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									A P RIL 2012                                           TLC
        Trinity Luther an Chur ch                      Statement
                 Visitor                                 God first
                                                         loved us,
                       Vol. 66, No. 4                  we celebrate
                                                        the gifts of
                                                         Christ by
                         Christ is risen!              reaching out
                Christ is risen indeed! Alleluia!        to others

              Join us for
                                                        service and

       Easter Sunday Worship
               Services!                               A Free
                                                       Breakfast will

       Sunday, April 8, 2012 at                        be served
                                                       Easter Sunday

       6:30 AM and 10:00 AM
                                                       starting at
                                                       7:30 AM.

          All are welcome!                             donations

    There will be fun activities including an Easter
    Egg hunt for kids during Sunday School hour
                 beginning at 9:00 am
         April Communion Teams                                                  April Child Care
                                                                      April 1         Danielle Peterson
                   Arline Smith                                       April 8         Kourtney Anderson
                                                                                      Danielle Peterson
                   Marge Colton                                       April 15        Hannah Anderson
                   Tim Kirkman                                        April 22        Hannah Anderson
                                                                      April 29        Kourtney Anderson

                                                                          Lay Assistant              Lector
                                                                  April 1 Steve Utter              John Beck
                                                                  April 8 Robin McAllister         Karen Kirkman
                                                                  April 15 Dave Dippel              Diane Klipfel
                                                                  April 22 Steve Utter             Leanne Sleeper
                                                                  April 29 Jon Uusitalo            Red Carroll


                                                                 April 1  Bob & Sally Davies
 Trinity Lutheran Church, Dallas, Oregon                                  Mike & Bev Peterson
                                                                 April 8 Tod & Kathie Brostrom
    For additional announcements and information,
                                                                          Don & Fran Brostrom
      please visit our website at
                                                                 April 15 John Beck & John Engelien
                                                                          Sandy & Chuck Pierce, Arlene Burger
                                                                 April 22 Pat & Diane Klipfel
                                                                          Cliff & Jill Simmons & Family
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 like to be removed from our mailing list completely, please     April 29 Jim & Michaele Pelzer
             contact Rachel in the church office at                        Don & Donelle Flammang or 503-623-2233.

  The church events calendar can be found by visiting our website at
  To reserve a room, please send an e-mail with the dates and times you would like,
  along with what rooms or areas of the church you will need, an approximate
  estimate of people attending, and contact information for the person in charge to
  Rachel at:

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                                                Tod Brostrom                  From the Crummy

                      We were working on the 50th Anniversary of the church back
                in 1996, and I asked Bob Barnhart when he and his family came to
                Trinity. He said it was in 1958. They had moved back to the Valley
                from Central Oregon. I asked why they picked Trinity? He said,
                when they came to Trinity for the first time, he was greeted by Ken
 Knutson with a handshake and a, “welcome to Trinity.” He also said that that was a
 working man’s hand, and a working man’s handshake. I knew right then and there
 we were home.
       I know the stories been told before but I thought it time to tell it again, and
 remind everyone, are you doing your part to help fill the handshake void left by the
 loss of Kenny?

Jamie Anderson
Education Coordination
           Jamie is the newest staff member here at Trinity. While she is new to staff she is a familiar
face to many at Trinity. Jamie and her family have been attending Trinity Lutheran for the past 12
years. She doesn’t consider her job here to have requirements, because she loves doing the work
anyway. Jamie is in charge of making sure Sunday School is run smoothly and coordinates the
curriculum every year. She has been a Sunday School teacher for the past 10 years but only
became an official staff member a few weeks ago. When asked what her favorite part of being on
staff is, she says, “The kids! Learning with the kids about the Bible and how we can be like Jesus
every day in our own lives.”
           In her spare time, Jamie enjoys crocheting, sewing, baking, making jelly, working in her vegetable garden, and
raising chickens. Aside from Sunday School, Jamie is very involved with other activities at Trinity. She helps cut quilt
squares, makes sure there is milk for the espresso shop every Sunday, sings in the choir, helps cook for Lenten Soup
dinners, and helps set up and take down for the Free Clinic every month. “I just try to do things when I am asked or
when I see that things just need to be done.” When asked what her favorite potluck dish is, she replied, “Oh my
goodness! Do you know how hard it is to choose a favorite dish with all of the great cooks here at TLC?! My favorite
dishes are the ones I get to taste and eat!” Jamie doesn’t have a favorite scripture or hymn, she says, “I keep learning
more and more each time I teach my students, and love all I’ve read in the Bible. I love singing old hymns, and wish we
could sing more.” So far, the one thing Jamie has learned about herself since working at Trinity is, “I love my job, and
would be lost without my TLC family.” We are happy to have Jamie on board as a staff member and look forward to
seeing what she has in store for the education future of Trinity’s Sunday School students!

