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   Eye Care

      226   Revised April 2011
AGENCY:                      Mt. Pleasant Eye Care Center, PA
                             DeHaven Eye Clinic
                             2001 W. Ferguson, Suite 2020
                             Mt. Pleasant, TX 75455
                             Phone #: (903) 572-1991
                             Fax #: (903) 572-4718
                             Brian K. Nichols, O.D.,
                                    Therapeutic Optometrist

SERVICES AVAILABLE:          ▪ Pediatric and Adult Eyecare
                             ▪ Treatment of Eye Disease & Injury
                             ▪ Specialist in Contact Lenses, Fit,
                               Comfort and Vision
                             ▪ Laser Vision Consultants
                             ▪ Contemporary Facility with Expanded
                             ▪ Outside Prescriptions Welcome

FEE:                         Most insurance accepted


                       227                             Revised April 2011
AGENCY:               Heaton Eye Associates
                      Longview Office:
                      1205 N. Sixth Street
                      Longview, TX 75601
                      Phone #: (903) 234-0771
                      Toll Free #: (800) 277-4169
                      Fax #: (903) 234-0775
                      Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
                             Joel T. Muirhead, M.D.

                      Tyler Office:
                      3415 Golden Road
                      Tyler, TX 75701
                      Phone: 903-526-0444
                      Fax: 903-526-2051
                      Website: www.heatoneye.com

                      Athens Office:
                      907 S. Palestine
                      Athens, TX 75751
                      Phone #: (903) 675-8111
                      Fax #: (903) 675-3888
                      Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
                             Thad D. Hardin, M.D.

SERVICES AVAILABLE:   Heaton Eye Associates offers state-of-the-art
                      eye care services ranging from basic eye care to
                      world-class laser surgery. Available services
                          1. Refractive Procedures
                                  ▪ Verisyse Phakic Intracular Lens
                                  ▪ NearVision CK® (Conductive
                                  ▪ LASIK
                                  ▪ All Laser (Blade-free)
                                     Ziemer Femto LDV
                                  ▪ Lens Exchange
                          2. Cataract Procedures
                                 ▪ YAG Laser
                          3. Glaucoma Procedures
                               ▪ SLT (Selective Laser
                          4. Cosmetic Procedures
                                ▪ Blepharoplasty

                        228                              Revised April 2011
                        5. Pediatrics:
                           Children wear eyeglasses for many of
                           the same reasons that adults do – to improve
                           vision. They may also wear glasses to
                           prevent and treat amblyopia or “lazy eye” or
                           other eye muscle problems. The most
                           common vision problems treated with eye
                           glasses are Myopia, Hyperopia, or

                             Myopic eye or nearsightedness is longer than
                             normal and causes close objects to look clear,
                             but distant objects to appear blurred.

                             Hyperopic eye or farsightedness is shorter
                             than normal and causes distant objects to
                             appear clear but close objects to appear
                             blurred. Most children are normally a little
                             farsighted but have no problems seeing
                             objects up close or at a distance. Hyperopia
                             needs to be corrected in children if it causes
                             decreased vision or is associated with crossed

                             Astigmatism occurs when the cornea is
                             shaped more like a football. In a normal eye
                             the cornea is round, like a basketball.

                             Dr. Jeffrey S. Hunter, M.S., is the Pediatric

SPANISH INTERPRETER:         Carol Fairweather

                       229                               Revised April 2011
AGENCY:                Pediatric Ophthalmology & Center for Adult
                       8222 Douglas Avenue, Suite 400
                       Dallas, TX 75225
                       Phone #: (214) 369-6434
                       David Stager, Sr., M.D.
                       Priscilla Berry, M.D.
                       Cynthia Beauchamp, M.D.

                       Pediatric Ophthalmology & Center for Adult
                       1631 Lancaster Drive, Ste #200
                       Grapevine, TX 76051
                       Phone #: (817) 329-5433
                       George Beauchamp, M.D.
                       Cynthia Beauchamp, M.D.
                       John Tong, M.D. – effective August 1, 2010

                       Pediatric Ophthalmology & Center for Adult
                       6130 W. Parker Road, Suite #508
                       Plano, TX 75093
                       Phone #: (972) 981-8430
                       Alan Davis, M.D.

