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Where to Get 9.7 inch 3g Tablet from a Top Android Tablet Factory?


This article takes about why people take P103 as a best android tablet from android tablet factory.

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									         The Newest Android Tablet Factory Product- P102
We often hear android when it comes to smart phone, tablet, etc, and it is well
known that 3gtabletwholesale is a professional android tablet factory-this also
means a solution. More and more people wish an android tablet supplier is not only
a seller but a solution supplier, in fact, since found in 2003, as a android tablet factory,
3gtabletwholesale are committed to offering top quality android tablets and best
3gtabletwholesale is not only a android tablet factory but always a 3g tablets supplier,
and this android tablet factory released one of new android tablets 2012-P102, and
this android tablet factory said this 10 inch 3g tablet P102 is a portable tablet with a
capacitive TFT touch screen, although it is very slight, due to designed and produced
by this professional 3g tablets supplier 10 inch 3g tablet is compact and stylish, this
3g tablets supplier said people hardly could feel this android 4.0 3g tablet in their
briefcases, at the same time , this 10 inch 3g tablet p102 offers this screen with
1024*600 resolution pixel, so you can get clear pictures from this 10 inch 3g tablet
P102 and watch movies or reading books at best angle.

P102 is equipped with 512MB memory and 1.5GHz CPU by this android tablet factory,
so this 10 inch 3g tablet P102 can handle a lot of files and activities. You can a choose
a storage of 4G, 8G, 16G , and with a external TF card, this new android tablets 2012
P102 can reach a maximum capacity of 32GB, so can you get large capacity for your
money, and this tablet factory makes this 32GB 3g tablet P102 has an obvious
advantage over other tablets.
As a professional android tablet factory, this 3g tablets supplier 3gtabletwholesale is
always looking for what are customers concerned about a tablet and are ready to
offer a solution. Watching HD video is a perfect experience on this 32GB 3g tablet,
and P102 can have you get a clear, beautiful picture and video, which is very
impressive. In addition, when you play games, this 10 inch 3g tablet P102 can benefit
you much, you can control the trend of your devices conveniently by 4-Directions
gravity sensing, you know, even in most of notebooks, they haven’t supported this
feature yet.
This android tablet factory also announce that 32GB tablet P102 supports a wide
range video and audio files too, as well as many Google Mobile- Services(Google Talk,
Google Calendar ,YouTube, Maps, etc) you can easily connect this 10 inch 3g tablet to
a Wi-Fi network as well as 3g network easily, of course, you can call your friends by
this android 4.0 3g tablet phone.
This battery’s high performance can make this new android tablets 2012 P102 works
for more than 5 hours at one time, this android tablet factory affirm that you can
enjoy longer time when you listen to music or play video, even when you want to
interview somebody or record a meeting or other activities, you can use this 32GB 3g
tablet P102 without the interruption of socket.

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