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                  September 2009

                                          The Newmarket Chamber Report

“This is Exciting!”…is the overall opinion
of the 2009 Business Excellence Awards                                2009                            The Online Social Marketing
Committee as they gear up to a fabulous                                                               Seminar in August was SOLD OUT
night of applause, glamour and celebration.                                                           and the feedback has been all
                                                                                                      positive. Call to Register for the
The organizing committee has been working                                                             September 30th Session today!
very hard over the last few months, getting
ready for this upcoming Gala. The nal            Besides a fabulous dinner, a chance to
                                                                                                      TradeCert Canada
assessments are underway to determine             network with business leaders, and learn
                                                  about the nalists, the event will feature a Best   TradeCert is the online certication
Award winners, the menus are set, ticket sales
                                                                                                      of certicates of origin and
begun, and thoughts are turning to the exciting   Dressed Lady and Best Dressed Gentleman,
                                                                                                      related documents. This service
evening planned for October 21st. One of the      and photographs will be taken of all the guests
                                                                                                      offers quick turnaround, instant
few opportunities to pull out all the stops       in their nest. One of the events of the year,
                                                                                                      creation and submission of
and go for full glamour – gowns, tuxes, little    make sure to get your ticket now before the         repetitive applications, the ability
black dresses, the perfect pair of shoes – the    early bird pricing deadline of September 16th!      to accept invoices and other
Business Excellence Awards event promises         Lisa Knappett , Committee Chair,                    documents in all major formats,
once again to be an incredible evening full of    Karen Dubeau, Sponsorship Chair                     and immediate authentication by
suspense and celebration.                                                                             foreign authorities of documents
This year continues the tradition of the
outstanding calibre of the nalists, making it                                                                          More on page 5
very challenging for the judging committee. In
the process of interviewing the nalists, many                                                        Employment Insurance:
judges had an opportunity to do onsite visits
                                                                                                      Next Steps
and view rst hand the people, products and
services that are considered to be leaders in                                                         NEW DEVELOPMENTS about
                                                                                                      the changes to EI and how this
their eld. These are some amazing companies,       The asian Television Network is awarded the       effects your business. Chamber
some of whom you may be familiar with,              2008 Large Business of the Year Award
                                                                                                      executives took part in an
others who are blazing new trails with exciting
                                                                                                      information-sharing      session
new products and market approaches. The            The Newmarket Chamber of Commerce                  regarding     the    Employment
videographer is busy creating prole spots of      is proud to present the 2009 Business              Insurance (EI) program.
each of the nalists that will be premiered at     Excellence Awards Finalists - page 5
                                                                                                                        More on page 7
the Business Awards dinner, and guests will
have a front row seat.
 Summer is FINALLY Here!                                                                              Congratulations Mike Landry of
 You need to catch up on all those golf games that were cancelled                                     Engineered Air! By registering
 due to rain, wind and cold!                                                                          early for the Chamber Golf
 On September 17th the Newmarket Chamber of Commerce hosts its Annual Golf                            Tournament      on   September
 Tournament at the beautiful Pheasant Run Golf Club.                                                  17th his name was drawn in the
                                                                                                      ‘Early Birdie’ draw and he has
 You can be part of this great day by:
                                                                                                      won a 32” LCD TV, donated by
    •   Making a foursome! Becoming a Sponsor!                                                        Jim Gragtmans of ET Group,
    •   Donating a Prize!                                                                             Chair of the Chamber Board of
    •   Swing a club, make a contact and enjoy a great day!                                           Directors. A hole-in-one before
 905-898-5900 or                                                              Mike even picked up a club!
2   | Your Business
                                                                                                     September Calendar of Events
                                    Board of Directors

