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					                                       Round Lake Treatment Centre
                                            MISSION STATEMENT:
                                            FACILITATING PERSONAL WELLNESS OF FIRST NATIONS
                                            PEOPLE BY PROVIDING CULTURALLY SPECIFIC
                                            TREATMENT AND TRAINING.

       ALL OUR
  Special points of interest:
                                     ANNUAL GENERAL                        Agenda
  •     AGM –June 17/06              MEETING                        1) Annual Report
  •     Client Gathering– June       Round Lake will be holding its                                     Two year membership fee
        17/06                        AGM on June 17/06 at Round 2) Appoint Auditors                     is $5.00; contact Round
                                     Lake Treatment Centre. This       2006/2007 Fiscal Year            Lake Treatment Centre-
  •     Art & Leisure Page           will be held in our gym 10:00-                                     Secretary for membership
                                     12:00pm.                       3) Elect 3 Board Members            info.
  •     Health Tips
                                                                       for a 2 year term
Inside this issue:

Executive Directors          2                 2 7 t h A n n ive r s a r y / C l i e n t G at h e r i n g
                                                              CONTINUING THE JOURNEY
Message from the Fi-         2
nance Department                                       27 YEARS OF WALKING THE RED ROAD
Message from Program         3                                                   AGENDA
                                    DATE: Saturday June 17, 2006
Message from Residence       3
Department                          TIME: 1:00pm
                                    PLACE: Round Lake Treat-   2:00pm Pow Wow                     Sunday June 18, 2006
Executive Assistants         4      ment Centre, Armstrong, BC 3:00pm Grand Entry
                                                                                                  5:30am Sweats
Message                             1:00pm Grand Opening       5:00pm Feast
                                                                                                  10:00am Grand Entry
Arts & Leisure Page          4               Opening Prayer          6:00pm Comedy Act
  June 17th, 2006                     1:15 pm Presidents Address     7:00pm Wolf Spirit Dancers   1:00pm Closing
  Today’s Reminder:                                                  8:00pm Grand Entry           * Time approximate
                                      1:20 pm Exec Dir Message
  “Today I will take a few minutes to                                12:00am Retire Flags
  acknowledge my growth. I am not 1:25 pm Special Guests Remarks
  perfect, but I certainly have made                                                                    Serenity Prayer:
  progress”                           Notable Guests confirmed for attendance;
                                    Chief Fabian Alexis - O.K.I.B., Co-Chair, CHC                       God grant me the
  Courage to Change:
                                    Chief Stewart Phillip– P.I.B., Pres., O.N.A., Pres., U.B.C.I.C.     serenity to accept the
  One day at a time in Al-Anon II
  Round Lake Treatment              Chief Nelson Leon - Adams Lake Band                                 things I cannot
  Centre:                           Chief Wayne Christian - Spallumcheen Indian Band                    change……. the
  200 Emery Louis Rd                Chief Felix Arnouse - Little Shuswap First Nation                   courage to change
  Armstrong, B.C.                   Mayor, Gerry Oglow, Armstrong                                       the things I can …
  V0E 1B5
                                    Mayor, Wayne Lippert, Vernon
                                                                                                        and the wisdom to
  Phone: (250) 546-3077
                                    Mayor, Will Hansma, Spallumcheen
                                                                                                        know the difference

                                     Prog ram Depar tment Message:
                                    Greetings from the Program Department ! The past year has been very eventful and
                                    full of activity. The program has undergone a lot of changes. I have just returned from
                                    an education leave. In my absence, Joyce Andrews and Mary E. Gregoire acted as
 June 18th, 2006                    Team Leaders yet the whole team did a fantastic job ensuring quality treatment !
 Today’s Reminder:                  Two new program components are: ‘How am I doing socially?” which is designed to
 “Another person’s bounty reminds
                                    assist clients to be more social within the group without forming clichés or comfort
 me that wonderful things can
 happen at any time to anybody. I
                                    zones and to work in looking at appropriate boundary and platonic relationship form-
 will appreciate the many gifts I   ing. Second, we have added a creativity exercise in which the clients make their own
 have been given Whatever hour      smudge starter kits, so they can continue to smudge and be part of our ever growing
 God has blessed you with, take     circle when they go home.
 with grateful hand. ”
                                    Another item we are ecstatic to report is our first application to the First Nations Well-
 Courage to Change:                 ness / Addiction Counsellor Certification Board has been submitted. We are on our
 One day at a time in Al-Anon II    way to acquiring Addiction Counsellor Certification. An achievement in deed !

