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The vision of mobile marketing association or MMA may be considered by many as ambitious, but
it emits a lot of good hope especially that millions of people at present are holding on to the
expediency of the mobile phone technology in making their lives better.

The aim of this organization to establish mobile as an indispensable platform of marketing gave
birth to various industries around the globe that utilize hand held devices in the promotion and
operation of businesses. At present, the organization has already launched many projects to open
people's awareness on the importance of mobile phones, not only to connect people from different
parts of the world, but also to sustain a healthy and competitive commerce.

Composition of MMA

This organization existed since the year 2000. It is composed of several organizations, mobile
phone manufacturers, operators of wireless devices, marketing societies, and mobile phone
advertisers. All of them are having the same vision.

At present, the organization has gathered several other groups and marketing firms around the
globe and it was able to establish regional stations to further advance their goals. It also gained
support from other non-member marketing associations and wireless advertisers around Asia and

An overview of the MMA Industry

Because of the worldwide availability of wireless services, the organization believes that trade and
industry will expand by utilizing mobile phones and the internet. Moreover, it has a mission to
increase the awareness of people that more effective ways of doing trade can proliferate through
wireless services and that businessmen will experience more ease in doing their tasks.

Some of the goals that the organization plotted are the following:

• increase brand awareness among consumers

• create a database that can hold profits

• advertise events and products

• generate campaigns of other industries

The formation of the Mobile Marketing Ecosystem
To further advance the vision and to heighten people's insights regarding its goals, the
organization created the mobile marketing ecosystem to outline their strategies and to easily
deliver their services in different parts of the globe.

This ecosystem is composed of four parts. The first one is the Product and Services, which include
the mobile brand and marketing agencies. Its role is to ensure the quality of goods and services
and to evaluate effective sources of goods. The second part is the Application that assures high-
end software providers. The third of the four parts is the Connection that includes the wireless
connection service providers. Its main function is to monitor a safe and effective channel for
wireless communication. The last part is the Media and Retail that ensures effective delivery of
wireless services to individual outlets worldwide. All of these parts work collectively to maintain
homeostasis in this type of industry.

Promoting results of research studies

What is good about the mobile marketing association is its effort to promote findings from research
studies about this industry and utilizing them to advance the mobile technology around the world.
Most of the studies that they have done have become foundations for the development of the most
advanced design of mobile phones, new application software that can do instant business, and
innovative mode of mobile advertising.

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For more information on Mobile Marketing Association please check out;

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