The Visitor                                                                                                       Page 3
  Each month the Visitor will highlight one group that uses the building and grounds at Trinity
                    This month the Visitor will highlight the Color Guard which is run and organized by,
                                                     Robin McAllister
 Visitor: When does your “season” run?
 Robin: Our season is September through April, with competitions beginning in February and ending in April.
 Visitor: On average how many kids are on the team?
 Robin: This year we have 9 kids. I have had teams with as few a 5 members (required to compete). This is my largest
 team yet. I would like to have as many as 10-12 kids on the team.
 Visitor: Who is eligible to join the team and how would they go about doing that?
 Robin: Anyone living in the Dallas School District in grades 8-12 can join. We hold a clinic in late spring and in early
 fall who anyone who is interested in being on the team for the season.
 Visitor: Any awards won?
 Robin: Although we strive towards awards, that is not the main goal of the team. The goal is to learn, have fun, build
 relationships, perform and strive to be the best that we can be. This year is a building year for us, but in the past we
 have won many 1st and 2nd place awards in the Northwest Performing Arts Circuit. Last year we were given the
 honor of being the most improved team of the season!
 Visitor: How long has the team been meeting?
 Robin: I have been coaching the color guard team for 7 years now. We have been here at Trinity for the past 2 years.
 Visitor: To the team members: What is your favorite thing about being on the team?
 Team: We couldn’t come up with just one thing. Making new friends and building relationships that no one else
 would understand. Being an integral part of a team where you know that they “have got your back.” The positive
 atmosphere and attitudes. Achieving things that you never thought you could. Being inspired by the coach and the
 parents who work so hard without getting paid or expecting anything in return.
 Visitor: What are the top 5 things needed for the team?
 Robin: Our biggest need every year is the competition circuit fee, which is $775.00. We also need a trailer to
 transport our floor/mat. New flagpoles, the sport is transitioning to longer poles, we currently use 5 foot poles and
 they are going to 6 foot poles. Volunteers to help sew flags and costumes this winter. Finally dance instruction,
 someone to help teach technique to the new students next year.
 Visitor: Are other volunteers needed?
 Robin: In the winter we need help building props, sewing
 costumes and flags. Fundraising help is always welcome. An
 adult with dance education to teach technique in the fall
 would be wonderful too!

 For further information on the Color Guard and to
 find out how you can help, please contact coach
 Robin McAllister at 503-930-8731.

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                                  Council Spotlight
                                          Michael Anderson
                                          Council Vice President