                                     Residence Department Message:

                                     Greetings from Residence Su-       Top down, change took form in         Necessary projects took place.
                                     pervisor Patrick Lawrence.         many guises. We have a new Ex-        The entire roof of the treatment
                                     The past year focused on staff     ecutive Director, Vi Bowack whom      centre was replaced with metal.
                                                                        has implemented new ways of do-       The exterior was painted. New
                                     supervision, organization
                                                                        ing new business. Our accountant      flooring spruced up our interior.
                                     change and projects.
                                                                        Matt recently completed his first
                                                                                                              Also, a new server, web site, op-
                                     Again, I had the privilege of      year. Leah’s education sabbatical
                                                                                                              erating system and high-speed net
                                     directly supervising 26 diligent   was felt. My role with this organi-
                                                                                                              were installed. We are set to go.
                                     professional staff.                zation underwent revision and

                                     Executive Assistant Message:
                                     Public Relations:                  Statistics:                           Staff Decision       6
                                                                        Jan 2/06 to Mar 31/06                 Not Enough Clean Time 0
                                     My Executive Assistant posi-                                             Program Type
                                     tion started Feb.20/06. I          Total number of clients
                                                                                                              Full Program         67
                                     have been out and about            admitted -            67
                                                                                                              Refresher             0
                                                                        Female:              31
                                     representing Round Lake at                                               Extension             0
                                                                        Male:                34
                                     different events in the area.      Status:               65
                                                                                                              Spousal Support       0
                                     These would include; Hon-                                                Specialty Program    0
                                                                        Non-Status             2
                                     oring Diversity, Aboriginal                                              Total Female/Male
                                                                        Reason for Leaving Pro-
                                                                                                              Age 19-24             9
                                     Career Fair both held in           gram
                                                                                                              Age 25-34           32
                                     Kelowna,BC at the UBC-O            Treatment Completed 44
                                                                                                              Age 35-44           15
                                     campus, FASD Conference            Medical Non-Emergency 1
                                                                                                              Age 45+             11
         PAGE 3                                                         Medical Emergency       1
                                     in Kamloops.
                                                                        Client Health           4
                                     All my relations                   Client Withdrew       10

 Executive Director, Vi Bowac k’s Address:
                                           Merritt. Next we have Rick Alec, Board •           Kelly Lawrence, OKIB, hired
 Warm Greetings from the office of         Member, from Ts’kw’aylaxw First                    as a Part-time Cook, who
 the Executive Director! We are            Nation, who lives in Cache Creek. Last             also provides Reception relief
 launching our first quarterly news-       but not least, the Board of Directors,             for us as well.
 letter to coincide with the 2006 An-      hired me, Vi Bowack, as the Executive
 nual General Meeting. This news-                                                 •           Willliam Marchand who
                                           Director last August. I am from the
 letter will be available for pick up at                                                      chose not to retire, but to
                                           Nisga’a & Heiltsuk Nations.
 the office. However, we are                                                                  continue working for Round
 pleased to announce the newsletter        3 PRIORITIES:                                      Lake as a part-timer.
 will be available for viewing on our      The Board of Directors gave the Ex-          •     We welcome back Kim Good
 updated website. With the cost of         ecutive Director 3 priorities upon hiring,         and Darcy Whitney who were
 postage and mail outs and with            and these included the Day-to-Day Op-              away and who have returned.
 Round Lake Treatment Centre be-           erations of Round Lake Treatment
 ing a Non-Profit Society, we are                                                       Chico Jack and Toni Gallicano,
                                           Centre, develop and implement a Pub-
 aiming to keep our costs to a bare                                                     have been away on leave. We
                                           lic Relations Campaign and update our
 minimum. So please feel free to                                                        wish them well!
 check out the website
                                           STAFF CHANGES:                               2006 Summer Students hired for an elec-
                                                                                        are Jordan Saddleman, as the
 tronic copy of the newsletter on the      A number of staff changes occurred           Maintenance Assistant and Erica
 following months: June 2006, Sep-         over the last year, what follows is a list   Louis, as the Administrative As-
 tember 2006, December 2006,               of the new hires:                            sistant.
 March 2006 and so forth!
                                           •   Matthew Bonneau, OKIB, hired as     We bid a farewell and best
 BOARD OF DIRECTORS:                           a Finance Controller,              wishes to Emery Robins, who
 There has been a lot of activity          •   Frank Genaille, Sask., hired as an retired this year. Gerard Gre-
 since last Annual General Meeting.            Addictions Counsellor              goire, resigned from Round Lake
 So, where do we begin? Well let’s                                                earlier this spring to purse other
 start with the Board of Directors,        •   Bernice Saunders, Bonaparte Band interests.
 last election, we are pleased to              hired as an Addictions Counsellor.
 share with you, we have Jennifer                                                 Please check our website for pe-
                                           •   Angela Lalonde, OKIB, hired as a   riodic updates! We look forward
 Houde, as the Vice President. Jen-            Janitor, Angie was working for us
 nifer is from the Okanagan Nation,                                               to sharing what we have been up
                                               as a part-time Cook, Janitor,      to with you every quarter.
 but lives in the Chilcotin with her           Housekeeper.
 husband and family. Les Taylor, as                                               All my relations,
 the Secretary, is from the Kwakiutl       •   Laverne Zilkowsky, OKIB, hired as
 Nation who lives with his partner in          a part-time Client Support Worker.
 Port Hardy. Next we have Richard          •   Shawn Louis, OKIB on a temporary Vi Bowack
 Jackson, Jr. Board Member from                basis, as a Client Support Worker        Executive Director
 Nlap?_pamux Nation who lives in

