Fall Skin Care Tips for Dry and Oily Skin by semut43


									             Fall Skin Care Tips for Dry and Oily Skin
Summer fun is at an end and now it is time to break out the
sweaters and long pants. You may think that because you
finally get to cover your skin your dry skin worries are over.
Proper skin care for dry skin should continue into the fall to
help your body adjust to the changing air conditions and
temperatures. Chances are sometime during the fall you will
have your heater running and you may become less vigilant
about applying body lotion. Use our fall skin care tips for dry
skin to keep feet, elbows, knees and your entire body from
chafing or cracking under your garments.
Go Natural
Summertime shower gels are fruity and sweet smelling and we
love them. However, the extra alcohol used to give these
cleansers an aroma may be detrimental to your fall skin care. In
fall and winter use products are gentle and without fragrance.
For example, milk bath and creamy shower gels work best.
Celebrate the season with skin care products that oatmeal or
pumpkin in them.
Get Oily
In summer, we have plenty of oils in our products to keep our
skin looking bronzed and smooth. Make an oily scrub part of
your fall skin care. It may look odd and gloopy, but an oily scrub
is an excellent product to use for sloughing away dead skin cells
and tiny bumps on your legs, arms and buttocks.
Keep It Moist
Shower, dry and dress is the summer routine. For good fall skin
care that should change to shower, dry, moisturize and dress.
Add plenty of moisture to your body every day. It is good to get
in the habit of applying and reapplying lotion, as you need it to
seal in needed moisture. Try an intensive lotion if your body
needs extra moisture love.
Sun Protection
As the weather changes, so should your beauty regimen. Snow,
rain and wind often affect your body and lifestyle in different
ways. For this reason, during fall, you need to adjust your skin
care in consideration of the new season. Below are a few tips
you can follow for oily skin. Use them and reduce breakouts
and other unsightly side effects.
1. Use an oil-free moisturizer.
Regardless of your skin type, you need to use moisturizer. This
cream (or lotion) combats the havoc pollution, stress and age
have on your face. Select an oil-free brand in order to hydrate
your skin without adding any extra sheen. You can find a wide
range of them at any drug store.
2. Wash your face twice a day.
A fall skin care tip for oily skin that you can use all year round is
to wash your face twice a day. Soap and the abrasion caused by
rubbing your skin stimulate the sebaceous glands; these glands
are the ones that secrete oil. So cleanse your face only in the
morning and at night before bed. In between these times, blot
away any excess shine with a soft cloth or tissue.
3. Avoid eating fatty, rich foods.
As the temperatures lower, your body tends to crave comfort
foods; ones that make you feel full and warm. Avoid falling into
this trap. Stick to a healthy diet characterized by lean meats,
fruits and vegetables. These kinds of foods help cleanse the
body and maintain a normal PH balance in your skin while their
counterparts do just the opposite.
4. Invest in make-up for oily skin.

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