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									Psoriasis And Diet – Is Eating Better Key To Beating
It may come as no shock to you to hear that there is a direct correlation
between psoriasis and diet, and understanding more about this is key to
becoming free of the disease for good. Psoriasis has been blamed on many
different factors, such as stress, hygiene, allergies, chemicals and much
much more. For most psoriasis sufferers, their condition is brought about
due to a combination of any number of the commonly mentioned causes,
and one of the causes that often plays a very large role and is easy to
remedy is the diet.
                    We all know that an unhealthy diet is bad for us, and
                    most of us would admit that we don’t get enough of the
                    foods that are good for us. When it comes to psoriasis
                    and diet, the main threat is from the toxins found in
                    processed foods, in the form of chemical additives,
                    colourings, flavourings and preservatives.

These toxins can exacerbate, and often be the main cause of psoriasis, and
diet management is the best way to combat their effect. Firstly, the body is
often unable to break down these toxins and may try to expel them from
the body through the skins’ pores, irritating the skin and making a psoriasis
outbreak worse. Secondly, some of these toxins find their way into the
immune system where they do the most damage.

When these toxins interfere with the immune system, it can cause the
immune system to believe the body is under attack and will respond by
increasing the production of skin cells. It is when this increased production
of skin cells occurs that psoriasis happens, because the excess skin cells
will build up on the surface of the skin till they are ready to die and shed.
This build up of skin cells is what you see as a scaly red rash on your skin
during a psoriasis outbreak.

Once you understand the relationship between psoriasis and diet, it is
relatively easy to make some simple changes that could make a big
difference in the appearance of your skin. First off, some people do notice
that certain foods in particular can trigger an outbreak of psoriasis. As with
any trigger that you may identify, you should immediately remove it and
see if your condition improves.
Because it is the chemicals found in processed foods that are often to
blame for causing, or at least contributing to psoriasis, eliminating these as
much as possible will help most sufferers of the disease. Take more notice
of food labels when out shopping, and avoid those will lots of chemical
additives. Try to remove processed meats from your diet like bacon and
salami, and eat more fresh white meat and fish. Brown bread is better
because it is less processed than white (the same goes for brown rice and
whole-grain pasta), and getting as much fresh fruit and vegetables (organic
if possible) as you can will go a long way to solving the problem of
psoriasis and diet.

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