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There are now many Mobile Marketing Solutions available to businesses small and large and
currently well suited to the B2C (Business to Consumer) sector. In this article we've listed just ten
of the solutions that are out there but nearly all should be considered as part of a marketing plan
and used in conjunction with conventional marketing systems a business may already have in

Mobile Web Site

Any mobile marketing solution should ideally have two things at least

1) a Web Site for the business

2) a Mobile Web Site.

We all know what a Web Site is but what is a Mobile Web Site? Well in a nutshell it's a version of
your normal web site that has been specifically optimized to work on a mobile phone screen.

Because a mobile device has a smaller screen, then viewing a normal web site would create the
user to have to scroll up and down and side to side a lot in order to view the content. This would
drive most users crazy so a Mobile Optimized web site can be viewed easily on a mobile device.

If you want to have your site accessed via mobile devices then you must get a mobile version
created. Then when the visitor types in your web address the browser knows if it's being accessed
from a mobile and displays the correct version for that device


Bluetooth Proximity Marketing is a great solution for a retail outlet if structured properly. A piece of
software is placed on a Bluetooth enabled computer within the store which is commonly used to
send out SMS messages that can be picked up on the Bluetooth enabled mobile phones of
passers by.

This is a great system for sending out enticing offers or information about your business to
encourage more people to notice you that maybe otherwise might not.

It's always advisable to use an offer or discount to get passers by to engage with you like "Would
you like to accept a Bluetooth special offer coupon from Boots?" or "Would you like to accept a 2
for 1 offer at the Godfather Pizza store this lunch time"
Any mobile marketing solution that uses Bluetooth in this way has to understand it's limitations as
the effective range is only about 30 metres for ideal conditions and as low as 10 metres in the
majority of locations.

The beauty of this mobile marketing solution is that once the relatively inexpensive equipment and
software has been purchased the running cost is virtually Nil so the ROI per year can be very good


Text messages or SMS (Short Message Service)have been used as a mobile marketing solution
for quite some time now and their ability to hit a large audience and generate interest has been
quite outstanding.

If you take the figures that open rates for Text/SMS messages are in the region of 95% compared
to only 25% of e-mails, then when you combine that with the number of mobile phones sales have
reached just over 5 Billion in the world today then using SMS can be seen as a very effective
mobile marketing solution for your business to hit a wide audience.

The downside being that each message on normal mobile phones can only be 160 characters
long and it doesn't contain any particular colours, graphics or logos. Therefore, the only way to
really grab your audience's attention is to be really creative with your wording and use fabulous
and irresistible offers wherever possible.

Banner Adverts

A banner advert is a great way to grab attention when somebody is accessing a relevant web site
or an app they have downloaded to their phone.

The banner will pop up on the users screen normally either at the top or bottom of the page. It can
be customized to have the colours, logo, text font and even pictures of your choice.

However, because of the small size of the banner, the design has to well thought out so that the
message isn't lost in clutter and unreadable information. Bright colours such as yellows and
oranges seem to work well but with a clear offer that is easy to understand.

On a lot of systems and platforms used today you only pay for each time a user clicks on your
banner on their phone. Therefore, it's free to be sent to a phone and can be a great way to get
your Brand noticed.

Besides, a lot of the time you can specify your demographic audience and tightly target the
consumer most likely to be responsive to it.Â


Currently there are over 300,000 iPhone/iPad applications (apps) and more than 100,000 Android
apps with more and more being developed daily.
Therefore, if you consider that Apple has had more than 3 Billion downloads of these apps to date
then you can start to see that the demand is certainly there.

Almost everybody thinks they are very expensive to have one developed for your business but that
isn't the case. However, the power of a well designed app with excellent back-end functionality
can draw huge revenue and be an excellent mobile marketing solution.

Squeeze Pages

This is probably the best mobile marketing solution for gathering leads and opt-ins for any
business that needs them. The bigger and more accurate your database of opted-in consumers
the more you can make more and more money by selling, cross-selling and even up-selling to
those subscribers time and time again.

If used in combination with banner or sms ads or even apps, then the mobile squeeze page will
draw in new consumers like moths to a flame.

A mobile Squeeze Page displays an offer that requires the user to enter their contact details to
access or receive the special offer being displayed.

This is a very powerful mobile marketing solution that is currently demonstrating fantastic results.

So if you would like to comment on this article then please do or why not read one of our others on
Mobile Phone Marketing or Bluetooth Mobile Marketing which will give you even more information
on these subjects. Ian Jillings is the owner of
marketing-solutions.php where he provides Mobile Marketing tips and resources.

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