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					 October 2010

             Chamber Member and Board Events
     October Sponsor is All About A Party & Costumes
     2    Touch A Truck Day at the DuBois Mall, 11am-2pm
                                                                                   All About A Party & Costumes is located in the DuBois Mall
     2    Scare Fair 2010 at the Mall-hosted by All About A Party &
                                                                        and has been providing party supplies, wedding & anniversary sup-
     3    Old Time Fiddler‟s Championship, 2pm at DAMS.                 plies/invitations, Bridal & Bachelorette, baby shower, cake & candy
     6    Chamber New Member Breakfast at the Hampton Inn, 8 am         making supplies, balloons, outdoor & garden flags, doormats &
     7    Free Clinic Fashion Show and Dinner, Treasure Lake            mailbox covers, dripless tapered candles and printed banners for
     8    First Friday Block Party in Downtown DuBois from 5-8pm.       over 7 years. Harry Howard purchased the store in January of 2010
           Sponsored by Mike‟s Polka Party and the DuBois Volunteer     and has since put his own mark on the store‟s design layout and
           Fire Department. NOTE: DATE CHANGE                           product offerings. The temporary Halloween & Costume Shop is
     8    Haven House Show at Middle School, 7 pm.                      located across the hall from the party store and is open from
     11   Chamber & Members Annual Board Meeting, 12:30 pm in           September through Halloween. In addition, the party store now
          Boardroom of First commonwealth Bank.                         offers costumes year round (with a short lead-time).
     12   After Hours MIXER hosted by the Winery at Wilcox in the       Newly added products include over 200 Mylar and latex balloons
          DuBois Mall, 5-7 pm.                                          (now over 400 different balloons in stock), disposable helium tanks,
     14   North Central Gas Expo, St. Marys.                            catering items such as: chafing dishes and kits with fuel, chair
     14   Penn State DuBois 75th Anniversary Gala                       covers, plastic trays, pitchers, Reflections plastic forks, spoons and
     15   Grocers Fight Cancer Day at Fezell‟s Shop „n Save.            knives that look and feel like real flatware, Jaeger Bombs, shot
     21   “A Website is a Terrible Thing to Waste!”-a workshop to       glasses, wine/margarita/martini & Champaign glasses, tumblers,
          answer your questions from 8-noon.                            neon cups and bowls and much more.
     23   Candidates Forum at LakesideChurch, 8:30-noon.                They have replaced over 25 kids party themes with new ones– new
     28   Business Over Breakfast-The Managers Meet; John „Herm‟        themes include: Hello Kitty, iCarly, John Deere, Scooby Doo, Hot
          Suplizio and Dick Castonguay discuss what‟s really happen-
                                                                        Wheels, Thomas the Train, Barn Yard, Glamour Girl, Tinker Bell,
          ing in our region. Join us at DuBois Diner, 7:30 am.
                                                                        Disney Princess, Pirate, Tye Dye, Dora & Diego, Mickey & Minnie,
     29   Mid-Day MIXER hosted by DuBois Networkers Group at
          the DuBois Public Library, 11:30-1pm. FREE lunch pro-         Sponge Bob, Star Wars, Toy Story, Camouflage, Jungle, Construc-
          vided while you learn about the businesses represented.       tion, Dinosaur, Winnie the Pooh and Sesame Street.
                                                                        They have over 50 different Piñatas, 2lb bags of filler candy and
     November Sponsor is DuBois Continuum of Care                       piñata sticks in stock. Harry converted most of the piñatas over to
     4  Central PA Business & Industry Expo, Bryce Jordan Center        “pull-string” style to help you keep your party guests safe from acci-
     8  Toys for Tots Annual Dinner hosted by Society for Human         dental strikes from a stick (you can still club them if you choose…
        Resource Managers, DuBois Rotary Club, and the Greater          the piñata of course, not the kids!).
        DuBois Chamber of Commerce. Bring a new, unwrapped              Harry purchased a new digital banner printer in April and now prints
        toy and enjoy a delicious FREE dinner at Luigi‟s Ristorante     banners on vinyl instead of paper. The printer is capable of printing
        from 5:30-7:30 pm. If not able to bring a toy, a $15 donation   vinyl banners and adhesive vinyl stickers/cutouts in widths up to
        will be accepted.                                               54” tall and 50 yards long. The digital quality can print photos,
     20 DRMC Annual Holiday Ball at DuBois Country Club.                logos & clipart to your exact color specifications. Banners are great
     27 Light Up Night in Downtown DuBois                               for businesses to get their message seen. You can customize ban-
                                                                        ners with your message or choose from a variety of pre-designed
                                                                        banners. With prices starting at $29.99, they can design a banner
                                                                        that will fit your need and your budget.
                                                                        They offer a business to business wholesale program on their entire
 Where we turn your events                                              line. Please contact Becky Howard for complete details on how to
     into memories!”                                                    sign up at 814-375-2231.
                                                                        Future plans include: more than doubling the store size, balloon
All About A Party & Costumes                                            deliveries (call for details), costumes & accessories will be displayed
 Has Ribbon Cutting to Open                                             year round and internet sales.
the Halloween Costume Store                                             If you‟re planning a party or event, All About A Party & Costumes
     for the 2010 season.                                               has what you need to make your
                                                                        party complete.
