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4    Traffic crashes down
     in Jefferson County

7    Drug task force
     uncovers major drug ring

10   Jail staff mobilizes in
     response to E. coli

12   Grants fund $1.3
     million in programs

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                                        To the Jefferson County Community

 2 letter from Sheriff ted Mink

 4 patrol Division

 6 investigation Division

 8 in the community

10 Detention Services Division

12 Support / administration

14 JcSo in the News

                                                              Our Mission:
                                         To work in partnership with our
                                        diverse communities in providing
                                     excellence of service, criminal justice
                                               education, and to promote
                                                 mutual trust and respect.

2 /
Behind the Badge
A motorist driving along a Jefferson County roadway sees, out of the corner of his eye,
an officer on a motorcycle. The deputy is tracking the speeds of passing cars. What
thoughts cross the driver’s mind as he approaches? I’d better slow down. Was I speeding? I
hope I don’t get a ticket. Shouldn’t he be solving crime? Why this corner? Why today?

What he probably doesn’t know is that the deputy’s presence on that corner is part
of a strategic effort to reduce traffic crashes in the most dangerous intersections and
roadways in Jeffco. The motorcycle deputy and his colleagues study statistics that
reveal high-accident areas throughout the county, and then choose their areas of
enforcement accordingly.

This strategy has, over the last two years, contributed to the dramatic drop in the
number of traffic crashes in the county. More information on this positive trend is on
page 4 of this report.

Issuing tickets and educating drivers in the county’s most dangerous accident areas has
had a positive effect on the number and severity of crashes. For the many motorists
who are not ticketed, the deputy’s visibility is still a reminder to keep speeds and
reckless maneuvers in check.

The Traffic Unit’s accident reduction efforts are just one example of the many strategic
initiatives that underlie the Sheriff’s Office activities. Whether it be crime prevention,
crime trend analysis, jail use planning, DUI saturations or in-depth investigations, this
agency proactively explores issues and works toward solutions.

Remember, when you see a deputy tracking the speeds of passing cars, you can bet
there’s much more going on behind the badge.

Ted Mink

JCSO                                         Patrol
                                             traffic unit / Directed operations unit / School resource officers / animal control /
                                             crime Scene technicians / critical incident response / K-9 unit / S.W.a.t. team /
                                                bomb Squad / crime analysis / emergency Management / crime prevention

                                                       The Sheriff’s Office Traffic Unit is comprised of six deputies
                                                       whose sole purpose is to make Jeffco’s roadways safer. Through a
                                                      combination of strategic enforcement and education, these deputies
                                                    have made a measurable impact on the number of traffic crashes in
                                                    the county. They spend most of their
                                                                                                       traffic unit ticket locations (2007)
                                                    time monitoring traffic at locations that          Tickets issued by the Traffic Unit

                                                    have proven to have a high number of                               6%

                                                    accidents. By focusing on a combination

                                                    of high-accident areas, school zones and

                                                    citizen complaint areas, the deputies

             down                                   have helped to reduce crashes in Jeffco
                                                    by 27 percent since 2006, and 40                       High Accident Area
                                                                                                           Citizen Complaint
                                                    percent since 2005. The Traffic Unit                   Deputy Observation
                                                                                                           School Zone
                                                    has worked in concert with other patrol
traffic accidents in                                deputies to identify problem areas, enforce during high-traffic hours,
Jefferson county
                                                    and deter dangerous speeds and maneuvers, ultimately making our
          3,188                                     roadways safer.





           2005       2006      2007
       Based on statistics compiled by the
       Colorado State Patrol

  4 /
                                                                                                                                         From left to right:
                                                       New signage at RTD lots, DUI Task Force traffic stop, deputy feeding stranded cattle in Baca County

