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					Republic of Estonia 90

Objective of the Jubilee Year:
To make our citizens feel greater respect for their country. To deepen the feeling of Our
Own State. To rebuild the mental bridge that leads through the country’s history back to
the moment our state was born. To show how the Republic of Estonia has developed over
the course of nine decades.
To integrate all citizens and residents so they can feel joy about an independent Estonia
and help our country move into the future.
To be sure that Estonia is a whole. Both in time. And in space.
Estonians are a spirited people – strong, active, clever, innovative and vital.

Method: The history of the Republic of Estonia, throughout its 90 years, must be brought
to life for the whole year, across the country, as well as in its foreign representations. The
story of the birth and growth of the Republic of Estonia must be told through the entire
Attention must be paid to children and young people in all segments, if possible.

REPUBLIC OF ESTONIA 90 – Overview of Celebrations

The highlights of the celebrations of the 90th jubilee of the Republic of Estonia and the
institutions that coordinate them have been mapped below. An overview of the highlights
and a calendar of the events to be held throughout the jubilee year are shown in the
following two parts of the overview in the form of a table showing the relevant weeks
and days. The table is followed by an overview of all activities: media reflection ideas,
cooperation projects with different partners (e.g. Bank of Estonia, Estonian Post, etc.),
publications, performances, concerts, screenings, exhibitions, erection of monuments, and
activities for children.


* Beginning: Wed 28 November 2007 – the day on which 90 years will have passed
from the decision of the Estonian Province Assembly to declare itself the body of highest
power in the territory of Estonia.
* First Culmination: Independence Day, Sat/Sun 23 and 24 February 2008 – the 90th
anniversary of the Republic of Estonia.
* Second Culmination: Victory Day, Mon 23 June 2008 (actually Fri 20 June-Tue 24
* Final Culmination: Fri 28 November 2008 – the monument to the freedom of Estonia
will be opened on Vabaduse Square in Tallinn, on the day on which 90 years will have
passed from the beginning of the Estonian War of Independence.

Advertisement shown on billboards, etc., through the whole year.

The months of the jubilee year are divided into thematic months:
a) constitutional institutions, and
b) remarkable events from the history of the Republic of Estonia.
(the list below is subject to change)
In order to make every month work well, the work team will cooperate with the
main coordinator
Highlights will be coordinated separately (see the lower table)

   1. Month of the Estonian People – December: supreme body of power, population
       scientists, the Minister, Estonian National Museum, culture, annual awards,
       church (Christmas), etc.
         I. Facilitator: Office of Minister Urve Palo with the Ministry of Culture –
             coordinated with the Estonian National Museum, the church, population
             scientists, etc.
   2. Month of the War of Independence – January: the War Museum and the Ministry
       of Defence will organise major events.
         I. Facilitator: War Museum with the Ministry of Defence
   3. Month of the President of the Republic – February: highlights of Independence
       Day under the leadership of the President of the Republic
         I. Coordinated by the Office of the President of the Republic in cooperation
             with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
   4. Month of the Chancellor of Justice and the National Audit Office – March
         I. Facilitator: Cooperation between the Office of the Chancellor of Justice and
             the National Audit Office
   5. Riigikogu Month – April: Meeting of the Constituent Assembly on 23 April 1919
         I. Facilitator: Chancellery of the Riigikogu
   6. Month of the Court – May
         I. Facilitator: Office of the Supreme Court
   7. Month of the Bank of Estonia – June: monetary reform
         I. Facilitator: Bank of Estonia
   8. Local Governments’ Month – July: summer month in all rural municipalities of
       the country
         I. Facilitator: Ministry of Internal Affairs and local government associations
   9. Month of Exile, Resistance and Restoration of Independence – August: the month
       many Estonians who live abroad visit their homeland
         I. Facilitator: Ministry of Culture (e.g. cooperation with the Estonian World
             Council, organisations of people who fought for the liberation of Estonia)
   10. School Month – September: university, primary school, etc.
         I. Facilitator: Ministry of Education and Research (it is important to work with
             both Estonian and Russian language schools here)
   11. Month of Nationalities in Estonia – October:
         I. Facilitator: Office of the Minister of Population – coordinates the work in
             cooperation with the Round Table on the Issues of National Minorities, and
             the organisations of Estonian Swedes, Russians/Old Believers of Lake
             Peipus, Baltic Germans and other national minorities
   12. Month of the Government of the Republic – November: 11 November – the day
       of creation of government institutions, foundation of all ministries
         I. Facilitator: State Chancellery

From the beginning of the year 2008, every week would be dedicated to one Government
of the Republic and the highlights in the activities of every government would be
regularly introduced.

Jubilee year celebration ideas according to events and weeks

Week/Date Theme/Event               Description of the event, etc.
Wed 28    Opening of the            The Month of the Estonian People begins.
November 90th Jubilee
          Parties by the            Tallinn
          Estonian people           reception at the Estonia Theatre: all living members of
          will be held on           the Riigikogu are invited (Chancellery of the
          this day in the           Riigikogu).
          Estonia Theatre in        At 19.00 a live broadcast via Estonian Public
          Tallinn and in            Broadcasting
          every county – the
          opening event of          Elsewhere in Estonia
          the jubilee               Parties by the Estonian people, content: performances
          celebrations.             by local bands and a star from the relevant county
                                    (county governments through the Office of the
             Parallel goal of       Minister of Population).
             county parties:        Rapla County – Rapla Culture and Hobby Centre
             to tell the story of   Võru County – Suur Munamägi and Haanja
             those who came         Community Centre
             to the Land            Põlva County – Community Centre/Hall and Gym of
             Council, highlight     Viluste Basic School
             the people who         Pärnu County – in Endla Theatre in Pärnu
             came from one or       Saare County – Kuressaare Culture Centre
             another region.        Tartu County – venue to be determined
                                    Viljandi County – Pilistvere
                                    Lääne County – Haapsalu Culture Centre
                                    Jõgeva County – Mustvee
                                    East-Viru County – Toila and surrounding areas
                                    Järva County – Paide Culture Centre
                                    West-Viru County – Rakvere, market square
                                    Hiiu County – venue to be determined
                                    Valga County – Valga Culture and Hobby Centre
                                    Harju County – Rae Culture Centre