                                               Jim Gragtmans
                                               ET Group

               1ST VICE CHAIR                                  SECRETARY/TREASURER
                                                                                                     Tuesday, September 8th 7 a.m. - 9.a.m
               Wayne Brakeboer                                 Christopher Walker                    Networking Breakfast
               RBC Royal Bank                                  Collect Canada Ltd.                   Sponsor: McCallum Massage Therapy & Ho-
                                                                                                     listic Health Centre
                                                                                                     Location: Cardinal Golf Club
                2ND VICE CHAIR                                  PAST CHAIR                           Thursday, September 17th 11 a.m Registration.
                Rick Henry                                      Dean Smalley                         Annual Golf Tournament
                Microcel Corporation                            A & B Courier
                                                                                                     Location: Pheasant Run Golf Club
                                                                                                     Thursday, September 24th 8 a.m. – 9 a.m
                                                                                                     New Member Orientation
                                                                                                     Location: Chamber Ofces
                                                                                                     Wednesday September 30th 8 a.m. – 12:00 p.m
                                                                                                     Online Social Networking for Business
                                                                                                     This workshop will guide the non-technical person
               Ven Andersen                                    Dr. Sheila Keber                      to increase revenue and target new clients by
               Bell Canada                                     Align Chiropractic Health Centre      harnessing the power of online social networking.
                                                                                                     If you need to attract customers or donors to your
                                                                                                     door you MUST understand why, where, when
                                                                                                     and HOW to implement Facebook, Twitter, Flickr,
                Adrian Barker                                                                        Google Ads, YouTube or Blogs.
                                                               Ingrid Kulbach
                Sherman Barker Trading Inc.                    fraktals ‘Spectacular Chocolate
                                                                                                     Includes Breakfast, $75/Member, $100/Non-Member
                                                               Cashew Buttercrunch’
                                                                                                     Upcoming Events
                                                                                                     Tuesday, October 13th 7 a.m. – 9 a.m
               Sara Jane Doner                                 Brad Lewis                            Economic Breakfast
               Sutton Group                                    McPherson & Lewis                     Sponsor: TD Bank Financial Group
               Future Realty Inc.                              Barristers & Solicitors               Location: Glenway Country Club
                                                                                                     Joint event with Aurora Chamber of Commerce
                                                                                                     Craig Alexander, VP & Deputy Chief Economist
                                                                                                     for the TD Bank will cover the economy from a
               Barry Goodyear                                  Michael Mazereeuw                     global and provincial basis.
               The Era                                         Thinkinsure
                                                                                                     Wednesday October 28th 7 a.m. – 9 a.m
                                                                                                     HST A Business Perspective
                                                                                                     Location: Glenway Country Club
                                                                                                     Joint event with Aurora and EG
               Steve Hinder                                                                          Chamber of Commerce
               Magna International Inc.                                                              An information session on Harmonized Sales
                                                                                                     Tax and its impact on the business community.
                                                                                                     Stuart Johnson, VP Policy & Gov’t Relations,
                                                                                                     Ontario Chamber of Commerce, & Michael
                                                                                                     Jones, BDO Dunwoody
                                                                                                     Thursday October 29th 8 a.m. – 9 p.m
                      Newmarket Chamber of Commerce                                                  The Big Think
                470 Davis Dr. (The Old Railway Station), Newmarket, ON L3Y 2P3                       Location: Glenway Country Club
                           Phone: 905 898-5900 Fax: 905 853-7271                                     Speakers Gerry Visca and Mike Lipkin
       e-mail:                             This symposium will inspire the business
                                  President & CEO: Debra Scott                                       owner to IMPLEMENT new & creative ways of
                                                                                                     approaching today’s business challenges. This
             Assistant Manager: Martha Berry Membership Services: Sandra Lock
                                                                                                     FULL day event offers inspiration-to-action
        Marketing Coordinator: Elizabeth A. LeClaire Project Coordinator: Karen Dubeau               conversation and workshops.
         Smart Commute: Program Manager: Peter Paz Business Manager: Pat Lusink                      Register at
Bookkeeper: Marie Preston Accountant: George Puccia, C.A. Newsletter editor: Elizabeth A. LeClaire
2 | Your Business
                Designed by: Treefrog Interactive Inc. Printed on recycled paper
Printed on recycled paper                                                                                       

