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									        Redefining “Self-employment”

“The ONLY legitimate purpose of business
     is to promote the common good
         through commerce” ~ JRZ

               Solo W-2™
     Redefining “Self-employment”

            James R. Ziegler, PhD
           President, Solo W-2, Inc.
             Who Are We?

   1997: Incorporated as Jerzy, Inc.
   1998: Processed first payroll as P.A.C.E. – Professional
    Association for Contract Employment
   2002: Named fourth fastest growing private business in
    SF Bay Area by SF Business Times.

   2007: Re-incorporated as Solo W-2, Inc.

   Services Nationwide – Currently processing payroll in
    about 25 states

   Headquartered in Concord, CA
            Solo W-2, Inc. Branded Services

Proprietary Services for the Contingent Workforce:

     Solo W-2™
       Employer-of-record service for self-employed persons, small
       business owners, freelancers and consultants.

     Solo 1099™
       Agent-of-record service for fully compliant independent

     Solo IC Compliance™
       Co-employment risk mitigation, employee training, contingent
       workforce compliance testing and contractor payment
       processing for organizations that engage consultants.

     Solo Back Office™
       Outsourced back-office support and employee benefits for
       progressive staffing firms, small businesses and start-ups.
        What Does Solo W-2™ Do?

 Solo W-2™ provides the corporate
  infrastructure for:
    Self-employed persons

    Small business owners

    Freelancers and

    Consultants
          How Do We Do That?

 Solo W-2™ converts your Solo gross
  revenues into Solo W-2 net wages, and
  in the process delivers:
      Tax-advantaged corporate employment
      Guarantee-issue group insurance
      Generous Roth 401(k) plan
      Simplified tax reporting, and
      IRS Form W-2 at the end of the year
         What You Get

 Solo W-2™ gives you:
    The Freedom, Flexibility, Independence
     and Tax Advantages of Self-employment


    The Superior Employee Benefits of
     Corporate Employment
           Who Qualifies?

 Full-time, Self-directed, Independent
  Professionals, Including:
       Self-employed persons
       Small business owners
       Freelancers
       Consultants

 Who Generate Consistent Monthly
  Revenues of at Least $5,000.
         Your Job Description

Solo W-2™ Job Description:

   Generate taxable revenues from any

   Run revenues through Solo W-2™.

   Get great employee benefits.

   Get IRS Form W-2 at end of the year.
                               How Your Division Works
Any Taxable Income:                            “Solo” Gross Revenues

                                    Service                                          Solo W-2™ Service Fee
  Sole Proprietorship                                                                 • Personal Division Administrator
    Personal income from            Contract                                           • Personalized Back-office Support
    commissions, sales receipts,
    rental property, investments.                                                      • $5,000,000 Liability Insurance

                                               Solo W-2™ Division
                                                                                         Covers Your Solo W-2™ Clients

  Your Registered                  Service                                          Commercial Insurance
   Small Business                   Contract                                           • Malpractice Insurance, Surety Bonds,
    Receipts from a corporation                                                          etc., as Required by Your Solo W-2™
    or limited liability company                                                         Clients

                                                                    Revenue Stream
    that you own.
                                                                                     Employee Benefits
                                                                                      • Guarantee Issue, True Group
  Third-party Client               Service                                           • Medical & Dental
    Payment from a third-party      Contract                                          • Life and AD&D
    client under the terms of a                                                       • Long-term Disability
    contract between Solo W-2,
    Inc. and the client.                                                             Solo W-2™ Roth 401(k) Plan
                                                                                       • Safe Harbor (3%)
                                                                                       • Employer Match (200%)
                                                                                     Tax-free Reimbursed Business
                                                                                     and Medical Expenses
                                                                                     Employer’s Side of Payroll Taxes
                                                                                      • Workers Comp
                                                                                      • Federal and State UI
                                                                                      •Social Security
                                                                                      • Medicare

                                               “Solo W-2” Gross Wage                 Deductions from Gross Wage:
                                                                                      • Elective Deferral to 401(k)
                                                                                      • Employee’s Side of Payroll Taxes
                                                 “Solo W-2” Net Wage                  • Income Tax Withholdings

 Solo W-2™ operates in the
  background, completely separate
  from any other employment or
  business venture that you may

 You are free to work under your
  own brand, on your own schedule,
  setting your own rates, serving
  your own customers.

 Solo W-2™ lets you work where you
  want, when you want, doing what
  you want, anywhere in the USA and
  in many locations around the

 Solo W-2™ makes no demands on
  your time.

 You alone determine how you
  generate the revenues that you run
  through Solo W-2™.
         Tax-advantaged Earnings

 Solo W-2™ employees qualify for:

    Immediate tax-free reimbursements for out-
     of-pocket business and medical expenses

    Tax-free leasebacks for major purchases
     over $750

    Maximum GSA per diem rates when
     traveling or working out-of-town

 Your Solo W-2™ employment and
  benefits package follows you,
  wherever you work, anywhere in
  the USA and many locations around
  the world.
         Personalized Support

 Your personal Solo W-2™ administrative
  assistant provides expert back-office
  support for payroll processing, tax-free
  expense reimbursements and
  administration of your employee

 In addition, Solo W-2™ employees
  receive unlimited, free, financial advice
  from a dedicated Chartered Financial
  Consultant (ChFC).
         Expert Contract Administration

 For consultants who work with major
  clients, Solo W-2™ offers:

    Contract review, negotiation and
     administration, including timely invoicing
     and assertive collection of receivables.