Shown left to right are some
                                                                        Every party has a theme and every
  of the store‟s personnel:
                                                                        party creates memories. Their tag
 Becky Howard, Marketing;
                                                                        line is: “All About A Party &
   Harry Howard, Owner;
                                                                        Costumes: Where we turn your
Carol Ponce, resident pirate.
                                                                        events into memories!”
REINVESTING MEMBERS FOR 2010                                                           NEW MEMBERS FOR 2010
Office of Vocational Rehabilitation                                                    Hugh Water & Holt Drilling                             Hugh Water
                                                             Office of                                                                              &
Contact: Cathy Farr                                  Vocational Rehabilitation         P.O. Box 53
Phone: 814-371-7340                                                                    Brockway, PA 15824                                      Holt Drilling
                                                                                       Contact: Marsha Harris
                                                                                       Phone: 814-265-8981 Fax: 814-265-0000
                                                                                       Email: hughwaterservices@brockwaytv.com
                                    Business                                           Profile: Hugh Water Services and Holt Drilling are your complete water needs
                                                                                       supplier. From well drilling, treatment, bottled water—they also supply geo-
                                         Spotlight                                     thermal heating/cooling drilling. Roaring Spring bottled water is delivered free
                                                                                       to our service area. Certified drillers and ground source hear pump installers.
City Tobacco Outlet is a full service store for all of your tobacco needs.             PA042353
That includes:
                                                                                       Shortway Service, Inc.
 A full line of all your packs and cartons of cigarettes                              311 Jackson Street
 A full line of all your smokeless tobacco needs                                      Reynoldsville, Pa 15851
 Largest walk-in humidor in the area with all of the finest imported                  Contact: Ray Shaffer
                                                                                       Phone/Fax: 814-653-9633               Cell: 814-590-5071
     cigars from all over the world                                                    Email: ray.shaffer2@comcast.net
 Ryo Bulk tobacco and accessories                                                     Profile: We are a fuel, gasoline and heating oil distributor. We also deal with
The above is what separates us from the other tobacco stores one may                   industrial supplies, lube oil - filters.
have visited.
City Tobacco Outlet is the first store for owner, Tom Louckes, who                     Riley’s Accounting & Computing Services
                                                                                       1496 Johns Hill Rd
opened the present location on March 18, 2010. The business is growing                 Brookville, PA 15825                                     Riley’s Accounting &
and plans to expand in the near future.                                                Contact: Corry Riley                                      Computing Services
Service is quick and friendly! It is a one-stop shop for all of your to-               Phone: 814-715-0784
bacco needs.                                                                           Email: criley@rileysaccountingandcomputing.com
                                                                                       Profile: Riley‟s Accounting & Computing Services offers “accounting & IT
Beginning September 18, 2010, is a free Membership in the Cigar Club                   solutions that work for you.” The services offered by this „solution‟ based com-
which is a reward program for the cigar smoker. Also on September 18,                  pany include tax preparation, payroll, and bookkeeping services; computer
2010, we are hosting a Gentlemen‟s Night Out. Cigars, beverages, food                  networking, sales, and service; and the installation and maintenance of security
and football will be provided at City Tobacco Outlet. There will also be               surveillance systems. These solutions are currently available throughout the Tri-
                                                                                       County region.
door prizes handed out at the end of the evening.
City Tobacco & Lottery                                                                 Cornelius Promotions
Rte. 255, DuBois Area Plaza                                                            1029 Juniata St. Ext.
Phone: 814-503-8026                                                                    DuBois, PA 15801
Email: city-tobacco@comcast.net                                                        Contact: Bruce Cornelius
                                                                                       Phone: 814-371-2823
www.city-tobacco.com                                                                   Email: amusicman1@verizon.net
Hours: Mon.-Thurs. 8am to 7pm; Fri.; 8am to 8pm; Sat; 9am to 6pm                       Profile: We‟ve been promoting Gospel Concerts and Barbershop shows into the
                                                                                       Greater DuBois Area for the past five years.

           Business Tip From the Chamber - How to Give a Lousy Presentation
                             Fifteen Ways to Make a Bad Impression by Carmine Gallo from Business Week.
1.   Misspell words. Failing to check the spelling on your slides shows a        9.    Don‟t bother with a backup plan. If you need a live Internet connection
     complete lack of care. If you don‟t care enough to proof your presenta-           to demo a site, don‟t bother making a screen shot of the site in case
     tion, your audience will care less about you and your message. It‟s the           the connection doesn‟t work. That way, you‟ll be at a complete loss for
     easiest way to look unprofessional.                                               words.
2.   Create distracting color combinations. Blue on Green is especially hard     10. Don‟t practice. Practicing a presentation out loud takes work and will
     to read.                                                                          make you look far too polished. Just wing it.