                                    Broadcast: ETV
                                    TV broadcasts from Tallinn, Pilistvere, Toila (will be
                                    specified by the Office of the Minister of Population,
                                    in cooperation with, and as coordinated by, county
                                    governments and ETV.
                            Description of the party at the Estonia Theatre

                            Director: Rohumaa

                            The party begins at around 19.00:
                            Starts with a greeting by the President of the Republic
                            and a speech by the President of the Riigikogu and a
                            TV play (the same also in homes all over Estonia):
                            On the stage there is a big screen showing the TV play
                            Our Land Council – the story of the Land Council by
                            Indrek Hirv, directed by Hardi Volmer. Via the TV
                            broadcast, the play on the big screen is also a part of
                            many county parties.

                            The broadcast from the “Estonia” Theatre will end
                            here. People at home are then shown a live ETV
                            broadcast of county parties and the Land Council.
                            The live broadcast will end with a fire sculpture of the
                            Republic of Estonia 90 logo from Pilistvere, near the
                            centre of Estonia. 150 people with torches will form
                            the word Estonia + a fire sculpture of the logo.
                            Aktuaalne Kaamera will also give an overview of
                            those parties that didn’t fit into the live broadcast.

                            That very night, ETV will show the first episode of the
                            12-part series by I. Treufeldt, dedicated to the Jubilee
                            Year (after the Aktuaalne Kaamera evening news – in
                            the Foorum timeslot).
Thu 29
Fri 30                      Fri, 30 November at 16.00 – the Estonian National
November                    Museum presents My Christmas Story, a book of
                            Christmas stories and drawings dedicated to the 90th
                            Anniversary of the Republic of Estonia.
                            Exhibition House, Kuperjanovi 9

                            Beginning of the concert series Birthday Party
                            Invitation - Party Concert in My Parish throughout
                            December: Christmas and Advent Concerts in parish
                            churches all over Estonia.
                            Concert programme at
Sat 1      Anniversary of   Organised by: University of Tartu
December   Estonian-
           language         Sat, 1 December – Announcement of the competition
           university       Small Snow Republic (Office of the President of the
Sun 2      The First Advent
Mon 3                           3-16 December – Estonian Family Weeks, Estonian
December                        Family and Its Values, in the Open Air Museum.
                                Family traditions of different eras can be studied in the
                                Museum farms - affordable ticket prices, the history of
                                the Estonian family. Schools on Mon-Wed, families
                                on Thu.

                                3-19 December – Guide programme Christmas Weeks:
                                Estonia’s Own Christmas, in the Estonian National

                                3 December – Beginning of Võru County Days in the
                                Riigikogu, lasting throughout December

Tue 4
Wed 5
Thu 6      90th Anniversary
December   of the Republic of
Fri 7
Sat 8
Sun 9      The Second
December   Advent
Mon 10
Tue 11
Wed 12
Thu 13                          The Estonian National Museum organises the drawing
December                        competition Our State – My Home for schools.
Fri 14
Sat 15
Sun 16     The Third Advent
Mon 17
Tue 18
Wed 19
Thu 20
December                      20 December 2007 – Conference The Road to the
                              Estonian Museum II: Cultural and Museum Policy in
                              the Republic of Estonia from 1918-1940.
                              Organised by: the Estonian National Museum.
Fri 21
Sat 22
Sun 23      The Fourth
December    Advent
Mon 24      Christmas Eve.
December    Church services   The Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church, ETV.
            all over the
            country, TV
            broadcast from
            Rapla Church.
Tue 25      Christmas Day
Wed 26      Boxing Day
Thu 27
Fri 28
Sat 29
Sun 30
Mon 31
31.12-6.1   The 1st           Tue, 1 January – the Month of the War of
            Provisional       Independence starts
            Government of
            Prime Minister    Thu, 3 January – ceasefire of the War of Independence
            Päts, 1918.       entered into force in 1920.

                                   A minute of silence at Harjumägi
                                   Large advertising posters with symbols of the
                                    Republic of Estonia 90 will be displayed in
                                    streets beginning on this day
                                  Estonian Radio: Miniturniir for schoolchildren
                              Thu, 3 January to Mon, 7 January – ceremonies at
                                breakthrough battles of the War of Independence:
                                Valkla (3 Jan), Vikipalu (4 Jan), Soodla (6 Jan), Vetla
                                (5 to 6 Jan), Voose (4 Jan), Ardu (6 Jan), Aidu (4 Jan),
                                From there, vehicles of the Ministry of Defence will
                                drive at the same speed at which the front moved back
                                then, towards the East and South. Map of the War of
                                Independence; the ceremonies will be held by War of
                                Independence monuments and/or in school halls.

                                Wed, 3 January – ETV will show a programme about
                                the War of Independence and the fight for freedom.

