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									Ralph Bunche Cooperative, Inc.
Membership Eligibility Selection Plan
Effective Date:   July 23, 2009
Revised:          January 15, 2010
Revised:          August 17, 2011


    Ralph Bunche Cooperative is a BMIR development that is administered by the U.S. Department HUD,
    and is designated to attract applicants for occupancy from all potentially eligible groups of familial
    status. Ralph Bunche Cooperative has one, two, three and four bedroom units available for membership
    to all family types. The project-specific occupancy standards are listed on Page 8 of this Resident
    Selection Plan. To be eligible for occupancy at Ralph Bunche Cooperative, there must be a match
    between the applicant’s family size and the unit size available in Ralph Bunche Cooperative. The goal
    of this Resident Selection Plan is to establish a guideline for the selection of members in accordance
    with HUD regulations, which will enhance the quality of life for our members and improve the financial
    viability of Ralph Bunche cooperative.


    Non Discrimination
    It is the policy of Ralph Bunche Cooperative to comply fully with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of
    1964, Title VIII and Section 3 of the Civil Rights Act of 1968 (as amended by the Community
    Development Act of 1974), Executive Order 11063, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the
    Age Discrimination Act of 1975, and any legislation protecting the individual rights of members,
    applicants or staff which may subsequently be enacted.
    Ralph Bunche Cooperative will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, age,
    handicap, disability, or national origin in the leasing, rental, or other disposition of housing or related
    facilities, or in the use or occupancy thereof. In addition, Ralph Bunche Cooperative will not:

        Deny to any applicant the opportunity to apply for housing, nor deny any eligible
         applicant the opportunity to lease housing suitable to its needs;
        Provide housing which is different from that provided others;
        Subject a person to segregation or disparate treatment;
        Restrict a person’s access to any benefit enjoyed by others in connection with the housing
        Treat a person differently in determining eligibility or other requirements for admission;
        Deny a person access to the same level of services; or
        Deny a person the opportunity to participate in a planning or advisory group that is an integral
         part of the housing program.

    Ralph Bunche Cooperative shall not automatically deny admission to a particular group or category
  of otherwise eligible applicants. Each applicant in a particular group or category will be treated on
  an individual basis in the normal processing routine.

  Reasonable Accommodations
  Ralph Bunche Cooperative will seek hi to identify and eliminate situations or procedures that create a
  barrier to equal housing opportunity for all. In accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act,
  Ralph Bunche Cooperative will make reasonable accommodations for individuals with handicaps or
  disabilities (applicants or members). Such accommodations may include changes in the method of
  administering policies, procedures, or services at Ralph Bunche Cooperative where such
  modifications would be necessary to afford full access to the housing program for qualified
  individuals with handicaps.
  In reaching a reasonable accommodation with, or performing structural modifications for
  otherwise a qualified individual with disabilities, Ralph Bunche Cooperative is not required to:

     Make structural alterations that require the removal or altering of a load-bearing structural member;
     Provide support services that are not already part of its housing programs;
     Take any action that would result in a fundamental alteration in the nature of the program or service;

  Mitigating Circumstances
  Section 504 and Fair Housing regulations state consideration or mitigating circumstances shall be given to
  all persons applying for occupancy. If an applicant feels there is a mitigating circumstances or reasonable
  accommodation to be considered for determining occupancy, they should contact Ralph Bunche
  Cooperative immediately to schedule a meeting.


  It is the policy of Ralph Bunche Cooperative to guard the privacy of individuals conferred by the
  federal Privacy Act of 1974, and to ensure the protection of such individuals’ records maintained by
  Ralph Bunche Cooperative.

  Personal Information
  Unless required by Federal or State law, neither Ralph Bunche cooperative nor its agents shall disclose
  any personal information contained in its records to any person or agency unless the individual about
  whom information is requested shall give written consent to such disclosure.

  Determining Eligibility for Assistance
  This privacy policy in no way limits Ralph Bunche Cooperative’s ability to collect such information as
  it may need to determine eligibility and income, compute rent, or determine an applicant’s suitability
  for tenancy.

