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									                        Champlain Valley Skating Club Newsletter

2007-2008 Season    September 2007

MESSAGE from Your CVSC Prez. Pamela Ashikaga
Hello Skating Enthusiasts!

         Another season of figure skating begins! This year will be an exciting one! Many of you will
be competing in local, state and regional, and perhaps even national competitions. Several of you will
be participating on our skating teams: Ice Crystals Synchronized Skating Team (ICSST), Vermont
Children’s Theatre On Ice (VCTI), and our adult theatre team, On Thin Ice (OTI). Many of you will
also be donating your time as either skaters or volunteers to the third Junior League of Champlain
Valley’s (JLCV), “Incredible Community Extravaganza” (I.C.E. 2008).

                                 SO ENJOY THE SEASON AND HAVE FUN!

                             Meet New CVSC Board Member Kim Dow:

This summer Kim Dow joined the CVSC Board as Vice-President. Kim and her family moved to
Charlotte from Los Angeles about a year ago, but previously lived in various locations on the east
coast. She has two daughters who skate, Rachel, age 10 and a CVSC Associate member, and Beatrice,
age 5. Rachel and Bea recently convinced her to purchase a pair of used skates, but she hasn’t had an
opportunity to take them out for a “spin” yet (ok, maybe a one foot glide). She is also the mom to sons
Sean, age 7, and William, age 3.

 “I am thrilled to be on the Board, and am looking forward to working with the group to find more
ways of building member involvement in club activities. For example, I’m curious if there is any
interest in forming a junior Board, says Kim. It would be great to hear directly from parents and
skaters about directions they would like to see the club take in the next few years.” You can reach Kim

               George Jamison also joined the CVSC this past summer:

Please consider the CVSC web page ( ) as a resource
for all of your skating needs with the club. Send pictures or club related news to me that you
would like to see on the web site.

If you have any comments or suggestions let me know.

Thanks. George Jamison (

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Notes from the Editor: Having passed the autumnal equinox on Sunday
September 23, fall is officially here. With this edition of “The Edge” I’ve
attempted to cover all the summer events from June 22-Sept 23 (WOW, were
we busy), and introduce the upcoming season. Included are a couple of feature
photos to enjoy; wish I had more! PLEASE send me your pix of CVSC
members doing their stuff- candid or posed for future editions. New, of note, is
a segment entitled Judy’s Jewels – featuring practical information contributed
by Judy Holmes. And don’t miss Vicky Hildebrand’s comments in the Judges Corner. Both expert
contributors welcome questions or suggestions for future topics from you; send to me for the coming
editions ( I’ve included my own parting photo and research summary as it
relates to a teen athlete health issue – sleep! And most importantly, don’t miss the Editors Challenge on
the final page. Enjoy. Anne Morgan

Cami Roy has taken over for Lesley Lewis as the membership coordinator. She has been
feverishly processing all paperwork and reports that as of 9/12/07 CVSC has 139 full members
and 6 associate members.

                                            ICE 2008!
                                           Vicki Hildebrand

The Junior League of Champlain Valley, the University of Vermont and our local skating
community are teaming up for another extravaganza ice show in April 2008. The Show
benefits the projects of the Junior League, including its signature project, Camp Knock
Knock, a family bereavement camp offered with the assistance of the Visiting Nurses
Association. Each June the Camp hosts a number of families dealing with the loss of a
loved one.

Martha Harding has once again offered to be the Artistic Director. The Show will feature
a headline skater (Elvis Stojko and Brian Boitano have been previous featured
skaters), the UVM Varsity Hockey team and local skaters. It takes the efforts of
numerous people to bring such a large production to the area and anyone willing to help
should contact Vicki Hildebrand at 802.879.1883. There are many opportunities to
participate in this exciting event, including props, costumes, make-up, sponsorship,
publicity, lighting, program, tickets, and many others. We look forward to your

The dates of the Show are Friday and Saturday, April 4th and 5th; dress rehearsal will be
held the night before. Mark these on your calendar now.

Skater applications coming soon.