         This month, The Visitor will spotlight Council Vice President Michael Anderson. Michael and his
 family have been members of Trinity for the past three years. He was born and raised in Madison South
 Dakota, but has lived in Northern Arizona, up state New York, and Lake Stevens Washington. His parents
 are Doug and Marnie Anderson, and he has a sister Courtney. Michael is married to Heather Anderson, and
 they have two (adorable) children, Matthew and Abigail. Michael currently works for DPSST (aka the Police
 Academy) as their Electronics Specialist/HVAC Tech. He also holds a History degree from WOU.
         When asked what his favorite color is, he replied, “Orange, due to my time living in up state New
 York, and becoming a Syracuse Orange basketball fan. Who doesn’t like a team with a large orange named
 Otto as their mascot?” In his free time Michael and his family enjoy camping and going to the beach, “we
 are members of the Oregon Zoo and go as much as possible. I love sports of all kinds, especially track and
 field and basketball. I love to watch college football with Heather except when the Huskies play the Ducks.
 That’s what you get when you marry a girl from Eugene. I am also an avid reader, for which I blame the
 history degree.”
         Michael has been on TLC Council for two years now. His vision for Trinity in the next 10 years is,
 “We have a lot of great discussion on the direction of Trinity and I am really excited about the idea of a
 preschool and expanded education side of Trinity. I think it will be a great service to the community and to
 the church itself.” Asked what his favorite thing about being on council is, he says, “ I love the talks that we
 have in our monthly meetings and our retreats; it is truly a group that really cares about the people that
 attend Trinity and also about the Dallas community as a whole.” Outside of council, Michael is also involved
 in the Executive Ministry Team and the Communion Team. His favorite service at Trinity is Christmas Eve
 Service, “I have always loved the Christmas Eve Service, it is done very well each year, and Matthew loves
 getting to hold the candle.”
         The most influential person in Michael’s life is his Dad. “My dad has been such
 a great influence in my life; he has always shown me how to be a hard worker and to
 take care of my family.”

April 2012 Mission of the Month: Camperships to Camp Lutherwood
      Camp Lutherwood is an outdoor ministry of Lutheran congregations in Oregon and
Southwest Washington. They are a non-profit organization committed to serving people of all ages
through their staff, programs, and facilities. All are welcome to participate in their ministry.
Lutherwood is located in Cheshire Oregon on 28 forested acres in the foothill of the Coast Range in
Oregon. They have a variety of facilities available for year-round day and overnight use. It is known
                                that going to a church affiliated camp is an invaluable experience for
                                youth, and Trinity would like to see as many children attend
                                Lutherwood as possible. By donating, you can help send a local youth
                                to Camp Lutherwood. You can check out their website by visiting
                       If you have a story to share from an
                                experience at Lutherwood, please contact Pastor Dave or Janet Beck.

                                                                                                                    Page 5
                        Trinity Hosting 2012 Springspiration Gathering
        On Saturday May 5, 2012, the Woman of Trinity will be hosting Springspiration– a gathering of women from
           Lutheran churches of the Willamette Valley. The day will begin at 9:00 am with coffee and registration
   (pre-registration is preferred to know an approximate headcount and costs $10.00). Debra from Sable House in Dallas
                will give a presentation, followed by a Bible Study led by Pastor Jim Nestingen. Helpful hints in
    de-cluttering will be offered along with good food and plenty of fellowship. A physical offering will be taken of useful
    items for Sable House, (a complete list of needed items is available on the bulletin board by the kitchen). If you have
          any questions or to pre-register, please call Diane Klipfel at 503-623-8928 or Sally Miller at 503-623-2721.
                                All women are invited! Please join us in this fun and exciting day!

 Trinity Lutheran Church                                                           A Word of Thanks
 320 SE Fir Villa, Dallas, OR 97338
 503-623-2233                                                              In September 2011, I was diagnosed with
 Ministry, Program & Support staff                                 cancer. That was frightening but also a challenge to
 Ministers           All members
                                                                   me to beat it. With prayers from many people, care
                                                                   and concern from family and fellow church family
 Pastor              Dave Pederson
                    cell 503-999-1443                              and friends, and especially with the Lord’s help, my
 Worship Coord.      Janet Beck                                    doctor has released me from further treatment. I
 Parish Nurse      Barbara McGuffey                                am concentrating on getting on with my life.
 Treasurer          Sally Davies
 Librarian          Arline Smith                                   Thank you Trinity for your love and prayers!
 Bldg. Manager      Steve Large
 V.O.R.P. Director   Ken Braun
 Editor/Office Mgr Rachel Gillins
                                                                                             Phyllis Franks-Smith

 Sewing Group Meeting At Trinity
A sewing group will meet on the second
     Friday of each month beginning                           To access Pastor Dave’s blog while he is on
 April 13th in the Fellowship Hall, from                      Sabbatical in Turkey, just go to the church
6:00 pm to 10:00 pm. The group is open                         website at click on the
          to everyone who has a                              Sermon’s page at the top of the screen, then
  project they would like to work on or                       on the Blog link on the far right hand side
 need help with. This will also be a pot-                      of the page. His blog is called “Means of
  luck so be sure to bring something to                                         Grace”.
                   pass!                                       Pastor Dave will be adding pictures and
  For more information please contact                           giving updates from his adventures in
      Calista Utter, 503-881-6256 or                             Turkey, following Paul’s missionary
              Mary Barnett,                                                    journeys!