3.   Use consistent fonts. Professional PowerPoint designers will use no         11. Call attention to your mistakes. If you want to show a complete lack of
     more than two, perhaps three, font styles in an entire presentation.              preparation, say something like “Oops, I have no idea how that slide
     But why stop there? There are thousands of typefaces available-see                got in there.”
     how many you can incorporate in your slide show.                            12. Open with an offensive or off-color joke. Half of your audience will
4.   Use a really small font size. If you really want to drive people crazy,           leave immediately and you‟ll have succeeded in making a bad impres-
     say something like this: ”I know you can‟t read this, but if you could,           sion right out of the gate.
     here is what it would say…”                                                 13. Use wild animations. Letting text simply fade into a slide is way too
5.   Insert improperly sized photos that are stretched to fit the slide. Im-           straightforward. Especially when PowerPoint offers you the bounce, the
     ages used in PowerPoint slides should be at least 900 pixels wide by              boomerang and the dreaded „neutron‟ which makes letters circle wildly.
     720 high. Designers start with larger images and shrink them to fit. If           All effective in giving your audience a headache.
     you really want to look bad, however, find much smaller thumbnail           14. Use cartoon clip art. Why spend $3 on high-resolution photos from a
     images and stretch them to fit-they‟ll be blurry, cheap & bush-league.            stock photography service when there are plenty of cheap-looking and
6.   Look completely and totally disinterested. Perhaps you don‟t need to              free cartoons that will make your presentation look like a sixth-grade
     create a presentation; perhaps you can get away with some handwrit-               project?
     ten notes-MAYBE. But when you shuffle papers, lose your place and           15. Use ancient presentation software. Stick to older software and leave
     need to check how much time...                                                    the slicker presentations to others.
7.   Look disheveled. If you really want to leave a bad impression, wear         I hope you‟ll find some of these tips memorable enough to avoid them at all
     faded jeans, dirty shoes and a stained shirt.                               costs. But make no mistake, these presentation „techniques‟ are all alive,
8.   Read every word on each slide.                                              well, and thriving. Just when I think I‟ve seen or heard it all, someone has
                                                                                 one more observation to add to the list.
   Chamber Sponsor
      for October                                  ALL ABOUT A
                                                     PARTY &
          Stop in the                               COSTUMES
     Chamber Tourist &
 Business Information office
  to learn what this area
  business has to offer the
   visitors and residents of
        our community.

                                   Spotlight                                    A groundbreaking ceremony was held for a 6 Million dollar expansion project at
                                                                                DuBois Village, a Senior Living Facility, on Monday, August 16th. Many Cham-
    Oxi Fresh is a carpet and                                                   ber members, Township Supervisors, Commissioners, Board members, Resi-
                                                                                dents and Family attended this event to learn more about the enhancement of
upholstery cleaning company                                                     care that DuBois Village will provide upon completion of the project.
that was started in Denver, CO
in 2006. The standard in carpet                                                 DuBois Village opened its doors in 1996 and currently houses 58 residents but
cleaning is changing. As the                                                    is licensed to house up to 70. The building sits on a 13 acre campus also
“green” movement continues to                                                   known as the DuBois Continuum of Care Community. In 2003, DuBois Village
                                                                                merged with DuBois Nursing Home and Village View Apartments and became a
rise, the need for businesses to offer an environmentally friendly service      not-for-profit CCRC (Continuing Care Retirement Community). DuBois Village
is imperative. Since 2006, Oxi Fresh Franchise has expanded across the          offers three levels of care along with many amenities, such as chef prepared
United States. In 2009 I proudly purchased the Oxi Fresh Franchise.             menus, social and recreational areas, fireplace, libraries, beauty salon, an out-
What is it that distinguishes Oxi Fresh from other cleaners? What do we         side courtyard and more.
do that‟s so different? To begin, Oxi Fresh is a low moisture system,
                                                                                Overall, the new expansion project will add 47 additional units to the existing
unlike steam cleaners, where they will use upwards of 60 gallons of water       DuBois Village community. The expansion will add 31,900 square feet to the
to clean a home, we at Oxi Fresh use only 2 gallons. This means carpets         current facility, adding 23 secured living apartments, primarily for residents with
dry about an hour after a cleaning. But how can we use so little water and      Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease and 24 personal care apartments. Con-
still provide a thorough cleaning? It‟s not the water that does the cleaning,   struction is expected to be completed in spring of 2011.
instead it‟s our specially designed, green carpet cleaning solutions and
                                                                                DuBois Continuum of Care Community is managed by Complete Healthcare
our dual cleaning, counter-rotating brushes that do the work. The oxygen-       Resources – Eastern, Inc. and under the control of a 9 member Advisory Board
ated booster breaks up dirt and stains in the carpet while our encapsulator     of Directors, all volunteer members from the DuBois area. Complete Healthcare
makes the dirt easier to be removed from the carpet. Then we go over            Resources – Eastern, Inc. also the Developer of the proposed expansion, has
with our machine that has the dual, counter rotating brushes that LIFT the      engaged KTH Architects and Hallstrom Construction as the Design/Build team
dirt and stains up and out of the carpets. This all works together to           for the project.
provide a thorough, “green” carpet cleaning that leaves no residue and no       Below is a list Contributors who helped make this project possible.
                                                                                DuBois Board
Important facts about Oxi Fresh.
