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					    MICROTEST Universal Testing Machines Servo-hydraulic EFH Series 20kN to 2000kN

               Universal testing Machines
-              Servo-Hydraulic EFH Series
               20kN to 2000kN


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                      Universal Testing Machines Servo-hydraulic EFH Series 20kN to 2000kN

      MICROTEST EFH Series from 20kN to 2000kN capacity:

Universal hydraulic servo-controlled machine 20kN to 2000kN capacity,
computer controlled, to perform static tensile tests on metallic materials.

It basically consists of:

        - Strong loading frame with a reading strain gage load cell built into
       the piston

       - Computer Controlled System SCM3000 and software, for the data
       acquisition, control and processing.

       - Hydraulic Power Pack: adapted to the users specific needs: range of
       force, speed, stroke, type of control, etc. The whole is built in a

The frame is designed to carry out tensile tests using the grips placed in the
clamping heads. In the upper part, between the head and traverse,

It is possible to carry out flexion, compression, bending, hardness, dishing
tests, according to the International Standards by using the suitable (see
accessories) devices.

 The hydraulic servo-controlled unit regulates the load or the displacement
rate by the Computer.

An emergency device stops the machine in any moment as per the
International Safety Standards.

 A control panel situated on the frame governs the movement of the lower
tensile head (typical excursion 0÷300mm with electric end of stroke switches)
for an easier positioning of the specimen according to its length.

The machine is supplied complete with loading frame, control system
SCM3000 and hydraulic power unit.

The extensometers, the grips and the printer are options and should be
ordered separately according to the needs of the user.

                  Universal Testing Machines Servo-hydraulic EFH Series 20kN to 2000kN

 The EFH testing machines include one or more force transducers (load
 cell) that provide better precision measurement of the applied force
 than pressure transducers or gages used in traditional hydraulic systems.
 In this way the force measurement is not affected by oil temperature,
 local disturbances caused by the oil flow, friction in the load cylinder,

 The test speed and the position can be digitally controlled and
 measured by means of a linear displacement transducer in the actuator
 axis obtaining a high precision controlled movement.


The EFH machines flexibility is further extended by a wide array of accessories
instrumentation, grips and fixtures to perform all kind of test with the higher efficiency.
These accessories include LVDT extensometers, compress-meters, strain gage
extensometers, high temperature extensometers, as well as grips, holders, jigs or platens
for holding the test specimens. They can also be delivered with special testing
equipment as high temperature furnaces, climatic chambers, etc.

MICROTEST can provide a great variety of grips and accessories, depending on the
material or test.
Among others:

                          Compression platens.

                  Universal Testing Machines Servo-hydraulic EFH Series 20kN to 2000kN

                          Pneumatic, hydraulic or manual grips for tensile tests with
                           different jaws.
                          Bend fixtures.
                          Other test fixtures (shear, friction, tear, peel, etc)
                          Extensometers, furnaces, climatic chambers, etc.

This flexibility makes EFH machines very suitable in most of the standardized axial tests,
where the force to be applied is under the load capacity of the machine, in tensile test
or compression tests in the same single test zone.

Among others, with the suitable fixture, the following tests can be done:

        Tensile tests on metal samples: standard shapes, ribbons, springs, screws,
         fasteners, washers, wires, cables, elastomeric samples, etc
        Corrosion under tension tests.
        Tensile tests on standardized steel samples.
        Tensile, shear or bending tests on aluminum samples or profiles.
        Compression tests on concrete, mortars, ceramics, foams, wood, rocks, etc.
        Friction tests, peel tests, shear, etc.
        Bending tests on metals, mortars, concrete, ceramics, wood, paving tiles, etc.

Do not hesitate to contact us to consult any need about your tests.

                         Universal Testing Machines Servo-hydraulic EFH Series 20kN to 2000kN

LOAD FRAME                                           A set of 2 or 4 columns, a high stiffness
                                                     crosshead and a base plate that define the
A two or four columns frame with hydraulic           mechanical test frame. The crosshead is
lifting system for the upper crosshead and           positioned by means of the hydraulic lifting
hydraulic-mechanical system to lock it on the        system and can be locked by a hydraulic-
chromed columns of guidance at the desired           mechanical grip. The position control of the
height. The position control of the upper            upper crosshead is electrical and can be
crosshead is commanded electrically. Testing         repositioned by the user by acting on the
and Control of the machine is through                controls of the hydraulic lifts and lock. Test
Software/ Computer. Control of cross head,           area guard to protect the user and an
Jaw and Grip is through panel also. Control of       emergency stop to shuts off hydraulics are part
Jaws/grips is manual through frontal panel and       of the security elements.
also con be software controlled operation.