7.1-13.1    The 2nd             Fri, 11 January – staged version of the Utria landing of
            Provisional         the War of Independence – open to everyone at Utria.
            Government of       10.00 – guests will be received in the complex point;
            Prime Minister      an exhibition of weapons and photos about the War of
            Päts, 1918-19.      Independence.
                                10.15 – introduction of the tasks of the complex point
                                (approximately 5 special tasks).
                                Noon – lunch.
                                12.45 – walk to the stage play: Public Battle at Utria

                                Fri, 11 January – submission deadline for projects
                                participating in the competition Small Snow Republic
14.1-20.1   Government of       Wed, 16 January – 14th concert in the concert series
            Prime Minister      Voice of Future Music, in the Exhibition House of the
            Strandman, 1919.    Estonian National Museum.
21.1-27.1   Government of       Thu, 24 January – opening of Jaan Poska’s house in
            Prime Minister      Tallinn.
            Tõnisson, 1919-     Sat, 26 January – The Story of Väinamöine is played in
            20.                 the Exhibition House of the Estonian National

28.1-3.2    Government of       Fri, 1 February – the Month of the President of the
            Prime Minister      Republic begins.
            Birk, 1920.
                                Sat, 2 February – at 19.00, the celebration of the Tartu
                                Peace Anniversary in Tartu, Vanemuine Concert Hall.

4.2-10.2    2nd Government      Tue, 5 February – the Estonian National Opera in
            of Prime Minister   cooperation with the State Archives opens the
            Tõnisson, 1920.     completed exhibition “Estonia – people and country”
                              The exhibition prepared by the State Archives in
                              cooperation with the Estonian National Opera is
                              dedicated to the 90th Anniversary of the Republic of
                              Estonia and portrays the welfare of the people and
                              country of Estonia in the last century – in association
                              with the “Estonia” Theatre and Concert Hall which
                              was built as a joint enterprise of Estonian associations
                              to be the centre of Estonian cultural and political life
                              and, as such, is serving the people and the country to
                              this day. The exhibition displays the critical and
                              important moments of Estonian life as of the laying of
                              the corner stone to the building in the days of the Song
                              Festival of 1910 through the years of war and spiritual
                              repression till the present day. The exposition reflects
                              the significant events in Estonian history that have
                              happened in the National Opera and are not connected
                              with the creative activities of the theatre. The
                              exhibition will be open throughout February,
                              beginning with opening day on 5 February.
                              The exhibition is prepared by the archivists of the
                              State Archives and the Film Archives. It will be
                              designed by theatre artists Kustav-Agu Püüman and
                              Inga Vares.

                              Fri, 8 February – anniversary conference of the
                              Confederation of Employers, Flight of the Kite 2008,
                              dedicated to the 90th Anniversary of the Republic of

                              Sat, 9 February – The Story of Väinamöine is
                              performed in the Exhibition House of the Estonian
                              National Museum.
11.2-17.2   Government of     Wed, 13 February – beginning of the festival of the
            Prime Minister,   National Opera ESTONIAN THEATRE IN
            Head of State     “ESTONIA” that lasts from 13 to 23 February 2008
            Piip, 1920-21.
                              With the festival Estonian theatre in “Estonia”, the
                              National Opera worthily celebrates the 90th
                              Anniversary of the Republic of Estonia. People can
                              see and hear seven originals of Estonia.

                              Wed, 13 February – the festival ESTONIAN
                              THEATRE IN “ESTONIA”: concert of the symphony
                              orchestra of the National Opera where, among other
                              valuable works the Prelude solennel by Eduard Tubin
                              will be performed in the “Estonia” Concert Hall.
                                Thu, Sat, 14 and 16 February – the festival ESTONIAN
                                THEATRE IN “ESTONIA”: dance performance
                                Hamlet. Werewolf by Oksana Titova and Marina
                                Kesler. Exciting choreography interpreted by young
                                talented ballet soloists opens the door to the world of
                                modern dance.
                                15 February - lyrical opera Cyrano de Bergerac by
                                Eino Tamberg. The opera with exquisite music has
                                enjoyed a special destiny: Cyrano de Bergerac was the
                                first Estonian opera that was also staged outside
                                Estonia (in 1982 in Czechoslovakia in Olomouc).

                                Fri, 15 February – the history conference of Jõgeva
                                County, Miracle of Birth, dedicated to two great men,
                                Jaan Poska and Sulev Vahtre.

                              Sat, Thu, Fri and Sat, 16, 21, 22 and 23 February – the
                              festival ESTONIAN THEATRE IN “ESTONIA”:
                              documentary drama President 1939 by Katri Aaslav-
                              Tepandi and Tõnu Tepandi that will open on 16
                              February in the Chamber Hall of the Estonian National
                              Opera. At the centre of the play are events, choices
                              and decisions of Estonia in the years 1939-1940, the
                              end of independence and the destinies of President
                              Konstatin Päts, Prime Minister Kaarel Eenpalu and
                              Commander-in-Chief of the Armies Johan Laidoner in
                              the prisons of the Soviet Union.
                              17 February – festival of the Estonian National Opera
                              ESTONIAN THEATRE IN “ESTONIA”: the funny hit
                              party for children, PIPI!NUKI!PUHH!, directed by
                              Neeme Kuningas, where the adventures of Pippi
                              Longstocking, Nukitsamees and Winnie the Pooh can
                              be enjoyed by everyone who has not yet forgotten the
                              super hits of the three earlier performances of the
                              National Opera or by those who wish to make their
                              first acquaintance with these characters.
18.2-24.2   3rd Government of Tue, 19 February – Festive meeting of the Estonian
            Head of State     Academy of Science The Academy and the State about
            Päts, 1921-22.    the role and the place of the Academy in the state of

                                Wed, 20 February – the Estonian National Museum
                                opens an exhibition Estonian Pride. Made in Estonia.
                                The exhibition will run through September 2008.
                                Curators: Eevi Astel, Riina Reinvelt, Maris Rosenthal
Designers: Jane Liiv, Merja Kergand
Organised by: Estonian National Museum.
Place: Exhibition House of the Estonian National

Wed-Thu, 20-21 February – festival of the Estonian
“ESTONIA”: the original Wallenberg by Erkki-Sven
Tüür, portraying the balance of powers in the rest of
the world, provides a worthy response to the drama
President that reflects the events of World War II
occurring in our home country.

