2003 Standard for Sanitary plumbing and drainage and Table        reputation and licensing of the plumbing trade and to protect
3.6).                                                                    consumers from poor quality workmanship.
The Board apologises for the initial advice and thanks the plumbing
licensees who drew our attention to this issue.                          Retirement of the Board’s First Chairperson
                                                                         Tom Hall has retired as Chairperson of the Plumbers Licensing
Unlicensed plumbing work prosecutions                                    Board. Tom led the Board from its inception in June 2000 and has
In the last two months the Board has brought successful cases            been a driving force behind the trade’s professional standing in the
against a builder and a handyman for unlicensed plumbing work.           community as an essential services provider.
Prosecution action was also taken against a licensed tradesperson for    Following his final Board meeting Tom was presented with a
not working under general direction and control and a plumber who        caricature to celebrate his many achievements at a function attended
had undertaken plumbing work despite letting his licence lapse.          by Board members, staff and MPA Skills General Manager Murray
In cases before the Magistrates’ Courts:                                 Thomas. Everyone wishes Tom the best in a retirement that will no
                                                                         doubt include trade training and more bad jokes.
 •    in Perth a Maylands builder was prosecuted for installing a hot
      water unit on his investment property. This illegal work drew      The plumbing industry will be informed about the new Chairperson
      a fine of $1000.00 and $3000.00 in costs.                          and details of the appointment will be available on the Board’s web
                                                                         site and published in the next edition of the Journal.
 •    in Busselton a local tiler tried his hand at water supply and
      sanitary work and was fined $500.00 with $569.20 in costs.

                                           Support for the plumbing trade
 The Board provides the following services to the plumbing trade on any licensing general
 or plumbing standards matter:
       Licensing and general enquiries phone 92820478 (8.30 am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday).
       Technical Advice Line 1300 360 897 (open business hours and 9.00am to 4.00pm Saturday)
       Website - for access to industry news and information
       Email enquiries

 The Master Plumbers & Gasfitters Association of Western Australia seeks Life Member nominations
 throughout the year. An Annual General Meeting may elect a member as a Life Member of the
 Association in recognition of faithful service rendered to the Association by that member.
 Because Life Membership is the highest honour which the Association may bestow upon a member,
 the conferring of Life Membership shall be restricted to not more than one nominee per annum
 and such nomination must be submitted to the Annual General Meeting of members each year for
 approval by that meeting.
 Every nomination for the appointment of a Life Member shall be submitted to the Executive Committee
 in writing and accompanied by not less than three (3) testimonials in support of such application.
 Life Membership will entail all the privileges and rights of Ordinary Membership of the Association
 without payment of fees, subscriptions, dues or levies.
 For more information on ‘Life Membership’ to the Master Plumbers & Gasfitters Association of
 Western Australia, please call the Association on 08 9471 6661.

                                                                                                Construction & Plumbing Journal • July 2008
       Australian Designed and Built Environmental Water Heater Recognised
              With a Prestigious Australian International Design Mark

        Dux Hot Water has been awarded an Australian
        International Design Mark for its breakthrough
        Airoheat Subzero heat pump – one of the world’s most
        efficient and environmentally friendly heat pump water
        Announced at the 2008 Australian International Design
        Awards in May, Dux now joins the stable of GWA’s
        other innovative household brands including Caroma
        Smartflush® toilets, Sebel sunlounge and Dorf Water
        Efficient Tapware which have all previously been
        awarded a Design Mark.
        The Australian International Design Mark is a symbol and recognition of innovative industrial design. Marking
        its 50th year, “The Australian International Design Awards went global for the first time this year”, said Ms
        Stephanie Watson, Manager, Australian International Design Awards. “For the first time, both Australian and
        internationally designed products were eligible to enter signifying the high quality of the Australian design”.
        Ms Watson, states the Australian International Design Awards is Australia’s longest standing product design
        awards program. “We have a proud history of thorough testing and assessment by Australian and international
        design experts. The judges spend a week scrutinising all entries against rigorous criteria including innovation,
        visual/emotional appeal, functionality, quality and manufacture, ergonomics and safety, environmental
        sustainability and presentation”, she said.
        According to industry sources the cost to the community, to heat domestic hot water accounts for
        approximately 30 per cent of all domestic energy consumed. The Dux Airoheat heat pump can reduce
        this electrical energy consumption by up to 70 per cent, representing a considerable environmental and
        sustainable impact on carbon emissions.
        Pat Pussell, Strategic Development Manager for Dux and the designer of the Airoheat heat pump, commented,
        “Dux creates the most efficient water heaters on the market and we are working towards making coal fired
        power stations obsolete. It is clear the judging panel at the Australian International Design Awards recognises
        the important environmental contribution made by the Airoheat system”.
                                                               Due to its high operational efficiency levels achieved,
                                                               the Airoheat heat pump attracts several State
                                                               Government and Federal Government rebates making
                                                               the total installed cost of the environmentally friendly
                                                               heat pump water heater very attractive to Australian
                                                               Howard Lloyd, Marketing Manager Product at Dux,
                                                               said, “We are delighted that the Airoheat has been
                                                               recognised amongst so many high quality international
                                                               designs across such varied product categories. Its
                                                               exceptional quality, value and reliability are now
                                                               recognised by the international design community”.
        The Australian International Design Awards is a division of Standards Australia and is Australia’s only national
        product design awards program operating in the national interest. It was established in 1958 by the Industrial
        Design Council of Australia.

