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					                                                 Soda is a chemical found in drinks that
are very harmful to the body when in continuous consumption. Soft drinks is actually
very unhealthy for many chemical compounds that are very detrimental to the body. So
avoid drinking carbonated beverages. The impact is too fizzy drinks are as follows:

Increase Risk of Diabetes

Soft drinks banned because due to the hormone insulin in the body is not enough, not
even able to convert these sugars into muscle sugar (glycogen). As a result, blood sugar
(glucose) to rise and harm.

Diabetes is also a disease that can lead to other diseases such as stroke and coronary heart
damage. If you consume lots of soft drinks, in addition to potentially leading to diabetes,
stroke and heart damage can also occur korone.

Harm the kidneys

Research conducted in the United States about the dangers of 3256. They regularly
consume soft drinks at least 2 times a day. The result, as much as 30% of respondents
suffered kidney damage and decreased function.

According to experts, it is associated with the content of soft drinks, the artificial
sweeteners, artificial colorings, caffeine, and phosphoric acid.

Increase Risk of Pancreatic Cancer

Research in the United States, the content of soft drinks is believed to be one of the
triggers of pancreatic cancer. In that study, 87% of respondents who consume soft drinks
at least 2 times a day are at increased risk of pancreatic cancer.

Hoard plaque

Drinking soda will just pile up of plaque on your teeth more. The sugar in soda is food
for bacteria in your mouth, which then produce acids that help the plaque eat away the
protective layer of your teeth.

Gain weight

The human body can only utilize so that your blood sugar as energy consumption, the rest
will turn into fat and stored for later use. Many people think of fat to be the culprit of
excessive body weight, whereas many studies have proven that sugar is a cause greater
than weight gain. Furthermore, drinking lots of soda can also prevent you from feeling
hungry so that the body will lack the vitamins, minerals, and essential food for the move.

Too much sugar

Try drinking soda containing sugar substitutes, like aspartame (often times have a
detrimental effect). However, some people actually gain weight because of aspartame and
it is better to drink regular soda with sugar content.

Aspartame is often associated with various complaints, such as seizures, heart
palpitations, confusion, numbness, aggressiveness, and more. Of course, the reaction will
depend on each person: some people have no side effects at all when ingesting aspartame.

There was no calorie

Drinking soda makes the stomach feel full and reduce your desire to eat healthy foods.
Empty calories in soft drinks do not provide any nutrients to the body.

Bad for the digestive system

Soda has a pH of approximately 2.5 on average, slightly above the pH of battery acid and
the same as vinegar. Phosphoric acid in soda is what makes it so corrosive (erode) the
digestive system.

Can lead to dehydration

Caffeine causes the loss of fluid, because the effect of diuretics in it. This causes you to
urinate more frequently. Likewise soda. Drink plenty of water while you drink soda so
that no deteriorating effect of dehydration.

Increase the Risk of Obesity

Soft drinks are rich in calories. Calories into the body can increase the risk of obesity.
Not only for people who are adults, children can suffer from obesity.

Remember, obesity is one of the triggers of the emergence of other diseases. Among
them diabetes, stroke, coronary heart damage and other serious diseases.

Increase Risk of Fragile Bones
One of the content of soft drinks is phosphoric acid. In a penelititan, phosphoric acid can
cause diseases of bone fragility. This is because phosphoric acid can dissolve the calcium
in the bones. As a result, bones become brittle and porous.

Improve Damage to Teeth

In one study, 3200 respondents were damaged teeth from consuming soft drinks. This is
of course due to the content of sugars in the drink. Not only that, phosphoric acid also
contributed to tooth decay by dissolving calcium teeth.

Increase reliance on Caffeine

Soft drinks containing caffeine. This substance has since been known as a substance that
can make people dependent. Although caffeine has a positive effect on the body, the
negative effects of caffeine were more. For example, makes the heart palpitations,
insomnia, low blood pressure, and others.

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