                                                                                                        Our Member

     Bocce Balls in a Parking Lot?                                                                      I have to say that being a part of the Chamber
     Allied International Credit (AIC) employees in Newmarket recently arrived to                       (although only for only a few months) I have
     work one day to nd a parking space converted                                                      felt it helps to mention that you belong to
                                                                                                        the Chamber. People look at your company
     into a park. And yes, bocce balls were included!
                                                                                                        different. They feel that you are a recognized
     “More Parks, Less Parking” was the theme of the day as                                             business in your community so you must be a
     Smart Commute Central York (SCCY) welcomed AIC                                                     respectable and professional company. I have
                                                                                                        been doing business for many years and I
     as their newest member business. Mayor Van Bynen,
                                                                                                        always feel that my company is important but
     Dario Turchio, AIC Global VP, Human Resources, and
                                                                                                        it feels nice to put the Chamber sticker on my
     Debra Scott, Newmarket Chamber President and CEO.
                                                                                                        window and KNOW that I am important as
     “By partnering with Smart Commute Central York, AIC                                                well. I loved the article that SNAP did on me
     is helping its employees nd different avenues to save                                             as becoming a new member. I have received
     on their daily commute to work, while reducing their                                               phone calls and business and people always
     carbon footprint, as well as, creating countless new                                               say “Oh you are a part of the Chamber of
     friendships within the company,” said Turchio.                                                     Commerce? That’s great!” . Thanks for
                                                                                                        sending your emails and welcoming me into
     The SCCY team was on hand to introduce

                                                                                                        your community. I look forward to helping all to AIC’s 750 employees. Employees can use this free ride-                       my fellow members during the holiday season
     matching website to help nd a carpool partner. AIC currently boasts fteen reserved               with great specials on gifts. All the best.
     carpool parking spaces which are located close to the staff entrance and hopes to
                                                                                                        Anita Smeskal-Donato
     add at least eight more.
                                                                                                        For All Occasions Gift Baskets
                                               Smart Commute Central York was delighted to
                                               welcome Allied InternationalCredit (AIC) into
                                               the family as they converted a parking spot into
                                                                                                        What are Characteristics of
                                               a bocce ball playground where once was a                 the Engaging Leader?
                                               parking spot!
                                                                                                          •   Emotional Intelligence
                                               (L-R) Marley Angus, AIC Human Resources Manager;
                                               AIC Global Vice President of Human Resources Dario         •   Great communication skills
                                               Turchio; Councillor Larry Blight, Newmarket Mayor Tony     •   Coaching/involvement orientation
                                               Van Bynen, Newmarket Regional Councillor John Taylor;
                                                                                                          •   Ability to inspire
                                               Councillor David Kerwin, Newmarket Chamber President
                                               & CEO Debra Scott, Councillor Victor Woodhouse.            •   Authenticity and humility

                                                                                                        For more information on successful
                                                                                                        leaders and engaged employees please
                                                                                                        contact Kathleen Redmond, Centre for
                                                                                                        Character Leadership.

                                  17705B Leslie St. Newmarket 905.836.5440
                                  contact Steve Flinn:

                                                                                                                                   3   |   September 2009
Write Your Own Rules for Success By Claire Shipman, Katty Kay

You are not alone. Finally, here is a book that gets to the heart of
what professional women want. You’ve probably been loath to                               Write Your Own
admit it, but like most of us, you have had enough of the sixty-hour                      Rules for Success
workweeks, the day-care dash, and the vacations that never get
taken. You don’t want to quit, you want to work—but on your own
terms and in ways that make it possible to have a life as well.
Women have power. In “Womenomics,” journalists Shipman and Kay deal in
facts, not stereotypes, providing a fresh perspective on the largely hidden
power that women have in today’s marketplace. Why? Companies with                   It is possible. Shipman and Kay don’t waste time on what
more women managers are more protable. Women do more of the buying.                women can’t do or can’t have. Instead, they show women
A talent shortage looms. Younger generations want exibility at work. It all        how to chart an empowering, exhilarating course to a richer
adds up to a workplace revolution that is great news for professional women         life. Inspiring, practical, and persuasive, “Womenomics” offers
- not to mention men and businesses as well. This new way of thinking and           a groundbreaking blueprint for changing the way you live and
working is all the more valuable in a recession, as companies begin offering        work--with advice, guidance, and fact-based support that
exible schedules, four-day workweeks, and extended vacations as a way              proves you don’t have to do it all to have it all. ◆
to avoid layoffs, save costs, and still reward employees.