Fri, 22 February – Estonian National Opera festival
Lady of the Camellias by Tiit Härm is inspired by
Alexandre Dumas’ (the younger) novel by the same
name and in addition to beautiful music also offers
masterful dance.

Fri, 22 February – Estonian history memory game in

Sat, 23 February – Declaration of Independence in
23 February 2008 – an Anniversary of the Republic of
Estonia parade in Pärnu
Opening the monument to the declaration of the
Republic at the historical Endla site.
At 17.00, the Estonia is Grateful 2008 decorations will
be awarded in Endla theatre, which will be followed
by Erkki-Sven Tüür’s multimedia performance in the
concert hall – also broadcast by ETV.

Sun, 24 February – Independence Day!

7.35 – celebratory flag-hoisting at Toompea
10.00 – Jubilee Service at the Dome Church of Tallinn
12.00 – The exhibition of the History Museum The
Will to Be on One’s Own. 90 Years of the Republic of
Estonia will be opened.

13.00 - Small Snow Republic in Kadriorg
A national competition for Estonian high school
                               pupils: a few dozen teams build snow sculptures
                               characterising their home and depicting their Estonian
                               origin in Kadriorg Park, in the vicinity of the
                               Presidential Palace.
                               13.00 – The Prime Minister will award the national
                               science, sports and culture awards in the hall of the
                               Academy of Sciences

                               13.00 – folklore festival Viru regi in Viru County,
                               where the Estonian folk song, born from the
                               experience of centuries, will be performed with the
                               help of willing participants.

                               18.00 – concert-reception of the Anniversary of the
                               Republic in the “Estonia” Theatre, artistic leader Tõnu

                               On 24 February the Bank of Estonia will issue
                               commemorative coins dedicated to the 90th
                               Anniversary of the Republic: a silver coin with a
                               nominal value of EEK 10, a gold coin with a nominal
                               value of EEK 50, and a platinum coin with a nominal
                               value of EEK 100. On 24 February, the Bank of
                               Estonia will also open the bust sculptures of the
                               members of the Provisional Government in the
                               Independence Hall of the Bank of Estonia.

                               Estonian Post will issue a jubilee stamp to
                               commemorate the 90th Anniversary of the Republic of
                               Estonia (presentations in Pärnu on 23 February and in
                               Tallinn on 24 February)

25.2-2.3   Government of       Sat, 1 March – the Month of the Chancellor of
           Head of State       Justice and the National Audit Office starts.
           Kukk, 1922-23.
3.3-9.3    4th Government of   7 March - International conference on the
           Head of State       celebration of the 70th anniversary of the
           Päts, 1923-24.      establishment of the institution of the Chancellor of
                               Justice and of the 15th anniversary of its re-
                               Conference Centre of Hotel Olümpia from 10.00 to
                               The conference provides an overview of the
                               development and activities of the institution of the
                               Chancellor of Justice, discussing socio-political and
                               constitutional perspectives.
                            The aim of the conference is to expand the discussion
                            on the better protection of peoples’ fundamental rights
                            and freedoms, also to critically analyse the model of
                            the institution of the Chancellor of Justice.

                            Participants include Nordic and European colleagues
                            of the Estonian Chancellor of Justice. Danish
                            ombudsman Hans Gammeltoft-Hansen and Swedish
                            head ombudsman Mats Melin have agreed to speak at
                            the conference. Also European ombudsman P.
                            Nikiforos Diamandouros has been invited to speak at
                            the conference. Intended Estonian presenters are Uno
                            Lõhmus, Mart Nutt and Vello Pettai.

                            The conference will open an exhibition prepared by
                            the Office of the Chancellor of Justice on interesting
                            exhibits throughout the 70 years of the institution of
                            the Chancellor of Justice – documents, photos,
                            publications regarding the institution’s history and the
                            work of the former Chancellors of Justice).

                            To be specified: an open day with workshops –
                            consultations, introduction of fundamental rights; the
                            exhibition 70 Years of the Chancellor of Justice will
                            also be opened in the house at the same time.

                            Sat, 8 March – Women’s Day.

10.3-16.3   Government of   Fri, 14 March – Native Language Day.
            Head of State   National Audit Office: An example of how we should
            Akel, 1924.     preserve the story of our state’s development for
                            future generations also in electronic format.
                            Opening archive environment: Information about the
                            development of the state of Estonia will be made
                            available to people – archive systems about the pre-
                            war period and the period from the 1990s until today,
                            which allows one to see how hard creating our state
                            has been during both periods of independence.
                            NB! Here, it is important to explain to people the
                            principles by which the National Audit Office operates
                            (why it has been created).

                            A conference that looks into the future and where the
                            problems of audits and the state are discussed: how to
                            continue working.
17.3-23.3   Government of   Fri, 21 March – Good Friday
            Head of State
            Jaakson, 1924-25.   Sun, 23 March – Easter Holiday

                                Second half of March – issuing of the collection
                                prepared by the Office of the Chancellor of Justice: 15
                                more interesting cases encountered during the 15-year
                                working period of the two Chancellors of Justice of
                                newly independent Estonia
24.3-30.3   Government of       Tue, 25 March – Day of Mourning.
            Head of State
            Teemant, 1925-      Fri, 28 March – open house for citizens in the Office
            26.                 of the Chancellor of Justice at Kohtu 8, Tallinn. There
                                is also an exhibition about interesting records
                                throughout the 70 years of the institution of the
                                Chancellor of Justice

31.3-6.4    2nd Government      Tue, Wed, 1 to 2 April – 20 years from the plenum of
            of Head of State    creative associations.
            Teemant, 1926-      In 2008 a new plenum of creative associations that
            27.                 focuses on today’s problems will take place at the hall
                                of Riigikogu.