Construction & Plumbing Journal • July 2008
Plan for now and for the future
Cbus is the industry super fund for
everyone in the construction, building and
allied industries.
Cbus has:
  good returns
  low fees
  no commissions, and
  all profits to members.
Importantly, Cbus boosts the industry        Read the Cbus Product Disclosure Statements to decide
and creates jobs by investing in property    whether Cbus is right for you. Past performance is not a
                                             reliable indicator of future performance.
developments across Australia.               Cbus’ Trustee: United Super Pty Ltd. ABN 46 006 261 623 AFSL 233 792

Call Cbus on 1300 361 784 or visit
8 Tornado Rainhead Launches into
          the market!                                                         Recently the Master Plumbers & Gasfitters
                                                                              Association attended the launch of the
                                                                              new Tornado Rainhead, invented by an
                                                                              Association Member, Gary Ewen (pictured
                                                                              left with Ken Higgins). The invention
                                                                              has recently been featured on the ABC
                                                                              television show “The Inventors”. The
                                                                              Tornado Rainhead represents 38 years of
                                                                              Industry knowledge and innovation in the
                                                                              field of roof plumbing.
                                                                              The launch of Gary’s Tornado Rainhead
                                                                              was a huge success with many coming to
                                                                              admire the revolutionary patented vortex
                                                                              design system. The Tornado can flush
                                                                              gutters at a rate over 5 times the rate of a
                                                                              conventional Rainhead.
                                                                              The MPGA would like to congratulate
                                                                              Gary on such a remarkable invention and
                                                                              an extremely successful launch. We would
                                                                              also like to encourage all members to have
                                                                              a look at the Tornado Rainhead website at
                                                                     or call Gary
                                                                              for more information on 0407 089 573.

                                                                                                   Stainless steel handle

                     RETIC VALVE 2NV
                                                                                                                Loose nut connection
                                                    Double check & isolation combination

                                                                                                                            1” hex nipple
               THE ALL IN ONE       Body DR brass           Comes with isolating disc
               COMPACT DESIGN OF                                    inside
               THE RETIC VALVE 2NV
               MAKES IT ONE TO ENVY

                                                                                                    P +61 8 9277 5514
                                                                                    AU S T R A L I A N VA LV E G R O U P

 Construction & Plumbing Journal • July 2008
                                                     News from the Water Corporation
                                                                                                         by John Brennan     9
         Western Australia’s most important groundwater body, the Gnangara system, is under the microscope as it faces
         twin threats of a drying climate and growing demand to draw from it.
         The Water Corporation is one of several agencies that are jointly conducting the Gnangara Sustainability Strategy that
         aims to ensure there is enough groundwater for public and commercial use while protecting the environment.
         This will be achieved by seeking the most sustainable way to integrate land and water planning. In the process,
         groundwater allocations will be revised, with potential impacts for a range of users.
         The Gnangara system has underpinned the development of the Perth metropolitan area for many years, and in
         more recent times has contributed up to 60 per cent of the needs of the Integrated Water Supply Scheme.
         In recent years, to minimise the impact of abstraction on environmentally sensitive areas linked to the superficial
         aquifer, the Water Corporation has taken more water from the deeper confined Leederville and Yarragadee
         As dams have struggled with reduced runoff from catchments, some pressure has been taken off the system by the
         introduction of desalinated water in late 2006.
         Corporation modelling to help determine how abstraction can be varied in different aquifers and borefields will be
         supported by research aimed at increasing understanding of the interactions between water, vegetation and soil to
         predict any potential impacts of water resource development on groundwater-dependent ecosystems.
         An important part of this research will be a pumping trial which will determine if pumping in winter and spring has
         less impact than pumping in summer and autumn.
         The Corporation will determine the likely viability of long standing proposals for the development of a range of new
         groundwater schemes at Eglington, Yanchep – Two Rocks and Barragoon, north of Yanchep National Park, and the
         possible environmental impact of developing these resources.
         The Gnangara Sustainability Strategy, an initiative of the State Water Plan, will be released for public comment in
         2009. For more information, visit

                           Preliminary results of water supply network optimisation trials by the Water Corporation in
    NETWORK                southern Perth suburbs to reduce pressure related water wastage have been encouraging.
                           The trials are seeking to reduce water wastage due to pressure related consumption and bursts
OPTIMISATION               and leaks in the supply system.
                           Results of one trial in Waterford have at an early stage shown a reduction of at least ten per cent
                           in domestic water consumption. Other trials are continuing in Rossmoyne and Shelley.
       TRIALS              The trials began last year. Waterford, chosen for its high domestic consumption and ease of area
                           isolation, was the first to reach the system target pressure of 35 metres head, down from the
                           normal 65 metres, last October. Meters are being read every month for analysis.
                           A control group has been used in Salter Point, an area with similar characteristics to Waterford.
                           An earlier independent audit of residential irrigation systems had concluded that water supply
                           pressure can be reduced to 35 metres head pressure before there is a noticeable affect on garden
                           sprinkler spray patterns and coverage. For Corporation customers, sprinklers are generally the
                           first indicators of reduced pressure.
                           Waterford has 640 service connections while Rossmoyne-Shelley, where there has been a high
                           rate of bursts, has 2,300 connections.
                           The Rossmoyne-Shelley system is due to reach the target pressure in the second half of March
                           after a gradual reduction since December. This trial was delayed because the area required the
                           installation of medium size 200 mm diameter offtake pipes. These replaced small offtakes that
                           caused a pressure reduction.
                           The Corporation is offering the services of irrigation auditors to check garden reticulation
                           systems if customers had problems with them, but any retrofitting required would be at the
                           customer’s expense.
                           The trials are expected to continue for at least another nine months. If you would like further
                           information on this project contact me on 9420 2575.