                                                       Online Social Networking
                                                       After a four hour session, members left     them accordingly to t my needs. This
                                                       the Chamber with:                           seminar is a great value for any business.”
                                                       • Applicable knowledge of what              Diane Killoran, National Hypnotherapy
                                                        YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google         By popular demand there is a second seminar
                                                        Adsense, and Blogs are, what they          on September 30th. Call the Chamber ofce
                                                        do, and which ones work best for their     to register today. ◆
                                                        marketing needs.
Are Twitter, Facebook, Google Adsense,             •   Activated YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter,
Blogs, LinkedIn and YouTube in your                    Google Adsense and Blog accounts
                                                       and a Facebook group company page
vocabulary? If not, they need to be!
                                                       for their business.
Pivotal social networking tools, they
                                                   •    Tips on how to maximize trafc to
are essential marketing and advertising
                                                       your site, improve its search engine
avenues that will increase your business               optimization and create Facebook
presence dramatically on the Web.                      ads to target your company’s target
On August 18th, Soe Andreou of Soe
                                                 Attendees of the event were interested and
Andreou M. Eng & Associates led an
                                                 enthusiastic with the power of this new
interactive Online Social Networking Seminar
                                                 knowledge!                                          Soe Andreou of Soe Andreou M. Eng &
at the Newmarket Chamber to teach how and
                                                 “I gained a concrete understanding of how           Associates led enthusiastic Chamber Members
why these sites are critical to your business’
                                                 to use social networking sites to market my         to a new understanding of the power of online
success. Starting with simple ‘how-to’
                                                 business in the most professional manner as         Social Networking incorporating YouTube,
instructions, this fascinating seminar taught
                                                 possible. I was able to easily pick the avenues     Google, Twitter and Facebook.
participants to KNOW ‘social networking’ and
customize it to best t their business needs.    that worked best for my business, and tailor

4   | Your Business

              Business Excellence Awards 2009                                                       TradeCert Canada
                                                                                                    Now available to Canadian Exporters!
                                           Finalists                                                Online certication of certicates of
        And the award goes to...                                                                    origin & related documents
         Newmarket Chamber of Commerce                                                              TradeCert is the online certication of
                                                                                                    certicates of origin (C.O.) and related
            Business Excellence Awards
                                                                                                    documents. This service offers quick
                           at                                                                       turnaround, instant creation and submission
       Carrying Place Golf and Country Club                                                         of repetitive applications, the ability to accept
                                                                                                    invoices and other documents in all major
           Wednesday, October 21st, 2009                                                            formats, and immediate authentication by
                                                                                                    foreign authorities of documents validated.

    Chuck Cino New Business of the Year Award               Large Business of the Year Award        Valuable benets for Canadian exporters
               Epstein & Associates                           AIC Allied International Credit       include:
               Function Studios Inc.                               Microcel Corporation
                  M.R. Wardrobe                                     Upper Canada Mall                 •   Ease of access - apply online and print
                                                                                                          from anywhere in the world
          Entrepreneur of the Year Award                    Not For Profit of The Year Award
                                                                                                      • Apply from the comfort of your ofce:
              Bob Forhan, iPLANcorp                          Literacy Council of York Simcoe
                                                                                                        no need to drive in trafc, then wait in
  Heather Brooks, Northern Reproductive Therapies            Newmarket Baseball Association             line
        Peter Cos, Flightdeck Solutions Ltd.                 Women’s Centre of York Region
                                                                                                      •   Reduced costs: no need for courier
     Environmental Leader of the Year Award                 Small Business of The Year Award              services to deliver, then pick-up your
       Hybridine Power Systems Canada Inc.                      Fresh Water Industries Inc.               C.O.
              Packaging Logistics Inc.                              Lloyd Purcell Ltd.                •   Fast, convenient and user-friendly
                    Spill Green                                     Treasure Mills Inc.                   system: get certicates in hours
                                                               The Bell Technology Award                  versus days
                                                                    Media Tile Canada                 •   Speedy turnaround – Chamber
                                                                      RC Design Inc.                      receives immediate notication
                                                                                                      •   Ability to maintain online library of
                                                                                                          consignors and consignees
                                The line up started at dawn on August 25th.                           •   Instant creation and submission of
                                Determined Exhibitors knew where they wanted to do                        repetitive applications
                                business at the Newmarket Home & Lifestyle Show                       •   Ability to accept invoices and other
                                                                                                          documents in all major formats
                                on March 26th, 27th, and 28th, 2010. Categories are
                                                                                                      •   Telephone & e-mail support readily
                                lling up, some are already sold out.                                     available
                             This year includes exciting new areas designed to attract a larger       •   Immediate authentication by foreign
                             base audience; The New Market is a lower cost area designed                  authorities of documents validated
to support small, home based businesses who sell products in the $20 range. The Green               For additional information http://www.
Market is a designated area for Exhibitors whose products and services contribute to a Green, or 1-800-661-2930
sustainable future. The KIDZONE provides a creative, fun space for kids while allowing their        or ◆
parents to sit comfortably and enjoy a cup of coffee while watching their children at play. will be updated with participating Exhibitors and available
booths.As in previous years, the majority of booths will be SOLD OUT before December ◆
                                                                                                     Business Tips:
                                                                                                      •   Untapped employee potential is like an
                                                    A gorgeous Networking Breakfast was held              unscratched lottery ticket. What are you
                                                    on August 11 at Pheasant Run Golf Club.               waiting for?
                                                    This is also the site of the upcoming Golf        •   If you can’t trust your employee’s’
                                                    Tournament on September 17th. This sold               judgment, then you’re really condemning
                                                                                                          our own training and coaching abilities
                                                    out event was a great way to start the day,
                                                    and kick-start the excitement of the upcoming
                                                    Golf Tournament.

