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Hair salon owners can now benefit immensely from the latest marketing trend that has taken the
world by storm. Mobile marketing is a new concept that many small and medium businesses
benefit from. This advertising method is cost effective and offers good results.

Consumers today are hooked to mobile phones and carry these devices wherever they go. They
check their messages on mobiles every few minutes as compared to emails which they open only

Hair salons can now effectively target local customer database and send out text messages.
Several Mobile Marketing companies offer comprehensive mobile marketing services customized
to every customer's unique and specific requirements.

Text marketing helps hair salons reach out to every single person in the area with effective
advertisement text. It helps salons keep in touch with customers through constant updates, offers
and promotions. The power of mobile phones is such that whatever you want to convey to
customers is done instantly. It is therefore easy for hair salons that work on appointment to remind
customers so they do not miss out or come late for their appointments.

Text message marketing, can also help hair salons send discount vouchers to target customers
through mobiles. The highly personal and interactive platform of mobile marketing makes it ideal
for small and medium businesses such as hair salons. It is now possible to effectively
communicate with clients giving them a feeling of personalized and individual contact.

Mobile marketing helps hair salons send text messages not only to their customers but also to
their employees. Communication is now extremely cost effective and cannot be easier than this.
Hair salons can devise effective SMS sales campaigns and we help them go through it without a

Mobile marketing offers cost effective and highly targeted services that are very important for the
growth of your business. This helps you avoid being rebuffed by customers who are unwilling and
help avoid time wastage too. With mobile messaging, it is possible to target only customers who
you want to communicate with.

If you are having a sales conference or a training program in your hair salon, you can send text
messages to a huge employee base. This is especially useful for salons that have branches all
over the city. With the help of mobile marketing services, you can get your employees to message
back their acceptance and confirm their attendance.

Small businesses such as hair salons can thus benefit to a great extent through mobile marketing
as it is no longer very expensive. There are immense possibilities with mobiles such as sending
MMS messages, SMS text for competition announcements, SMS reminders and more. With the
help of highly professional mobile service providers such as star mobile marketing, small and
medium businesses can interact with their customers and keep in touch with them on a constant
basis thereby enhancing their sales and profits.

Keep up with the latest marketing trends and stand above competition. Establish credibility and
transparency with your clients by choosing the most effective and result oriented mobile marketing
and advertising option.

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