                                                                                Construction & Plumbing Journal • July 2008
    The energy shortage
      affects all of us.
The recent gas explosion and fire off our North West coast has left          We need you to do your bit by reducing the gas and electrical energy
Western Australia with a serious gas shortage.                              you use through Winter with simple steps, such as:

Gas supply is down by approximately 30%. Pressure is now on all of our      ·   Minimising use of heaters;
energy sources and will remain so throughout Winter.                        ·   Keeping your showers to less than four minutes; and
                                                                            ·   Turning off appliances and lights when you’re out.
The impact has been immediate. Industries have slowed production and
some Western Australian workers have already been laid off.                 As a State we must all come together over the next few months and
                                                                            commit to these strategies. Then we can direct energy back into our
As a community we must work together to minimise the impact this has
                                                                            industry and minimise the impact on our workers, community and
on our economy.
                                                                            economy to keep this State strong.

The State Government and industry are implementing several strategies:

•   Gas production from other sources, including the North West Shelf and
    Perth Basin, have been increased to full capacity;                      For more information on what you can do, visit
•   We are fast-tracking work on several power stations to return them to   or call the Energy Smart Line on 1300 658 158. For workers and
    service; and                                                            families directly affected by the energy shortage, advice is available
•   Gas deliveries through the Dampier to Perth Natural Gas Pipeline are    by calling 1300 790 636. Look for regular updates on TV, radio and in
    being maximised.                                                        the newspapers.
Plumbing centres
Bacteria trap?
Zetco has the answer

Introducing Australia’s first
self-flushing ball valve
The unique self-flushing ball technology prevents               TRADITIONAL
                                                       Water trapped in dead
the build-up of unwanted micro-organisms and          water zone can harbour
foreign matter through constant flushing of the         bacteria and sediment

dead water zone inside the ball cavity.

The self-flushing valve is ideal for:
- HVAC systems
- Backflow prevention devices
                                                   Entire ball cavity is flushed
- Potable water installations                          out when valve is open


       1300 659 639
                                                                                      LN #W110                                                           ATS 5200.012-2005
                    Environmental Report

                                            by Murray Thomas

                                                                 13 Design
At the recent Designbuild Exhibition and Conference in Melbourne Jeff Clark,
Chairman of the Australasian Scientific Review of Reduction of Flows on
Plumbing and Drainage Systems (“AS Flows”) and Dr Steve Cummings put
forward some interesting perspectives concerning the importance of designing
to compensate for “Low Flows”.
As all members are aware, the Master Plumbers & Gasfitters Association of
Western Australia (“MPGA”) is taking an active role with this issue and members
are being represented on the AS Flows Committee by Murray Thomas.
Stephen Movley from the Institute of Plumbing is also on the Committee. The
Department of Housing and Works is very interested in the outcomes of the AS
Flows testing and trials with the introduction of Stage 2 of the 5 Star Plus not
too far away. Whilst it is early days with Low Flows, testing the results will no
doubt have an impact on codes and plumbing standards throughout Australia,
New Zealand and the world as all countries look at ways and means of saving
our most precious resource “Water”.
It appears plumbers and consultants are now taking greater consideration in the
design of their plumbing systems to ensure the flow and branch connections
enters at the best possible angle, usually an angle of 45° to enhance flows
especially where minimal volumes in the flushing of solids may occur.
The attached pictures show a toilet block that had to be totally renovated due
to continual blockages in the drain. The drain was previously connected to low
flushing WC’s using sweep junctions. Tests are indicating this is having a negative
impact on drainage flows when low flush volume fixtures are connected.
The attached design shows a connection that enhances the flow by the use
of 45º junctions and bends. This type of design makes sense and whilst more
concise details from the AS Flows Committee are progressing and changes to
the Code may arise, members are encouraged to give this consideration in
designing drains in the interim.
The MPGA website ( keeps all members informed
of all the issues occurring in our Industry. Should you have any feedback,
suggestions or pictures promoting best practice in design we would be happy to
publish them in the Construction and Plumbing Journal or on our website.

                               Construction & Plumbing Journal • July 2008
        WACIRF is a joint employer/trade union initiative providing certainty and
        support for Western Australia’s building and construction industry. WACIRF
        was established in 1989 as trustee for the Western Australian Construction
        Industry Redundancy Fund (The Fund).
        The Fund has been specifically designed to meet the unique needs of
        Western Australia’s construction industry employers and their employees.
        The Fund enables employers to make provision for their employees’
        redundancy entitlements, as provided for under the various industrial
        awards and enterprise agreements. Employers can fund these entitlements
        through the payment of weekly contributions, which are paid monthly into
        The Fund on behalf of their employees.
        The Fund has been designed and structured to provide a range of benefits
        for people employed in the building and construction industry.

        New On-Line Job Matching Service NOW LIVE!
        WACIRF has launched a dedicated building and construction industry job
        matching service which is available free to workers and employers through
        its website
        The service enables workers to list their skills, experience and availability
        to potential employers. Similarly employers are able to post job vacancies.
        The service is free and facilitates direct communication between workers
        and employers. For full details go to the WACIRF website at www.wacirf.
        Name Change for ITIM Australia – now Converge International
        WACIRF invests strongly in industry development initiatives which benefit
        the building and construction industry.
        One of WACIRF’s key employer initiatives
        is the provision of Employee Assistance and
        Counseling Services through a contracted
        service provider, Converge International.
        The key focus and aim of these WACIRF
        funded services in to maximise employee
        health and productivity in the workplace.
        For further information on Converge
        International Services contact WACIRF on
        08 9481 0259.