  Information on Handicaps/Disabilities
  Consistent with the intent of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, any information obtained on
  handicap or disability will be treated in a confidential manner.

  Investigations into Fraud/Criminal Activities
  This privacy policy is not intended to preclude the cooperation of Ralph Bunche cooperative with local,
  state, or Federal investigations into fraud or criminal activity. With proper identification, Ralph Bunche
  Cooperative is permitted to advise the investigating officer of the following:

     Whether or not an individual is a member
     How long an individual is a member; and
     Any other appropriate answers to questions related to the investigation.

  Ralph Bunche Cooperative will not make files, forms, or documents available to the investigating
  officer unless a court order for such action is provided.


  1. Ralph Bunche Cooperative is a Below Market Interest Rate (BMIR) project with 281 total units.
     This project is multi-family and not designated for a special population or family type.

  2. All Applicants must provide proof of Citizenship or Eligible Immigration Status. Acceptable
     documentation is as follows:

         a)      Birth Certificate from the United States of America
         b)      Naturalization Certificate for the United States of America
         c)      Acceptable Department of Homeland Security Documents Attachment 1

  3. All Applicants must provide proof of social security number. Acceptable verification of a social
     security number is an original social security card or, when a card is unavailable, a statement of
     verification from the Social Security Administration. When the statement of verification is
     provided, the applicant is required to provide an original social security card prior to moving into
     the Cooperative.

  4. All Applicants must provide all sources of verifiable income to the Cooperative and upon
     verification, it must be determined that the minimum income has been met. The minimum income
     requirements are as follows:

      Applicant’s respective size unit’s carrying charges cannot be more than 30% more than the gross
      annual income.

      Adjustments to monthly income are deducted for car payments, credit card payments; installment
      loans and so forth. The monthly carrying charges are then divided by the adjusted monthly income
      to arrive at the percentage.

  5. All Applicants must provide all sources of verifiable income to the Cooperative and upon
     verification, it must be determined that the maximum income limit has not been surpassed. The
     maximum income limits are published annually by the Department of Housing & Urban
     Development. Attachment 2

  6. All Applicants must agree that the Cooperative unit will be their only place of residence. Assisted
     members are allowed to have assets of many different types, including owning real estate.
     However, this real estate may never be used as their residence while they live in an assisted unit.

  7. Applicants must agree to pay the carrying charge required by the BMIR formula used at Ralph
     Bunche Cooperative, which is defined in HUD’s Occupancy Handbook, HUD Handbook 4350.3
     REV-1,CHG-1 as follows:

                            BMIR Carrying Charges Established and approved by HUD
                            Additional 10% over the BMIR rates (surcharge rate)

  8. Applicants must understand and agree to HUD’s requirement of an annual recertification of family
     income and circumstances in an established time frame per occupancy agreement and program

  9. Further, to ensure that assisted families pay carrying charges based on their ability to pay, applicants
     must understand and agree to HUD’s requirement that they are required to supply interim
     information to Ralph Bunche Cooperative when the following occurs between annually scheduled
         o A family member moves in or out of the unit

         o An adult member of the family who was reported as unemployed on the most recent
           certification/recertification obtains employment


  A complete application packet will include:

  1. A completed written/typed and signed Cooperative Application for Housing and Income / Asset
  2. Signed release of information forms for all items requiring verification, including the 9887 and
  3. A copy of the Photo ID’s for all adults (18 years and older) - The copy must be taken by the
     Cooperative Staff
  4. Copies of Social Security Cards or other acceptable verification for all persons listed on the
     application – The copies must be taken by the Cooperative Staff
  5. Copies of Birth Certificates for all persons listed on the application – The copies must be taken by
     the Cooperative Staff
  6. Payment of the $50.00 Application Processing Fee for each adult applicant - this fee must be paid in
     the form of a money order or cashier’s check.

  Applications will not be accepted without all of the above items.