                       Adults with Strabismus

SERVICES AVAILABLE:    Pediatric eye exams
                       Congenital cataracts
                       Intraocular lens implantations
                       Evaluation for all type of eye conditions
                       Diseases including but not limited to
                       Strabismus, Ocular infection, pediatric

BUSINESS HOURS:        Monday – Friday, 8:00 – 4:00

SPANISH INTERPRETER:   Offices in Dallas and W. Parker Road

                         230                              Revised April 2011
AGENCY:               Glaucoma Associates of Texas
                      10740 N. Central Expressway, Suite 300
                      Dallas, TX 75231
                      Phone #: (214) 360-0000
                      Fax #: (214) 360-0083
                      Dr. David Godfrey, M.D.
                      Dr. Ronald Fellman. M.D.
                      Dr. Oluwatosin Smith, M.D.
                      Dr. Davinder Grover, M.D.

                      Fort Worth Office
                      417 W. Magnolia
                      Ft. Worth, TX 76104
                      Phone #: (817) 923-2000

SERVICES AVAILABLE:   The Glaucoma Associates of Texas (GAT) practice
                      specializes in the prevention and treatment of
                      glaucoma. They work closely with their patients to
                      control their glaucoma and prevent further loss of
                      vision using the latest technologies in monitoring
                      and treatment. It is their goal to achieve the
                      maximum medical improvement.

                      The GAT doctors are ophthalmologists – medical
                      doctors trained in the diagnosis and treatment of
                      diseases of the eye. Each of the doctors has had
                      extensive, additional training in the management of
                      glaucoma. With early diagnosis and therapy, such as
                      eye drops or surgery, glaucoma rarely leads to

                      Glaucoma Associates of Texas has agreed to
                      participate with many insurance companies to file
                      your insurance and require only the deductible and
                      co-payment at the time of services. If you are a
                      Medicare patient, they will file your claim and you
                      are only required to pay your deductible 20% co-
                      payment at the time of service.

                      Office hours are Monday through Thursday from
                      8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. and Friday from
                      8:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

                        231                              Revised April 2011
AGENCY:             The Texas Retina Associates
                    The TRA doctors are ophthalmologists who are
                    medical doctors trained in the diagnosis and
                    treatment of diseases of the eye. Each doctor has
                    had extensive additional training in the management
                    of disorders of the retina and the vitreous. These are
                    special areas of the eye and the TRA physicians limit
                    their practice to the care of problems in these areas.

                    801 W. Randol Mill, #101
                    Arlington, TX 76012
                    Phone #: (817) 261-9625
                    Fax #: (817) 261-9586
                      Dr. David Callanan, M.D.
                      Dr. Wayne Solley, M.D.
                      Dr. Gary Edd Fish, M.D.

                    Dallas, TX
                    Greenville Medical Tower
                    7150 Greenville Ave., Suite #400
                    Dallas, TX 75231
                    Phone #: (214) 692-6941
                    Toll Free #: (800) 695-6941
                    Fax #: (214) 739-5797
                      Dr. Albert Vaiser, M.D.
                      Dr. William Snyder, M.D.
                      Dr. Dwain Fuller, M.D.
                      Dr. Gary Edd Fish, M.D.
                      Dr. Rand Spencer, M.D.
                      Dr. Rajiv Anand, M.D.
                      Dr. Robert Wang, M.D.
                      Dr. Lori Coors, M.D.
                      Dr. Carl Csaky, M.D.

                    Denton, TX
                    3324 Colorado, #102
                    Denton, TX 76210
                    Toll Free #: (940) 382-1261
                    Fax #: (940) 387-4286
                      Dr. Rajiv Anand, M.D.
                      Dr. Jawad Qureshi, M.D.