                                                                                DuBois Strategic Planning Committee
There are a lot of ways Oxi Fresh lives up to its title of “The World‟s         Complete HealthCare Resources – Eastern, Inc.
Greenest Carpet Cleaner.” Let me start with water conservation. Oxi             KTH Architects, Inc.
Fresh uses less water than steam cleaners, saving thousands and thou-           Hallstrom Construction
sands of gallons of water, which would otherwise be wasted.                     S & T Bank
Then there‟s the energy we save. Oxi Fresh is able to move all of our           Sandy Township Supervisors
equipment inside of the home and run the machines off of simple wall            Sandy Township Zoning Authority
outlets. Quite different than many steam cleaners, who have to keep their       Industrial Development Authority
                                                                                Clearfield County Commissioners
vehicles running throughout the cleaning, wasting gas and leading to
                                                                                Clearfield County Conservation District
unnecessary pollution. Also, Oxi Fresh doesn‟t need hoses running in and        Clearfield County Municipal Authority
out of the home or to have windows left open to help with drying, which         Swift Kennedy Insurance Company
saves you money and energy on heating and cooling bills.                        Department of Public Welfare
Another way Oxi Fresh is “green”, is that the solutions we use in our           Integra Realty Resources
cleaning system are nontoxic, biodegradable, and completely safe for pets       Third Age
and children. Plus, we recycle the bottles and packaging the bottles come       Department of Environmental Protection
in, so that as little as possible ends up in a landfill.                        Lee-Simpson Associates, Inc.
                                                                                Hanak, Guido and Taladay
I understand that price is an important part of your decision to your carpet
                                                                                Buchanan, Ingersoll and Rooney, PC
cleaning service. I am affordably priced, leaving you truly satisfied with      Alexander and Associates
all aspects of my work. I am dedicated to offering my service at a price
that meets your needs. I have been a business owner for over 30 years           DuBois Continuum of Care would like to extend their sincerest gratitude to all of
and realize the bottom line needs to be affordable yet getting the job done     our contributors and hopes that when our project is complete that the public will
                                                                                join us for our grand opening and open house celebration in Spring of 2011.
and doing it correctly. I have never been more excited about a product
and service as I am with Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning. Give me a call or go
to Oxi Fresh‟s web site www.oxifresh.com and see more of the benefits
Oxi Fresh has. I look forward to cleaning your carpets.                                         Eat, Sleep, Play - check it out at
  Ralph “Ted” Rosselli, Jr               www.oxifresh.com

  410 Treasure Lake                      877-694-8875
  DuBois, PA 15801                       cell 814-590-8875; office 371-1414
                                                                                                                Gary Stormer
          Squirrels had overrun three churches in town.            It has become a tradition to run the information in this month’s
          After much prayer, the elders of the first               column in the October newsletter. The contents have resulted in
          church determined that the animals were                  more comments than any other article I’ve written over the years.
          predestined to be there. Who were they to                I’ve revised some information for chamber members who have
          interfere with god’s will? they reasoned.                read it before. And it is a must read for new members.
          Soon, the squirrels multiplied.
          The elders of the second church, deciding                A Chamber member has a small sign on his desk that reads
          they could not harm any of God’s creatures,              “Quality—Price—Service…Pick Two.” I first saw the plaque over a
          humanely trapped the squirrels and set them              dozen years ago and we discussed what it said and why it was ap-
          free outside of town. Three days later, the              propriate for the business climate of the mid to late nineties. In the
          squirrels returned.                                      ensuing years it has become almost a formula for survival for many
          It was only the third church that succeeded in           small businesses in the United States. In fact it has almost become
          keeping the pests away. The elders baptized              “Pick One.”
          the squirrels and registered them as members
          of the church. Now they only see them on                 I find this to be an alarming choice for the retail business commu-
          Christmas and Easter.                                    nity. To stay competitive you’re forced to make numerous some-
                                                                   times unwanted sacrifices to survive. Sell a lot of inexpensive prod-
                                                                   uct knowing it’s impossible to stand behind it. Or hold your head
                                                                   high and sell a quality product that costs more for both you and the
                                                                   consumer that you can stand behind. Consumers seem to be man-
                                                                   dating the cheapening of goods. They flock to large retailers who
                                                                   sell tens of thousands of the same product made off shore (a nice
                                                                   way of saying in China) that are sold at a price that small businesses
                                                                   can’t compete with. In many instances the small guy pays more to
                                                                   stock a product than the big guy retails it for. Plastic instead of
                                                                   metal. Use it awhile and throw away instead of having it serviced.
Silent Auction a Hit with Unique and Rare Items                    I must add that many fine products are made over seas too…as well
                                                                   as right here in the United States. For me, where it’s made isn’t the
Thanks to all who participated in our recent Silent Auction        entire problem. It’s the fact that it’s made to attract price con-
and Chamber Mixer at Luigi’s Ristoranti on Sept. 22. We’ll         scious consumers.
have an updated scholarship endowment total for readers in
next month’s newsletter, or check out our Facebook organiza-       My hat goes off to the businesses that have drawn a line in the
tion page, “DuBois Area Jaycees” for the results. “Like” us, and   sand and refuse to bow to the cheapening of quality and elimina-
you will keep up on some of the exciting activities in store for
                                                                   tion of service in America. It’s a difficult decision. One that is really
Jaycees and the community this fall through your own Face-
                                                                   tough to communicate to the customer. But I feel we need to
book account.