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                                      JUDGES CORNER
                                              Vicki Hildebrand

The quality of skating tests in the Burlington area continues to impress the judges. Many of our judges
travel throughout the New England and New York areas to serve on judging panels and we see various
skating standards. It's clear that our local coaches are doing a very nice job of preparing skaters for their
tests and the high percentage of passing marks is proof of that success.

When a judge is evaluating a test there are a few simple things we keep in mind. The first is that each
test has at least one 'feature' that the skater must demonstrate basic command of. Most tests are
structured to build on each other, so passing a skater when they are struggling with these feature(s) will
not serve the skater's future progress. Some examples of features include skating backwards on the
Swing Dance. This is the first time a dancer is asked to skate backwards. If the skater is struggling with
their backward edges, they will surely struggle with the dances beyond the Swing Dance. The Juvenile
Moves test emphasizes power. If the skater cannot skate these moves with power, then it will be difficult
to achieve the required power on future moves. The backspin on the Pre-Juvenile Free Skate test is
another feature since all future free skate tests require change foot spins.

The second area that the judge considers is whether or not the skater has achieved the overall
expectation of the level. For example, we ask ourselves, "Is this skater a Juvenile (substitute any
level) skater?" Do they have the posture, presentation, flow, edge control, ice coverage, etc that a skater
of this level is expected to achieve? Feedback in this area will show up in the second mark of a dance or
free skate test and in the overall mark of a particular move.

As skaters prepare for their tests they should keep in mind that passing a test is more than just executing
elements. There are necessary building blocks and overall presentation that must be achieved. As
always, judges are available to answer any questions you have. And Burlington skaters, keep up the
great work!

With Vicki’s comments in mind, here’s the roster of tests passed this summer...

Members of Champlain Valley Skating Club who passed US Figure
Skating Tests on the following dates:

May 8, 2007 (Leddy)
Jane Alsofrom             Cha Cha - Adult
Lassie Barile             Hickory Hoedown – Masters
Lauren Donnelly           American Waltz
Anni Maheux               American Waltz &Rocker Foxtrot
David Morgan              Rhythm Blues, Canasta Tango, Cha Cha

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Kristin Morgan           American Waltz, Rocker Foxtrot
Brianna Winzenburg       European Waltz

Moves in the Field:
Pre-Preliminary: Kai Armstrong, Elizabeth Biscoe, Catie Sands, Natalie Trono
Preliminary:      Molly Bushnell, Heather Pitcher
Pre-Juvenile:    Milli Charlebois
Juvenile:         Carli Motto
Junior:           Flora Su
Adult Pre-Bronze Juli Beth Hinds

Pre-Preliminary:   Courtney Allen, Michael Dang, Amanda Delphia, Jessica Gamelin, Julie
Preliminary:       Carli Motto
Juvenile:          Anni Maheux
Intermediate:      Kristin Morgan
Junior:            Elizabeth Cyr

CVSC Associates
Rachel Hollander Moves: Juvenile; Freeskate: Pre-Preliminary
Izette Kelly     Fiesta Tango; Freeskate: Pre-Preliminary

July 1, 2007 (Lake Placid)
Novice           Matt McAvoy

July 22, 2007 (Leddy)
Lassie Barile   Masters Willow Waltz
Julie MacDonald Canasta Tango
Rebecca Jennings Dutch Waltz, Canasta Tango
Shevonne Travers Rhythm Blues

Moves in the Field:
Pre-preliminary: Ashley Martin, Megan Martin, Lilia Nelson, Sylvie Shanks
Preliminary:     Kathleen Kilbourn, Abigail Nicholson
Prejuvenile:     Courtney Allen, Amy L Ferro
Novice: Annie Maheux
Junior: Giao Dang Kristin Morgan

August 25, 2007 (Leddy)
Bruce Alvarez         Swing Dance
Molly Bushnell        Fiesta Tango

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Charlotte Hoover    Dutch Waltz, Rhythm Blues
Rebecca Jennings    Rhythm Blues, Cha-Cha
Emily Krol-Rhythm   Blues, Cha-Cha
Christine Ritter    Hickory Hoedown
Lily Rosenberg      Canasta Tango
Grace Schonberg     Fiesta Tango
Samantha Shanks     Fiesta Tango
Valentina Shtefan   Dutch Waltz