                      232                              Revised April 2011
                      Fort Worth, TX
                      900 Magnolia, #202
                      Fort Worth, TX 76104
                      Phone #: (817) 334-0882
                      Fax #: (817) 334-0885
                        Dr. David Callanan, M.D.
                        Dr. Wayne Solley, M.D.
                        Dr. Patrick Williams, M.D.
                        Dr. Lee Anderson, M.D.
                        Dr. Clifton Beasley, M.D.

                      Paris, TX
                      575 DeShong, Suite B
                      Paris, TX 75462
                      Phone #: (800) 695-6941
                         Dr. William B. Snyder, M.D.
                         Dr. Carl Csaki, M.D.

                      Plano, TX
                      1708 Coit Road, Suite 215
                      Plano, TX 75075
                      Phone #: (972) 596-9222
                      Fax #: (972) 596-9225
                         Dr. Gary Edd Fish, M.D.
                         Dr. Rajiv Anand, M.D.
                         Dr. Robert C. Wang, M.D.
                         Dr. Lori Coors, M.D.

                      Office hours are Monday through Friday from
                      8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

SERVICES AVAILABLE:   Retinal Conditions and Surgeries:
                      1. Vitrectory – Using this procedure, many visually
                         devastating conditions involving the vitreous (the
                         normally clear jelly-like substance that fills most
                         of the inside of the eye) can be corrected.
                         Vitrectomy may be helpful to a patient who has
                         one of the following conditions:
                              Complications of diabetic eye disease such as
                              bleeding or retinal detachment.
                              Clouding of the vitreous jelly from one of
                              many causes including blood, inflammatory
                              debris or infection.
                              Retinal detachment with stiffness and
                              scarring of the retina.
                        233                              Revised April 2011
          A foreign body which has entered or passed
          through the eye.
          Vitreous changes following cataract surgery
          which may play a role in causing swelling of
          the center of vision in the retina with
          decreased sight.
2.   Retinal Tears and Retinal Detachment – Reasons
     for retinal detachment are heredity, myopia (near-
     sightedness), retinal degeneration compounded by
     aging, trauma – uncommon and must be a direct
     blow to the globe, and after cataract surgery, 1-
     2% of patients may develop a retinal detachment.
     Causes of retinal detachment due to a retinal
     break are vitreous collapse and contracture,
     retinal tear or break. Fluid goes from the vitreous
     though the break into the space behind the retina
     producing “subretinal” fluid, and with the spread
     of the detachment and the accumulation of more
     subretinal fluid, the macula may become detached
     and the patient has a painless loss of vision.
3.   Age-Related Macular Degeneration – The macula
     is the center part of the retina that is responsible
     for reading vision. The earliest sign of age-
     related macular degeneration is the development
     of drusen, small yellow deposits under the
     macula. AMD can be divided into two main
     types, “dry” macular degeneration, which is a
     gradual thinning of the central retina, and “wet”
     macular degeneration where leakage develops
     under the retina causing a blister formation that
     may or may not have associated abnormal blood
4.   Diabetic Retinopathy – Problems with the retina
     due to diabetes. There are two main types of
     diabetic retinopathy: non-proliferative and
5.   Floaters and Light Flashes – Most occurrences of
     floaters or light flashes relate to changes in the
     jelly-like substance called vitreous. As we grow
     older, the vitreous undergoes a normal aging
     process, becoming more liquid and less jelly-like.
6.   Macular Hole Surgery – Have been diagnosed to
     have a small retinal hole in the macula area of the
     retina. Under certain circumstances surgery can
     be helpful in reversing some of the visual loss
     caused by this hole.
7.   Photodynamic Therapy – A new treatment for
     certain cases of macular degeneration. It utilizes
     234                              Revised April 2011
a special intravenous dye to sensitize leaky blood
vessels under the retina to permit low-intensity
laser to be used to close these harmful vessels.