                                                                   scream the message loud and clear to our area. You can buy al-
           Jaycees Annual Lottery Nov. 20                          most anything cheaper. The packaging and product itself IS
             Brings a Fun New Addition!                            cheaper. However whether it’s a small item like a package of pen-
                                                                   cils and a ream of paper…a toaster or can opener…a television or
It’s the fun social event of the season – the Jaycees Lottery,
                                                                   computer…or furniture or a riding mower YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY
this year at Brady Township Community Center on Saturday,
Nov. 20. This year, Jaycees are excited to offer a new way to      FOR. Personally, I want something that the store I buy from can
win – the MONEY machine! Only for people who attend Lot-           stand behind. Even FIX if it breaks. And I’m not alone. What hap-
tery, we will be chancing off the opportunity for a minute in      pened to MADE IN AMERICA?
the money machine: to grab as much cash as you can! Stay
tuned for details. Lottery tickets are available for $30, which    The next two plus months as we have customers in our businesses
will admit 2 for dinner and drinks and an entry into the re-       doing their holiday shopping….tell them why you do things the way
verse drawing. Side games, raffles, silent auction items, our      you do. Advertise quality, price AND service. Make the message
famous basket raffle and great food from the Brady Twp. Aux-       clear….we want you back in our store because you just bought
iliary. Doors open at 7 with the drawing to begin at 8 p.m.        something we’re proud to sell you and stand behind. Not because
Money machine madness will be at intermission. If you’re           it’s cheap. Say if you want something that sells cheap because it’s
looking for a blue jean and beer kind of night out, this is the    cheaply made…shop somewhere else. My business is in it for the
place to be! See any Jaycee for tickets or call 814.590.1219.      long run and I won’t cave in to selling you something I wouldn’t
Thanks in advance to all of our local businesses and friends       recommend or buy myself.
who donate to the cause, and thanks to our ticket holders!
                                                                   If you have a comment about this column, or have a question you’d
         “Service to humanity is the best work of life.”           like addressed in a future chamber newsletter…call me (814)
                     Erin Heath, President                         590-3968 or send an email to gstormer@comcast.net.

             Unified Employer Solutions, Inc.
Where do you turn for help in reducing the costs of running your
                                                                              MARK YOUR CALENDARS!
business and increasing your profits?
                                                                               Touch A Truck Day at the DuBois Mall
                                                                      Bring the kids and let climb, blow horns and pretend to
Unified Employer Solutions, Inc. was created out of the urgent
                                                                         drive all these great vehicles from 11 am to 2 pm
need of employers of all sizes to reduce out-of-control, employee-
                                                                       Saturday, October 2 in parking lot near Hampton Inn
related costs. Employees are the most valuable asset of a business,
but also the most costly. Workplace accidents, unhealthy employ-                Scare Fair 2010 at the DuBois Mall
ees, human resources compliance and safety compliance issues can        Special activities all day beginning with the annual
cost employers thousands of dollars per year unnecessarily. Uni-                Halloween Bloodmobile at 10 am.
fied Employer Solutions brings real solutions to manage these high     Check the Mall schedule for event details and times.
-cost risks.
                                                                          Pennsylvania Old Time Fiddler’s Championship
The owners come from diverse backgrounds with over 20 years                   Sunday, October 3 at 2:00 pm., DAMS
experience in working with businesses. Deb Bellmore-West, Presi-                    Meet Miss Pennsylvania
dent comes from the insurance industry as co-owner of Helmbold
& Stewart Group in Clearfield, Pa. Tom Gaul, VP of Operations                  Free Clinic Fashion Show & Dinner
has extensive risk management, safety, and HR background in pri-            Thursday, October 7th at Lakeview Lodge
vate industry. Jack West, VP, is an experienced trainer and busi-                          Tickets $30
ness owner in the insurance and real estate fields.                               Haven House Shelter Benefit
                                                                              Entertainment Extravaganza at DAMS
“The results speak for themselves,” states Gaul. “The key to any                     Friday, October 8, 7pm
organization‟s success depends on hiring and retaining the best
people. This means having the right benefit plans, using good Hu-           First Friday Block Party, Downtown DuBois
man Resource policies and procedures, creating a safe working           Celebrate DuBois is the theme and is sponsored by
environment and properly managing employee injury claims when         DuBois Volunteer Fire Department & Mike’s Polka Party
they occur. Our company brings a wide range of options to an em-      Friday, October 8th from 5-8pm - NOTE: DATE CHANGE
ployer so they may make informed decisions about the types of
programs they put in place for their business. The goal is to help          After Hours MIXER at the Winery at Wilcox
the employer prevent loss and improve profits. It works.”                      Tuesday, October 12th from 5-7 pm
                                                                                      DuBois Mall location
Unified Employer Solutions, Inc. is lo-
                                                                                    North Central Gas Expo
cated at 12 S Third St., Clearfield, PA.
