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					Why you need to invest in an integrated HR
These days, more and more businesses are investing in integrated HR solutions.
These solutions come with essential functions necessary to ensure that the staff are
industrious, realizing their production targets at all times. Some of the key features
of these HR solutions include employee payroll and benefits management, time and
attendance management and performance management.

Here are some of the benefits that your business can realize by investing in this HR tool

1.   Time saving

 The traditional HR department works with a number of third party service providers
like payroll processing firms and insurance companies. This usually increases the risk
of errors and complaints from employees over wrong information provided by these
service providers. However, this solution provides your employees with a single platform
from where they can access all information related to their work hours, compensation
status and insurance policy among others. This way, the solution provides a one-stop
platform that provides your employees with all the crucial information at the click of a

2.   Providing a transparent career pathway

 Investing in this tool empowers your employees to take charge of their career
progression plans thus avoiding involvement of third parties like team leaders and
supervisors in determining who should be promoted within the organization. All your HR
department needs to do is prepare and avail relevant training courses that employees
need to take before they can be considered for a promotion.

3.   Ensure consistency

 With this tool, you can easily link employees' performance to compensation. For
instance, you can easily define specific targets that are expected from each employee in
the system. Thus, during compensation or performance appraisal, you can asses your
employees against a set of predefined targets. You can also use the system to ensure
fairness and consistency when compensating your workforce.

You can realize several benefits by investing in a good HR solution. However, you need
to take your time to find the right HR solution for your business.