The Visitor                                                                                                            Page 6
                   Sun                     Mon                       Tue                        Wed                        Thu                         Fri                      Sat

                                     1                 2                          3                            4                         5                         6                         7
                           Palm Sunday       9:30 Quilters        9:00 Library Team                     Deadline          Maundy Thursday                Good Friday            9:30 Set up and
                  9:00 Education Hour                             9:30 Staff Meeting          5:30 Choir Practice     4:00 Worship Practice     9:00 Bible Study with      Decorating for Easter
                         10:00 Worship                                                      7:00 Lenten Worship                                           Pastor Dave                   Sunday
                                                               3:00 Education Team                                   5:30 Worship Planning
                      5:00 God’s Group                                                           7:00 AA, Al-non
                                                                             Meeting                                 7:00 Maundy Thursday 2:00 Communion at DRV
                          6:30 Worship
                                                                                                                                    Service 7:00 Good Friday Service
             7:00 MS, HS Youth Group

                                     8                 9                        10                           11                        12                        13                        14
                          Easter Sunday                          9:00 Library Team        Noon– Announcement          4:00 Worship Practice      9:00 Bible Study with    9:00 Library Meeting
                    6:30 Sunrise Service                                                                Deadline                                           Pastor Dave
                                                                 9:30 Staff Meeting                                  5:30 Worship Planning
                   7:30 Easter Breakfast                                                         7:00 AA, Al-non                                      1:30 Blood Drive
                                                                                                                       7:00 Bible Study with        6:00 Sewing Group
                  9:00 Education Hour
                                                                                         7:00 Bible Study at Sally               Pastor Dave
          10:00 Easter Sunday Worship                                                                                                              Meeting & Potluck
                                                                                                   Davies’ House
          *There will be no6:30 service

                                   15                  16                       17                           18                       19                         20                        21
                  9:00 Education Hour                             9:00 Library Team     10:00 WELCA Bible Study 4:00 Worship Practice           9:00 Bible Study with
                         10:00 Worship                           9:30 Staff Meeting         Noon-Announcement 5:30 Worship Planning                         Pastor Jim
                                                                                                        Deadline    5:30 Dallas HS & MS        NEWSLETTER DEADLINE
                      5:00 God’s Group
                          6:30 Worship                                                           7:00 AA, Al-non          Choir Concert
             7:00 MS, HS Youth Group                                                     7:00 Bible Study at Sally 7:00 Bible Study with
                                                                                                   Davies’ House               Pastor Jim

                                                             Pastor Dave gone on Sabbatical
                                   22                23                         24                           25                       26                         27                        28
                  9:00 Education Hour                              9:00 Library Team      Noon– Announcement 4:00 Worship Practice                   Bible Study with    9:00 Polk County Free
                         10:00 Worship                             9:30 Staff Meeting                   Deadline 5:30 Worship Planning                      Pastor Jim                  Clinic
                          6:30 Worship                                                           7:00 AA, Al-non 7:00 Bible Study with         6:00 Free Clinic Set Up
             7:00 MS, HS Youth Group
                                                                                         7:00 Bible Study at Sally           Pastor Jim
                                                                                                   Davies’ House

         Pastor Dave gone on Sabbatical
                                   29                30      TLC Office Hours 9-4pm Mon-Friday
                    9:00 Education Hour
                           10:00 Worship
                            6:30 Worship
              7:00 MS, HS Youth Group

Page 7
         Pastor Dave gone on Sabbatical until May 17
                                 Worship & Music Ministry
                          Janet Beck, Worship & Music Coordinator

  Holy Week Schedule:

              April 1– Palm Sunday 10:00 am. Jesus rides into Jerusalem to cheering crowds. A celebration
              using palms, a celebration that begins and takes us into Holy Week.
          April 1– 6:30 pm. Holden Evening Prayer Service. As part of the 50th Anniversary of Holden
       Village, churches and communities are invited to take part in a simultaneous celebration by presenting the
       Holden Evening Prayer service. It is designed to be synchronized with other churches and organizations
       across the country with the hour of the service corresponding to the time zone of the location. While
       Trinity will not be having our service a the exact 4:00 pm, PDT as requested, we will offer the service at
       our 6:30 pm Reflections Worship time. If you would like to leave a freewill offering during the service,
       unless otherwise designated, it will be for Lutheran World Relief, targeted to famine relief in the horn of
       Africa, as all Sunday offerings at Holden Village are at this time. For more
                  information, please visit their website at
               April 5– Maundy Thursday 7:00 pm. A service where Jesus gives us a new commandment to
               “love one another as I have loved you.” We celebrate Holy Communion as Jesus celebrated Passover
               meal with his disciples to “do this in remembrance of me.”
  April 6– Good Friday 7:00 pm. A somber service that takes us into the crucifixion and death
       of Jesus. Using our senses: touch, smell, sight, taste, and hearing, we bring to our time, that
       which Christ would have experienced on this day. Christ’s death must first happen before we can
       celebrate his resurrection.

  DECORATION FOR EASTER: April 5– 9:30 am. Helpers are needed to “arrange” flowers to be placed in
  and around the sanctuary and entryways. You do not need to have experience, just come with willing hearts
  and hands. If you are interested, please contact Roxy Garrison or Janet Beck 503-623-2233.

  April 8– Easter Celebration!
          6:30 am– Sunrise Service– outside on the east side of the church building. A simple celebration as we
  greet the morning with joy and expectation of a risen Jesus...the Savior. Bring an umbrella, in case of rain.
  Chairs will be provided.
          7:30 am– Easter breakfast served by TLC men. Freewill donations will be accepted. Come for a
  wonderful Easter breakfast, the best in town!
          9:00 am– Children’s Easter Egg Hung
          10:00 am– Celebration Worship– A festive service that reminds us that Jesus is not dead. He is not in
  the tomb. He has died for all sinners and is ALIVE as we are alive in Christ! Christ is Risen! He is Risen
  Indeed! Alleluia!

         6:30 pm– We will not have Reflections Worship Service on Easter Sunday. All are invited to attend
  the morning activities!!

The Visitor                                                                                                Page 8
                                              Community & World Missions
          News and articles in The Lutheran online
                   The Lutheran magazine, continues in print, but is also available online and in digital format. For inspi-
          ration, information, and more check out
          ELCA releases draft Social Statement on Criminal Justice
                   The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America is addressing issues in the U.S. criminal justice system.
          The perspectives of an ELCA task force on the topic are featured in the “Draft Social Statement on Criminal
          Justice” released on March 15. While commending positive aspects of the system, the draft conveys some
          dissatisfaction with other areas about the system that urgently need reform.
          World Malaria Day-April 25
                  The ELCA has committed to join hands with eleven African companion churches in the global effort
          to prevent, treat and contain malaria by 2015. World Malaria Day is Wednesday, April 25. Special prayers
          and activities will happen around the world on Sunday, April 29.