Address: Unit 2, 1st Floor 44 Parliament Place West Perth WA 6005
Postal Address:                                       Office Hours: 8.30 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday
Phone: 08 9481 0259 Fax:                       Email:                        Web:
                            BCITF Report
WA’s Building and Construction Industry rides off the back of a
very strong sub-contracting system. Our Industry is full of small
businesses, often single person operators who deliver their
trade services to builders.
Generally, a sub-contractor’s reputation amongst their peers and
supervisors is the lifeline to continuous work. Their reputation
is based on skill; the ability to read and understand plans, to do
a great job and to leave a clean finish for the tradesmen who
follows them. Where did these skilled tradespeople learn their
Experience is a significant factor, but every skilled tradesman will
recall at least one mentor who was able to teach him the finer
points of the trade – to inspire in them a passion for the craft,
to take pride in a job well done and to give them that edge over
In other words, the current skilled tradesman was at one stage
an “apprentice” of another skilled tradesman who passed on the
knowledge and skills that make for recognised craftsmanship.
A formalised apprenticeship is a great means of ensuring
those skills aren’t lost to this Industry when the craftsman
leaves behind the tools for career development or retirement.
Apprenticeship training ensures that young people seeking a
trade are not only given formal, college based training, but are
mentored, supported and inspired to be the best from the best
on-the-job practitioners on offer.
The Building and Construction Industry Training Fund (BCITF)
can make it easier for a sub-contractor to employ an apprentice
by providing a subsidy of up to $8000 (+GST) to assist with the
costs of training.
In addition to support for apprenticeship training, the BCITF
can also help to reduce the costs of training for eligible Industry
workers who are seeking to invest in their on-going skill
development. The BCITF recognises over 500 short courses
available to Industry workers and can meet up to 80% of the
course costs.
The Building and Construction Industry can achieve a sustainable
level of skilled tradespeople by investing wisely in training now.
Find out how you can help secure a future for your own business
and the Industry by calling the BCITF on 9381 3900 or visiting

                    Construction & Plumbing Journal • July 2008
                                            Membership Report & Apprentice Profiles
                                                                                                    by Mike Wren    17
                   MPGA membership has hit 565 and I am                       Welcome New MPGA members
                   very confident WA will have 600 business
                                                                                   May – June 2008
                   members by the Awards for Excellence Gala
                   night on Saturday 22nd November.                 KELVINS Plumbing (Country)        DENS Plumbing (Country)
                                                                    LANE’S Plumbing (Country)        COMMONWEALTH Bank
                   I would like to welcome Cbus on board as a
                                                                    COOGEE Plumbing Services            HOST Plumbing Services
new Sponsor of the MPGA and hope our members show support
to their superannuation fund.                                       RAINHARVESTING Pty Ltd          NEWHILL’S Plumbing & Gas
                                                                    ECO AQUA Pty Ltd                      WILLMOTT Plumbing
The Apprentice of the Year, Plumbing Business of the Year,          AXIAL Plumbing & Gas               WATERGURUS Australia
Plumber of the Year, Gasfitter of the Year and the ‘Enviro West’    WAYNE EVANS Plumbing            DBL Plumbing and Gasfitting
Environmental Category Competitions are happening in the next       MINE Trades & Maintenance                  KINGS Plumbing
months so look out for the nomination form to enter. I would like   CBUS                                       LEGAL Plumbing
to thank our sponsors once again for their continued support.
                                                                             J.E SPENCER Plumbing Contracting Pty Ltd
The Awards for Excellence Gala dinner will be held on Saturday                   LITAS/MAINSTONE Plumbing & Gas
November 22nd at the Burswood Resort. This year we are                        CRYSTAL CLEAR Plumbing & Gas Service
expecting around 600 attendees. Please ensure you book your                        B & D Plumbing & Gas (Country)
tickets early for the Gala Night.                                                  FLINTOFF’S Plumbing (Country)
I look forward to speaking to you soon and can be contacted at                      SPARTAN Plumbing (Country)
the MPGA on 9471 6661                                                                FOLETT C & Co (Country)

                                                                    Name: Alex McDonald
                                                                    Alex started his
                                                                    apprenticeship with
                                                                    MPA Skills in October
                                                                    2005 following the
                                                                    successful completion of
                                                                    his Pre-Apprenticeship
                                                                    course in plumbing and
                                                                    gasfitting with MPA
                                                                    Skills. Alex became
                                                                    interested in a plumbing
                                                                    apprenticeship when he
                                                                    was doing some work
                                                                    experience with his dad
   Name: Adam Hunt                                                  (a builder) and decided it was the right trade for him.
   Age: 20                                                          Alex was initially trained on-the-job by Prime Plumbing
                                                                    and learnt many skills required of a plumber. He is
   Company: Green Head Plumbing & Gas
                                                                    currently trained by Midas Plumbing and undertakes small
   Location: Green Head [Midwest]                                   commercial and luxury housing projects.
   Adam started his apprenticeship in 2004 after finishing year     Alex is dedicated to learning everything he can in his
   ten in Jurien Bay. During his four years as an apprentice        chosen trade and is looking forward to competing in
   Adam worked in a wide range of areas from septic installs,       Sydney, although he has admitted to being ‘a bit nervous’
   new housing, maintenance, Reno’s to camp and mine work           about it.
   at Iluka, Eneabba.
                                                                    MPA Skills and the MPGA would like to sincerely thank
   In 2007 Adam had the opportunity to compete in the               Paul O’Leary from Centreside Plumbing for his donation
   Apprentice of the Year and WorldSkills Competitions. Adam        which has contributed to getting Alex to Sydney to
   won Sanitary Plumber of the Year and the silver medal in         compete. Special thanks must also go to Paul Johns from
   WorldSkills. This July Adam will be going to Sydney with the     Midas Plumbing for giving Alex the extra time required to
   WA team to compete in the WorldSkills Competition at the         study and for all the other assistance given to Alex.
   Sydney Convention Centre.
                                                                    As you can imagine, it takes a lot of people many hours
   Adam has received $500.00 sponsorship from Reece                 and a lot of effort to get the competitors ready for this
   in Geraldton and $400.00 from Julie Taylor our local             WorldSkills Competition and as such, thanks goes to MPA
   professional real estate representative to purchase tools        Skills’ Plumbing trainers, Alex’s Field Officer, Malcolm
   for the Competition. Max Garbin who was Adam's Tech              MacBride and our CEO Murray Thomas, who have all
   teacher at the Balga Campus has also helped Adam with his        spent time with Alex to get him ready for the big day!
   preparations for Sydney, so thank you to all.
                                                                    Everyone at MPA Skills and the MPGA would like to wish
   Adam is currently still working in Green Head with his dad &     Alex all the very best in Sydney. Good luck Alex!!