                                Tue, 1 April – the Riigikogu Month starts.

                                The Tall Hermann tower is open to visitors every
                                Friday in April. Tours start from 10.00 to 15.00 every
                                full hour on Fridays

                                Harju County Day in the Riigikogu – dates are still
                                being specified.

                                Youth Forum in the Riigikogu Our State is 90 Years
                                Old. What is the Contribution by Me, a 20-Year Old,
                                in This?

                                Riigikogu sittings are public and can be observed from
                                the visitors’ balcony of the Sitting Chamber of the
                                Riigikogu; it is possible to find out about the course of
                                Riigikogu sittings, draft Acts and shorthand notes on
                                the Riigikogu home page at

                                Thu, Fri, 3 to 4 April – the Volunteer Activity Forum
                                at Tartu University Library (W.Struwe 1) in Tartu

                                The Development Centre of Volunteer Activity
                                dedicates the third Volunteer Activity Forum in Tartu
                                on the 90th Anniversary of the Republic. This time, the
                                central theme is the role of the volunteer in society;
                                also the good practice of volunteer activity will be

7.4-13.4    3rd Government of Sat, 12 April – 91 years from uniting the area of
            Head of State     Estonia into the Province of Estonia.
            Teemant, 1927.

14.4-20.4   2nd Government      20 years from Tartu Heritage Protection Days.
            of Head of State
            Tõnisson, 1927-
21.4-27.4   Government of       Wed, 23 April – St. George’s Day, anniversary of the
            Head of State       Riigikogu.
            Rein, 1928-29.      Fri, 25 April - Open doors in the Riigikogu and at the
                                end of the day an Ultima Thule concert will be held in
                                the courtyard of Toompea Castle
28.4-4.5    2nd Government      Thu, 1 May – Walpurgis Day
            of Head of State    Thu, 1 May – the Month of the Courts starts
            Strandman, 1929-
            31.                 Fri, 2 May – opening of the picture gallery of the
                                justices of the Supreme Court (1920-2007) on the
                                premises of the Supreme Court

                                Throughout May, open days with tours and lectures
                                will be organised in courthouses all over Estonia.
                                Together with judges and court officials it is possible
                                to take a peak into the backstage of the administration
                                of justice and to find out how the legal system works.

                                Printed materials issued within the Month of the
                                    1. A book of selected rulings in constitutional
                                       review of the Riigikogu from 1993-2008.
                                    2. A selected collection of speeches and
                                       presentations before of the Riigikogu, at the
                                       Forum of Judges, plenary meetings and other
                                       conferences in 2006-2008.
                                    3. A brochure introducing the court system and
                                       the Supreme Court. The purpose of the
                                       brochure is to introduce the administration of
                                       justice and the court system both to Estonia’s
                                       residents and to foreign visitors, and through
                                       openness to raise the awareness of citizens
                                       about courts and the administration of justice.
                                   4. A collection of entries received for essay and
                                      case competitions for young people 2006-
                                      2008, and a summary of the results of a
                                      judicial survey carried out among grade 10-12

                               In Pärsti Rural Municipality, near Viljandi. a plaque
                               will be dedicated on the wall of the Kärksi school
                               house to indicate the birth place of the first Secretary
                               of State, Theodor Andreas Käärik

                               Completion and presentation of the winning entry of
                               the Simple Law idea competition (winners of the idea
                               competition about (simplified) introduction of the
                               structure and/or functioning principles of the court
                               system will be declared in January 2008.
                               The winning entry will be completed and taken into
                               use in May 2008).

                               Sun, 4 May at 19.00 – the Berlin Philharmonic will
                               give a concert in the Estonia Concert Hall within the
                               framework of the German-Estonian Cultural Week
                               Conductor Sir Simon Rattle
                               Tragic Overture by Brahms
                               Six Pieces for Orchestra, by Webern
                               Symphony by Stravinsky
                               Symphony No 7 by Beethoven

5.5-11.5    5th Government of Thu, 8 May – an exhibition about the history of the
            Head of State     administration of justice in Estonia Judicial Power
            Päts, 1931-32.    and Administration of Justice in the Republic of
                              Estonia. The exhibition will remain open until

                               Fri, 9 May – Day of Europe.
                               Estonian Post will issue the stamp of Otto Strandmann
                               – the day the first constitutional head of state of
                               Estonia took office (19 May 1919)

                               Sun, 11 May – Mother’s Day.
12.5-18.5   4 Government of
            Head of State
            Teemant, 1932.
19.5-25.5   Government of
            Head of State
           Eenpalu, 1932.
26.5-1.6   6th Government of Thu, Fri, 29-30 May – a conference on the 90th
           Head of State     Anniversary of the Republic of Estonia, Development
           Päts, 1932-33.    of Estonian Rule of Law: Yesterday’s Choices Today,
                             in the Vanemuine Concert Hall in Tartu. Discusses the
                             further and nearer history of Estonia as a State Based
                             on the Rule of Law, the shaping of a common
                             understanding of which creates a presupposition for
                             the creation of a consensus in the development of the
                             rule of law. The conference introduces Estonia’s legal-
                             cultural, legal-philosophical and legal-historical
                             background and the choices that lay ahead.

                               Sun, 1 June – the Month of the Bank of Estonia

                               The Bank of Estonia will open a special exhibition
                               about the monetary reform in its museum, covering all
                               the monetary reforms that have occurred since the
                               establishment of the first Estonian currency.

