Google Applies for New Generic Domain .lol

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					top level domains going to be banned

Its now too late to apply to ICANN to create new generic domain names
like .com as nearly 100 org have applied to the new generics

The right to run your own top-level domain costs $185,000 plus $25,000 a
year, which is why I've given up the dream of managing the potentially
awesome world of .mack Web sites and why only big names like Google can
apply for bunches of them.

So while I might never register ReturnOfThe.Mack to promote the follow-up
album to my best-selling hip-hop/bluegrass fusion debut, perhaps Google
will one day allow me to own a domain that sarcastically praises my East
Coast rivals like
ICANN received more than 2,000 applications and will reveal the entire
list on June 13. At that point, the fighting over similar or identical
names or names with potential trademark issues begins. I'll be interested
to see if all the cute cats of the Internet join forces to challenge
Google's play for .lol

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