Pre-Preliminary: Haley Bliss, Courtney Devoid, Micaela Haggerty ,Taylor Kolk, Cai McCann ,
Shannon Mulcahy, Rachel Peltier, Norah Senftleber Cassandra Tall, Phoebe Vatis

Preliminary: Jessica Gamelin, Jessica Jackson, Elizabeth Leahy, Sarah Mueller, Lily Rosenberg,
Samantha Shanks, Paige Shepard

Pre-Juvenile: Catherine MuellerLiz Crocket- Pre-Juvenile MIF

Juvenile: Courtney Allen, Milli Charlebois, Meghan Decatur, Carissa Jamison

Intermediate: Ava Kikut

Novice:   Emily Maheux

Preliminary: Christine Ritter

CVSC Associates
Rachel Hollander Moves: Intermediate; Freeskate: Preliminary

                          NEXT CVSC TEST SESSION:
Friday October 19 8 am to 2 pm Moves and Freeskate through Senior Dance through

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                                    2007 International Theatre on Ice
                                      Bourne MA June22-23, 2007
     Champlain Valley Theatre On Ice Teams Medal at International
Three theatre on ice teams representing Champlain Valley Skating Club competed at the International Theatre On Ice
Competition held in Bourne, MA June 22-23, 2007. Each team competed in two events-the choreographic exercise, a
shorter piece with very specific guidelines and the freeskate, the longer piece with elaborate costumes and scenery.
The Vermont Children’s Theatre On Ice (VCTI) Junior Troupe placed 2nd in the choreographic exercise and 7th in the
freeskate in a large field of 10 teams! VCTI Senior Troupe won the silver medal in both of their events. On Thin Ice
(OTI), CVSC’s adult ice theatre team skated to the bronze in both of their events. Congratulations to all the CVSC
theatre on ice teams!

June 27-29, 2008 will see teams from across the US and the world descend on Leddy Park Arena for the First US
National Theatre On Ice Competition and the 13th US International Theatre On Ice Competition. These events will be
hosted by VCTI.

                            Lake Placid Summer Figure Skating Championships
                                            July 5-7, 2007
               Elizabeth Biscoe, Ashley Martin, Megan Martin, Rachel Mendelson, Flora Su,
                                        Mark McAvoy, Carli Motto

                                 2007 Champlain Valley Open July 22-24, 2007
                                  Champlain Valley Skating Club Participants
 Elizabeth Biscoe, Molly Bushnell, Catriona Craven-Matthews, Elizabeth Crocket, Giao Dang, Michael
 Dang, Charlotte Hoover, Rebecca Jennings, Gabrielle Kalinen, Ashley Martin, Megan Martin, Kathryn
Maurer, Rachel Mendelson, Mark McAvoy, Matthew McAvoy, David Morgan, Kristin Morgan, Carli Motto,
          Abigail Nicholson, Heather Pitcher, Grace Schonberg, Meghan Schwab, Flora Su

                                    Lake Placid Ice Dance Championships
                                              August 1-4, 2007
                                      Anni Maheux and Matt McAvoy

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                            State Games of America: August 1-4, 2007
                                      Colorado Springs CO
             Julie Collins, Charlotte Hoover, MollyRose Mendell, David Morgan,
                               Kristin Morgan, Grace Schonberg

 “The 2007 State Games established new records for participation along with benchmarks in many key
areas and assumed the mantle of the largest multi-sport event in Colorado history. A record 10,803
athletes from 47 states competed in the event; the old mark was the 9,462 entries in 2005. Fifteen sports
set new State Games of America records for participation… including figure skating with 1,107
competitors. The march to new records began with the sold-out Opening Ceremony on August 2, when a
building record 10,007 jammed the Colorado Springs World Arena to see figure skating star Michelle
Kwan light the Olympic cauldron and open the weekend gala. The throng enjoying the spectacular
evening included 5,264 athletes in the Parade of the States and 4,743 fans who purchased tickets”

Press Release August 18, 2007

                                National Showcase: August 8-12 ,2007
                                          Fort Collins CO
                                     David and Kristin Morgan

                                 Cranberry Open, August 22-25, 2007
                                        Yarmouth Ice Club:
                                               Flora Su