                                                                                Thursday, October 14 - St. Marys
16830. Employers may contact Deb or
Tom at 814-765-0199, toll free at                                                   Grocers Fight Cancer Day
877-765-0199, or email                                                                Fezell’s Shop ‘n Save
deb@uespros.com. For information                                                      Friday, October 15th
on-line go to www.UESpros.com or
www.hsinsurance.net.                                                          A Website’s A Terrible Thing to Waste
                                                                           Thursday, October 21st DuBois Hampton Inn
                                                                                   Workshop from 8am - noon
 Chamber Annual Meeting Scheduled                                                     Candidates Forum
                                                                                     Saturday, October 23
        The Annual Members Meeting of the                                         Lakeside Church, 8:30 - noon
       Greater DuBois Chamber of Commerce                                           Business Over Breakfast
        & Economic Development will be held                                Thursday, October 28, 7:30 am, DuBois Diner
                                                                           Meet the Managers Castonguay and Suplizio
         Monday, October 11, 2010                                                        Mid-Day MIXER
               12:30 pm                                                     Hosted by the DuBois Networkers Group
                                                                           At the DuBois Public Library Program Room
  First Commonwealth Bank Boardroom                                          11:30-1:00 pm-join us for a FREE lunch.

All members in good standing of the Chamber are
    invited to attend. Please notify our office at                    For Reservations to events, call 371-5010
    371-5010 so we are prepared with seating.                          or email dacc@duboispachamber.com
    Judges Announced for Second                                           LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION
                                                                              Chamber Members with Commercial Real Estate
         B.I.G* Competition
                                                                             CNB Bank Complex-Two 1,500 sq. ft., retail/office space's for lease. For
The panel of five judges is in place for the Second Annual B. I. G.*      more information please contact Jim Baker at 375-6800.
(*Business Ideas Gone wild) Competition, sponsored jointly by the         DuBois Mall & DuBois Mall Plaza - The only enclosed mall within a 50
North Central Pennsylvania Regional Planning and Development              mile radius. Retail/Office space available for lease.
Commission, the Office for Technology Transfer at Penn State Du-             Locations available range in size from 120 to 5,005 square feet. Come
Bois, and the Greater DuBois Chamber of Commerce. These                   join JC Penneys, Old Navy, Ross Dress for Less, and Sears. Rental rates
judges will be responsible for choosing the best, most innovative,        are negotiable. For more information, please call Rudy McCarthy, Zamias
and unique business idea entries submitted to B. I. G.* this year.        Services, Inc. at (814) 532-6112.
The winner will receive up to $20,000 in cash and services to de-            3.88 acres located on Shaffer Rd. Zoned Commercial. Prime frontage
velop, research, or market a new product or new process.                  near DuBois Mall. $388,000. Contact Joe Varacallo, CCIM, GRI @ 375-
This year's judges are: Dan Dowling, Dave Geci, Cynthia Labant,           0200 or email jvaracallo@developac.com.
Anne Posteraro, and Kerri Presloid.                                          Shared Class A office space and facilities available at the Coldwell
Dan Dowling is the President and CEO of the DuBois Area YMCA.             Banker Developac Realty office located in Treasure Lake. Call Joe Vara-
He is active in community organizations including DuBois Rotary           callo, CCIM, GRI for details, 375-0200 or jvaracallo@developac.com.
Club, and is Chairman of the Treasure Lake Property Owner's As-              Treasure Lake Towne Center Plaza - Storefront retail/office space for
sociation Finance Committee. He is the manager of the DuBois              lease. High volume traffic. Various sized units. Post Office and YMCA
Little League, and a past board member of the Greater DuBois Area         also in Plaza. Call 814-236-7442.
Chamber of Commerce.                                                          Industrial Land For Sale @ $34,500 per acre in the Sandy Town-
                                                                          ship/Developac Industrial Park north behind DuBois Walmart. KOEZ
Dave Geci is a certified public accountant and owner of Geci and
                                                                          incentives. Municipal infrastructure in place. Contact Joe Varacallo,
Associates PC with offices in St. Marys and Kane. He is also an
                                                                          CCIM, GRI @ 375-0200 or email jvaracallo@developac.com .
investment advisor. Geci is active in the community as a basketball
coach, former treasurer of the ECCHS Athletic Association and a             Alliance Park Multi-tenant Building space available at Spruce Street in
member of the Allegheny Hardwood Development Council.                     Clearfield. We have newly renovated manufacturing space ranging from
Cynthia Labant is the Consumer Lighting LED Senior Engineer at            13,950 sf to 21,395 sf available, full infrastructure, loading docks, HVAC,
Osram Sylvania in St. Marys. She is a member of the American              parking, sprinkler, secured environment, office and wet lab space avail-
Ceramic Society and National Institute of Ceramic Engineers. La-          able, KIZ. Rates starting at $3/sf. For more information contact Rob
bant is also the holder of five patents, and an Osram STAR award          Swales, Clearfield County EDC at 768-7838, ext.204.