                                                                                      Construction & Plumbing Journal • July 2008
18                    MPA Member Profiles

 Name: Chris Herring                                   Name: Tim Fox.                                       Name: Noel Beavis.
 Business Name: Herring Coastal Plumbing &             Business Name: Afox Plumbing.                        Business Name: AMR Plumbing & Gas.
 Gasfitting                                            Location: Margaret River.                            Location: Margaret River.
 Location: Geraldton.                                  Where did you do your Apprenticeship?                Where did you do your Apprenticeship?
 When and where did you do your                        Caesars Plumbing in Fremantle .                      Sydney.
 Apprenticeship? In 1986. I did half in Port           Area of operation: Maintenance, commercial           Area of operation: Commercial and top end
 Hedland and half in Geraldton.                        and new housing.                                     housing in the South West.
 Area of operation: Maintenance, commercial,           Why did you become a member of the                   Why did you become a member of the
 housing, construction and environment.                MPGA? To keep up to date with information in         MPGA? For information, to support my
 Why did you become a member of the                    the trade.                                           Industry and be kept informed on what’s
 MPGA? To support and look after my Industry.          How long have you been a member of the               happening.
 How long have you been a member of the                MPGA? 1 year.                                        How long have you been a member of the
 MPGA? 2 years.                                        What did you think of the MPGAs new                  MPGA? 15 years +.
 What did you think of the MPGA’s new                  Enviro West course? It was a real eye opener.        What did you think of the MPGA’s new
 Enviro West course? There were many                   There was a lot of information including facts       Enviro West course? It gave me great
 great ideas on display. It is worth while for all     and figures.                                         awareness of what is happening in the Industry
 plumbers to attend.                                   What do you think are the biggest                    regarding environmental issues. The course was
 What do you think are the biggest                     challenges facing plumbers in regional               extremely informative. I was unable to find out
 challenges facing plumbers in regional                areas? Application of “Enviro Issue” and getting     environmental information before attending this
 areas? Staff levels and lack of training facilities   the message through to the customer.                 course.
 in Geraldton. Also a lack of Government                                                                    What do you think are the biggest
 funding to support employers for training.                                                                 challenges facing plumbers in regional
                                                                                                            • Access to products in regards to the Perth-
                                                                                                               Eastern States issues.
                                                                                                            • Lack of information & product awareness
                                                                                                            • Tradesmen availability.

 Name: Colin Smith.                                    Name: Shane Duncan
 Business Name: Smith & Glasson.                       Business Name: Dunc Plumbing & Gas
 Location: Geraldton.                                  Location: Albany region
 Where did you do your Apprenticeship? In              Areas of Operation: All sectors                     Name: Steve Gilbert
 Geraldton with DA & EM Johnson.                       Why did you attend the Albany Enviro                Business Name: Total Toilets.
 Area of operation: Commercial and housing.            West course? For knowledge and to keep              Location: Geraldton
 Why did you become a member of the                    up-to-date with the Industry.                       Area of operation: Portable Toilets
 MPGA? To keep up to date with Industry                How did you find the Albany Enviro West             Why did you become a member of the
 information.                                          Course? Very informative, there was a lot of        MPGA? To keep in touch with regulation changes
 What did you think of the MPGA’s new                  information that I just didn’t know.                in the Industry.
 Enviro West course? The course is mainly              Why are you an MPGA member? Because                 How long have you been a member of the
 structured around the management side of the          the MPGA gives out valuable information and         MPGA? 1 year.
 business.                                             because I want to support my Industry.              What did you think of the MPGA's new Enviro
 What do you think are the biggest                     What are the major issues in the Plumbing           West course? It was a real eye opener as this area
 challenges facing plumbers in regional                Industry within the Albany region? The              is the future of the plumbing industry..
 areas? Keeping in touch with changes in               lack of qualified tradespeople. Also, the lack of   What do you think are the biggest challenges
 regards to the AS3500/Sustainability, lack of         correct information we get here about changes       facing plumbers in the Geraldton region? Lack
 tradesmen and training facilities.                    in the Industry.                                    of plumbers in regional areas.

Construction & Plumbing Journal • July 2008
 Novetec... the new name behind the best brands in plumbing

           Novelli Architetto
           Collection Mixers.
           Made in Italy.