                                             Boston Open,
                                         September 13-16, 2007
                                  Rachel Mendelson
  Lauren Donnelly and partner Ben Becker (Colonial FSC) competed in the Intermediate
                                     Free Dance

              Providence and Pawtuckett Open and Little New England Championships
                                     September 21-23,2007
  Julie Collins, Charlotte Hoover, Mark McAvoy, David Morgan, Kristin Morgan, Felicia

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                                Seminars Attended:
                                  2007 PSA Nationwide Seminar
                                        Westborough MA
                                        September 9, 2007

CVSC coaches Jonathan Hayward, Julie Mac Donald, and Marie Shanks attended the 2007 PSA
Nationwide Seminar in Westborough, MA, hosted by the North Star Figure Skating Club. Expert speakers
included Rebecca Stump- Master rated in MIF and SYNCHRO, along with Ian MacAdam-a technical
specialist for the International Judging System. Frank Carroll was very gracious and agreed to a photo
with the coaches from CVSC. “It was a nice weekend and a great seminar” reports Marie.

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                                     Judy’s Jewels
                                        Judy Holmes, MS, PT*

                             Boot and Blade Evaluation


Boot Stiffness- Boots need to allow for ankle dorsiflexion (backward flexing or the ankle or elevation of the
foot). It is important for the boot to give. A skaters dorsiflexion in the boot should be close to that of their
dorsiflexion in regular shoes. Boots should be creased by the 3rd month of wear.
Problem- If the boot is too stiff, stress fractures can occur in the lower limb and low back.
Solution- If the boots are not creasing sufficiently, they should be left unlaced at the top or cut the leather
across the top of the boot.

Fit- Boots should not cause any reddening, irritation or skin breakdown of the ankle or foot.
Problem- If redness or ‘pump bumps’ occur, the boot should be punched out to accommodate boney
Solution- Padding with bunga pads and doughnuts will help, but the pressure points should be
eliminated. If the problem is with the foot alignment, for example pronation, orthotics may be needed.
Orthotics can be built into custom skates and worn in street shoes if they can not be put in the boot.
Taping can also help.

Boot Height- The normal height of a figure skate is about 2 inches above the maleoli (either of the two
pointed or rounded protuberances on each side of the ankle).
Problem- If boots are too high it can cause a longer lever arm, which produces torque and stress on the
Solution- For ice dancers, who need to point the toe, the back of the boot may need to be notched to
allow range of motion and relieve pressure on the Achilles tendon. The top laces can also be left untied.

Lacing- Skaters should not have pain, tingling or numbness under the tongue and laces of the boot.
Problem- Compression from the laces can cause pressure on the nerves on the front of the foot. This
occurs when the laces are tied too tightly. This often happens to skaters with narrow heels, or weak
ankles, trying to keep the heel from slipping. The skater will complain of tingling, pain or cramping
anywhere in the foot.
Solution- Lace loosely over the mid foot, and tight over the ankle. Lacing of the hooks should be done
looser the higher you go. Placing a channel pad over the top of the foot, or cutting a slit in the tongue for
the laces that keeps the tongue from sliding and causing irritation often relieve pressure. Ankle
strengthening and proper fitting boots will also help.

Boot Alignment- Boots often have defects in the leather attachment to the sole. The defect can cause
a varus or valgus deformity (inward or outward angulations of the foot). There can also be twist or torque
in the boot. Visually bisect the boot posteriorly left and right, do the same for the heel. The vertical lines
should line up with one another.
Problem- A few degrees of deformity can make it difficult to stand evenly on the blade. Compensation for
these defects can cause the skater to have problems at the ankle, knee or low back.
Solution- If the boot is new, return it. If you buy off the shelf boots, look at several pairs to get those with
the best alignment.