Parking lots targeted                                           Deputies help eastern Colorado ranchers
The parking lots of Red Rocks Park and                          Two deputies traveled to Baca County, Colorado, in early January as
Matthews/Winters Park in Morrison and the                       part of an emergency effort to help ranchers feed their herds. The
nearby RTD Park & Ride lots were targeted                       blizzards of late 2006 and drifting snow prevented thousands of head
repeatedly in 2007 by thieves breaking into                     of cattle from reaching food and water in many eastern Colorado
cars. Ongoing surveillance by undercover                        counties. The state Department of Agriculture estimated that 10,000
deputies netted no arrests. In October 2007,                    cattle died as a result of the harsh conditions. Deputies spent a week
a deputy was able to piece together evidence                    near the town of Kim, hauling hay to stranded herds using a Sno-Cat
from a stolen purse and a fraudulent credit                     and tracked ATV.
card purchase to link suspects to multiple
fraud cases. A search warrant turned up                         Metro DUI Task Force
large amounts of stolen property, including a
                                                                This year was the first for the new Metro DUI Task Force, a coalition
semi-automatic handgun taken from a federal
                                                                of area law enforcement agencies dedicated to DUI enforcement.
agent’s car. Since the arrests, criminal activity is
                                                                The Denver Police Department created the program, wherein area
significantly down. New signage warns visitors
                                                                law enforcement agencies periodically convene for DUI enforcement
to lock their cars.
                                                                in one location. The idea is to saturate particular areas that have
                                                                historically been problematic for DUI-related accidents. Through
Attempted murder at                                             education and enforcement, officers hope to reduce the number of
Morrison restaurant                                             drinking and driving offenses.
An intoxicated man was at the Café Prague
restaurant in Morrison on the evening of                        Sex offender flyers alarm residents
March 9. Staff asked him to leave because                       Throughout the summer, residents in several Jeffco neighborhoods
he was bothering employees and customers.                       became concerned when they received small white flyers advising
Later, as the restaurant was closing, the man                   that a sex offender had moved into the area. The flyers did not
returned and asked for more alcohol. He was                     actually coincide with a sex offender moving to the area. The flyers
denied and left again. As he drove away, he                     advertised a Web site that charges users $4.95 a month. Some of
fired a handgun 10 times toward three people                    the information on the site is inaccurate. The
outside the restaurant. A deputy located the                    Sheriff’s Office maintains the sex offender
suspect vehicle nearby and the man was taken                    database for Jefferson County. Our Web site,
into custody for attempted murder. Trial is set       , is the most accurate
for spring 2008.                                                and up-to-date source of information on
                                                                area sex offenders. And it’s free.

JCSO                    Investigations
                        West Metro Drug task Force / crimes against persons unit / crimes against children unit /
                        crimes against property unit / polygraph / intelligence / criminalistics / Victim Services /
                        evidence Vault

                                      [ Dylan Newman ] Twenty-year-old Dylan Newman was shot on
                                          April 3 at a home on the 6400 block of West Morraine Place.
                                            One of the young men responsible for the shooting — an
                                            acquaintance of Newman’s — called 911 and claimed that
                                            he had found the body of an unknown man in his house.
                                           Jefferson County deputies arrested three suspects shortly
                                         after the incident, and Aurora police arrested a fourth suspect
                                     a few days later following a CrimeStoppers tip. The men were

   2007                        believed to have been involved in a drug deal with Newman. Suspects

                               Jeffrey Depault and brothers Aaron and Adam Zamora face first degree
                               murder charges, with trials set for summer 2008. Suspect Eric Rooney

Homicide                       pled guilty to second degree murder.

   Cases                       [ Robert Alurac ] On July 23, a real estate agent was
                               showing a house on the 8400 block of Scenic Drive
                               in Morrison when she saw a body lying in the yard.
                               Investigators used a fingerprint to identify the victim
                               as 41-year-old Robert Alurac (right), a native Alaskan
                               who had been living in Englewood. At investigators’
                               request, the Douglas County SWAT team executed a high-risk search
                               warrant at a motel in Parker, seeking 45-year-old Ronald Talmage, who
                               was a person of interest in the case. Talmage confronted SWAT officers
                               and threatened them with a firearm. The officers subsequently shot
                               and killed him. Ballistics tests are pending on Talmage’s weapon, which
                               investigators believe was used to kill Robert Alurac.