                                                                                                                                 5   |   September 2009
    New Members’ Announcement                                                                   Member
    The Newmarket Chamber of Commerce would like to welcome                                     Congratulations
    the following New Members for the month of August!
                                                                                                Edward Jones Financial Advisor
    Allen H. Koroll C.A. Professional Corporation   Gilchrist and Company                       Michael Clarke of Newmarket
    Chartered Accountant                            Financial Services                          recently received the Regional
    Allen H. Koroll, C.A.                           Lynda Gilchrist                             Leader’s Award for his outstanding
    38 Prospect St.                                 103 Church St.                              sales and service efforts over the
    Newmarket, ON L3Y 3S9                           Parry Sound, ON P2A 1Z4                     past year. Clarke was one of only
    p. 905.898.4231                                 p. 416.931.3152                             ve of more than 500 Edward Jones                         
                                                                                                advisors in Canada to receive this
    KS Graphic Designer                             Kwik Kerb Creations
    Graphic Arts Design                             Landscaping                        Professional
    Khamvanh Sayavong                               Gordon Ludolph
                                                                                                Disc Jockey Service is proud to
    360 Wood Duck Lane                              452 Greig Circle
    Newmarket, ON L3X 2X8                           Newmarket, ON L3Y 8S2
                                                                                                announce the expansion of their
    p. 905.235.2070                                 p. 905.235.5372                             Newmarket location. BobHawkins.                                             com has expanded its location to                                                                     add another 1100 square feet which
                                                                                                includes a new lighting showroom,
    Manulife Securities                             Packaging Logistics                         casino rentals area, and new
    Financial Planning                              Packaging Materials                         reception and meeting area.
    Jason R. Genua                                  Kevin Carter
    1069 Gorham St.                                 1241 Kerrisdale Boulevard,                  MobileFlo is celebrating 2 years
    Newmarket, ON L3Y 5G9                           Newmarket, L3Y 8W1                          of business in Newmarket!
    p. 905.952.2899 | f. 905.895.6300               p. 905.836.2886 ext 109 | f. 905.836.5799   MobileFLO provides “Complete                      Convenience” by coming to your
                                                                                                work or home and perform auto-
                                                                                                detailing and or oil changes to your
    Piece of Cake Voice Overs & Vocals              ROCG Hobb and Company Consulting            vehicle(s), saving you both time and
    Marketing                                       Business Consultants                        money.
    Jodi Krangle                                    Leslie Yeates
    96 William Curtis Circle                        205-222 King St. E.
    Newmarket, ON L3Y 8L6                           Bowmanville, ON L1C 1P6                     Congratulations to Cartridge
    p. 905.836.5444                                 p 905.623.7431 | tf. 866.392.5675           World for celebrating 4 years of                    f. 905.623-9734                             successful business! They re-                                        manufacture tonor cartridges for
                                                                          laser printers, fax machines and
                                                                                                copiers, reducing landll and saving
    Silver Lining Transitions                       Stage in Style
                                                                                                their clients money!
    Real Estate                                     Home Staging
    Scott Munro                                     Wendy Mistelbacher
    1007-309 Major Mackenzie Dr. E.                 64 Kingston Rd.
    Richmond Hill, ON L4C 9V5                       Newmarket, ON L3Y 5W7                       Business Tips:
    p. 905.370.0363 | tf. 866.985.0363              p 905.806.4954                              •   The most common reason for employees
    f. 905.370.0134                                                  not performing to your expectations                                   is that they are unaware of your                                                                  expectations
    Tom Edward, Business Development                Ultimate Care Safety Tubs & Supplies Ltd.   •   ...we all have the capacities to be
    Coach                                           Construction & Renovation – Special Needs       Employees from Hell. And as Bosses,
    Business Coach                                  Jason Haines                                    we have the inuence to create even
    Tom Edward                                      81 Richmond Park Dr.                            more Employees from Hell...
    91 Burling Place                                Keswick, ON L4P 0A3                         •   Each employee brings something to the
    Newmarket, ON L3Y 5W3                           p. 905.955.7233 | f. 905.989.2571               table. It’s up to you to make sure they’re
    p 905.235.8747                                                      sitting in the right seat.               