                                               New Acrylmix Inset Trough.
                                                                                     Palio Folding Arm Wall Swivel
                                                                                     Outlet with push-button spray.   and
                                     Novelli’s quality range of stainless steel sinkware.
                                                           for all centre
                                                           button full &
                                                             half flush
                                                                                                                      have a
                                                              9L/4.5L &

               Made to
                                                        New Inlet and
                                                        Outlet Valves

               LN No.20121.20122
               Standards Australia

  Novelli is an established Australian plumbing brand, well known for its innovative design and
  excellent quality. Specify from Novelli’s extensive range of tapware, showers, bathroom accessories,
  sanitaryware, vessels, basins and sinkware... to give you a real choice.

                                     Select from Multiform’s comprehensive range of spas &
                                     baths and Vogue’s quality range of bathroom furniture.

Novetec, the name behind leading kitchen and bathroomware brands Novelli Tapware, Sanitaryware & Sinkware, Multiform Spas & Baths and Vogue
Bathroomware. Novetec is an Australian owned manufacturer, wholesaler and distributor of quality kitchen, bathroom and laundry products with manufacturing
operations in Australia, Italy and China. Novetec’s extensive product range is available throughout Australia at leading plumbing merchants.

                                                                                                                                    B u i l d i n g P r o d u c t s P t y L t d

          F o r y o u r n e a r e s t s t o c k i s t F r e e C a l l 1 8 0 0 6 3 1 7 9 7 o r f o r m o r e i n f o r m a t i o n v i s i t w w w. n o v e t e c . c o m . a u .
20               What's On at MPGA

       What’s on at the Master Plumbers
           & Gasfitters Association
   18th               Apprentice of the Year
                      Competition – Theory/Interviews
   28th               Enviro West Training Karratha
   29th               Enviro West Training Karratha
   31st               Enviro West Training Broome

   8th                Enviro West Training Perth

   15th               Apprentice of the Year -
                      Competition Day
                                                                     S   O
                      Executive Committee Meeting
                      Enviro West Training Perth             E NTRIE
   12th               Spring Golf Day (The Burswood
   19th               Plumber of the Year - Competition
   25th-28th          8th World Plumbing Conference –
                      Calgary, Canada

                                                          SOLAR SOLUTIONS
                                                          Solar Hot Water
                                                          Solar Power
                                                          Superior Performance
                                                          Fast Reliable Service
                                                          Government Incentives*
                                                          100% Australian Owned

                 ✆1300 367 565
                  *Conditions Apply

Construction & Plumbing Journal • July 2008
                                                           Institute of Plumbing Report
                                                                            by Stephen Movley, Institute Secretary   21
             National Plumbing Forum
               The Institute recently    outline from the perspective of their       consistent regulation, standards,
               continued its series      particular sector of industry and then      training and licensing in plumbing.
               of Australian National    joined a panel for open discussion and          The second National Plumbing
Plumbing Forum’s with the 2008           debate with the assembled delegates.        Forum for 2008 will continue the
theme being Training – a journey             After serious debate the outcome        theme “Training – a journey not a
not a destination. This latest forum     of this forum was a decision to move        destination” on Friday 17 October
was held in conjunction with the         ahead and investigate the provision         2008 at the Designbuild Plumbing
Designbuild Plumbing Show at the         of a “Design Stream” into Certificate       Show in Perth 17 to 19 October 2008.
Melbourne Convention and Exhibition      IV of the training package. It was          Issues such as National Consistency,
Centre on 17 June 2008.                  further agreed to take up the offer         Long term career path for all in
    The Institute of Plumbing invited    from the Construction, Plumbing             plumbing, Skills training for Plumbing
leaders from a number of sectors         and Services Industry Skills Council        Designers, Consistency of Skills for
of the wider Plumbing Industry to        to reconvene an existing Review             Designers and Contractors, Plumbing
discuss in open forum the way ahead      Steering Committee, with the addition       Diploma for the wider Plumbing
for consistent training across the       of two representatives of the design        Industry and Maximise use of our
wider plumbing community with            sector, to advance the investigation to     (Plumbing’s) Training Package will
particular emphasis on retaining the     conclusions acceptable to the wider         be included together with progress
training of plumbing designers within    plumbing community. The Institute           update and further discussion on the
the national training package. The       also sits on this committee.                outcomes from the Melbourne Forum.
speakers included Fred Baltetsch             In reaching this outcome the                Input into national matters such
– Chairman National Plumbing and         consensus opinion was that it is            as the above and other training,
Services Training Advisory Group,        essential to maintain not only a robust     standards and regulatory committees
Doug McClusky – Training Manager         Operations Stream with prerequisites        is a constant drain on limited
Plumbing Trades Employees Union,         through Certificate III to Certificate      resources, to offset this drain the
Shayne LaCombre for Michael              IV and onward but this must also lead       Institute of Plumbing is constantly
McGuinness – Chairman National           to a nationally consistent pathway          seeking members who by simply
Plumbing Regulators Forum, Paul          to Plumbing Contractors License. It         joining and maintaining a membership
Naylor – General Manager Master          is further proposed that any Design         help spread the burden of active
Plumbers Association NSW speaking        Stream is to be quarantined from the        participation in the wider plumbing
for the National Plumbing Associations   Contractor License Stream without           industry of Australia and the World for
Alliance, David Steblina – National      effect on the overall career path for a     the benefit of all. For membership see
Training Officer Association of          Plumber.                          
Hydraulic Services Consultants               It is interesting to note that the          Your comments and input to the
Australia and Mike Quade – Project       assembled delegates and presenters          Institute are always welcome.
Manager Construction, Plumbing           represented the wider plumbing
and Services Industry Skills Council.    industry and all appeared to have one                  Stephen J Movley Hon FIPA
Each speaker provided a succinct         voice on the urgent need for nationally      

                                                                                    Construction & Plumbing Journal • July 2008
22                MPA Skills Group Training Report
                  by Sheena Findlay