                               In the museum of the Bank of Estonia, thematic
                               evenings will take place once a week
                               Regular tours of the Bank of Estonia both in Estonian
                               and in English

2.6-8.6    3rd Government of
           Head of State     Wed, 4 June – National Flag Day.
           Tõnisson, 1933.
                             Thu, 5 June – a memorial plaque will be opened in the
                             birth place of Helmut Maandi in the village of Sikeldi
                             in Rapla Rural Municipality (5 June is also the
                             anniversary of the birth of Helmut Maandi)

                               Fri, 6 June – An event of modern art and music
                               BankNight in the courtyard of the Bank of Estonia.

                               Sat, 7 June – Punk song festival in Rakvere, which
                               starts with a punk parade on the route bus station-
                               police station-Vallimägi. Director Üllar Saaremäe,
                               musical producer Hirvo Surva.

9.6-15.6   7th Government of Sat, 14 June – Day of Mourning.
           Head of State,
           President-Regent Presentation of a study about Estonian money and
           Päts, 1933-38.    monetary policy (the Bank of Estonia will order the
                               relevant study in August 2007).

16.6-22.6   2nd Government    Fri, 20 June – public presentation of a consumer coin
            of Prime Minister issued for the anniversary of the monetary reform; a
            Eenpalu, 1938-39. celebratory reception dedicated to the anniversary of
                              the monetary reform in the Independence Hall of the
                              Bank of Estonia

                               Throughout June, opening of exhibitions about money
                               prepared by the Bank of Estonia in different towns all
                               over Estonia; a thematic lecture will be held by the
                               representative of the Bank at each opening.

                               Sun, 22 June – a relevant marker will be opened at
                               Viinistu at the birth place of Aleksander Warma, the
                               Prime Minister in the office of the President of the
                               Republic. That day is also the anniversary of the birth
                               of Warma (22 June 1890)
23.6-29.6   Government of      Mon, 23 June – Victory Day
            Prime Minister     A big Victory Day parade in Tallinn; the President of
            Uluots, 1939-40.   the Republic sends the victory fire to Midsummer’s
                               Day bonfires all over the country;
                               The parade will be followed by the reception of the
                               Commander of the Defence Forces.

                               In the evening, performance of the play Truth and
                               Justice III and a big bonfire at Tammsaare. Director:
                               Elmo Nüganen.
                               At Albu, the Tallinn City Theatre, in cooperation with
                               other Estonian theatres, will also perform the entire
                               Truth and Justice, parts I, II, IV and V. After the
                               marathon play, parts II, III and IV will continue to be
                               played at Vargamäe until mid-July.

                               The play has a sequel in the form of a play about the
                               history of the Republic of Estonia 3 Moments in the
                               Birth of Independence, which will be played as a
                               travelling show during the Local Governments Month
                               in July in various community centres, manor houses,
                               etc. It will be written by Indrek Hirv.
                               In community centres, manor houses, village centres,
                               etc., the play 3 Moments in the Birth of Independence
                               will be performed, see

                               Tue, 24 June – Midsummer’s Day
                            Fri-Sat, 27-28 June – Opening event of the Local
                            Governments’ Month: Celebration of the Republic
                            of Vaali (this is where the idea to create the Republic
                            of Estonia was born). A competition between local
                            governments that is partially military and partially
                            focused on crisis management skills will be organised
                            in cooperation with the Defence League and the
                            Brownie Guides, which commemorates the events that
                            occurred in Päinurme-Vaali in 1905 (Koeru and Koigi
                            Rural Municipalities).
30.6-6.7   Government of    Tue, 1 July – Start of the Local Governments
           Acting Prime     month: summer month in all rural municipalities
           Minister Tief,   of the country
                            Concert series Young Estonia in churches, young
                            bands, prog rock, heritage bands (Ando Kiviberg, Ants

                            Maritime thinking, small ports, song concerts of Tätte,
                            and branches of Hiiu County boat trip to coastal areas.

                            In July, a thematic exhibition of the kinetic art
                            competition/project under the working title Estonia –
                            Mighty Maritime Country will be organised at
                            Raiekivi spits (Kuressaare).

                            Festival or Estonian and Latvian vocal bands will
                            be held in the twin towns of Valga and Valka at the
                            beginning of July. (Valga)

                            Open air performance at Intsikurmu Song Festival
                            Ground in Põlva, working title – GREAT IN

                            Humoristic rock musical Square about the recent
                            history of the town in Rakvere. The show opens on
                            12 June 2008 and it will be performed for the second
                            time in the framework of the Local Governments

                            Fri-Sat, 4-5 July – Soela Strait Games in Leisi. A
                            sports and cultural event to celebrate 90 years of the
                            Republic of Estonia. Exhibitions in Muhu Museum,
                            Koguva Art Stable, etc. (Leisi and Muhu Rural
                               Fri-Sat, 4-5 July – XI Põltsa County Wine Festival
                               dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the Republic of
                               Estonia: For the first time in its history, the festival
                               will last for two days in 2008 (Põltsa County and
                               Pajusi Rural Municipalities).

                               Sat, 5 July – Midsummer’s Day, according to the old
                               calendar, in Mustvee.

                               Sat, 5 July – Historical play dedicated to Karl Parts,
                               opening of the exhibition hall of the Tabivere Rural
                               Municipality Museum; exhibition Republic of Estonia
                               90 in the Tabivere Rural Municipality Museum in

                               Fri-Sun, 5-6 July – Folklore festival Viru Säru, Money
                               – Wealth and Poverty Exhibition Coins and Jewellery
                               in Estonian Folk Tradition in Vihula Rural

7.7-13.7   2nd Government      Wed, 9 July – a relevant marker will be opened in the
           of Prime Minister   village of Vandu, the then Undva Rural Municipality,
           Uluots, 1944-45.    in the birth place of Otto Strandman. This is the day of
                               the assumption of office of the Second Government of
                               Strandman (9 July 1929).

