The Secret to Youthful Skin Revealed

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					           The Secret to Youthful Skin Revealed

     You don't have to look very hard to find skin care tips
these days. Everyone wants to pretend to be an expert so they
can cash in on their fair share of the booming health and skin
care industry. From diets that claim to clear up acne, to an
endless line of products that claim to make every 50-year-old
woman look 30 again, it's very difficult to find a skin care tip
that will deliver real results.
     Instead of getting confused or shelling out tons of money
to try products that may or may not work, consider one real
skin care tip that actually works: you have to encourage the
production of two natural proteins within your body, rather
than simply injecting man-made synthetics or chemicals. This
is really the only way to keep that vibrant glow and ensure
your skin stays firm with time.
    Many people have already caught on that natural
products are better than those composed of harsh chemicals,
but you have to do better than purchasing a product that
contains a few natural ingredients. The proteins that are
needed for vibrant, healthy skin have to be produced by your
body itself. You can't cut corners on this fact.
So, what proteins are we talking about? We are talking about
collagen and elastin.
      You have likely heard about collagen as it is often
injected underneath the skin as filler. This is a form of light
cosmetic surgery very similar to Botox and the collagen is used
to fill in lines and smooth out wrinkles for a more youthful
      The problem with using collagen in creams is that it is not
readily absorbed into the skin from the surface. The problem
with using it as filler for injections is that it is only temporary
and you will spend a lot of money and time routinely going in
for injections.
     The best solution is to follow this effective skin care tip
and purchase skin care products which contain ingredients
that stimulate the production of collagen within your own
body. Ingredients like Cynergy TK allow your body to fill out
those wrinkles and smooth out the lines on its own!
      Elastin is also essential to youthful skin because it is what
gives the skin the elasticity to stay firmly in place as you age.
Just like collagen, it needs to be replenished.
Before you listen to the next skin care tip that hits you from
TV, radio, or in a magazine, really think about the skin care
tips presented here. Instead of pumping "natural" ingredients
into your skin, why not give your body the tools it needs to
produce its own youthful ingredients?

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