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Boot Weight- Boot weight usually increases with stiffness. Some brands are stiffer and heavier than
others. Young skaters should avoid getting a boot that is too heavy for their frame.
Problem- A boot that is too heavy can cause injuries due to having to hold the leg up in the air for
extended periods (as in a spiral). A heavy boot can cause muscle fatigue and low back pain and injury.
Solution- Check with the boot company and see if weight can be taken out. If an injury has occurred,
strengthening the core musculature will help relieve muscle fatigue and add endurance for lifting a heavy

The Blade
Blade Mount- The mount of a blade affects the ability of the skater to control the inside and outside
edges in figure skating. Look at the alignment between the boot and heel (one unit) and the vertical line
formed by the blade. These should form a straight line. If the line is not straight, this can cause
pronation or supination to occur.
Problem- A blade mounted in varus or valgus can cause the skater to work too hard to hold the edge and
can contribute to tendonitis.
Solution- The skates and skater should be evaluated together and separately. If the alignment problem
is in the skater, exercises and/or orthotics are in order. If the blade is at fault, shims should be used to
correct the alignment.

Blade Placement- The blade should run from the tip of the toe to approximately ¼ inch of the heel.
The skater should be able to roll to the ball of the foot just before the toe pick touches the ground. The
most posterior pick should fall in line with the end of the toes.
Problem- If the blade is mounted too far forward, the skater will be prone to Achilles tendinitis.
Solution- Heel height can be increased to control weight distribution if Achilles problems are chronic.

Blade Warp- The blade should be straight. This can be tested for by placing the side of the blade on a
level surface. There should be no rocking or wobble. Test both sides of the blade.
Problem- Warped blades can cause problems up the whole kinetic chain.
Solution- These must be replaced. Also check for problems with rotting of the leather of the sole, as the
blade will not mount properly on this surface.

Most foot and ankle injuries and many knee, hip and low back problems can be attributed to boot or
blade defects of improper fit. Knowing what to look for can help avoid or eliminate discomfort, pain and

Many skate manufacturers are working on new designs to increase ankle articulation, limit excess boot
weight and improve shock absorption.

* Judy Holmes, MS, PT- Judy graduated with her Masters in Physical Therapy in 1982 from Duke University. She has worked
in Sports Medicine for over 25 years, working with skaters for over 18 years. She is a faculty member of the USFSA Sports
Science and Medicine Camps and Team USA Camps, and has traveled as a US team physical therapist. She is a member of
the Sports Medicine Committee of the USFSA. She has presented at USFSA and PSA conferences, written an article for
Skating Magazine, and provides physical therapy and develops off-ice training programs to local skaters in Vermont. She is co-
owner of Middlebury Physical Therapy in Middlebury Vermont. Judy is also a Nationally Registered EMT-B.
                     Contact Information: Work: 802-398-2700, Fax: 802-398-2702, e-mail:

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                          NEWS FROM OUR TEAMS
                                  ICSST by Donna Rae Decatur
The first practice of the ICSST’s season was on Sunday, September 9 . There are a lot of new girls and 9
returning team members. The girls are looking forward to an exciting season with competitions beginning
in January. The only date confirmed right now is in February for the Connecticut Synchronized Skating
Competition (Feb. 9). The Ice Crystals are always interested in teaching skaters about this sport. Come
skate with the Team on Sundays – practice is from 2-4:10 every Sunday at Leddy Park. If anyone is
interested in learning more, contact Coach Martha Harding (655-1502) or Donna Rae Decatur (899-

                                          ON THIN ICE
On Thin Ice is excited to have Martha Harding returning as our coach this season.
We are off to a good start with several off ice practices under our belts already.
We are fortunate to be skating at Gutterson, again this season, on Sunday evenings.
Both the location and the time offer convenience for us to perfect our craft.
Our team is excited to welcome Wanda Barrett, Valentina Shtefan, and Katy Gamelin to the troupe.
As always, On Thin Ice is happy to have new members join our team.
If you have any Questions about On Thin Ice please contact:
      Martha Harding(coach)          - 655-1502
      Marie Shanks(Team Manager) – 578-1728

                             Vermont Children’s Theatre On Ice
                                            Sarah Jennings

VCTI, Vermont Children’s Theatre On Ice begins the season with three teams and over 35 skaters ranging
from ages 6-17, and from Basic 4-SR MIF! The Senior Troupe, Junior Troupe and the Taste of Theatre
Team are all looking forward to a terrific season of practices, competitions, exhibitions and team events
culminating in the First US National Theatre On Ice Competition/ 13th Annual US International Theatre
On Ice Competition to be held at Leddy Park Arena June 27-29, 2008. VCTI is still accepting
applications for the Taste of Theatre Team for skaters passed at least Basic 4 but not passed the
Preliminary MIF. Please contact with questions about VCTI.

