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Have you been trying to make money online
for years or are new and would like to take
 part in something that actually works?...

  Make $30 to $4000 monthly locally and
 globally from adsense, CPA and affiliate
     programs using your niche blog
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I have personally ran a wildly successful online media company that has
remained private for many years and have built along with my team
successful Passive Income Blogs Sites with endless hours of research and

Why Should You Go with me? It takes time, testing and a whole lot of
manpower to develop a system that will bring you a consistent revenue stream
month in and out. We are offering you the chance to let us build you a passive
income website blog that can rank well in search engines as well as bring
profitable income fast and monthly.

Many are struggling with owning a website or blog, many who own one make
little or nothing even after owning it. This is because most of these sites do not
rank in search engines, they do not have traffic and do not have the right SEO and
google friendly content. Moreso, they have duplicated contents from other sites.
We write your articles manually with unique SEO friendly organic content that
makes them come on google first page few days after set up.

  Get A Ready Made Passive Income Niche Blog Set Up by An Expert And
   Save Yourself From All The Stress That Comes With Doing It Yourself

                    Slots are going: Limited Space available
Let me take the stress of you and set up a blog site that will bring passive income
for you each month. These passive income blogs are for only 20 people each
month as I will be installing them manually to get you the right results.

See some testimonies from those whose sites has been set up and running:

               Testimoney from my first buyer and satisfied client:

       It is only the empty barrels that make the most noise, a loaded one does
       not flinch. Matching action with words is the bedrock of Henry Omenogor
       (MENOG). They not only keep their promises but actualize your dream
       of making money on the net.
       More lubricants to your knowledge.. IT IS UNIQUE,IT HAS STARTED
       WORKING FOR ME. I have got my website going under 48 hours…

       Chief Oke-Wale Tajudeen, owner
         See sample sites I have done for Chief Oke-Wale Tajudeen visit

How To Get Started and own your Money Making Passive Income Site

1. Place your order. After placing your order through our bank account, I’ll contact
you to discuss what niche you want your money making site to be on. Maybe you
have a certain product in mind that you want to promote, maybe not, this is the
time to discuss that. As soon as we have established what niche you would like to
go in, I can get started with my work. Let’s take a look, okay?

* I will do niche research and choose a keyword to work around your niche
* With that keyword in mind I’ll choose and buy a domain name for you and host
* Manual and safe installation of WordPress, along with the most important
plugins for SEO purposes, including qucik adsense, facebook like, anti-spam etc
* highly customized premium theme (from me tailored to your niche to make
your blog sticky)
* 10 unique articles with keyword optimized titles and content, uploaded on your
* 10 PLR article package in your niche that you can upload to your blog or rewrite
and use for promotion every three days interval

* basic promotion of your blog: submission to the search engines, social
bookmarking of the homepage and submission of your RSS feed to RSS
directories as well as review in Start Your Own Business Blog

* Adding social networking and traffic plugins including facebook like, quick adsense, google
analytic, add this etc

A highly effective revenue generating website.

Are you signed up for Google Adsense, CPA, Clickbank, Amazon etc? Whatever
revenue generating program you are signed up for or would like us to sign up for
you, we will placed strategically on your website to give you the best performance
possible. We have many years of successful websites and rigorous testing that
will be beneficial to providing you with a successful website.
That's Not All!!!

We will add pages that support your product or others including:

1. Privacy Policy: Google loves privacy policy and you may not get the real ads if
you do not have this on your site. We will write a privacy policy for your site.

2. Contact Us and Product Page: If you need these pages, we will add them for you
on your blog..

What if you already own a blog and need to Customize it too for passive

We will also work with you to have it optimized for passive income. All you need
is to give us access to your blog and we make it a professional money making
blog. We will give you a discount of 15%.

                     See list and samples of site we have done
Start Your Own Business Magazine Visit
Life Income World, having both affiliates

      Home Business Niche blog:

 Online Business Niche

                          Motivation and Success Niche


First Class Support Team

We have an award wining support staff that is ready to make sure the purchase and
building of your Passive Income Site goes perfectly from your first email.

We will not only install and leave you. You will make your first income from any
of the programs before we leave you to implement the system with promotional
methods we will give you in an ebook so you can continue to bring traffic to your
blog and make more money monthly as you keep posting.

