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					New Braunfels Hermann Sons
     School of Dance

   2008 – 2009 Handbook

                        Hermann Sons
                 New Braunfels School of Dance
The Hermann Sons School of Dancing is designed to teach the art of dance to junior
members, in a wholesome atmosphere of fun, work, physical exercise and fellowship within a
structural framework. We will teach varying degrees of tap, ballet, jazz and tumbling (tumbling
meaning the practice of exercising gymnastic feats such as somersaults, backbends and
headstands without the use of apparatus). These schools are sponsored by the Grand Lodge
of the Order of the Sons of Hermann in the State of Texas under the direction of the Grand
President, Youth Activities Committee, Fraternal Director, Lodge Parents and Sponsoring
Lodges. The Hermann Sons School of Dancing is a FRATERNAL BENEFIT and privilege,
which is extended to our junior members. All rules and regulations of the Grand Lodge and
the local dance organization must be abided by.

       DANCE INSTRUCTORS:             Kim Gibbins        830-481-4557
                                      Kristan Carson     830-629-9963
       President:                      Sherri Carson       830-629-9963
       Vice-President:                 Canna Lanham        830-627-8249
       Secretary:                      Vanessa Schwab 830-907-2999
       Treasurer:                      Lory Alves          830-620-7879
      If you wish to speak with an instructor, you may leave her a message on the recorder at
       any time (625-9923) and she will return your call at her earliest convenience. PLEASE do
       not call during class time unless it is an emergency.


                             DANCING SCHOOL HOLIDAYS:

       Thanksgiving:            November 24th through November 28th
                                Classes resume on December 1st

       Christmas:               December 22nd through January 2nd
                                Classes resume January 5th

                                March 23rd through March 27th
       Spring Break:            Classes resume March 30th

                                  2008 DANCE RECITAL
       Location:                To be determined
       Dress Rehearsal:         To be determined
       Recital:                 To be determined

                                 CLASS POLICIES

With dance class only 45 minutes to one hour, REGULAR AND PUNCTUAL attendance is
absolutely necessary if your child is to succeed. Regular attendance is a requirement of
Hermann Sons. Late arrivals and early pick-ups are very disruptive, so your cooperation will
be greatly appreciated. If you are tardy 10 minutes or more you will be counted absent for the

Excessive absences hold back the progress of the entire class. Absences affect the overall
performance of the entire class. A student who is absent three consecutive classes at any
time will be removed from the class roster and turned in to the Grand Lodge as a dropout.
Students are allowed 4 (four) UNEXCUSED absences. For an absence to be EXCUSED, you
must submit a Dr’s note to the Dance Instructor. After a student misses the fifth UNEXCUSED
class during the year they will be dropped and will be prohibited from participating in the
recital. Please remember tardiness counts as an absence and failure to keep insurance
premiums current will also cause absences. It is not the responsibility of the dance school to
inform the student of their absences. ALSO, attendance at the Dress Rehearsal is mandatory
in order for a student to dance in the recital. Should your child become ill or is unable to
attend class due to an emergency, please contact the teacher for further arrangements.
Attendance and absence policy also pertains to senior dance class.

When you enroll for dance you are signing up for the entire semester. When a student drops
out before the end of the semester, formations, line-ups, etc., have to be changed. We feel
that you should access the value of dance lessons. We realize that there is certain
circumstances where it is impossible to continue dance classes, however, please stress to
your child the importance of commitment, not only to her/himself, but also to others in the
class. Inform the teacher of an early withdrawal as soon as possible. If withdrawals occur
after costumes are ordered there are no refunds on costumes.

Cell Phone Policy:

The use of Cell Phones is prohibited during dance class hours. This includes students, parent
helpers and instructors. Phone use can be a distraction for the dancers, and it is difficult to
monitor the class and help the instructor if parent helper is on the phone. Please have ALL
cell phones turned off or on the silence mode before entering the dance studio.
*Students: If you do not obey this policy your phone will be taken from you during class and
your parent will have to come to the studio in order for your phone to be returned to you.

Classes are 45 minutes for ages 3 – 11 and Middle School (7th & 8th Grades) and one hour for
High School (9 – 12th Grades) consisting of tap, ballet, tumbling and jazz for older students.
Drop Off:
The studio door will open at the BEGINNING of each class. Children arriving for class are
asked to wait outside until time to dance. DO NOT DROP YOUR CHILD OFF
AHEAD OF TIME. The dancing school is not responsible for safety.

Pick Up:
Children are kept inside the studio until their parents come for them. Children must be
picked up on time for this is a great inconvenience for the teachers and a
distraction to the students in class.