                           Universal Testing Machines Servo-hydraulic EFH Series 20kN to 2000kN


- The control and measurement is performed               A control panel is available in two ways: by
by the SCM3000 or SCM4000 electronic boards              computer, through SCM software and an
developed by MICROTEST. This electronic                  SCM3000 electronic unit with additional touch
board provides a closed loop control of the              screen panel interface (AFL-W10 type,
machine and analogue to digital conversion               optional) for manual control which enables test
for at least 8 channels. The control includes            start, test stop, return, test status indication and
digital input/output lines connected with the            variable speed up/down jog buttons, fine
machine and motor driver covering the rest of            position up/down buttons and specimen
the control and security functions of the control        protection features. It includes two soft keys,
system. The machine control can be monitored             results display, programmable function keys
by means of a computer via USB connection.               and specimen protection.
The software SCM3000 (alt. SCM4000) allows
also the recording of the different quantities           The SCM3000 electronics is connected to this
data during the test. SCM 4000 System with               optional touch screen to provide stand alone
MOOG Portable Test Controller is the version to          management of tests.
complex fatigue tests.

EFH     machines      make      use    of     this
SCM3000/SCM4000 software that enhances the
features of the machine for any kind of test or
material, allowing the user the full control of
any of the functionalities of the machine. It’s a
very reliable and adaptable system. The
description of the SCM3000/SCM4000 software              The control system also includes: software
specifications is shown apart. All database and          selectable servo-control by force or by
controlled parameters are managed using a                displacement (or other quantity), displays for
computer (included) with the MICROTEST                   the configured channels, digital zeroing of any
SCM3000 or SCM4000 software (English                     channel,      fully  configurable     channels,
version).                                                calculated channels, configurable alarms,
                                                         digital recording of every configured quantity,
MICROTEST software helps the user to                     selectable sampling, automation of the tests
automate his operations, providing a powerful            (tests methods and complex sequences of
Method and Result Editor, with the possibility of        movement or load), definition of test
exportation of data to Excel ® or ASCII files that       parameters, calculations, graphical display of
allows the generation of customized reports.             recorded data and test results, etc.
The test curves can also be rescale, recall and
replot by a Graphics Editor

                          Universal Testing Machines Servo-hydraulic EFH- static 500kN to 1000kN

HYDRAULIC POWER UNIT                                    between circulations, thus reducing oil
                                                        aeration. The internal surfaces of the reservoir
MICROTEST GH Hydraulic Power Units are                  feature a backed-on coating to eliminate
efficient, fixed and variable volume, fluid             rusting and prevent fluid contamination. A 3-
power sources that offer 180 to 300bar service          micron filtration system protects against silting
with smooth pressure output to give the test            and includes a pop-up indicator to let you
system greater accuracy and resolution. The             know when it’s time to change it.
low and high output pressure of these units
remains stable regardless of any changes in             A     cooling     air  system     and  hydraulic
flow demand.                                            accumulator keep hydraulic fluid temperature
                                                        and pressure uniform for peak system
The unit includes an adjustable pressure setting.       performance. Interlock circuits turn the unit off
                                                        if the level gets too low or its temperature too
The GH Hydraulic Power Units features a large
                                                        high. Easy-to-read gauges let the user monitor
capacity reservoir which extends the life of the
                                                        fluid pressure, level and temperature.
hydraulic fluid by increasing the residence time

                          Universal Testing Machines Servo-hydraulic EFH- static 500kN to 1000kN

                                        TECHNICAL FEATURES
 Load Capacity                                     20kN, 30kN, 100kN, 200kN, 300KN, 500 kN, 600
                                                   kN, 700kN, 1000kN, 1200kN, 1500kN, 2000kN
 Type of control                                   Force, displacement , strain (optional)
  Max. crosshead stroke                            50mm to 400mm (other under request)
 Horizontal clearance                              Typ. 300 to 850mm
  Max. distance between the jaws                   Typ from 450 to 1500mm
  Width flexion joke (opt.)                        190 mm
  Max. flexion knives distance (opt.)              300 to 1000 mm (typical)
  Máx. Compression plates light                    From 350 to 1200mm
 Control                                           Computer Controlled System SCM3000 or
                                                   SCM 4000 System with MOOG Portable Test
 Software                                          SCM3000 or SM4000 latest versions
  Load reading                                     By strain gage load cell type PBI or PCH
  Resolution                                       0,01% Ultimate value / capacity
  Accuracy Class EN ISO 7500-1                     1 or 0.5
  Stroke reading                                   Linear transducer: LVDT, magnetostrictive, or
                                                   encoder type
  Displacement Resolution                          0.01mm - 0,0001 mm (depending on the
  Strain                                           Sensing by electronic extensometer
  Strain Resolution                                Typ. ≤0,001 mm, by MT-EXT. 5-10mm range
  Frame weight                                     From 500kg, 1500kg to 4000kg approx.
 General Typical dimensions (depending on          3.300 x 1300 x 950 mm (high capacity frame)
 the users’ needs and capacity)                    Recommended working area: 15 to 20m²
  Power supply                                     400 Vac 3 phases 50Hz Total power depends
                                                   on the dynamic requirements

Basic standard specifications. Dimensions, weights and supply voltage can be adapted to the customer’s needs.
They are only approximate and dependant on the specific technical proposal. Maximum speed value affects
power value.

    C/ Valle de Tobalina, 10  28021 – MADRID (Spain)      Tel.: (+34) 91 796 33 32


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