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									San Antonio, TX Chiropractor, Dr. Chad Owen DC, Offers Safe Solutions For

San Antonio, TX, 01-June-2012 - San Antonio Chiropractor, Dr. Chad Owen,
DC, provides individuals who are suffering from headache pain the
effective and safe solutions that will increase their ability to function
and enjoy life without fear of recurring headache pain. The doctor uses a
"whole body" approach to care that addresses the root cause of the pain
and contributing factors that contribute to the pain.

When interviewed recently Dr. Owen discussed his commitment to helping
people who suffer from headache pain. "There can be many factors that
contribute to headache pain and, unless all factors are addressed,
headache pain returns after a short time. The pain of a headache can be
debilitating and significantly reduce an individual's quality of life. In
many cases a person may be unable to focus or participate in their daily
activities until the pain subsides. I work closely with my patients to
provide the care, education, and training they need to get immediate
relief from pain and maintain greater overall wellness."

During the initial consultation Dr. Owen performs a physical examination
and takes x-rays to determine anomalies such as misalignment,
herniations, or compressed discs that may be pinching nerves and/or
restricting proper circulation through the spine. The doctor will also
discuss the history of the pain with the patient as well as their normal
diet, exercise, and activities. Medical history is discussed and any
injuries or accidents that the individual has been involved in and
external triggers for the pain are also explored.

After reviewing all of the data that is collected, Dr. Owen creates an
individualized wellness program that includes gentle, low-force
manipulation to realign discs and restore circulation. The doctor also
uses other therapies such as massage, hot/cold therapy, and nutritional
therapy to increase the body's ability to heal, increase the metabolism,
and relieve swelling and inflammation that may be contributing to the

When stress or tension are contributors to the headache pain the doctor
will recommend exercises designed to relieve stress and increase overall
health and circulation throughout the body. Stress management techniques
and methods are also taught to help patients more easily identify and
address stressors before headache pain begins. The doctor will also
provide other education and resources to help the individual become more
proactive in achieving and maintaining greater wellness.

To get more information about the methods and techniques used by Dr. Chad
Owen, DC, San Antonio chiropractor, to relieve headache pain safely,
naturally, and effectively, visit today.
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