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									South Riding, VA Orthodontist, Dr. Anisa Omar, Makes Beautiful Smiles
With Clear Braces

South Riding, VA, 01-June-2012 - Dr. Anisa Omar, South Riding VA
orthodontist, has recently been recognized for her success in providing
beautiful smiles to individuals of all ages who want to achieve healthy
teeth and an attractive appearance. The doctor uses the most advanced
methods and techniques to ensure that patients achieve their goal for a
more confident and perfect smile while maintaining the healthy teeth that
will last indefinitely.

When interviewed recently, Dr. Omar stated, "I encourage people with
small children to visit our office when the child's first molars begin to
appear. By addressing issues early there are many instances when very
minor orthodontia will be required. However, no matter what a person's
age, when straighter teeth and a beautiful smile are desired, we can
provide the care and options that will help them achieve their goal.
Using clear braces removes many of the issues that often accompany metal
appliances. As a certified Invisalign provider, I am able to determine if
this options will be the most effective choice for patients and give them
the important information they will need to choose the appliance that
will fit their needs."

Invisalign is an invisible appliance that is removable and is not easily
noticed by others. The wearer is able to remove the appliance when they
eat or drink so, unlike metal appliances, a person can continue to enjoy
their favorite foods and snacks while their teeth are being straightened.
In addition, long sessions in the office for wire adjustments or dental
procedures are not necessary and there is no painful period of adjustment
and mouth abrasions that are sometimes found with the metal options

After a thorough examination, the doctor will create a program for use of
the invisible braces using 3-D computer technology. Each set of aligners
is worn for approximately two weeks with the adjustment of the teeth
being accomplished gradually. In most cases, the time required to achieve
the desired results is between 9 and 15 months with visits to Dr. Omar
scheduled each six weeks to ensure that the teeth are responding as

To get more information on the methods and techniques used by South
Riding VA Orthodontist, Dr. Anisa Omar, to help patients achieve the
beautiful smiles they desire with clear braces, visit today. Individuals and members of the
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