6   | Your Business
Printed on recycled paper                                                                                         

Employment Insurance: Next Steps
In early August, a number of chamber                Updates:                                          Future:
executives took part in an information-             Covered during the teleconference call were       We have heard that the working group will
sharing teleconference call with André                •   The Canadian Employment Insurance           make their “report” on September 28th � it
Piché, EI Commissioner for Employers,                     Financing Board (which is now               is highly likely that the report will be a verbal
Human Resources and Skills Development                    responsible for setting rates)              one.
Canada (HRSDC), regarding the                         •   Temporary EI measures announced in          We noted that this issue has political
Employment Insurance (EI) program.                        Budget 2009 and the progress of their       overtones. The report back to the Prime
                                                          implementation                              Minister could be the item that launches
                                                                                                      a fall election campaign.
Background:                                           •   The impact of reducing the eligibility
                                                          requirements and eliminating the                          Know the Facts!
In late June, the Prime Minister announced                2-week waiting period
the formation of a working group to develop                                                           The impact that the chamber network can
proposals for Employment Insurance eligibility        •   Challenges ahead for employers when         have on this issue is huge. We encourage
reform surrounding self-employed workers                  the premium freeze ends in 2011
                                                                                                      you participate. For additional information
and EI eligibility requirements.                    Made     abundantly     clear   during    the ◆
The working group consists of three                 teleconference call was that input on this
appointees of the prime minister and three          issue to date has been heavily weighted on
appointees of the Leader of the Opposition.         the employee side; employers have really not

This issue has political overtones to it. Indeed,
                                                    waded into this issue to any great degree.         Business Tips:
                                                    And yet, EI is a huge business cost for large
Leader of the Opposition Michael Ignatieff          and small businesses.                               •   Great employees are hard to nd and
was contemplating a non-condence vote                                                                      easy to lose
over EI, and access to it, which could have         There is a big opportunity over the summer
triggered an election in the early summer.          to have the voice of business, from coast to        •   Don’t underestimate your obligation to
                                                    coast to coast, heard during the task force’s           your employees
The working group that was announced is             tenure.
slated to report back by September 28th.

                                         Member to Member Discounts
                                         Every month the Newmarket Chamber will remind you of the advantages of membership
                                         for yourself and your employees. Your fellow members offer discounts that benefit you
                                         professionally and personally.