6 /
                                                                                                                   From left to right:
                                                                    Cash seized in drug case, The Clothesline Project, Evidence vault

Drug importation case                              Courage Walk
Throughout 2006 and 2007, the West Metro           On Saturday, April 28, victim advocates hosted the 14th annual
Drug Task Force worked a massive case              Courage Walk for victims’ rights at the Jefferson County
involving the smuggling and distribution           Administration and Courts Building. The walk, which coincides
of heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine            with National Crime Victims’ Rights Week, was free and open to
from Mexico to the United States. On               anyone in the community. The purpose of the walk was to honor
November 7, 2007, investigators executed           the strength and courage of crime victims, and to honor those
six search warrants, arresting three individuals   who have lost loved ones to violence. This year’s courage walk
on site. These warrants, along with other          featured the Clothesline Project, a colorful display of T-shirts
seizures, resulted in five pounds of heroin,       hand-decorated by crime victims, as a way for them to express
14 pounds of cocaine, three pounds of              their feelings about crime and its aftermath.
meth, and $90,000. Thirty state grand jury
indictments have been handed down in the           Crime at a five-year low
case, containing 86 counts and 103 predicate
                                                   Crime in Jefferson County is at a five-year low. Minor crimes, such
                                                   as property crime, drug offenses and criminal mischief, are down
                                                   13 percent. Major crimes like murder, assault, and motor vehicle
Evidence                                           theft are down nearly 25 percent. While most crime categories
inventory                                          are falling, fraud offenses continue to rise. Crimes in that category
In the spring,                                     are up more than 300 percent since 2003, a result of increases
the agency                                         in various kinds of identity theft, including the fraudulent use of
embarked                                           stolen credit cards.
on a massive
project to inventory more than 90,000 items
of physical evidence and transfer evidence         Jeffco crime (2003-2007)

records into a new database. The project                                                                     Minor Crimes
took six months and involved staff members                                                                   Major Crimes
from throughout the department who were
brought in to assist. Today, the new evidence
storage and tracking system ensures greater
accuracy and accountability, and brings the
agency in line with international accreditation
                                                            2003          2004        2005           2006          2007

                                                                                                 JCSO In the
                                                                              the Jefferson county Sheriff’s office is involved in the c
                                                                               crime prevention, child safety, and involvement with n

         Cops Fighting Cancer                                                 Sheriff’s Safety Fair a hit
         Deputies paid a visit to patients at The Children’s                  in its second year
         Hospital at Easter and again at Christmastime, bringing              For the second year in a row, the agency held the “Sheriff’s
         toys, trading cards, activity books, stickers and smiles.            Safety Fair” at the Summerset Festival in Clement Park,
         The metro-wide program, led by Aurora police officer                 September 15-16. The purpose of the Sheriff’s Safety Fair
         Jim Seneca — himself a cancer survivor — has been                    is to provide safety information and education to residents
         reaching out to cancer victims for years.                            of Jefferson County and beyond. A “driver safety zone”
         Learn more about this program by visiting                            featured DUI simulation goggles, Alive-at-25 information!                                              and an educational display of an actual crashed car from a
                                                                              crash that took the lives of three south Jeffco teens. Other
                                                                              Safety Fair highlights ranged from crime prevention tips and
                                                                              kids’ stranger danger awareness to identity theft and Internet
                                                                              predator information. Safety partners in this event included
                                                                              the Colorado State Patrol, the Alpine Rescue Team, the Iron
                                                                              Mountain Shredders and the Colorado Division of Wildlife.

                                                                              View the Sheriff’s Safety Fair photo gallery at

                                                                              Judges pick “best in show”
                                                                     Kelsey Willcox, a 5th grader from Parmalee Elementary, was named
                                            grand prize winner of the 18th Annual Be Kind to Animals Week poster contest. The contest
                                was sponsored by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Animal Control section in concert with national
                                Be Kind to Animals Week. Hundreds of entries were judged on creativity, artistry and message. Judges
                                selected Kelsey’s colorful poster as “best in show” from among the first place winners.

8 /
e Community
community on many levels — not just law enforcement.
nonprofits play a big part in our community outreach.

