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One of the hottest tools being used by marketers and advertisers today is the mobile marketing
campaign. This is basically using cellular phones as part of, or central to, their marketing strategy
for promoting a product, service or event.

The use of the mobile phone as an integral, if not the important, part of a marketing or advertising
campaign is because of the sheer ubiquity of the gadget. In 1990, there were 12.4 million
subscribers and users of cellular phones worldwide. By 2009, or around two decades since, that
number has balloned to 4.9 billion, or an increase of 370 times. Cellular phone users also cover
the full spectrum of socio-economic classes. Persons from the highest levels of society to the
lowest strata use cellular phones.

Of course, mobile phone marketing is a relatively new phenomenon. Add to this the fact that
phones are rapidly evolving both in terms of hardware and software, changing the way units, and
thus their users, receive and use information, and everything becomes a little bit more complicated
for the average businessman.

Just as advertising companies and marketing firms help businesses make the most of media and
promotional tools and techniques, mobile marketing companies have stepped up to give people
interested in using mobile marketing campaigns to help sell their products and services a clear
view of how the rapidly-expanding and emerging world of mobile phones can increase sales and

Mobile marketing companies offer a variety of services to the interested businessman that aim to
maximize the use of the mobile phone in a marketing or advertising campaign. One of the most
common services involve campaigns using the most basic cellular phone utility: short message
sending (SMS), or texting, as most people call it. Although some might say that SMS campaigning
is just about sending a message around 160 characters long to a certain number of people, mobile
marketing companies can help you make an SMS campaign that makes effective use of texting,
whether through carefully-crafted texts or highly-strategic targeting of recipients.

Another service mobile marketing companies offer makes use of the technological gems found in
even some cheap phones in the market. The creation of Flash content for mobile phones, or even
games, that are part of a mobile marketing campaign are just some of the services mobile
marketing companies can do to make use of these features and build up awareness for your
product, service or event.

The emergence of the cellular phone as a major channel for accessing the Internet has also led to
the development of Web content suited especially for this medium. Not all units have the capability
to view websites in the same quality and manner as with your favorite browser, and forcing
viewers to do so can lead to unsatisfactory browsing experiences. Mobile marketing companies
can provide the expertise needed to convert your websites and Web-based applications for
effective cellular phone access.

Finally, the phenomenal growth of smartphones like Apple's iPhone or Samsung's Android-
equipped units has opened up a whole new world of mediums through applets. Mobile marketing
companies can provide the people and tools that will allow your business or organization to make
full use of this new and rapidly-expanding world as a part of an effective marketing campaign.

With the rise of the cellphone as a medium in which businesses can reach consumers comes the
emergence of new ways in which to influence a market potentially millions-strong. Mobile
marketing companies will make sure that you can remain competitive in a cellular world by helping
you make the most of the technologies and techniques coming to the fore with the explosion of
this new medium.

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