                               Thu, 10 July – Organ concert The Sound of Saare
                               County Organs 2008 in Anna Church in Mustjala
                               (Mustjala Rural Municipality).

                               Thu-Thu, 10-17 July – Open air play American
                               Christ in Rose-Tinted Glasses and the Last Lazy
                               European in Mikumärdi by H. Raudsepp/R. Adlas at
                               the swing ground of Elistvere Animal Park, dedicated
                               to the 90th Anniversary of the Republic of Estonia
                               and the 125th anniversary of the birthday of Hugo
                               Raudsepp. Performed by: Tabivere Hobby Theatre
                               and Tartu Vilde Theatre.

                               Sat-Sun, 12-13 July – Series of events Family Päts
                               and Räpina: a seminar about the history of the Päts
                               family and their ties to Räpina; a commemorative
                               church service in the Räpina Orthodox Church; an
                               exhibition in the congregation house of Räpina
                               Orthodox Church. In autumn it will move to the
                               Sillapää Castle, where it will remain open until the end
                              of 2008. Preparation, publication and distribution of
                              the biographic brochure about Priest Nikolai Päts (20
                              pages, 800 copies). Literary evening dedicated to the
                              works of Nikolai Päts (Räpina Rural Municipality).

                              Sat, 12 July – Porkuni Day. Family Day of the
                              Rural Municipality. Meeting of villages: the 30
                              villages of the rural municipality will meet for the first
                              time in Porkuni in order to compete with each other,
                              share experiences, encourage smaller villages to
                              participate in village movement and make one’s
                              village more beautiful and active. Villages will set up
                              information billboards and there will be a spirited
                              parade. The makers of the best homemade drink and
                              the tastiest cake will be declared… (Tamsalu Rural

                              Sat, 12 July – Friends Fair at Mahu beach. Friends
                              will come to visit from faraway places such as Karvia
                              Rural Municipality in Finland and also from nearby
                              places, such as Kunda Town and neighbouring rural
                              municipalities (Viru-Nigula).

                              Sat, 12 July – DAY OF ESTONIA with a
                              handicrafts fair in the Laiuse Castle ruins
                              (application: 150-200,000 EEK). The history of the
                              Republic of Estonia over 90 years will be described
                              with different shows and performers during the day
                              (Jõgeva Rural Municipality).

14.7-20.7   Exile Government Tue-Sat, 15-19 July – Play Mahtra Sky (within the
            of Prime Minister framework of events about Mahtra War 150) (Juuru
            Rei, 1945-63      Rural Municipality).

                              Fri-Sun, 18-20 July – Väike-Maarja Accordion, Folk
                              Dance and Drama Days. The heads of local villages
                              come with their fires and a big bonfire will be lit at the
                              foot of Ebavere. There will be a fire incantation led by
                              Urmas Sisask (Väike-Maarja Rural Municipality).

                              Sat, 19 July – Day of Songs in the Mustjala School
                              Park, 150 years from creation of a mixed choir in
                              Mustjala (Mustjala Rural Municipality).

                              Sat, 19 July – Festival: Two Cultures in the 90-Year
                              Old Republic of Estonia. Amateur collectives from
                               Narva to Varnja will take part in the festival.

                               Sat, 19 July – Pajusi Manor Day (handicrafts fair,
                               concerts in the park and community house, open air
                               performance, handicrafts and photo exhibition,
                               activities for children) (Pajusi Rural Municipality).

21.7-27.7   Exile Government Fri, 25 July – Romantic Summer Evening in
            of Prime Minister Puurmani Manor. An exhibition of the War of
            Warma, 1963-71    Independence and thematic history and music hours
                              will be organised in the manor hall. Cinema Bus in the
                              manor park (Puurmani Rural Municipality).

                               Sat, 26 July – Aviation Day Come and Fly of Ridali
                               Flight Club and Laheda Rural Municipality: an
                               event for the whole family. There will be lectures,
                               exhibitions, demonstrations and flights. A cultural
                               programme and games and sports can also be enjoyed
                               at the event (Laheda Rural Municipality).

                               Sun, 27 July – Celebration of the 167th anniversary
                               of the birthday of Carl Robert Jakobson.
                               At 11.00 – a commemorative moment by the Kõnnu
                               At 12.00 – Torma Community House Homeland is
                               Sacred for Us! (Torma)

                               Sun-Sun, 27 July-3 August – Children’s Camp
                               Friendship of Vaivara and Palamuse Rural
                               Municipalities (Palamuse and Vaivara Rural
                               Municipalities). Concert Our Estonia at the end of
                               July. Performers of the cultural associations of
                               different nationalities will be invited to participate.

28.7-3.8    Exile Government Mon, 28 July – a relevant marker will be opened in the
            of Prime Minister village of Mõnnaste in Tarvastu Rural Municipality at
            Kint, 1971-90     the birth place of Ado Birk. This day is also the
                              anniversary of the assumption of office of the
                              Government of Birk, which was in office from 28 to
                              30 July 1920.

                               Fri, 1 August – the month celebrating exile,
                               resistance and restoration of independence will
4.8-10.8    Transition         The documentary series Estonians Abroad (a
            Government of       programme or series about Estonians who live abroad,
            Prime Minister      their hometowns and countries) will start (Office of
            Savisaar, 1990-92   the Minister in cooperation with ETV).
11.8-17.8   Transition
            Government of
            Prime Minister
            Vähi, 1992
18.8-24.8   Exile Government    Tue, 19 August – A Night Song Festival for the
            of Prime Minister   celebration of the 20th anniversary of night song
            Marga, 1990-92      festivals at the Tallinn Song Festival Ground

                                Wed, 20 August – Day of Restoration of Independence
                                – President’s reception for creative people.