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                                     Odds and Ends

                            WANTED: ISSUES OF SKATING MAGAZINE:
PLEASE… bring in old and new skating magazines to share
with group lesson skaters. We want to be able to give these magazines
to the group lesson skaters so the CVSC skaters would NOT get them back.
Leave them outside of my office on the shelves. Thanks KK

Kathy Knauer
Leddy Park Arena Program Coordinator

                            HALLOWEEN COSTUME RENTALS
                        Halloween costume rentals available from the Vermont
                          Children's Theatre On Ice costume closet! Fairies,
                       bats, princesses and much much more! Each costume is
                         only $10.00! For more information or to rent, please
             contact Sarah Jennings at the rink or at

                          LOCKERS AVAILABLE
A limited number of lockers for figure skaters are available at Leddy Park Arena. The fee is
$25.00 for the season. If you would like a locker, please call the arena at 865-7558.

                                 CVSC T-SHIRTS
Support your club! Royal blue t-shirts with the CVSC logo proudly printed in white are
available for only $5.00! The shirts come in sizes child large-adult XXL so there’s a shirt for
every skater and fan! To pick up a shirt, contact Sarah at 865-7566 or

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                                                   ICE TIME
All CSVC sessions at Leddy and Gutterson have room for more contract skaters as well as walk-
on skaters. Walk-on fees are: CVSC Members- $14.00, Associate CVSC Members-$15.00,
Non-Members-$16.00. For complete ice schedules visit
or check out the bulletin board at Leddy. Questions may also be directed to the ice monitor or to

Note: Essex ice sessions begin early October (contact Dianne Reidy for more info. and
Waterbury Ice Center ( offers ice for freestyle sessions on Monday and
Wednesday eves; both welcome CVSC skaters.

                                Scholarship Fund Reminder
A limited number of scholarships are available to Champlain Valley Skating Club members in
good standing. Scholarships are awarded based upon income criteria. All information will be
held in strict confidence. Scholarships will be awarded on a first come, first served basis as long
as funding is available. Only one form per family needs to be completed to qualify the CVSC
members within the household. Please see the Champlain Valley Skating Club web site or
contact the Scholarship Chair ( for more information.

                                    HELP NEEDED
It’s not too early to think about joining the CVSC Board of Directors for next year! New board
members will be needed in May 2008 and there are tasks and training that can be started now
under the direction of the current chair people. We are especially in need of someone to begin to
take the reins as chairperson of the Champlain Valley Open as well as someone to be our test
chair. If you are willing to consider to serve the club in either of these ways, please contact
CVSC President Pamela Ashikaga at or 865-2299 to arrange for some on-
the-job training.

Next CVSC board meeting: Wednesday October 10 at 6:30 in the Activities Room of the
Paquette Arena at Leddy Park. Come one, come all to see what the board does and how you can

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                        Montreal/Peabody Skate Sharpening

Interested in cutting down on your trips to Montreal or Peabody for skate sharpening? A
number of members have suggested that we set up an email alias so folks can be
notified when someone is making a sharpening trip. Arrangements for drop off/pick up
of skates will be made by each driver. If you are interested in being on the list and
sharing the driving, please send an email to and include your
contact information: name, phone, preferred email account, and which location you
prefer for sharpening.

                               Upcoming Local Events
2008 New England Regional Championships October 2-6, 2007
Waterbury Holiday Ice Show December 15, 2007
Green Mountain Open: March 7-9 2008
ICE 2008: April 4-5 2008
International Theatre-on-Ice Competition: June 2008

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     How Sleep, or Lack of, Affects Teen Athletes
SOURCE: Carskadon, M.A. Clinics in Sports Medicine, April 2005; vol 24: pp 319-328.

"Young people live in a nearly constant state of chronic insufficient sleep,"
Carskadon writes in the April05 issue of Clinics in Sports Medicine.