     Child Safety program grows                                        Crime Prevention
     As of 2007, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office had expanded    team expands
     its child safety program, with 11 employees certified in the      In 2007, the agency’s crime prevention team expanded.
     Safety Kids curriculum. More than just basic “stranger danger”    Now, three deputies provide services to residents and
     instruction, Safety Kids certification gives instructors more     business owners in the south, north and mountain
     effective tools and techniques to use when teaching kids          communities of Jeffco. Each deputy has years of Patrol
     and parents about safety. The Charlie Check-First character       experience, and understands the unique needs and
     (“Check first before you go anywhere with anyone!”) is part of    issues in each precinct. Crime Prevention deputies are
     the Safety Kids curriculum, and the program has become the        available to assess your home’s security on-site to help
     new standard in child safety education. Instructor Joyce Nelson   prevent break-ins.
     (above right) was named 2007 Safety Kids instructor of the year
                                                                       Start or revive a Neighborhood Watch group in
     for the western region.
                                                                       your area by contacting your Crime Prevention

     Opportunities abound for bestowing                                deputy below:

     citizen coins                                                     North Jeffco:        (303) 271-5363
                                                                       South Jeffco:        (720) 377-2002
     A new program enables deputies to give custom Sheriff’s           Mountain area:       (303) 670-8125
     Office coins to citizens on-scene who have in some way
     helped deputies or their fellow residents. The coins
     (top right) supplement the department’s award program
     by providing an instant thank-you.

JCSO                     Detention
                         booking / court Security / transportation / Sort / Gang unit / inmate Services /
                         inmate Worker / Supervisors / counseling / Medical unit / Work release / K-9 unit /
                         Facility Safety

                                  In early July, the jail saw an unprecedented outbreak of intestinal

                                         illness among inmates. The Jefferson County Department of

                                           Health and Environment and the Sheriff’s Office medical

                                             staff began investigating the cause. They learned that E. coli

                                             (Escherichia coli) bacteria was the cause of the illness.

                                            The bacteria that caused the outbreak was similar to the

                                         E. coli strain that prompted nationwide hamburger and spinach

                                   recalls in 2006. Health Department experts believe that the source of
   E.coli                      the outbreak at the jail was likely an infected inmate working in the jail’s

outbreak                       kitchen, preparing meals for the entire jail population.

   at jail                     The E. coli outbreak affected about 135 inmates housed in the facility.

                               Ten were briefly hospitalized. Jail administrators quickly isolated ill

                               patients from the rest of the jail population, disinfected the kitchen

                               and eating areas and individual cells, and worked to minimize contact

                               between inmates.

                               The Sheriff’s Office provided regular updates to inmates in the jail, and

                               set up a hotline with information for recently-released inmates and their

                               families. Since the incident ended, the jail has added two

                               kitchen supervisors to its staff to ensure safer food

                               handling. The facility will begin a food service

                               certification program in 2008.

10 /
                                                                                                                                 From left to right:
                                                                         Inmate workers, Detention deputy at work, county jail and courts buildings

  Inmate worker                                            Detention facility use plan
  productivity                                             Jail space and staff are finite resources. Jail overcrowding can result
  The jail offers some inmates the                         in higher numbers of inmate-on-inmate assaults, inmate-on-staff
  opportunity to do essential tasks like                   assaults, fights, and other confinement problems. These problems
  laundry, gardening, cleaning and                         can also lead to lawsuits that are costly for the county and taxpayers.
  maintenance, as an alternative to time                   Jail administrators have been working with judges to educate them
  spent in jail modules and as a way to earn               about jail space and to urge them to make the best possible choices
  time off their sentences. In 2007, inmates               about who goes to jail, without compromising public safety. For minor
  worked 328,425 man-hours in and around                   offenses, alternative sentencing choices, like work-release, can help
  the jail facility. At any given time, about              prevent jail overcrowding.
  125 inmates are working — about 11
  percent of the jail’s population. The work
  put in by inmates eliminates the need for
  dozens of county employees.