  Each application will be timed, dated and signed by the agent taking the application. Applications will
  be processed in the order in which they are received.


     The date the application is initially accepted by the onsite office will be the determining factor for
     waiting list position. Upon receipt of a complete application packet, the following items will need to be
     verified/completed to determine eligibility:

                All Sources of Income & Assets        Current for 120-Days from the date of verification
                Previous Landlord History             Current for 120-Days from the date of verification
                Credit Background Check               Current 120-Days from the date of verification
                Criminal Background Check             Current 120-Days from the date of verification
                Interview                             Current unless Interview program is updated prior to
                Orientation                           Current for a period of 1 year from date of orientation

     Please note it will be the applicant’s responsibility to attend an updated interview in the event the
     interview program is modified or changed in such a way that would require an updated interview. Also,
     orientation is only current for a period of one year from the date of orientation. If the applicant fails to
     purchase a Membership within one year from the date of orientation, he/she will be required to attend
     orientation again.

     Credit Background

     Ralph Bunche Cooperative will not offer Membership to an applicant with bad credit. Bad credit is
     defined as:

                Accounts Sent to Collections – Applicant may have up to four (4) collection accounts that
                 cannot exceed a total collective debt of $5,000
                Accounts Sent to Collections – Applicant’s collection accounts cannot exceed a total
                 collective debt of $5,000, no matter the number of collection accounts
                Paid Landlord Judgments for Damages, Non-Compliance, or Non-Payment of Rent
                Unpaid All Other Judgments
                Six or more credit accounts reflecting a current delinquency of more than 30-Days

     Ralph Bunche reserves the right to offer an exception to this credit criteria for an existing resident who
     is applying for Membership if they meet the following criteria:

                Been an occupant for at least two (2) years
                Resides in a household that has not been turned over for non-payment in prior twelve (12)
                Resides in a household that does not have any record of serious material non-compliance
                Provides verification of the minimum income required to satisfy the monthly carrying charges

Criminal Background

An applicant will be denied Membership if the following criminal activity is verified in the prior ten
(10) years:

             Any household member currently engaging in illegal drug use or if Management determines
              that there is reasonable cause to believe that a household member's illegal use or a pattern of
              illegal use of a drug may interfere with the health, safety, or right to peaceful enjoyment of the
              premises by other residents. (Examples of evidence of illegal activities may include a
              conviction record, former landlord references, etc.)
             Conviction for rape, prostitution or sexual deviation
             Conviction for the manufacture or distribution of controlled substances
             Conviction for the illegal use of controlled substance
             The Cooperative determines that there is reasonable cause to believe that a household
              member's abuse or pattern of abuse of alcohol interferes with the health, safety, or right to
              peaceful enjoyment of the premises by other residents
             Felony conviction for any crime
             Subject to a Registration Requirement under the State Sex Offender Registration Program
             Having been evicted from any Federal Assisted site for drug related criminal activity by any
              household member

  EXCEPTION – an applicant subject to a Registration Requirement under the State Sex Offender
  Registration Program is NEVER eligible, even if the Registration and/or crime occurred prior to ten
  (10) years.

  EXCEPTION - an applicant will not be rejected on the basis of illegal use of controlled substances if
  an accredited rehabilitation agency confirms, in writing, that the applicant or household member is
  not a current illegal abuser or addict of controlled substances. The applicant must have completed the
  program a minimum of 12 months prior to their application with no additional record of abuse.

  Landlord History

  Landlord history and Residency will be verified for a period of three (3) years prior to the date of
  application. If at any time during that period an applicant lived with a parent or relative, they must
  complete a Live With Relative Affidavit verifying the dates of residency. An applicant will be
  denied if any verification confirms that:

              They were ever evicted or turned over to an attorney for habitual non payment, even if the
               suit was later dropped, this includes non-compliance and non-payment action
              They have a record of disruptive behavior

                They damaged the property in any way
                They have a record of major lease violations
                They had unsanitary and/or hazardous housekeeping habits
                They received three (3) or more legal notices for non-payment of rent in a 12-month period
                They owe an outstanding balance to the Landlord

     Please note, if the applicant has a previous verifiable resident history with Ralph Bunche,
     Management reserves the right to verify this residency even if beyond the previous three (3) years.