winner. She is active with the Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts, and sits          Unique Development Property Available at the DuBois Regional Air-
on the PTO board of the St. Marys Catholic Elementary Schools.            port - Shovel-ready lots and office space available now at the DuBois Re-
She is also the coordinator and presenter of Pre-Cana Marital             gional Airport, a business-friendly site with Foreign Trade Zone #254 and
Preparation classes.                                                      a KOZ. Call Bob Shaffer, Airport Manager, at 814-328-5311 for more
Anne Posteraro is the Accounting Manager for KTH Architects, Inc.         information
She is a member of the DuBois Business College Advisory Board,               Office space: 1800 sf with 8 rooms, 2 restrooms, kitchenette, possible
and a past chair of the Greater DuBois Area Chamber of Com-               attic storage and 1200+ sf warehouse adjoining. Concrete parking lot,
merce. Posteraro is on the Girl Scouts of Western PA Curry Creek          heated sidewalk entry, HVAC, nicely landscaped. Located on Hoover
Advisory Board and Site Team, and the St. Michael Archangel               Ave. between Fastenal and The Meadows. Call Jack Ogorchock, Green
Church Council.                                                           Dot, Inc. at 371-3222 or 814-541-4998.
                                                                             Office space: 1200 sf with 5 offices, 2 restrooms, small kitchenette,
Kerri Presloid is the first place winner of the 2009 B. I. G.* Competi-   possible attic storage, large double entry. Located on Hoover Ave. behind
tion. She won for her Polliwog Academy Education Games, which
                                                                          The Meadows. Call Jack Ogorchock, Green Dot, Inc. at 371-3222 or 814-
teach both students and parents ways to be successful in academ-
ics. Presloid, a former second grade teacher, is also active in
                                                                             Retail space available: 3000+ sf open space with large windows along
school activities and volunteers at her children's schools.
                                                                          front. 30 ft wide. Located on Hoover Ave. beside The Meadows. Call
"We are very fortunate to have this panel of judges. With their di-       Jack Ogorchock, Green Dot, Inc. at 371-3222 or 814-541-4998.
verse backgrounds, from engineering to business management to                Office space available in Downtown DuBois, both first and second
finance, they will provide a balanced and comprehensive review of         floor. Phone 375-5260.
the ideas," said Penn State DuBois Technology Transfer Coordina-                            Add your commercial listings by calling 371-5010.
tor, Sally Moran.
The competition is designed to spur regional economic development
through support of local creative ideas. Entries will be accepted
from teams, small businesses, and individuals over 18 who reside in
Cameron, Clearfield, Elk, Jefferson, McKean, or Potter Counties.
The entry could be for any marketable product or business process
or for dramatic improvements to things that already exist.
"The B. I. G.* Competition provides an opportunity for everyone in
our region to see if their idea has what it takes to help their dreams
become reality," said John Weible, Business Development Coordi-
nator for the North Central Pennsylvania Regional Planning and
Development Commission.
       Winners will be announced November 9.
  For more information visit www.thebigcompetition.ncentral.com

     Judges and organizers are shown left to right, back row:
     Sally Moran, Dave Geci, Dan Dowling and John Weible.
  Front row: Cynthia Labant, Anne Posteraro, and Kerri Presloid.
                           BUSINESS                                              Supports Coordinators Some essential functions of Support Coordination include
                                                                                 completing required documents to request authorizations for services, assist in identi-
                               SPOTLIGHT                                         fying and accessing community resources & providers, completing and updating ser-
                                                                                 vice plans, completing referrals to appropriate agencies, gathering prior treatment
                                                                                 information, and providing crisis intervention. They also provide support to consum-
                                                                                 ers, participate in interagency planning, participate in discharge/transition planning,
                                                                                 conduct waiver monitoring processes, participate in plans of corrections, conduct the
                                                                                 Individual Support Plan process, complete Service Preference process, complete Pri-
                                                                                 oritization of Urgency of Needs Survey (PUNS) process, participate in the Supports
                                                                                 Intensity Scale (SIS) process, participate in the Independent Monitoring for Quality
                                                                                 (IM4Q) process, and communicates current Office of Developmental Programs priori-
Mission Statement                                                                ties to individuals and families.
The mission of Service Access & Management, Inc. is to help
                                                                                 MH Administrative Case Managers Some essential functions of the Administrative
people throughout Pennsylvania enhance the quality of their                      Case Manager include requesting and completing authorizations for services, assist in
lives by effectively and efficiently managing and/or providing                   identifying and accessing community resources and providers, verifying MA/insurance
needed, accessible and individually satisfying human services.                   eligibility, completing referrals to appropriate agencies, gathering treatment informa-
                                                                                 tion, providing crisis intervention and support to person served/family, and participat-
We Believe…                                                                      ing in interagency meetings. The Administrative Case Manager participates in dis-
                                                                                 charge/transition planning, completes environmental matrixes, and initial psychoso-
 People are essentially good and do the best they can.
                                                                                 cial assessments. They accept referral calls for EI and MR services, as well as complete
 People have a responsibility to live within the rules and regulations          and update Individual Service Plans, annual reviews, and case closures. The Adminis-
    that have been established for their particular environment.                 trative Case Managers maintain quarterly contacts according to standards.
 People should have input into the things that affect them.