  GED program
  The jail’s inmate education program
  helped 146 inmates earn General
  Educational Development certificates, or
  GEDs, in 2007. Earning a GED can help
  inmates earn time off their sentences,
  find employment after their release, and                                             The Mental Health Transition Planner meets with an inmate.
  may ultimately reduce their likelihood of
  re-offending.                                            Mental health transition planner
  average Daily Jail population
                                                           helps inmates land on their feet
                                                           In June 2007, the jail added a mental health transition planner to its
                                                           staff, to help inmates make successful transitions into the community
                              1,489                        when they are released from jail. The transition planner may help
 1500                1,429              1,420
                                                           inmates obtain housing, substance abuse treatment, necessary
 1000                                                      prescriptions, medical benefits, clothing or counseling. Linking
                                                           inmates with resources like these may make them less likely to re-
                                                           offend after they leave the jail. The position is funded through the
                                                           booking fees paid by offenders.
           2004      2005     2006      2007

a new inmate lookup link is available at inmates’ family, friends and legal counsel now
                           have easier access to information about bond, court dates and sentence lengths.

JCSO                                   Support /Administration
                                       accreditation / Grants / Staff inspection / professional Standards / community relations
                                       professional Development / civil / Warrants / Volunteer Services / Fugitive apprehension /
                                       communication center / records / business office / Supply operations / Fleet Maintenance /
                                       radio Maintenance / internal affairs / public information / building Maintenance

                                                     The agency’s grants specialist researches, secures and manages
                                                        grant funding for Sheriff’s Office initiatives. In 2007,
                                                          grants were the source of $1.3 million in Sheriff’s Office
                                                          expenditures. Initiatives such as DUI checkpoints, drug
                                                          investigations and victim advocacy were funded in large
                                                          part by federal, state and private grants. In the fall, the
                                                        Emergency Management office utilized grant funding to
                                                    work in partnership with Jefferson County residents to create

                Grants                       defensible space in a 30-acre area along Yegge Road, near Deer Creek

                                             Canyon. The location had been identified as a wildfire risk. The
                                             emergency management crew partnered with the Mile High Youth

                $1.3 M                       Corps, Commissioner Kathy Hartman (top right, with Sheriff Mink)
                                             and Senator Mike Kopp (top left) to accomplish the first phase of the
                                             Yegge Road project.

Sheriff’s office budget
(In millions)

 80M                     78.8



           2004 2005 2006 2007
                                                                         Volunteers from the Mile High Youth Corps rid Yegge Road of excess slash.

   4 /
   12 /
                                                                                                                                           From left to right:
   A radio shop tech works on rebanding, SWAT officers train for high-risk scenarios, Emergency Management conducts a training exercise on disaster response

Sheriff’s Office                                                  Radio rebanding
re-accredited following                                           In 2007, the radio maintenance
CALEA assessment                                                  group re-banded more than 3,000

Representatives from                                              radios in use by the Sheriff’s Office

the Commission on                                                 and 30 other area police and fire

Accreditation for Law                                             agencies. It was part of a statewide project

Enforcement Agencies                                              to change government radio frequencies in order

visited the Sheriff’s                                             to eliminate interference from private cellular providers.

Office for three days                                             Each radio was individually adjusted, with

in June to thoroughly                                             no interruptions in service.

examine all aspects of the department
including its policies, procedures and                            Explorers win big in Arizona
record-keeping. The group delivered a                             The Explorer program is an educational program for high
final report on its findings in October.                          school students age 15 and up with an avid interest in law
The assessors found that the Sheriff’s                            enforcement. Law enforcement exploring
Office is in compliance with all applicable                       is affiliated with Learning for Life, a
standards. In their final report, the                             division of Boy Scouts of America.
assessors wrote, “Sheriff Mink and his staff                      They competed in simulated skills
are dedicated to assuring the delivery of                         exercises like hostage negotiation,
law enforcement services that consistently                        drug raids and downed-officer
meet the highest professional standards.”                         rescues. The Jeffco/Lakewood
                                                                  team took home a slew of trophies,
In-service training                                               including the coveted team spirit trophy.

