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     How to fund and Withdraw
   money from your paypal account

Opening a USA bank account in Nigeria seems unbelievable... I
mean how possible is it to open a USA bank account right here in
Nigeria? and not only that be able to withdraw from that account
right here in Nigeria for FREE! Seems unbelievable right?

  Well Nothing is impossible. All you need is just to know more. Let's go!.

 In my years of marketing internet marketing strategies to Nigerians i found out that only 2
out of every 10 will implement what they have learnt. The reason is most of US create
barriers for ourselves without knowing.

The writer and publisher of this ebook have therefore disclaim anyone who publishes this
ebook without permission from the author. This ebook is for personal use only and should
not be sold!.

Also the author has boldly claim that any one who implements his intructions will get his or
her account ready in less than a week, so NO refunds will be made to anyone who does not
have a proof of implementing this strategies. That is impossible. With what you will learn
here, making money online will be as easy as possible. That is enough for now.
To open a USA bank account is possible using the service of virtual money
inc. There website is:

Unfortunately due to the way their service is designed you cannot open a USA
account with them directly except through their agents that is located in your
country. So what you need to do is to look for the agent that works with Virtual
Money Inc so that you can open your USA account through them. And their
agent that does that in Nigeria is SPRING BANK PLC and their own website

Once you have landed on look for virtual money
card on the right side of the website and click on it. Now for you to set-up your
virtual money card you will need any of the followings:

            [1]International passport AND National ID card
            [2]International passport AND Drivers License
            [3]Drivers License AND National ID Card.

Read:           for
more informations.

[B] The sum of $50 [Naira will not be accepted]. With this money,the sum of
$10 will be used to set-up the card, the bank will take $25 commission and the
remaining balance will be used for opening your account.

The interesting thing about this is that you will be able open the account and get
the card the same day!. Not only that you will also be handed other documents
that you will need like: your pin number. e.t.c.

Here is how the card looks like:
Once spring bank gives you the card which is called a VMI card. Go back
to and login your details. From there you will
activate your account and once that is done, it means you automatically:

On, the card that you are given there are sixteen numbers on it. Look at
the above as an example. To get your US Bank account Number, you will
have to count from digit one to digit number seven. Discard those digits
and then write 8.

After writing 8 write the remaining numbers that are after the digit one to
digit seven that you have discarded. Those are your us bank account

That means if your card number was 1234567918234562. You will need
to discard 1234567 and then write 8918234562. That will be your US

Don't worry once you card gets activated the company will send you a
more detailed information and step by step guide on what i just explained.

Also to verify your paypal account using this method, you will need to go
back to your paypal account and click on” add a bank account”. Follow
the steps, you are using a checkings account and your routing number at
all time is: 103102892.

Once the account is added, you have also been able to successfully verify
your paypal account right here in Nigeria. NO stories!

To fund your paypal account which will enable you buy things online,
simply buy dollars and pay at any spring bank into your VMI card.

Then login into your paypal account and then add the fund from your usa
account into your paypal account and automatically the money will be
deducted from your usa bank account into your paypal account which you
can now use to make payments.

To withdraw from your paypal simply withdraw from your US bank
account. That means you will send the money from your paypal account
into your usa bank account, that can be done by selecting the withdrawal
option in your paypal access.

Once your US bank account has been loaded with money. Simply Look for
a ZENITH bank and slot in your VMI card and withdraw your account in
Naira cash and carry!

You see! It is very simple to do!

Due to the present Spring Bank Merger Procedures, this service have been
suspended. It will continue after the merger.

Feel free to go to the bank and make your own enquiries.

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