     Interview process
     If the applicant meets requirements of credit, criminal, household size, income and landlord
     references, they are interviewed by a RBC Committee. They must meet the interview requirement of
     receiving an average of 85 out of a possible 125 points. If they fail, the Applicant is rejected. All
     household members over eight (8) years of age must attend the interview. Also, if the Applicant does
     not appear for the scheduled interview and does not notify the office by the next business day, the
     application will be rejected.

     If an applicant is rejected as the result of the personal interview, they cannot reapply for a period of
     three (3) years from the date of rejection.

     After the applicant passes all eligibility criteria through the interview process, the application is
     approved. Prior to purchasing a Membership, the Applicant and all household Members over eight
     (8) years of age, are required to attend a scheduled orientation. In order to keep current with
     Cooperative policies and procedures, the applicant is required to attend an updated orientation if a
     Membership is not purchased within one year of the date of orientation. The applicant will be
     notified by Ralph Bunche Cooperative of the updated orientation schedule.

     Attempted Fraud
     Any information provided by the applicant that verification proves to be untrue may be used to
     disqualify the applicant for admission on the basis of attempted fraud. Ralph Bunche Cooperative
     considers false information about the following items to be grounds for rejecting an applicant:

               Income, assets, family composition; Social Security numbers; allowances; and
               Previous resident history or criminal history

     Unwitting errors that do not secure an advantage with regard to program eligibility, preferences, or
     rent will not be used as a basis to exclude applicants.


     All rejected applicants will be notified in writing within 3 business days of the date of rejection. The
     notification will state the reasons for rejection and advise them of their rights for reconsideration and


        If an applicant is not satisfied with the decision to reject their application, the applicant shall have the
        right to submit a written request for reconsideration and appeal.

        The request for reconsideration & appeal must be submitted to the Ralph Bunche Cooperative Sales
        Office in writing within fourteen (14) days of the mailing date of the rejection notice.

        The applicant will be notified in writing, within three (3) business days of the date of the next
        regularly scheduled Board of Directors meeting, of the decision made.

        The applicant may also appeal to the following organization(s):

                   Federal/State Agency


        When an applicant has met all eligibility requirements as described herein, a notification of approval
        will be provided, in writing, within three (3) business days of the approval date. The approval letter

        1.      Advise the applicant of the necessity of notifying us of changes which will affect the
        2.      Notify the applicant that it is their responsibility to contact the office every six months to keep
                the application active
        3.      Explains that all items used to determine eligibility will be re-verified according to the time
                frames as provided in the Selection Plan, and that their approval status could change based on
                the results of the update


        The household size cannot exceed the current household size limits for the type of units provided at
        the development.

        Size of Unit                   Minimum                 Maximum Persons

        1 Bedroom                      1 Person                2 People
        2 Bedroom                      1 Person                4 People
        3 Bedroom                      2 People                6 People
        4 Bedroom                      3 People                8 People

     In order to determine the size of the unit that would be appropriate for a particular family, Ralph Bunche
     Cooperative will count all full-time members of the family including live-in aides and foster persons who
     will reside in the unit. In addition, Ralph Bunche Cooperative will count all anticipated person including

     1. Children expected to be born to a pregnant woman;
     2. Children in the process of being adopted by an adult family member;
     3.    Children whose custody is being obtained by an adult family member;
     4.    Children who are temporarily in a foster home who will return to the family;
     5.    Children in joint custody arrangements who are present in the household 50% or more of the time;
     6.    Children who are away at school and who live at home during recesses;
     7.    Children that are temporarily in a correctional facility/detention center who will return to the family.
     8.    Family members temporarily confined to a nursing home or other medical facility.