 SUBJECT: Events, statements and people associated with our Lord Jesus.
 A little more challenge. How is your scriptural memory?
 - Born in a ___- Mother's name____ - Father's name____ - Ministry was____ years - Closest Disciple___
 - In Wilderness for ___ - He raised from the dead _______ - His age at death______ - Fed Fish/bread to ____
 - He walked on_____ - He preached the ___ on the____ - At a wedding turned____ into____
  B         A    S   U   R   M   O    N   M    O   U   N   T M     S   U   B   T   S   A   Z   X   C   C   V   B   C
   R        X    C   E   C   N   N    M   Q    W   E   R   T   O   E   T   E   R   N   A   L   F   L   A M     P   P
   E        W    Q   S   X   C   C    V   B    N   H   J   N   M   A   N   G   E   R   F   D   S   A   Q   I   L   U
   D         I   O   P   U   Y   L    A   Q    W   S   S   D   G   H   O   N   S   V   X   Z   S   D   F   R   I   R
  F         E    A   O   T   T   W    A   T    E   R   W   I   N   E   E   X   U   N   M   Z   X   C   C   I   J   L
   V        X    C   G   B   N   N    D   Z    D   E   R   T   Y   S   U   I   B   P   Z   X   C   V   B A     N H
   V        W    Z   I   P   P   O    R   A    A   L   J   L   M   L   D   J   G   O   F   D   S   A   Q   M   B   C
   K        P    O   E   U   A    I   R   A    Z   R   E   C   V   B   N   N   N   H   E   S   I   A   H   G   V   A
  J         E    W   R   C   T   H    L   Z    A   P   U   S N     A M     F   I   O   A   S   X   C   C   V   F   E
   O        X    C   E   W   X   L    G   L    A   R   A   S   O   P   B   v   N   S   Z   X   E   V   B N     W E
   S        E    R   P   E   F   F    O   R    T   Y   D   A   Y   S   K   E   R   E   F   D   S   A   Q   A   I   N
   E        P    O   D   U   Y   W    C   E    Z   R   C   N   V   S   N   S   U   A   Z   O   R   H   T   E   J   D
   P        X    C   I   B   N   G    M   T    X   C   O   B Y     S U     I   B   P   Z   X   C   E   H O     N A
   H        W    Q   N   X   C   C    V   E    N   H   J   F   M   A   R   Y   K   A   N   D   R   O   R   E   Y   H
      I     W    Q   G   X   C   C    V   P    N   H   E   N   F   L   K   A   H   G   F   D   Q   A   E   O   I   S
   A        P    O   I   F   I   V    E   T    H   O   U   S   A   N   D   N   B   V   X   Z   W   D   E   G   J   L
  U          F   O   R   T   Y   D    A   Y    S   T   H   I   N   I   R   T   Y   U   I   O   P   C   C   V   B   N
   R        W    H   Z   X   C   C    V   B    N   H   J   N   M   L   K   E   H   R   E   D   S   E   A   N   I   U
   E        P    O   Z   E   O   H    V   N    A   I   T   H   I   R   T   Y   T   H   R   E   E   D   F   G   J   L

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Trinity Lutheran Church                                                                         Non-Profit ORG
320 SE Fir Villa                                                                                US POSTAGE PAID
Dallas, OR 97338                                                                                Dallas, OR 97338
503-623-2233                                                                                    Permit #39

April, 2012

Address Service Requested

  Please see page 2 to find information on how to
receive the Visitor via e-mail or to be removed from
                   our mailing list.

                                                                             Pastor Dave Pederson

         Dear Friends,
                  It is a pleasure and honor to be your pastor. Almost daily I have the honor to hear
from you about how God has changed your life. What a privilege and how exciting to be at the
bedside of someone who has been told they have less than a year to live. Their body is coming to an
end (our bodies do fail us at some point), but it is not the end, only a continuation of the journey we have in Christ
         As I set at that bedside, we cry about this bad news but also feel joy about THE Good News! (2Cor. 5:12-21) The
bible makes it clear, we only “fall asleep” when we die. We fall asleep in the Lord! We do not die. Paul says that Jesus is
going to conquer our last enemy...death. (1 Cor. 15:26)
         Easter is all about God making right what we messed up by sinning. Our sin brings death into the world, but
Christ Jesus brings life, a life that starts now in your baptism and is brought to completion in the life to come.
         As a pastor, I get to see Christ Jesus at work in your lives. First hand I see that “all is vanity” (Ecclesiastes 2:17f).
First hand, I see that Christ Jesus is everything. First hand, I see that the only thing that remains is Jesus.
                                                       Pastor Dave

PS. Thank you so much for making it possible for me to go on a sabbatical to Turkey. In Turkey, Karen and I will be
following Paul’s missionary journeys. I will be leaving April 17th and will be back May 17th. Jim Nestingen will be
your pastor during this time. If you would like to follow Karen and I, you can do so through my blog. You can get
there by going to the church website, then click on Sermons and in the right hand corner there will
be a link to my blog, “Means of Grace”. Click on that and you are there! You will see pictures of the sites we visit and
explanations. Come and join the fun!

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