                                Sat, 23 August – Anniversary of the MRP, opening of
                                a monument to resistance in Tallinn at Iceland Square
25.8-31.8   Government of       Thu, 28 August – a memorial plaque will be dedicated
            Prime Minister      at the birth place of former Secretary of State Arved
            Laar, 1992-94.      Ruusa on the Ebro farm in the village of Aakaru in
                                Vana-Kuuste (28 August is the anniversary of the birth
                                of Arved Ruusa)

                                Fri, 29 August – a memorial plaque will be dedicated
                                at the birth place of former Secretary of State Artur
                                Mägi in the Ramma school house in the former
                                Väinjärve Rural Municipality in Järva County. (29
                                August is the anniversary of the birth of Artur Mägi)

                                Sat, 30 August – Night of Ancient Fires. An aerial
                                photo of the outline of Estonia created by fires on the
                                coastline. A joint project with Finland and Sweden.

                                Sun, 31 August – the 14th anniversary of the withdrawl
                                of Russian troops

                                Sun, 31 August – reburial of Jüri Uluots in the soil of
                                his homeland

1.9-7.9     Government of       Mon, 1 September – Day of Knowledge, festive start
            Prime Minister      of the school year.
            Tarand, 1994-95.    Mon, 1 September – the School Month starts
                                The Ministry of Education and Research declares a
                                student work competition I Notice and Discover, to
                                celebrate the 90th Anniversary of the Republic of
                                Estonia, in all Estonian schools. The Ministry of
                                Education and Research announces the winners of the
                                 pupils’ Jubilee Year vision competition Estonia 100

                                 ETV will begin showing a 12-episode TV play about
                                 the history of Estonia (Raivo Suviste).
8.9-14.9     2nd Government      Student conference My Education and training
             of Prime Minister   conference Key Questions on Estonian History in the
             Vähi, 1995.         20th Century for the history and social studies teachers
                                 in Estonian and Russian language schools

                                 Tue, 9 September – a memorial plaque will be
                                 dedicated at the birth place of former Secretary of
                                 State Karl Terras in the village of Perjatsi in Vaivara
                                 Rural Municipality in Viru County (9 September is the
                                 anniversary of the birth of Karl Terras)

                                 Reburial of the Minister of Education and the Minister
                                 of Foreign Affairs in Estonian soil
15.9-21.9    3rd Government of
             Prime Minister
             Vähi, 1995-97.
22.9-28.9    Government of
             Prime Minister
             Siimann, 1997-99.
29.9-5.10    2nd Government    Mon, 29 September – Michaelmas.
             of Prime Minister Wed, 1 October – the Month of Nationalities in
             Laar, 1999-2002. Estonia starts

                                 Wed, 1 October – a memorial stone will be dedicated
                                 in Kõlleste Rural Municipality at the birth place of the
                                 former Prime Minister in the office of the President,
                                 Heinrich Marga. 1 October is also the anniversary of
                                 the birth of Marga (1 October 1911).

                                 Sat, 4 October – the fair introducing the cultures of
                                 national minorities starts in Saku Suurhall.

                                 In October, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will hold a
                                 Foreign Affairs Conference on Estonian Foreign
                                 Policy and the thought of diplomacy

6.10-12.10   Government of
             Prime Minister
             Kallas, 2002-03.
13.10-       Government of       Tue, 14 October – the winners of the photo
19.10        Prime Minister      competition One State-121 Nationalities! will be
             Parts, 2003-05.   announced and an exhibition of the participating
                               entries will be opened (the solution of the exhibition is
                               still being specified, when will it be announced?).

20.10-       Government of     Wed, 22 October – general meeting of the Estonian
26.10        Prime Minister    Academy of Science Estonian Academy of Science 70.
             Ansip, 2005-07.
                               Thu, 23 October – The results of the competition of
                               multicultural collective held under the leadership of
                               the Office of Minister Palo. The competition looks for
                               the best-functioning multiethnic collective or team that
                               includes both Estonian and Russian speaking
                               employees (or collectives where different languages
                               are spoken). The competition, held in cooperation with
                               Äripäev newspaper, will become regular: also in the
                               future, the winner will be announced in October each

                               24 October - reception of Minister Urve Palo for
                               leaders of the cultural associations of national
                               25 October, reception of the Head of Office of Urve
                               Palo at East-Viru County.
27.10-2.11   Government of     1 November – the month dedicated to the
             Prime Minister    Government of the Republic starts
             Ansip, 2007.
3.11-9.11                      Thu, Fri, 6-7 November – Government Officials
                               Forum in Tartu
                               Sun, 9 November – Father’s Day.
10.11-                         Mon, 10 November – St. Martin’s Day.
                               Tue, 11 November – day of the creation of
                               government agencies, when all ministries celebrate the
                               anniversary of their establishment
                               Tue, 11 November – celebration of the first sitting of
                               the Provisional Government in their first assembly
                               place in Tallinn, at 14 Town Hall Square; placing a
                               memorial plaque on the wall of the Provisional
                               Government Building.

                               Tue, 11 November, morning – the Ministry of Foreign
                               Affairs commemorates colleagues at their graves; as of
                               noon there is an open house in the Ministry of Foreign

                               13 November – a permanent exposition about the
          history of the Ministry (1918-2008) and its virtual
          solution at the new home page of the Ministry will be
          opened, the presentation of the book The Second
          Coming, Part II

          Sun, 16 November – Day of Rebirth.
17.11-    Tue, 18 November – 90th Anniversary of the Republic
23.11     of Latvia.
          Fri, 21 November – Neeme Järvi conducts Jonah’s
24.11 –   Tue, 25 November – St. Catherine’s Day.
          Wed, 26 November – Citizen’s Day.

          Fri, 28 November – Establishment of the Monument to
          Freedom for the War of Independence in Tallinn at
          Harjumägi, ending of the Jubilee Year

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