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					Diet Plan
The diet is designed to last for seven to fourteen days.
There is a similar pattern.
Breakfasts are the same: one half grapefruit, one slice of toasted protein bread,
black tea/coffee.

Day One
     Lunch: lean meats, chicken, turkey or fish in any amount and tomatoes
   (raw or cooked)
     Dinner: fish or shellfish (broiled), salad - any greens and vegetables, one
   slice of toasted protein bread, grapefruit or a fruit in season.

Day Two
    Lunch: fruit salad in any amount.
    Dinner: lean hamburger without bread and cooked vegetables.

Day Three
    Lunch: tuna/salmon salad (without oil), grapefruit/melon/fruit in season.
    Dinner: two lean pork chops/ roast lean lamb, mixed salad.

Day Four
     Lunch: Two eggs, no fat, cottage cheese, vegetables(squash or zuchini or
   string beans or tomatoes cooked or raw), one slice of toasted protein bread.
     Dinner: fatless chicken, spinach or green peppers or green beans

Day Five
    Lunch: low-fat dry cheese, spinach, one toasted slice of protein bread.
    Dinner: fish or shellfish, salad or cooked vegetables, one toasted slice of
   protein bread.

Day Six
    Lunch: fruit salad.
    Dinner: chicken or turkey, tomato and lettuce salad, grapefruit or melon.

Day Seven
    Lunch: chicken or turkey (hot or cold), tomato salad with lettuce or
   carrots or broccoli or cauliflower, grapefruit or melon/one piece of fruit.
    Dinner: lean steak, mixed salad.
No snacking allowed.
Artificial sweeteners allowed instead of sugar.
Herbal appetite suppressants are encouraged.

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