You also have access to our support system online where you ask question and
you are assisted.

                      How Much thie Passive Income Site:

Because of the work that is involved, we would have charged N50,000 or GHc500
for set up. But we are running a promo.

First Fifty people to Order is : N10,000 in Nigeria Customers, GHc100 for Ghana
Customers if you do not own a site and N8,500 for Nigeria customers and GHc85

if you already own a site that we will customize. The rest is   N12,000

Do you have a Free Blog with Blogger and
wanted it customized for success, we will
customize it for success to and you will sure
make your money. We will also design your
theme, change what you have and customize it
to a professional one. For a sample for my
client, see the site below. You will never believe
it’s a free blogger blog, because I have changed
all about it


I am for ever greatful for the wonderful work you did by changing my site to a
professional one. I have earned and continue to earn money from google adsense
and other affiliate through your mentoring, teaching and set up.

Damilola Ajose… Owner
To own your customized blogger site for ultimate earning, all you need is N5,000,
then send to me your user name and password and the blogger blog account you
want customized.

Visit the site above and see the difference between what youe free blog looks like
and that of Dammy.

It is time for you to take action,,,

                                       Hurry Now!!!

 To own your Passive Income Site before this promo is over, text Passive Site
  to my phone if you live in Ghana or Nigeria and I will contact you for your
       requirements: Text to +2348027246021... or email immediately to

Note decided yet, see what I am giving out listed again

   1. Domain name registered for you

   2. Domain hosted for you

   3. Site created for you with customized theme that earn you money

   4. Money making programs added for you including clickbank, amazon,
        adsense, cpa, etc

   5. Plugins added for you including whydowork, SEO, facebooklike,
        Social plugin for twitter, digit, facebook, fan page etc
 6. Your site submitted in search engines and rss feed directories for you

 7. Your site connected to your facebook, twitter and other social
     networking sites for you

 8. Your site reviewed at start your own business magazine site and menog digital site

 9. You make your first money before we leave you.

 10. We give you an ebook that will teach you how to generate traffic to
     your site and make more money monthly

 How long will you continue to invest money online like many without
 result. We know how it feels and this is why we are here to help.

 Grab your site now….

                                Hurry Now!!!

To own your Passive Income Site before this promo is over, text Passive Site
to my phone if you live in Ghana or Nigeria and I will contact you for your
     requirements: Text to +2348027246021... or email immediately to

                    Menog Nigeria and Menog Ghana
                          The Monthly Internet Business Course

Lest I forget, have your tried or struggled to practically make money online but failed or do not
know what to do? Dont worry, I will guide and lead you.

After years of running a successful online business, we know all the challenges newbies are
facing. This includes not knowing what to do, how to do it, wrong approach and no practical

This is why we introduced two programs that will enable anyone starting internet business to
practically make money.

Monthly BootCamp: Our monthly bootcap is a practical training held on the
first Saturday of every month and we cover Web designing, Pro Bloging and
Affiliate Marketing. This is where we teach practically a step by step
presentation in a class of only 20. It is a personal mentoring class. This class is
N4,000 before the day and N5,000 at the Venue. To attend this class, just send
to my phone with subject BootCamp with the date you want to attend and
you will be duly sent tne payment details. Once you make your payment, your
seat will be reserved. Text your "Bootcamp, Name, phone and email to

You can also see the detail of upcoming training by visting
Monthly Internet Business Challenge

The internet business challenge is for those who says they have tried internet
marketing and made nothing. It is for those who want to be guided but cannot
attend the physical class. It is a distant class that every student take
instruction and workbook weekly and implement what they have studied,
learned and are suppervised by me.

It has shown that when most newbies buy ebooks, they want to implement the
steps in one day and so may not get result. I am mentoring you and so you
will succeed.

You have nothing to loose in this course as if you do not make your first
money at the end of this course, your money will be refunded.

Best of all, this course is very cheap compared to what you are learning.

This course is presently N3,000 or GHc30 as promo price and would be
increased soonest.

To participate, visit and click on Monthly Internet
Challenge. It is a course that starts from 1st and 16th day of every month.

If you also want to have a slot which is paid before the day, text "Challenge to
my phone and I will send the payment details to you.

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