      The age of the applicants must meet the current Federal and State minimum wage requirements at
      properties. The minimum age of the head of household must meet the State legal adult age standard
      (Michigan - 18 years).


      Regarding handicap or disability eligibility, inquiry should be limited to applicant initiated requests for
      a handicap or disability accessible unit. Only thereafter, co-op inquiries should be made to determine
      whether the applicant is qualified for a dwelling available only to persons with a disability or to persons
      with a particular type of handicap or disability. An applicant with a physical handicap or disability will
      be required to submit documentation to this effect.

     All approved applicants will be placed on Ralph Bunche Cooperative's waiting list in the order of the
     receipt of their application ("first come first serve”). There will be a wait list for each specific size unit
     and the applicant will be kept on all lists that apply, unless otherwise instructed. The waiting list will
     indicate the following information:

     A.    Date application received
     B.    Name of Applicant
     C.    Applicant Contact Information
     D.    Date of Approval
     E.    Date of Removal
     F.    Units Offered

     Wait List Preference
     Preference will be given to those applicants that apply for housing at Ralph Bunche Cooperative that
     have a statutory preference (displacement). A statutory preference constitutes applicants that have been
     displaced by government action or a presidential declared disaster.

     Renoval from Wait List
     Every six months the wait list will be purged to ensure the applicant’s desire and interest to remain on
     the wait list. The applicant will receive written notification of such. Failure to comply with the wait list
     update requirements will result in the applicant being placed inactive.

      Ralph Bunche Cooperative will not remove an applicant’s name from the Waiting List unless:

     The applicant requests that the name be removed.
     The applicant was clearly advised of the requirement to tell Ralph Bunche Cooperative of his/her
      continued interest in housing by a particular time and failed to do so. Those failing to respond with
      the required time frame will be removed from the list. They may reapply at any time, but will not
      assume their old position on the list.
     Ralph Bunche Cooperative made a reasonable effort to contact the applicant to determine if there is
      continued interest in housing but has been unsuccessful.
     Ralph Bunche Cooperative has notified the applicant of its intention to remove their name because
      they no longer qualify for BMIR housing.


  Unit Offer
  When the appropriate sized unit becomes available or when the Cooperative is aware of a future vacancy,
  the applicant will be contacted by phone and in writing of the unit availability. The applicant will have
  seven (7) working days to respond to the offer. Failure to respond to the offer in the designated time
  frame will result in the application being removed from the wait list and being placed inactive. If the
  applicant responds with a pass on the unit offer, the application will remain active on the wait list in the
  original position.

  Determination of Carrying Charge and Membership Fees
  The monthly carrying charge amount is determined in accordance with HUD’s Occupancy Handbook,
  HUD Handbook 4350.3 REV-1. The membership and equity is determined by the Cooperative By-Laws.

  Prior to Move-In

     The applicant and site manager will inspect the unit, and complete the move-in inspection form;
     All applicants will sign the Occupancy Agreement, Lease Addendum, House Rules and other
      applicable HUD required forms;
     The applicants will sign the Federal Form 50059 Initial Move-In Certification, Initial Notice, Lease
      Amendment and Privacy Act;
     The applicant will pay the membership fee by bank check, cashier’s check or money order;
     The applicant will pay the pro-rate carrying charges by personal check, bank check, cashier’s check or
      money order;
     The applicant will pay the pet deposit (if applicable) by personal check, bank check, cashier’s check or
      money order.

 Failure to Move-In On Time
 If an applicant fails to move in on the agreed date, the applicant will be contacted to determine if
 extenuating circumstances exists. If Ralph Bunche Cooperative determines that extenuating
 circumstances do exist, and the applicant cannot immediately move into Ralph Bunche Cooperative, the
 application will be returned to its current spot on the Waiting List, and the unit will be offered t o the next
 household on the Waiting List. If Ralph Bunche Cooperative does not find that there are extenuating
 circumstances, the application will be withdrawn.


  The Transfer Policy is attached as a separate Addendum to the Resident Selection Plan.


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