                                                                                                                                        Comment [AM1]: Catching some zzzzzs between
                                                                                                                                        practice ice in Colorado.

Some experts say teens need more sleep than younger children need. Carskadon, an expert in sleep and teen development,
says this isn't so. At puberty, she says, teens' nightly need for sleep actually drops a bit. But that's generally a moot point, as
few teens come even close to getting enough sleep.

Internal Teen Clock Out of Sync With Alarm Clock: Part of the problem is that puberty throws the sleep cycle out of whack.
Instead of aligning sleepiness and wakefulness with the 24-hour external clock, Carskadon suggests, teens align with an
"internal day."

Other things are going on, too. Teens may need more than nine hours of sleep, but as they enter puberty they find they are
better able to resist the urge to sleep. And in their rooms they find all kinds of stimulating activities — the Internet, television,
and computer games, for example. Meanwhile, the clock ticks toward the early morning school schedule.

"A teenager's need for sleep appears just about identical to when he or she was a preteen, even though nearly every teen
succumbs to the adolescent lifestyle — and the constraints of school schedules — by getting less sleep than required on most
school nights and partially compensating by oversleeping on weekend days," Carskadon writes.

Teen Sleep and Teen Athletics: Before puberty, kids who don't get enough sleep get most tired in the afternoon and evening.
But, teens who don't get enough sleep have a different problem — one familiar to almost every parent – they "are extremely
impaired in the morning." That's because they've had little restorative sleep to buffer the effects of waking just as their internal
clocks make them least alert. But later in the day — despite too little sleep — teens get a jolt of energy as their internal clocks
make them most alert. And, of course, teens try to make up for their sleep deprivation by sleeping late on weekends. This may
help in the short term, but it is a disaster in terms of finding a healthy, regular sleep schedule.

All this has a profound effect on athletic performance. Carskadon concludes that:

— Before puberty, children and young teens function better early in the day than in the afternoon and evening.

— During and after puberty, teens perform worst in the morning.

— All kids' performance benefits from routine, adequate sleep on a regular schedule.

— Teen teams that travel west across time zones have an advantage early in the day.

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               EDITOR’S CHALLENGE

As published in the Burlington Free Press on Tuesday Sept 25, 2007, and on the
website, the Vermont Symphony Orchestra is
seeking poems written by Vermont middle and high school students in Barre,
Rutland and Burlington areas about…SKATING, in resonse to the symphonic
poem “The Skater’s Waltz”. Selected poems will be read at their upcoming
Holiday Pops concerts. Nobody can do this better than you skaters! Let’s show
the VSO that CVSC members know about the many wonders of skating.

PLEASE, send your entries to be considered officially for the writers project by
October 26, AND send them here to your editor Anne Morgan
( for our very own Symphonic Poem Collection. Although the
young writers project is for middle and high school writers, this additional
EDITORS CHALLENGE is open to all ages; and welcomes adult and elementary
school age writers to contribute. A panel of CVSC affiliated creative writing
“judges” will consider all entries and determine awards, unrelated to the Young
Writers Project competition. With your permission, pieces will be published in
the next CVSC newsletter. So, do it alone, with a partner or two, or even your
entire skating team, but get WRITING about SKATING!


The Young Writers Project has a host of opportunities for Vermont young writers this year. More will be announced

soon. Here are a few of them:

SYMPHONY POEMS. The Vermont Symphony Orchestra is seeking poems written in response to “The Skater’s Waltz” by

Emil Waldteufel. (Download or listen by clicking here.) Selected poems will be read at the Holiday Pops concerts in

Barre, Burlington and Rutland on Dec. 7, 8 and 9 respectively. Five poems by students in each area will be chosen and

read at the students’ respective area concert. Winners will also receive two tickets to the concert. The poems should be

about skating and, if possible, about sleep dreams, another theme of this year’s concert. Deadline Oct. 26.

NOTE:This special prompt is only open to students in the greater Barre, Rutland and Burlington areas.

TIPS:Poems written to the music can be of any length -- the music is intended merely to trigger the idea and your poem

should make the reader think about or imagine skating and, possibly, dreaming. Student judges will make the initial

selections; the final pieces will be chosen by a panel with the Vermont Symphony Orchestra.

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