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									                   Golf Scorecard Logger
To automate and ease the
scorekeeping of golf players matches
for calculation of individual handicap
scores and statistical illustration, a
hand-held electronic scorecard                                              iButton
                                                                    e   r
logger unit is developed, with the                            Re
implementation of the 1-Wire bus and                  tto
                                               i Bu
iButtons. The logged data is
downloaded to a PC, where the
handicap is calculated and statistical
data saved to illustrate the players
progress over a period of time.

-This will open up new opportunities
for golf players of storing and analyse
                                                                                      Scorecard Logger
the scores, where improvement can
be tracked.

       Student: Carsten Kristiansen                      Supervisor: Alan Edgar
                        iButton Implementation
    The iButton with a size of a one pound coin is the players link between the Scorecard Logger and
    the PC. With the Dallas 1-Wire communication bus, an iButton is used to identify the player and
    store the scores of a match, and enable the user to bring this data anywhere.

Features of the DS1996 iButton:                                       iButton reader at the Scorecard Logger:
  64kbit nonvolatile memory.
  142kbit/sec communication.
  64 bit unique ROM registration number
  256 bit scratchpad.
  Over 10 years of data retention.

The 64kbit SRAM in the iButton is partitioned in 256 bit pages, with a total of 256 pages.
                                          The 64-bit factory lasered ROM:
                                                 The Scorecard Logger
    The electronic hand-held battery driven Golf Scorecard Logger is for the player to bring along when
    a match is played. It interacts with the user through an LCD display and a keyboard.

                    Hardware Block Diagram:                                     The Golf Scorecard Logger:

                                           5V Power

ID Chip                                                          Keypad
DS2502                                                      4 x Switches
                       1-Wire Bus


iButton Interface                     Dallas/Maxim     PC-COM Interface
DS9092L                              Microcontroller          MAX203

RTCC Chip                           Port 0
DS1554P                             P2.0..P2.6         2x16 LCD Display
                                    P2.7                      MC1602X


  For the hardware a PCB is designed using Surface
  Mount Technology (SMT) to make it compact                                The circuit is created with the desire of a high
  enough to fit in the chosen enclosure and                                quality and upgradeable result, regarding the
  optimize the power consumption.                                          software and future work.
                                                                         The software consists of two
                                                                         areas, the scorecard logger
                                                                         software and the PC software.
                                                                         A part of the menu structure
                                                                         for the scorecard logger is
                                                                         Through a structured
                                                                         approach the program code is
                                                                         created, using development
                                                                         tools such as Keil uVision for
                                                                         the Dallas 8051 processing
                                                                         unit, and Borland C++ Builder
                                                                         for the PC software.
Scorecard Logger software:       PC software:
  Menu control and navigation.     Protocol handling.
  Game control and navigation.     Calculation and presentation of
                                 the handicap score.
  Protocol handling.
                                   Statistical and historical view.
  Error indication handling.
                                   User setup and database
  Custom control setup.

                                                                      More info:

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