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If you are looking for effective as well as cost effective mobile marketing solutions, then you need
not look any further than mobile App marketing. Apps are the most effective method of marketing
your local business in a growing mobile world.

What makes Apps the Ideal Mobile Marketing Solution?

Apps come with integrated features that you won´t find on a mobile website. In addition to
offering the same information that you can find on a mobile site, they also include a range of
features which will facilitate your marketing efforts - all for free.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are text type messages that can be sent through your App completely free of
charge and allow you to promote new products and inform customers about specials and
discounts. Not only are the push notifications permission based, they also have an extremely high
open and read rate at over 90%. When compared to the cost of sms marketing, push notifications
are a much better return on investment.

Useful Features

Adding additional features to your App that make it useful to your customer base will ensure that
they open and use your App regularly. Features such as QR scanners and various calculators as
well as industry related tip guides are a great way to make your app that much more useful.

Creating New Content

Unlike mobile websites, some of the most effective marketing tools in your App can only be
functional on a mobile device by making use of its integrated operating system. Make use of
features such as email photo, email recording or fan wall to create new content for your social
media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. You can also reward your customers for
taking the time to interact.

Viral Marketing Features

Your App comes with a number of features that allow for one touch transfer. Adding a Tell a friend
button to your App will ensure that your customers can send your App to their friends and family
through a range of mediums such as email, Facebook, Twitter or sms.

Adding this tell a friend feature to discount coupons and promotions means that your customers
can help to market your promotions and products and word of mouth is, by far, the best marketing
When it comes to return on your investment, the cost of having a quality App built for your
business has to be at the top of your mobile marketing solutions list.

Jeanne Michelle and her team at Business Apps Marketing offer Apps for Apple (both iPhone and
iPad), Android and Blackberry to help local businesses promote their products and services at
extremely competitive prices. We run specials through out the year with huge discounts for those
looking to have an App built or to make use of our App Building Platform to build their own.

Find out more about the various app features, benefits and discounts from and our team are ready to
get you going so that you can take advantage of this cost effective marketing tool.

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For more information on Mobile Marketing Solutions please check out;

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