235                             Revised April 2011
AGENCY:                Children’s Medical Center Dallas
                       1935 Medical District Drive
                       Dallas, TX 75235
                       Eye Clinic:
                         Phone #: (214) 456-2383
                         Fax #: (214) 456-8687
                       Chief of Service:
                         David Weakley, M.D.
                       Hospital Contact:
                         Melissa Rowles, R.N.
                       Pediatric Ophthalmology:
                         Serena Wang, M.D.
                         David Weakley, M.D.
                       Cornea, External Disease:
                         Steven Verity, M.D.
                       Retina, Vitreous:
                         Yu Guang He, M.D.
                         Robert Hogan, M.D.
                       Oculoplastic Surgery:
                         Kamel Itani, M.D.
                         Jess Whitson, M.D.

SERVICES AVAILABLE:    Description of services:
                           • Orthoptic evaluation
                           • Pediatric ocular trauma
                           • Pediatric Glaucoma
                           • Congenital cataracts
                           • Intraocular lens implantation
                           • Ophthalmic plastic surgery
                           • Cornea Transplantation
                           • General pediatric ophthalmology
                       Procedures performed or problems diagnosed
                       and treated:
                       Evaluation for all types of eye conditions and
                       diseases, including, but not limited to:
                           • Strabismus, amblyopia
                           • Ocular congenital anomalies
                           • Pediatric ocular trauma
                           • Ocular infections
                           • Genetic ocular disease

SPANISH INTERPRETER:   80% of staff are bilingual.

                         236                              Revised April 2011
AGENCY:                     Dallas Services
                            4242 Office Parkway
                            Dallas, TX 75204

                            Email or web address: www.dallasservices.org
                            Phone #: 214/828-9900
                            Fax #: 214/828-9901

CLIENT TYPE SERVED:         Low vision patients
                            Non-verbal patients

ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS:   Referral from school district
                            Private patients with medical insurance
                            Division for Blind Services referral

SERVICES AVAILABLE:         Low Vision Evaluation (LVE)
                            Non-verbal routine eye exams
                            Prosthetic contact lenses

COUNTIES SERVED:            All

FEE:                        $220.00 LVE; $80.00 Non-verbal exams

BUSINESS HOURS:             Monday-Friday – 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

TRANSPORTATION:             None


                            237                             Revised April 2011
AGENCY:                     Dallas Services
                            4242 Office Parkway
                            Dallas, TX 75204

                            Email or web address: www.dallasservices.org
                            Phone #: 214/828-9900
                            Fax #: 214/828-9901

CLIENT TYPE SERVED:         Children with special needs, birth to 21


SERVICES AVAILABLE:         Occupational Therapy consultation
                            Yoga Therapy consultation

COUNTIES SERVED:            All

FEE:                        Sliding scale for consultation

BUSINESS HOURS:             Monday-Friday – 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

TRANSPORTATION:             None


                            238                              Revised April 2011
AGENCY:                Minadeo Eye Center
                       2007 N. Jefferson
                       Mt. Pleasant, TX 75455
                       Web address: MinadeoEyeCenter.com
                       Phone #: 903/572-6655
                       Fax #: 903/572-0213


SERVICES AVAILABLE:    Full service family eye care
                       including surgery center fully dedicated to
                       eye surgery. Optical shop featuring all the
                       latest technology and styles.

COUNTIES SERVED:       Titus and all surrounding

BUSINESS HOURS:        Monday-Friday – 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.



                       239                             Revised April 2011
Eye Care Specialists

Eye Care Associates
2440 E. 5th Street
Tyler, TX 75701
Phone #: (903) 595-0500
    Virginia Beall, M.D.

Cornea Associates of Texas
10740 N. Central Expy, Suite 350
Dallas, TX 75231
Phone #: (214) 692-0146
    Henry Gelender, M.D.
    Walter Beebe, M.D.
    C. Bradley Bowman, M.D.
    Tyrone McCall, M.D.
    Tracy Stringfield, O.D.

Fort Worth Office
Ben Hogan Center, Suite 140
800 5th Avenue
Fort Worth, TX 76104
Phone #: (817) 850-9282
Fax #: (817) 850-9218

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