       In June we have seven plumbing apprentices completing their        Successful completions
       apprenticeships, which is fantastic to see. This also allows       Congratulations to the following
       opportunities for extra apprentices to be offered a position       apprentices who completed their
       with us, and so the cycle begins again.                            apprenticeship. Thank you to their host
       The plumbing apprentices continue to injure themselves             employers for their commitment in both time and effort:
       although thankfully, they are nearly all minor injuries.           Rodney Taylor, 30 May. Trained by Impulse Plumbing & Gas.
       In April we had three injuries consisting of a shoulder strain     Rodney transferred his apprenticeship to us in October 2005.
       with no lost time; a fall from a ladder resulting in 7 days LTI    Sam Hogg, 10 June. Trained by Knowles Plumbing, Downer
       and a contusion to the elbow resulting in 2 days LTI.              EDI Engineering, Wilmac Plumbing, Commercial Drainage
                                                                          Company and completed with Knowles Plumbing.
       In May we had one foreign body in eye – unfortunately on his
       first day as an apprentice, and one quite severe laceration to     Craig Beaumont, 10 June. Trained by Cooper & Jones
       hand which resulted in 6 days LTI.                                 Plumbing, Lupica Plumbing & Drainage and completed with
                                                                          Caesars Plumbing & Gas.
       Wearing correct eye protection continues to be the best
                                                                          Casey McLeod, 10 June. Trained by Charter Plumbing & Gas.
       solution to avoid eye injuries, so please make sure you look
       after your eyes. Lacerations continue to occur, mainly caused      Darren Hamilton, 10 June. Trained by Lupica Plumbing &
       by rushing, lack of concentration or not planning the job before   Drainage.
       starting. Taking a moment to think the job through can save        Andrew Burdon, 10 June. Trained by Impulse Plumbing
       lost time and injury.                                              & Gas, Kamkal Plumbing & Gas, Tapper & Wilcox, Samson
                                                                          Plumbing & Gas Pty Ltd and completed with South Fremantle
       New starts
                                                                          Jarrad Sara, 11 June. Trained by South Fremantle Plumbing,
       In May we started 13 apprentices. Thank you to the host
                                                                          Trademark Plumbing, Selected Plumbing & Gas, Greg Thomas
       employers who have given these lads a start.
                                                                          Plumbing & Gas and completed with Charter Plumbing & Gas.
       Blake Ashworth – Royalty Plumbing
                                                                          Matthew King, 19 June. Trained by Casotti Plumbers &
       Giulio Balla – Alinta Assist                                       Gasfitters and completed with Altona Plumbing & Civil.
       Elliott Botman – Hilton Plumbing
       Sam Brockman – Alinta Assist
                                                                          On 21 May Deputy Prime Minister the Hon. Julia Gillard
       Shane Edwards – Gregory Gibson Plumbing Pty Ltd                    officially launched GTA’s National Indigenous Employment
       Robert McLeod – Mercuri (WA)                                       Strategy. This strategy will see the creation of up to 300
       Daniel Merrick – Quest Gas & Plumbing Services                     additional apprenticeships and traineeships for Indigenous
                                                                          Australians across the country. Group Training Australia has
       Harley Smith – Majestic Plumbing Pty Ltd
                                                                          partnered with the Australian Government to make this
       Layton Warner – Ballantyne Plumbing, Gas & Electrical              possible. Apprenticeships will be available in construction.
       Ryan Williams – Erringtons Plumbing & Gas                          180 of these apprenticeships will be for Indigenous people in
       Curtis Hewson – Johnson & Co Plumbing & Gas                        regional and remote areas.
       Matthew La Rocca – Impulse Plumbing & Gas                          Most of you will already know about the State Wage Case
       Sam Trimming – Perth Plumbers Pty Ltd                              Decision. This was handed down by WAIRC and will operate
                                                                          from the first pay period on or after 1 July 2008. If further
                                                                          information is required, this can be accessed at http://www.
                                                                 under 2008 State Wage Case decision.