      Stonemen’s Valley Inc.                              (905) 841-8400   10% off retail pricing
      Supper Works                                        (905) 868-9063   $10.00 off your order
      Surfside LeisureScapes                              (905) 895-1755   10% off in-store (sku’d) purchases;
                                                                           $500.00 off hot tubs (cannot be combined with other offer)
                                                                           free coverwith any BBQ purchased

      Tek Jewellers                                       (905) 853-6271   no taxes on items excluding repairs
      Telizon Inc.                                        1-866-835-4066 No conversion fee a $39.95/line savings
      TD Insurance                                        (416) 774-3625   Discounted group rates and on-line quotes for home and auto insurance
      TD Visa                                             (905) 830-9650   Discount rates on merchant VISA for electronic deposit and for paper
                                                                           deposit, plus other benefits.
      Treefrog Interactive Inc.                           (905) 836-4442   Free Print Skin (a $1500 value) with a standard website package purchase
      UPS Store Yonge & Mulock                            (905) 853-8878   Colour copies 39 cents, black and white copies 4 cents
      Vasken Jewellers                                    (905) 836-7895   25% discount excluding merchandise already on promotion

                                                                                                                                    7   |   September 2009
8   | Your Business

                                                    Your Business
                                                     Business card ad space is now available for a limited time.
                                                     Contact the office to reserve your space now.
                                                     Rates as low as $75 per month.

                                                                                                                                         Traditional Service. Traditional Values.
                                                                                                                                         157 Main Street S. | Newmarket ON | 905.895.6631

     CENTRE FOR CHARACTER LEADERSHIP                                                                                                                                 You’re in Good Hands
                                                                                                                                                                     with Allstate®
     Assessments – Leadership Training – Coaching                                                    BROKERAGE                                                       • auto, home, life, travel
                with Kathleen Redmond                                                15105 Yonge St. Ste. 100 Aurora, ON L4G 1M3                                     • discounts to help you save
                                                                                     Toll Free: 1.888.727.8223 • Fax: 905.727.2230                                   Call or stop by for a quote.
        Author of - Leadership by Engagement                                •
                                                                                                                                                                     Newmarket Agency
          Energy, Focus, and Results through                                         905.841.0000 or 416.410.8223                                                    17725 Yonge St. N.
          Staff Engagement in the Workplace                    Lenard Lind, Broker of Record/Owner                                                                   905-953-1696
                                                               AURORA'S TOP SALES PRODUCER                                                                           1-877-254-3485
                                                               MVA-Residential/CERC Relocation Specialist
        Tel 905.478.7962 Toll Free 888.270.4205                F.R.I.-Fellow of the Real Estate Institute                   I.C.&I. Council, C.R.E.A., Luxury Home Specialist
                                                                                                                                        824E-06/09   ®Trademark used under licence by Allstate Insurance Company

                                                                                                                                                                              Graphic Design
                                                                                                                                                                              All Types of Printing
                                                                                                                                                                              High-Speed Copies
     Shanahan Ford Lincoln Sales                                                                                                                                              Large Format Posters

     567 Davis Dr., Newmarket
                                                                                                                                                                              Architectural Copies/Prints
                                                                                                                                                                              Folding, Cutting & Padding

     Ontario L3Y 2P5                                                                                                                                                          Stitching, Binding &
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     Toronto (416) 798-4858                                                                                                                 905 853 2679                                       Create
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                                                              We help you celebrate your Businesses success with:

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                                                                  'Giant Scissors',
                                                                  Cutting Ribbon,
    CANADA’S LEADING PLAN                                         Press Release "how to's'',
                                                                  Media contact list.
    Group Benefits with 1-50 employees                                                                                             
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                                                                      Offset Printing                      Business Cards             Wide Format                       Graphic Design
                                                                      Colour Copies                        Envelopes                  Perfect Binding                   Signs
                                                                      Cerloxing                            Yearbooks                  B/W Copies                        Holiday Cards
                                                                      Brochures                            Carbonless Forms Cutting                                     Wedding Invitations
        160 Pony Drive, Unit #3, Newmarket, ON L3Y 7B6
      160 Pony Drive, Unit #3, Newmarket, ONL3Y 7B6                   Pamphlets                            Posters                    Typesetting                       Postcards
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                                                                      Newsletters                          Note Pads                  Labels                            Prescription Pads
       Tel:   905 898 4692           Fax:   905 898 1032              Calendars                            Stitching                  Spiral Binding                    And Much More!

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