For safety reasons, there should be no running or playing in the parking area.
Please DO NOT PARK next to the building where you will be blocking cars from
entering for pick up and drop off. Children under the age of 11 need to be picked
up at the door and will not be allowed to run to the car without a parent or
guardian. Classes should not be interrupted except for emergencies (i.e., illness).
No food, drinks, gum, candy or animals of any size are allowed in the
studio or other facilities rented by Hermann Sons Dance by students
or spectators.


Volunteers play a large roll in the success of our dance school. There will be a volunteer sign-
up sheet on the first day of dance class. It is very important that anyone interested in helping
throughout the year provides us your contact information. This list will be used to pick a
“Class Parent” who will be responsible for helper sheets and all communications to parents.
The costume chairpersons and line-up parents for the recital will also be selected from this
list. No organization can be successful without Volunteers. Your help is greatly appreciated.

“Watch Day” will be observed on the first lesson in September 8-11, December1-4, March2-5
and May 4-7. You may not be inside the dance studio during class except on these pre-
selected days. All dance classes must have a parent-monitor. A sign-up sheet and list of
duties will be available the first dance class in September. Only the assigned parent monitor
will be allowed in the studio on regular dance days.

Students will need black tap shoes and pink ballet shoes. Boys may wear black ballet shoes.
Beginning at 8 years old students will also need black jazz shoes. A shoebox or bag is
required. Students should also wear proper dance attire: leotards and tights are required for
ages 3 – 7, jazz pants, spandex or form fitting clothes may be worn by all other ages. Cover-
ups may be worn to class, but not during class. (i.e. t-shirts, wraps, shorts, or baggy pants.)
Dancing attire should be complete by the first lesson in October; violations will be subject to
disciplinary action at the teacher’s discretion. The student’s name must be written inside all
shoes, bags, and any other items brought to class. We are not responsible for lost items.
All hair must be tied back before class begins, and no accessories worn to class.
Please encourage children to use the restroom before class starts.

Please call the dance studio for recorded messages 830-625-9923 or check web page.

Proper behavior by all students is required to insure their safety and to enable
them to learn with as few disruptions as possible. If a student displays improper
behavior (Example: refuses to cooperate, aggression towards other students, misbehaving,
etc.), a discipline referral slip will be issued by the teacher to the student. This slip must be
signed by the parent and returned to the teacher the following week before the student will be
permitted to return to class. When a student has received 3 slips, the parent must arrange for
a conference with the instructor and an officer of the dancing school. The outcome of the
meeting will determine if the child can remain in the dancing program. This will also affect
dance class advancement.

Demonstrate Respect for Teacher and Peers; (3) Listen and Follow Teacher’s directions; (4)
Keep your whole self to yourself.

CONSEQUENCES: (1) Verbal warning and conditioning activities; (2) Discipline Referral Slip;
(3) Parent conference; (4) Dismissal from dance class.

Students must be a Hermann Sons member BEFORE registering for dance classes, and a
Hermann Sons certificate must be in effect or an approval notice must be presented.
Participants must remain in good standing by keeping their insurance premiums
paid throughout the dance school year, as this will affect your attendance.

A fee will be collected at registration. These fees are used to cover hall rental, recital and
miscellaneous expenses. Registration fees are not refundable.

Costume chairpersons will be selected from the list of volunteers collected on the first day of
class. Responsibilities include measuring students, collecting costume money, completing
the order form, and distributing the costumes when they arrive. Costume money will be
due the week of December 1st, 2008. No exceptions. Pictures of selected costumes
will be on display in the week of November 17th for all to view. Costumes range in price from
$60.00 to $90.00 per costume. Ages 3 – 11 and Middle School will participate in one dance.
High School will participate in multiple dances. (This will give some guideline so you can
begin saving early.) This is payable to the costume chairperson in cash or money order only.
NO CHECKS ACCEPTED! If costume money is not in by the due date a costume will
not be ordered and your student will be dropped from the dance class.

Dance Recital PHOTOGRAPHS will be taken of groups and individuals. Pictures will be taken
at dress rehearsal (subject to change).

VIDEOS and DVD’S of the recital will also be available. Approximate cost is $33.00 (plus tax
and shipping, if applicable). This money will be due on a date still to be determined.

Checks returned for non-sufficient funds will be charged a $25.00 service fee. If a 2nd non-
sufficient fund check is received we will no longer accept checks from that individual.

                            DANCE REGISTRATION
Registration is held at the Dance Studio in August of each year. Dates and times will be
announced at the recital or correspondence sent home from the dance school, in the local
newspaper, and on the local radio station prior to registration. Dance classes are filled on a
first-come, first-serve basis. (A late registration date will also be set for those not able to
register on the regular registration date.)

Proof of Membership (Insurance) is required prior to registration. You must have a
membership card or approval letter in order to register. Please take care of
membership arrangements early in order to comply with these requirements.


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