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									                                  Lowery Volunteer Application 2008-2009

 Name ____________________________________________________ Home # ______________________________

 Address __________________________________________________ Work # ______________________________

 * E-mail ____________________________________________________ Cell #______ _________________________

 COMMENTS: ____________________________________________________________________________________

* Parents will be contacted primarily via e-mail

Areas where you can help in your child’s classroom:

* HEAD HOMEROOM PARENT - This volunteer coordinates the parent volunteers in your child’s class for various
     functions, including parties, field day and other class projects when needed.

* PARTY SETUP – Volunteers help with class holiday parties.

* SEND ITEMS – Volunteers send items to school with their child that may be needed for class parties, Family Night or
      other activities.

* SPECIAL REQUESTS – Volunteers assist homeroom teacher and/or head homeroom parent with any special
      projects that arise during the year, including bulletin board displays.

 Please check all areas that interest you for each child at Lowery.

 Child ______________________               Child ______________________           Child ________________________

 Grade ______________________               Grade ______________________ Grade ________________________

 Homeroom Teacher ____________________      Homeroom Teacher ___________________   Homeroom Teacher ______________________

 ____Head Homeroom Parent                   ____Head Homeroom Parent                      ____Head Homeroom Parent

 ____ Party Setup                           ____ Party Setup                              ____ Party Setup

 ____ Send Items                            ____Send Items                                 ____ Send Items

 ____ Special Requests                      ____ Special Requests                          ____ Special Requests

Program Opportunities within your child’s classroom:

      ____ Readers In Action (K, 1, 2) – Volunteer will read to their child’s class for a 30 minute time period.
            The number of times you read is dependant upon the number of volunteers per class. Books are
            selected by the library and distributed by the RIA coordinator.
      ____ Junior Achievement (K-4) – This is a short-term commitment of six weeks, once a week for
            45 minutes. Volunteers will be given all the materials to teach the curriculum in class.
            5th grade Biz Town (previously called Exchange City) is handled separately by the teacher.
      ____ Science Enrichment (4) – Volunteers will be trained at the school to assist a small group of 4th grade
            students with hands-on experiments during Science class. There are 3 – 50 minute classes in fall and
            3 - 50 minute classes in spring. No scientific background is needed.
      ____ Sooper Puppy (1) – Volunteers present this five part program which helps build our children’s self
            esteem in a fun way. Mandatory training is provided by the Cy-Fair Partners in Education office.
      ____ Roman Day (3) – 3rd grade students enjoy a day of Roman times dress up. Many volunteers are
            needed to assist in various stations to include: Roman foods, crafts, Roman bath house and learning
            Roman numerals.
      ____ Galveston Bay (4) – One volunteer per homeroom needed to present a short (30-45 min) program
            about Galveston Bay.
      ____ Renaissance Day (4) – 4th grade students enjoy a day of Renaissance dress up and period crafts,
            food and games. Many volunteers are needed.
      ____ Colonial Day (5) – 5th grade students enjoy a day of Colonial times dress up. Many volunteers are
            needed to assist in butter making, quilting, candle making, and quill pen writing.

Opportunities to volunteer around the school:

      ____ Drug Awareness – help motivate student’s fight against drug involvement during Red Ribbon Week
             by tying ribbons around trees and preparing ribbons for each student to wear.
      ____ Hospitality – work together in a group of 3-4 to create and carry out a planned luncheon. Volunteers
             will select recipes, decorations, invitation for their assigned teacher/staff birthday luncheon. You
             should plan to be available all day on your luncheon day to set-up, serve and clean-up.
      ____ Fun Run – assist at the 1K Fun Run on Family Night, to include running with the kids and handing
             out ribbons
      ____ Family Night – help run cakewalks, popcorn stand and serve food to all the families at
             Lowery on Fun Run/Family Night in the spring
      ____ 5th Grade Events/Fun Day/Graduation – help organize the fifth grade events, graduation and fun
             day festivities in the spring
      ____ Cultural Arts Day – volunteers assist story tellers, speakers and presenters at assigned times
             throughout the day while they perform for Lowery students during this day-long event.
      ____ Chess Club – help 4th & 5th graders play chess once a week before school
      ____ Spirit Cart - sell Lowery T-shirts, logo items and a variety of supplies and goodies from the spirit cart
             during lunch on Spirit Days. A schedule is made in the fall and in the spring.
      ____ Parents of Lowery Artists – record, label, matte and display student’s artwork in the front
             lobby. Parents are notified of the date that their child’s artwork will be displayed.
      ____ Yearbook – assist on picture days, take pictures around school, proofread, collect orders, prepare
             pages and distribute yearbooks
      ____ Parent Tutors – program will start after the first benchmark tests. Training is provided.
      _____Book Buddies - Want to make a difference in the life of a child? Book Buddies is a program designed
             to provide ‘one on one’ reading with students in K, 1st and 2nd grade to enhance their reading skills
             and build their confidence. Training is provided and the rewards are endless.

Opportunities for parents who are unable to volunteer at school during the day:

       ____ Brown Bag – teachers leave items requiring cutting, sorting, gluing, coloring, etc., in a specific
             area in the workroom. Parents pick up and return work items at their convenience during school
       ____ School Gardens - coordinate with chairperson to add new plants and flowers, and maintain gardens
             during the year.
       ____ Volunteer Cooks - assist the Hospitality Committee by preparing (recipes provided) or purchasing
             items for the teacher/staff birthday luncheons.

Grade Level Field Trips:
(All field trips are held at and volunteers will be trained by the SRC (Science Resource Center).

       ____ K – Animal Odyssey –learn about mammals, snakes, aquarium fish and bunny tales
       ____ 1st – Gulf Mysteries- learn about the mysteries of the Gulf of Mexico
       ____ 2nd – EcoAdventure –learn about the planet earth and our eco-system

Volunteer to assist as needed:

       ____ Directory – help assemble the directory at the beginning of school year, proof-read and distribute
       ____ Clinic Aides – assist the nurse in various ways including weighing, measuring, hearing and vision
             screening. Training is required and provided.
       ____ Library Aides – assist the librarian in various aspects of the library operation including checking out
             books, shelving books, filing, typing, book fairs and special events. You can even choose to
             volunteer during your child’s library time.
       ____ Office Aides – assist in the workroom by die-cutting letters and shapes, cutting, stapling booklets,
             sorting and binding, as requested by teachers and staff.
       ____ “9-1-1” Call Me – be available when called at the last minute for a spur of the moment task. You
             are under no obligation to say “yes”.


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