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                                How To do a Move
                       (Good-Bye, 382 Shin Dang Dong)

         So you’re moving. When you heard the news, did your stomach

    start to ache? Did you become ___________ before you had even

    left? Don’t wait until you get to the _________ to get ready for a

    move. Start planning now.

       Recognize that, just as surely as ___________ are wet, you are

        going to be upset and unhappy. But that’s OK. Just set a time

        limit. When the time is up, do something to make yourself to make

        yourself feel better.

       Keep the ___________. Take pictures of your old home,

        neighborhood, and friends. Make a scrapbook.

       Have a _____________ party. Exchange addresses and telephone

        numbers with your friends.

       Be _____________ about your new town. Research the area at

        the library and on the Internet. It might be ____________ in

        guidebooks. It might be known for a famous person or a

        _____________food. The more you know about the place, the

        more familiar it will feel when you get there.

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