    Five million dollars aggregate coverage
     in general liability insurance for your
      Solo W-2™ clients.
        Great Employee Benefits

 Solo W-2™ offers the best employee
  benefits package available to any
  independent professional anywhere
  in the USA.
        Group Health, Life and LTD

 Guarantee issue, group health
  insurance of the highest quality.

 Low-cost, guarantee issue, life

 Long term disability insurance with
  a generous, tax-free benefit.
            Powerful Roth 401(k) Plan

   All Solo W-2™ employees participate.

   Immediate qualification.

   Immediate vesting.

   $16,500 elective deferral ($22,000 if age 50+) with 200%
    employer match, funded by your revenue stream.

   Contribute annually up to $49,000 tax-deferred, with as
    little as $81,500 in gross revenues after expenses
    (Contribute up to $54,500 if age 50+).

   Load your retirement account up to the absolute IRS
    limits — much faster, with lower total gross revenues —
    compared with a self-employed individual.
        Lower Audit Profile

 The IRS audits self-employed
  persons more often than regular

 Solo W-2™ employment greatly
  lowers your IRS “audit profile”
  compared with self-employment.
        Stronger Credit

 Credit bureaus discriminate against
  self-employed borrowers.

 Solo W-2™ employment makes it
  easier to qualify for a mortgage
  and other large loans.
         Higher Total Compensation

 The tremendous convenience, personal
  support and incredible benefits package
  of Solo W-2™ is worth a LOT.

 Less time, less aggravation, direct
  savings and tax-advantaged earnings.

 Solo W-2™ employees typically enjoy
  higher total net compensation than
  self-employed persons or agency
  employees with similar gross revenues.
        Full Disclosure

 Solo W-2™ gives every Solo W-2™
  employee a detailed cash flow
  report with every paycheck.

 The report details down to the last
  penny how your division allocates
  your gross revenues in order to
  fund both your payroll and your
  employee benefits.
         Continuity of Employment

 Solo W-2™ keeps your division open as
  you move from gig to gig, client to
  client, wherever you work.

 Solo W-2™ is your permanent base of

 Solo W-2™ does not automatically
  terminate your employment when the
  gig ends (like most staffing vendors do).
                Basic Pricing

   Solo W-2™ Basic Employment:
       For Sole Proprietors, Small Business Owners and Freelancers
        who have multiple minor customers.

       You invoice and collect from your own customers.

       Solo W-2™ provides tax-advantaged employment as a full-
        time, fully benefited, regular employee.

       Solo W-2™ provides automated, online expense reporting.

       Solo W-2™ provides the most comprehensive employee
        benefits package available to any independent professional,
        anywhere in the USA.

   5% of Gross Revenues
                Premium Pricing

   Solo W-2™ Premium Employment:

       For Consultants with a few major clients.

       Includes Solo W-2™ Basic Employment, plus…

       Contract review and negotiation, contract administration
        and liability insurance for your Solo W-2™ clients.

       Automated, online time and milestone reporting.

       Timely invoicing and assertive collection of receivables
        from your Solo W-2™ clients.

   6% of Gross Revenues
         Solo W-2™ Discounts

 Referral Rewards

    Solo W-2™ pays referral rewards equal to 1%
     of the revenues generated by employees who
     join Solo W-2™ on your recommendation.

    There is no limit to the amount of Solo W-2™
     referral rewards that you can earn.

    Referral rewards can easily make Solo W-2™
         For Client Company

 Advantages to Companies that Engage
  Solo W-2™ Employees

    Strong mitigation of co-employment risks:
       IRS reclassification.
       UI and Workers Comp claims.
       Liability claims.
       Class-action lawsuits.

    Simplified contractor billing:
       Consolidated invoicing.
       Online time and expense reporting.
         For Small Business Owner

 Advantages of Solo W-2™ to Small
  Business Owners and Start-ups

    Give yourself and your key team members
     executive-level employee benefits.
    Compete more effectively to attract,
     recruit, reward and retain exceptional
    Manage rapid growth and irregular demand.
    Easily deploy and reassign a flexible
    Process payroll and benefits as easily as
     making an ATM deposit.
           For Solo W-2™ Employee

   Advantages to Solo W-2™ Employee
     Easily convert your “Solo” gross revenues to “W-2”
      net wage.
     Obtain guarantee issue, true group insurance.
     Contribute to an incredibly generous 401(k) plan.
     Experience a lower IRS “audit profile”.
     Enjoy a stronger credit rating as a Solo W-2™
     Solo W-2™ employees are more attractive to larger
     Optional contracts administration, timely invoicing
      and assertive collections.
     Continuity of employment and benefits.
     Simplified tax reporting, and…
     IRS Form W-2 at the end of the year.
           Your Best Solution

 Whether you are a:
       Self-employed Person
       Small Business Owner
       Freelancer
       Consultant

 Or you engage consultants for your

 Solo W-2™ is your best solution.
 All You Need to Know

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