 “ The Board of         Message from the Finance Depar tment
 Directors and Staff of  My first day with Round Lake Client’s stay here are as pleasant      For the former clients of the
 Round Lake Treatment Treatment Centre was May 24, as possible, because they are the          Centre, I wish you a long and
 Centre would like to    2005, the after Victoria Day. reason that we are here .              happy journey on the Red Road!
                         My year here, I have become
 wish you a very happy amazed at the commitment that We have recently completed               All our relations,
                                                            our Annual Audit, which will be
 National Aboriginal     the rest of the staff have for our
                                                            presented at the June 17th,
                         clients. I try to ensure that our
 Day-June 21st, 2006” Finance Department does every- 2006, Annual General Meeting.            Matt Bonneau,

                             thing possible to ensure our                                     Finance Controller
       PAGE 2

 Ar ts &Leisure:
 •      Kathi Lawrence, June 7th, 2006 HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATHI!
 •      Round Lake Treatment Centre’s, May 25th, 2006, HAPPY BIRTHDAY RLTC!

 •      All our Clients that have passed thru the gates of Round Lake Treatment over the last
        27 years!
 •      To the Alcohol & Drug Counsellors, thank you for referring your clients to RLTC!
 •      To our Forefathers, thank you for working so tirelessly in creating RLTC!

       Health Tips from the Nur se, Mar ianne Linthor ne
       Know These Heat Disorder Symptoms
     Sunburn:                                     Heat Exhaustion:
     Symptoms: Redness & pain. In severe          Symptoms: Heavy sweating, weakness, skin
     cases, swelling of skin, blisters, fever &   cold. Pulse thready. Normal temperature.         •   Keep hydrated!
     headaches                                    Fainting & vomiting.
                                                                                                   •   Drink 8—8oz of water per day if tem-
     First Aid: Ointment for mild cases if        First Aid: Get victim out of the sun. Lay            perature goes above 30 degrees
     blisters appear. If breaking occurs, apply   down & loosen clothing. Apply cool wet
     dry sterile dressing. Serious, extensive     cloths. Fan or move victim to air condi-         •   This does not include: pop, coffee,
     cases should be seen by a physician.         tioned room. Sips of water. If nausea oc-            juice, just WATER!
                                                  curs, discontinue use. If vomiting contin-
                                                  ues, seek immediate medical attention.
     Heat Cramps:
     Symptoms: Painful spasms usually in
                                                  Heat Stroke:
     muscles of legs & abdomen possible.
     Heavy sweeting.                              Symptoms: High body temperature (106*
                                                  or higher). Hot dry skin. Rapid & strong
     First Aid: Firm pressure on cramping
                                                  pulse. Possible unconsciousness.
     muscles, or gentle massage to relieve
     spasm. Give sips of water. If nausea         First Aid: Heat Stoke is a severe medical
     occurs, discontinue use.                     emergency. Summon medical assistance or
                                                  get the victim to a hospital immediately.
                                                  Delay can be fatal.
                                                  Move the victim to a cooler environment.
                                                  Reduce body temperature with cold bath or
                                                  sponging. Use extreme caution. Remove
          PAGE 4                                  clothing, use fans & air conditioners. If tem-
                                                  perature rises again, repeat process. Do not

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