Costa Rica Crime - Could It Be Really That Negative And How To Avoid We T by Theodore959Zabel


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									Costa Rica Crime - Could It Be Really That Negative And How To
Avoid We T
Living in Costa Rica one cannot help notice that in recent years, especially this year, crime will be on
the increase. The level of homicides so far in 2009 has increased dramatically above last year and
past years. Is this a trend that is likely to continue and, in that case , what does it mean for this
country which has been looked at in the past as a peaceful alternative to its unruly Latin u. S.
neighbors? Well first off most of the crime my spouse and i n Costa Rica is limited to its capital and
most significant city, San Jose. There are sections of San Jose, just like any significant city in the
you.S.A., which are downright dangerous and will be avoided by vacationers. I run a travel agent and
most of our buyers will spend either their own first or final nights, or equally , in San Jose. Many times
we organize them in a hotel downtown so they get to experience the ethnic aspects and night life of a
large Latin u. S. city. San Jose is a great town.
It is very cosmopolitan and one can find food of almost every ethnic marketing. The nightlife is
excellent too and the get together never ends for fun on saturday. However, in the downtown
"touristy" areas there are those that would prey on unsuspecting tourists. Therefore the best way to
avoid being a victim is to not be so "unsuspecting." it appears that tourists that come to o Costa Rica
and spend most of their time outside of the city become therefore enamored with the friendliness of
the Costa Ricans, or ticos, that they leave their own common sense behind them after they get to the
big town. It is never a good idea to hold large amounts of cash if you are walking around downtown
San Jose, especially in the evening. It is never a good idea to wear expensive jewelry when walking
around downtown San Jose, especially in the evening.
It is also certainly not such a good idea just to walk alone (men or women for example ) in downtown
San Jose, especially in the evening. When you take a taxi cab , make sure it is an official taxi. We
have many criminals that present as taxi drivers and hang around tourist areas and motels looking for
victims. In no way get into a car which is not the standard red together with yellow triangle which
signifies that you are indeed in a legitimate taxi cab. If you do get bombarded , it is best to give up
whatever they ask for because its likely that very good that they are carrying a firearm (another
excuse why you should not hold lots of cash, your own original passport that can be sold on the
black-market for lots of money or perhaps expensive jewelry). If you resist or play the role of a hero,
chances are you will wind up another top of the page article. San Jose can be a lot of exciting , but
nothing will destroy your trip and your notion of Costa Rica faster than being a victim of a criminal

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