It’s essential for deputies to keep their                         Over the course of the year, Jeffco

skills honed and their training up-to-date.                       Explorers provided nearly 800 hours

In 2007, employees regularly participated                         of community service at events

in in-service training on topics ranging                          like the Colfax Marathon,

from media relations and software                                 the Public Safety Expo,

programs to disaster response and suicide                         the Courage Walk, the

prevention. The agency’s Training Unit                            Sheriff’s Safety Fair and

coordinates these many programs, as                               Scout Night.

well as the semi-annual law enforcement
training academy for new recruits.
                                                                         Explorers gather during
                                                                                 a competition.

 the Sheriff’s office is currently hiring deputies. learn more about the 20-week law enforcement academy at

JCSO                     In the News
                         it was a busy year for the Sheriff’s office public information staff. From a series of teacher
                         arrests to a stampede of horse seizures, from Don Vito’s run-in with the law to deputies
                         running into a suspect’s truck — here’s a look back at some of the biggest news stories
                         of 2007.

                                   Three school district employees were investigated in 2007 for
                                       sexually assaulting students. William Eisenman, a music
                                         teacher at Evergreen High and Evergreen Middle, faces
                                          charges of sexual assault on a child by one in a position
                                          of trust, unlawful sexual contact, and contributing to the
                                         delinquency of a minor. Eisenman’s
                                       charges involve two victims. William
                                  Samuel Paxton (right), a former music

     Sexual                   instructor and color guard coach at several

                              Jeffco and Lakewood high schools, was charged
                              with three counts of sexual assault on a child by

         on                   one in a position of trust. Paxton allegedly sexually assaulted at least

   students                   three students between 1990 and 2007. A third case involving a female
                              teacher was in grand jury at the time of this writing.

14 /
                                                                                                                                     From left to right:
                                        Vincent Margera, Animal Control officers take custody of a malnourished horse, deputy ends pursuit with collision

“Don Vito” held in                                           Animal Control seizes horses
Jeffco jail                                                  Animal Control officers seized 24 animals, mostly horses, from a
In August 2006, Lakewood Police arrested                     property on West 82nd Avenue. The resident there owned most
Vincent Margera, an actor who portrayed                      of the horses, while others were under his care through boarding
Uncle Don Vito on MTV’s “Viva La Bam”                        arrangements. Animal Control
prank show. Margera was accused of                           officers had contacted the
groping three adolescent girls during an                     man several times about the
autograph-signing event at the Colorado                      condition of the horses; several
Mills Mall. Margera was held in special                      were diagnosed with varying
housing at the Jefferson County Jail until                   degrees of malnourishment.
his trial on the Lakewood charges. In                        The owner was charged with
November 2007, a jury found Margera                          27 counts of animal cruelty.
guilty on two counts of sexual assault.                      Charges are still pending
Upon hearing the verdict, Margera fell                       following an appeal by the
to the floor of the courtroom, writhing                      District Attorney’s Office regarding a court ruling on the seizure. In the
and shouting expletives. Court deputies                      meantime, the horses have received veterinary care, grooming and
returned him to the special housing                          hoof care.
unit where he stayed until his release in
December.                                                    Deputies pursue armed suspect
                                                             On November 8, following a lengthy pursuit, a
                                                             deputy rammed his patrol vehicle head-on into a
                                                             pickup being driven by a wanted felon. Earlier in
                                                             the night, the suspect had fired a gun as Jefferson
                                                             County deputies approached his vehicle to arrest
                                                             him. He sped off in the truck — which he had
                                                             stolen during an armed robbery in Kansas — and
                                                             led deputies on a chase with speeds exceeding
                                                             100 miles per hour. He was finally slowed when
                                                             an Idaho Springs officer laid spike strips across
                                                             one lane of I-70, puncturing the truck’s tires.
                                                             The suspect and officer involved in the collision
                                                             were treated at the hospital and released. The
                                                             suspect was charged with second degree
                                                             assault, felony menacing and vehicular
                                                             eluding with injury.

             A hand-decorated T-shirt, part of the
                 Clothesline Project, tells one
               crime victim’s message of hope.

                   See page 7 for more on
                   the Clothesline Project.

integrity / innovation / partnership / service / accountability

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