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									Lanham Associates                                                        Absolute Value
Lanham Associates began its relationship with Navision                   Absolute Value is a world class, best-fit formula forecasting
Software in 1997 by creating the product’s first distribution            and multi-site replenishment solution for distributors and
functionality, Advanced Distribution. A Gold-Certified                   manufacturers. The solution, differentiated from many
Microsoft Dynamics ISV (Independent Software Vendor),                    others by its unique replenishment capabilities and
Lanham Associates has been creating complementary                        incredible visibility, allows users to reduce inventory levels
supply chain planning and execution products inside and                  and increase profits, while concurrently improving customer
outside of Microsoft® Dynamics NAV ever since.                           satisfaction. The product is available in a SaaS or on-premise
                                                                         format and can be used with any Microsoft Dynamics or
At Lanham Associates, we offer comprehensive solutions                   independent ERP system.
for today’s complex Supply Chain demands. With 1,600
companies and over 88,000 users worldwide depending on                   AFP - Advanced Forecasting and Procurement
Lanham solutions, we take pride in delivering                            AFP is a best fit forecasting and replenishment system, built
uncompromising product quality every day.                                inside NAV for both manufacturers and distributors. It enables
                                                                         companies to increase profits, while also increasing customer
Lanham Associates maintains high standards for product                   satisfaction. Delivered with 18 formulas that can be modified,
excellence, and has been the recipient of both the                       AFP embraces collaborative forecasting, promotions, DRP,
President’s Club and Inner Circle Awards many times since                hub-and-spoke-tiered replenishment, and a rollup option.
being affiliated with Microsoft. Lanham customers have also
been repeatedly honored with Microsoft Customer                          For manufacturers, AFP can forecast finished goods and
Excellence Awards.                                                       populate the NAV Production Forecast, allowing MRP to
                                                                         purchase component items. Alternatively, AFP can create
Our Products                                                             simulated production orders generating demand for
At Lanham Associates we take the quality of our products                 components which AFP procurement will purchase.
very seriously. This means developing to a strict set of
standards, as well as making sure that our products are                  E-Ship
available in the latest version of Dynamics. Lanham products             E-Ship, built inside NAV, is available to plan and execute
are either built inside the business system, or share the                shipping from the time of sales order through shipping
business system’s user interface to make them seamless and               manifest. E-Ship has the popular package carriers such as
easy to use.                                                             FedEx, UPS, and USPS embedded in it for U.S. initiated
                                                                         shipments, and supports both multi-point and international
Lanham also holds the distinguished “Certified for Microsoft             shipping requirements.
Dynamics” product certification.
A brief overview of each product follows. Please see our                 E-Receive, built inside NAV, utilizes barcoding to enable the
specific product data sheets for detailed explanations of                receiving process and automate the warehouse. The user
functionality on each product.                                           scans incoming items to record receipt. The process also
                                                                         provides for assigning and printing new barcodes, as well
EDI                                                                      as capturing Lot and Serial Number information.
EDI includes a translator and logical mapping tool, built
inside Dynamics NAV, to allow the seamless mapping of
EDI transactions and cross-referencing to occur within the
business system. The EDI modules fully support both the X12
and EDIFACT standards.

                                   LANHAM ASSOCIATES        |   MICROSOFT GOLD CERTIFIED PARTNER
ACE Warehousing                                                   Credit Card
ACE Warehousing, built on NAV’s ADCS utility, provides            The Credit Card Processing module, built inside NAV, is PCI
a rich application to access all NAV Warehouse Manage-            compliant, and submits transactions and receives approvals
ment System (WMS) documents and transactions from radio           through merchant processors.
frequency handheld devices. This solution spans WMS needs
from light usage to license plating capability, increases         Related Fact Sheets
accuracy, and saving time by enabling real-time access to         To learn more details about the suite of products available
inventory.                                                        from Lanham Associates, you may reference the following
                                                                  fact sheets:
Outbound Warehouse Request                                          • Absolute Value
Outbound Warehouse Request, built inside NAV, is the
                                                                    • ACE – Automotive, CPG, Electronics, Sporting Goods
warehouse manager’s primary workflow planning tool. It
enables all of the activities required to get goods planned         • AFP for Distribution
for shipment and moved off the dock efficiently.                    • AFP for Manufacturing
                                                                    • EDI
Security Management                                                 • E-Ship
Security Management allows for the configuration of field           • E-Receive
level security by specifying any field in the table as Visible,     • ACE Warehousing
Hidden, or Visible but not Editable.
                                                                    • Outbound Warehouse Request
                                                                    • History & Security Management
History Management
History Management records any changes made by users,               • Credit Card
storing the username and time that the change was made.
Viewing this history is as simple as clicking the History icon    Quality
and viewing the record versions.                                  Lanham maintains high standards for product excellence
                                                                  and has been the recipient of many awards over the years.
Industry Specific Vertical Solutions                              Products hold the distinguished “Certified for Microsoft
ACE – Advanced Commerce ERP – The ACE product from                Dynamics” stamp of approval.
Lanham Associates provides a complete vertical solution
specifically targeted to meet the needs of distributors,          Product Availability
importers, and manufacturers selling to the following             Our NAV products are available exclusively through key
industries:                                                       Lanham partners in the Dynamics NAV reseller channel.
  • Automotive
                                                                  Absolute Value is available through Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)
                                                                  or GP resellers, or directly through Lanham Associates.
  • Electronics
  • Sporting Goods                                                If you are an end user customer, or are considering purchasing
                                                                  Dynamics, we will be happy to work with you to demonstrate
ACE delivers the functionality of multiple systems in one         and configure our products. Lanham products are available
complete solution, eliminating the complexities and costs         in 18 countries around the globe.
associated with managing several interfaces:
  • ERP Business System                                           Contact Information
  • Shipping Manifest System                                      For more information contact your local Lanham reseller
  • Bill of Lading for shipments, and automatically               or contact:
    generating EDI ASNs (Advanced Ship Notices)
  • Specific EDI capabilities for retail or automotive            Lanham Associates, Headquarters
                                                                  1 Meca Way
  • Generates UCC 128 compliant labels
                                                                  Norcross, GA 30093 USA
  • Forecasting to work with six weeks and greater product
                                                                  Voice: +1 678 379 4200, ext 105
    lead times.

All corporate information is housed within one database, so       Lanham Associates, EMEA
finding information and management reports is quick and easy.     Bedrijvenpark Twente 305
                                                                  7602 KL Almelo, Netherlands
                                                                  Voice: +31 (0)10 7994145

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