Construction & Plumbing Journal • July 2008
Making your business appear more                                                                                                       23
attractive for selling
When buying a run down house it is surprising how a single coat           Other factors that play a key role and require
of paint can brighten up the house and making a huge difference
to the value of the entire property. This is exactly the same
                                                                          justification are:
within a business, by knowing what a prospective buyer looks              a.     Sustainability of income – marketing reports, contracts and
for in a business; the seller can add huge value by doing small                  agreements should be mature and show their renewals
improvements.                                                                    dates.
However, this is only possible if the seller has time on his side and     b. Ease of business operations without key people – complex
if he is in a position to properly plan the selling or exit process. In          businesses requires highly skilled people. A personnel skills
this article we will only look at a few points of the exit planning              matrix should clearly show the backup of support personnel
process. The single most important aspect is to start planning                   for critical skills.
early and to allow for enough time before the business is put on          c. Management expertise – documented proof of training
the market.                                                                      courses offered, formal training attendance, skill gaps
                                                                                 identified and training schedules that will fill the gaps. Most
What makes a business more attractive?
                                                                                 important, what incentives are in place to retain skilled
A few factors in a business that will make it more attractive to a               people and succession plans?
buyer are:                                                                d. Consistent suppliers – proof that the supplier performance
a. A long and profitable history – a business requires at least                  is regularly reviewed, long term agreements are in place
    3 years of solid growing figures backed by audited financial                 with current suppliers and escape clauses built in for non-
    statements, tax return statements, all support documentation                 performance.
    in chronological order showing the sales, expenses, stock             The business must perform an internal due diligence that covers
    orders and bank statements.                                           all aspects above with action plan to address deficiencies before
b. Solid evidence of a loyal customer base – a well maintained            commence selling.
    database that shows all contact details, historical purchases,        Once the business is ready and attractive for selling the owner
    correspondence and communications with the client. It                 still needs to familiarise himself in how to value the business. It
    should be evident if the client is the final decision maker.          is important that the seller gets to a value so that he has a base
c. Key staff permanency – well kept employment records                    for his own expectations as well as a point to start negotiations.
    showing their commencement dates, termination dates, their            This is needed so that the seller can established clear negotiation
    reason for leaving, roles, position contracts, performance            parameters i.e asking price, valuation price, selling price and exit
    reviews and training schedules. Statistics should clearly show        price.
    the staff turnover rate and if a management problem is                Lastly the seller needs to familiarise himself with the selling process,
    apparent.                                                             evaluation of an indicative offer, a typical selling agreement, escape
d. Well defined processes – as a minimum the standard                     clauses, possible payment schedules, payment structures and legal
    processes like buying goods, selling goods, appointing new            jargon. It will make it easier when talking to the accountant, legal
    people, budgeting, financial planning and reviews must be             advisor, business broker or business valuer during the business
    documented and showing the roles and positions responsible            exit planning.
    for each activity in the process.                                     If you would like to ask any questions, sell your business or grow
e. Business systems – the systems must support best practises             your business, need a great team and more time to yourself, or
    and correspond to the processes as documented. Business               just need more clarity on business issues, we can help you! For
    reports must be available retrieving selective information            a free and no obligations Profitability Analysis on your business
    that indicates how the business is performing. Systems                contact GOTto Business Coaching at 0437 519 470 or email us at
    training documentation should be available for in-house     
    training run by skilled peers.                                        Article provided by
                                                                          Gerhardt Otto
                                                                          GOTto Business Coaching

                                                                                                   Construction & Plumbing Journal • July 2008
Plumbers at Elevated Risk of
Asbestos Exposure
 Many professions are endangered by the nature of their job. Some of these
 dangers are more obvious than others. Fire fighters know the hazards they
                                                                                 got all the
 encounter each day and are trained to deal with them appropriately. Some
 hazards however, are less obvious than others. Among these is asbestos
 exposure. Plumbers, in particular, find themselves in a greater risk pool
 than many other trades as far as asbestos exposure is concerned.
 Nearly 80% of homes and other structures built prior to 1978 contain at least
 some asbestos-containing materials (classified by the Consumer Product
 Safety Commission as those which contain at least 1% asbestos). Many of
 these products are found within a given buildings plumbing fixtures.
 Asbestos was very adept at preventing heat transfer and insulation, two
 qualities which nearly all plumbing fixtures require. Asbestos was often
 included in the pipe sleeves and spray coverings that many used in insulate
 their piping with prior to the general ban on asbestos products in the late
 1970’s. When these materials are disturbed or damaged, as they may be by
 plumbers or other contractors, these fibres are easily released into the air
 and available for inhalation.
 When inhaled, asbestos is extremely hazardous. The microscopic fibres will
 often become lodged in the lining of the body’s internal organs, causing a
 sustained inflammation over time and leading to the growth of harmful scar
 tissue. These conditions lay the groundwork for mesothelioma, a rare form
 of cancer attributed to asbestos exposure. In addition to mesothelioma,
 asbestos exposure has been directly related to other respiratory                     All the options
 complications, such as asbestosis and diminished lung function.
 For more information concerning asbestos exposure, mesothelioma, or                are available with
 mesothelioma treatment, please visit the Mesothelioma and Asbestos
 Awareness Center at                                                Zetco’s new range of
                                                                                      Brass Conetite
                                                                                 Compression Ball Valves.
                                                                                      Available Now
                                                                                   in sizes 1/2” & 3/4”


                                                                                     Phone 1300 659 639

Construction & Plumbing Journal • July 2008
                           Enviro West                                                          ™
                           Sustainability in
  The innovative Enviro West™ training program has been designed to provide West Australian
  plumbers with the relevant information, knowledge and skills, now required to meet sustainability
  requirements for plumbing in Western Australia.

  Course information is based on the latest industry information and regulatory requirements
  including: AS3500 National Plumbing & Drainage Standards; the Building Code of Australia;
  AS1547 Guidelines for Greywater reuse (onsite dispersal of effluent and design) and Water
  Services Regulations 2000.

                                            • Water Efficiency

       y Topics
                                            • Energy Efficiency
    Ke                                      • Greywater Reuse & Design
                                            • Rainwater Harvesting & Design
  The Enviro West Sustainability in Plumbing training course is open to plumbing contractors, licensed
  tradespersons and apprentices currently working in the building and construction industry. Upon
  successful completion of the training program, course graduates will receive a Certificate of
  Completion and will also be accredited on the Master Plumbers and Gasfitters Association of
  WA’s Enviro West website (if members of the Association at time of course completion).

  Training Dates 2008:

      11 Perth 2008
         July            9 April 2008
                              Perth           Perth                2008
                                            3 October 2008 11 July Perth
       Geraldton         5 May 2008          Karratha         29 July 2008
      29 July 2008          Karratha       17 October 2008           Perth
       Geraldton         6 May 2008           Broome          31 July 2008
      31 July 2008          Broome         7 November 2008           Perth
         Perth           9 May 2008            Perth         8 August 2008
     8 August 2008
       Bunbury               Perth
                        27 May 2008                             Perth
                                          21 November 2008 August 2008
                                              Perth     22
    22 August 2008
    Margaret River           Perth
                        19 May 2008            Perth         3 October 2008