 People are to be treated with dignity and respect in every interaction.        Blended Case Managers Some essential functions of the Blended Case Manager
 People have many facets; some more desirable than others.                      (BCM) include requesting and completing authorizations for services, assist in identify-
                                                                                 ing and accessing community resources and providers, verifying MA status/insurance
 People who provide care sometimes need to be cared for.                        eligibility, completing and updating service plans, completing referral to appropriate
 We must behave as we expect others to behave.                                  agencies, gathering treatment information, providing crisis intervention and support
 We must find a way to help others succeed, not fail.                           to person served/family, and participating in interagency planning. BCM’s complete
 We must understand the limits of our control in every situation.               environmental matrixes, closures forms, meet frequency of contact standards, and
 We must strive to understand the world through the eyes of others.             achieve Gold Standard bench marks. The BCM participates in discharge/transition
                                                                                 planning, completes and updates continued stay reviews, as well as completes and
 We consider our employees to be our most valuable asset.                       documents engagement efforts, completes voter registration forms and attends all
 We must be truthful.                                                           scheduled meetings. The Blended Case Managers are available 24/7 through a rotat-
 We must accept responsibility for our actions.                                 ing schedule.
 We must work toward a win-win outcome in every interaction.
 When we mandate compliance, the outcome may be superficial.                    EI Service Coordinators provide intake coordination services for children ages birth to
                                                                                 three and their families. Some essential functions of EI Service Coordination include
 Diversity enhances our world.                                                  requesting and completing authorizations for service, assist in identifying and access-
 Change is inevitable and is not to be feared.                                  ing community resources and providers, completing and updating service plans, com-
 Boundaries are necessary and must be respected.                                pleting referrals to appropriate agencies and/or units within SAM, Inc., gathering
                                                                                 treatment information, providing support to persons served/family, participating in
About SAM                                                                        interagency planning, and participate in discharge/transition planning. They attend all
 SAM was formed in 1987 by the Berks County MH/MR Program office                scheduled meetings, gather data to complete initial referral for Early Intervention
to provide intake, emergency services and case management                        Program, schedule Multi-Disciplinary Team Evaluation (MDE)with family, complete
 We started with 15 employees                                                   Ages and Stages screening tool, conduct Individualized Family Service Plan Process
 In 1997 we became a private Not-For-Profit Human Services Organiza-            (IFSP). They are required to meet required timelines for MDE’s, IFSP’s and transition
tion and were awarded a contract to provide case management, crisis and          planning.
a variety of administrative services for Berks County.                           Other Administrative Services
 Since then we have expanded and offer a variety of different programs                                               County Program
and services in 12 Counties in the State including Berks, Schuylkill, York,                                                              York/     Clearfield
Adams, Huntingdon, Mifflin, Juniata, Centre, Clearfield, Jefferson, Clarion       Administrative/Fiscal Services      Berks Schuylkill

and Luzerne.
                                                                                  Budget Development                  X     X            X     X     X          X
 We serve over 14,000 people in PA with a staff of over 500 employees
across the state                                                                  Billing                             X     X            X     X     X          X
 SAM case management and crisis intervention services are accredited             Productivity Management             X     X            X     X     X          X
by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) and        Provider Rate Setting               X     X                        X          X
Crisis is also accredited by the American Association of Suicidology (AAS)
                                                                                  Allocation Management               X     X                        X          X
For more information please visit our website at www.SAM-Inc.org.
                                                                                  Contract Management                 X     X                        X          X
SAM, Inc, Clearfield/Jefferson Counties                                           Utilization Management              X     X                        X          X
Service Access and Management, Inc (SAM, Inc.) provides Mental Retarda-           Provider Payments                   X     X                        X          X
tion (MR) case management/supports coordination, Mental Health (MH)
Administrative Case Management, Blended Case Management (BCM) and                 Waiver Reporting                    X     X                        X          X
Early Intervention (EI) Service Coordination in Clearfield/Jefferson Counties.    MCR Preparation                     X     X                        X          X
The hours of operation are Monday thru Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. All             Income & Expenditure Reporting      X     X                        X          X
services received through the Base Service Unit (BSU) are free of charge to       Cost Settlement                     X     X                        X          X
the individual. Addresses and phone numbers to reach us:
                                                                                  Provider Audit Review               X     X                        X          X
Clearfield County                       Jefferson County
6395 Clearfield Woodland Hwy            82 Barnett Street
Clearfield PA 16830                     Brookville, PA 15825
814-765-1820                            814-715-7141
                                                                                                                                                             U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                                                                                           DUBOIS, PA 15801
                                                                                                                                                            PERMIT NO. 229

3 South Brady St., Suite 205
                                                                               Think Local
DuBois, PA 15801                                                                       Before You Buy
814-371-5010 phone
814-371-5005 fax

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If not, fax or mail the changes today.
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                                                                   “If you‟re going to think anyway,
                                                          you might as well think BIG!”
                                                                                    Donald Trump

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   Colette Dushac, Vice-Chair.            Jim Curtis                           Harry Howard
     Clearfield-Jefferson MHMR              Swift Kennedy Group                  All About A Party & Costumes         Susan G. Loskoski                           Jackie K. Allen
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   John Oberlin, Sec/Treasurer            Tracy Draa                           Dan Johnston
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