; How to Start Selling Clip Art Online
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How to Start Selling Clip Art Online


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									How to Start Selling Clip Art Online

Think about all of the ads you have seen on the Internet or in print. How many of
them are just plain text? And of those that were plain text, how many do you
actually remember the details of? Probably not too many. Your eyes won’t stop
on a quick scan through a collection of ads if there are just big blocks of words.
That’s where clip art comes in. If you are an artist, Selling Clip Art is a great way
to earn some extra cash.

Basically, clip art is a ready-to-use picture or image that slips easily into a group
of words on a page. The images aren’t just pictures of items and people but also
headlines, borders, and other little designs to make an ad more interesting to the
eye. People can purchase clip art almost anywhere these days, but if you want to
sell clip art online, here’s how to get started.

To start Selling Clip Art successfully, the very first thing you need is a source of
clip art. Makes sense, right? That means even if you aren’t an artist you can
partner with someone who is to get the original designs. The best clip art has
very few details and is very simple. Think of images that would be appropriate for
mail-order ads, classified ads, and online ads. If you design and you end up
selling clip art of your own design, you may want to think about getting a

If you don’t want to sell your own clip art designs, look for copyright-free clip art
that allows for various sellers. But because other people will be selling the same
clip art, you have to get creative with your advertising and marketing. Think of
places where you might want to see clip art and advertise there. You could also
join an affiliate network to make the most of selling clip art online.

Another great way to start Sell Clip Art online is to find a reputable web portal
that can make it easy on both you and your customers. PayLoadz is a payment
platform and gateway that allows retailers like you sell all sorts of digital goods,
including clip art. You can set your own price and accept various forms of
payment including Google Checkout and PayPal. Getting started with PayLoadz
is quick, simple, and free. Why not start now?

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