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Twitter and Feature for Twitter


History of Twitter.How to use Twitter?About Feature for Twitter.

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									Twitter and Feature for Twitter:

                           Twitter is a tool for your social network, is a service of short
                          messages or SMS, so an interpretation allows for the moment
                          and give people everywhere in the world. In this case, called
                          Tweet 140 characters inside. Organize people Tweet funny or
                          they do something. Possibility of Twitter, any chance of
                          reading the tweets of others by becoming a "fan" of friends,
                          random people or celebrities. You can also send people editing
                          by adding messages and profile images, biography pages.

Founded by Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone, Evan Williams, 3 / 2006 on Twitter. Real history is
provided during the years to Jack Dorsey and his career than their surrounding how to
Twitter. Software developers Jack postal services of software development and how
different companies work in the program and use the Office and the railway main
messages of the delivery of the vehicle service and Lord staff back they had what was
reported. But it can keep sending constantly in contact with the driver of a problem are
more efficient. Fundamentally mixed 3 things with what is Twitter. "Instant messaging
programs to send messages text for Jack.

Now days, Millions of people now have Twitter accounts and the number of users is
growing all the time. Most of these people enjoy being able to know what their friends
and family members are doing. Have the opportunity to take part in interesting tweets
through the interesting people. Some people get also updates using Twitter, many
celebrities use Twitter to keep fans your favorite groups or players.

Search for Twitter users:
Millions of people to learn Twitter "search Twitter users", in fact, very difficult to
impossible can seem like a monumental task, not how easy it is to find someone to
simply enter the name in the search box to your Twitter home page.

Another way is to search for users with specific interests. If you are looking for look for
someone on Twitter, with an interest in sport or follow unique users of Sport specific,
there are several categories on Twitter and start your search in this way. You can start
monitoring, for the followers of "following" twitter is also recommended.

Another solution is to search for, using the book of email addresses, for the people. All
you need to do is provide your email address and your password list Twitter page "people
search", "what is next." You have completed [with each Twitter account and appear in the
address, the e-mail address book.] If you want to know how to find particularly warned
Twitter users, quickly and easily.

If you want to learn more about your news will serve as information centre, place
bloggers blog, Twitter, your supporters. You will recall that, despite the fact that
differentiate your Web site on your blog. Where people buy your reading "companies", in
this regard, the new product code instructions you will find your store, website, what is
the place for a special event in this industry.

Only, when wrote the blog announced on Twitter. Any explicit similar by saying that you
can ' "new blog": you speak of blah blah can be blah (link) and your followers that the
exciting and get, something more ambiguous tweet. Every now and then link according to
your blog post, you must declare that these drives do not send so you can Tweet RSS

Day after day, Twitter has become more likely, through their various advantages. The
more people that insiders can be used more dominant, it will become.

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