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									                                   How to Win an Interview?

Are you really looking to become an employee of a company that suits your requirement
and qualification? If your answer is big yes then why you are not been hired is the question
that always comes into your mind. It is a truth that, most of employers are looking for top
performers. But if you are unfortunately lacks behind and still want to part of such
organization, then you have to make yourself according to organization's requirement.

First of all, you have to build your personality. When I am saying, building up your
personality doesn't only mean to be well dressed but it also requires other personality traits
such as humbleness, patience, soft but firm tune etc. These traits can be exercise by
increasing your social network, by talking with your friends and family even every person
whom you feel is very successful. I have seen many people who are just very nominal in
their living style but they are enjoying every thing in their life due to their good manners
and self crafted skills.

Power of belief is second very important factor. I know that, once I have been failed more
than four times for a specific job which I was looking then, I looked inside myself and
asked; Why I am not Hired? I realized that, power of belief which I was lacking and before
going for the interview; I have prepared my mind to get this job and this job is meant for
me. This attitude benefited me so that, my motivation level is at peak level and eventually I
got that job. I said my dad, "I got it".

Third factor is home work before, appearing for an interview. Most of us thought that, I am
well prepared and doesn't need much to read. But, I would suggest you that you should
read organization mission, vision, financial history, its objective and as much details as you
can to back your answer crafted with it. Even nowadays, due to spread of electronic media
especially internet, most of companies has their online website which is very sufficient
source for this purpose.

Last but not least, "Never Give up"! It is said by some scholar that, "Your failures shows
that, there is lack in your determination". It is possible that, you are not hired in an
interview but you have learned something new from it which will help you in finding some
other job as well.

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