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									                                        THE SKIDMORE COLLEGE
                                        SHAKESPEARE PROGRAMME!

                                WELCOME TO
                                THE SHAKESPEARE
                                London—a cosmopolitan metropolis
                                in southeast England, is one of the
                                world’s most important cultural and
                                business capitals. The world-famous
                                theatres, the breathtaking art collec-
                                tions and museums, the River Thames
                                meandering through the city cen-
                                ter, the cultural melting pot of the
                                East End,and the trendy West End
                                with Soho and Trafalgar Square—all
                                combine to form the London of today.
                                You can explore artistic treasures at
                                the National and Tate galleries, visit the resting place of the royals at Westminster Abbey, watch the
                                changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, or pick through antiques, jewelry, and second-hand
                                clothes at Portobello Market. Add the outstanding educational opportunities presented by the British
                                American Drama Academy and spectacular theater on offer in London, and it is easy to see why so
                                many students find this program to be a fantastic study-abroad opportunity.

                                                         • Program hosted by the British American Drama Academy. BADA alumni
                                                           include Orlando Bloom, Jennifer Ehle, Paul Giamatti, Oliver Platt, and
                                                           Paul Rudd.
                                                         • Unique curriculum that blends classes in drama, literature, and performance.

                                                         • Faculty direction by some of London’s most experienced modern actors and
                               WHY THE                   • Small, intimate classes allowing close interaction with highly

                               SHAKESPEARE                 qualified faculty.
                                                         • Weekly trips to the London theatre, arguably the best in the world,
                               PROGRAMME                   including classic, modern, commercial, institutional and fringe theater.
                                                         • Week-long excursion to Stratford-Upon-Avon, Shakespeare’s birthplace.
                                                         • Close ties to the Royal National Theatre and the Royal Shakespeare Company.
                                                         • Participants hail from other leading colleges and universities, Including
                                                           Skidmore College, such as Amherst College, Barnard College, New York
                                                           University, Connecticut College, Stanford University, Wellesley College,
                                                           Vassar College, and Yale University.
                               THE PROGRAM

                               The Shakespeare Programme is an exciting study abroad opportunity offered by Skidmore College in
                               association with the British American Drama Academy (BADA) in London. This fall-semester program,
                               designed for English and Theater students who seek an academically rigorous and challenging pro-
                               gram in England, affords students a unique opportunity to study drama and literature, with a focus
                               on Shakespeare. The Shakespeare Programme takes advantage of BADA’s special relationship with the
                               British professional theatre to provide a constant interchange between the practicing theatre and the
                               academic world so that participants can benefit from the most interesting and creative minds working
                               in contemporary British theater.
                               BADA, located at Gloucester Gate in Regents Park London, was founded in 1983 and enables students
                               from across the United States to study theater with outstanding teachers from throughout Great
                               Britain, including Norman Ayrton, Simon Callow, Brian Cox, Alan Rickman, Rosemary Harris, Jane
                               Lapotaire, Fiona Shaw, Deborah Warner, Richard Cottrell, and Sean Mathias. The program includes
                               13 weeks in London working with BADA faculty, as well as one week at the Shakespeare Centre in
                               Stratford-upon-Avon, using its facilities and library. While in London, students attend weekly theater
                               performances and other activities organized to engage students in the London theater scene. While in
                               Stratford, students attend performances at the Royal Shakespeare Company, lectures from the faculty
                               members of the Shakespeare Institute and the Department of English of the University of Birmingham,
                               and sessions with actors and other members of the Royal Shakespeare Company.

                                                The Shakespeare programme is offered during the fall semester. The program
                               PROGRAM          begins in early September and runs through mid-December with a week-long
                                                semester break in late October or early November.

                               COURSES & CREDITS
                               The curriculum brings together students with practical skills and those with training in literature to
                               learn from each other and benefit from their different but complementary approaches to Shakespeare
                               and the study of drama. The classes typically are no more than 14 students and are taught by talented
                               faculty and respected theatre professionals. Students are exposed to an intensive study of Shake-
                               speare’s plays and the history of his era, linked to contemporary productions of his works in some of
                               the world’s greatest theatres.
                               Academic classes are held at the BADA headquarters and are taught by faculty drawn from a variety
                               of British universities in London and beyond, as well as some of the finest actors and directors of the
                               British stage. The facility, located in Regents Park, is convenient to all aspects of Central London. Each
                               week all students take part in an excursion to the theater and discuss the productions with a leading
                               theater critic as part of the course in dramatic criticism. All students participate in regular tutorials and
                               there are a number of master classes and lectures given by distinguished visiting professionals from
                               the theatre.
                               Students take three core courses and one or two optional courses. All courses carry three credits. You
                               are expected to carry a full course load (15 credits per semester). Students earn Skidmore credit for
                               all coursework. Skidmore students will have grades computed in their GPA and 300-level courses may
                               count toward the “maturity-level” credit requirement. Students from other colleges or universities
                               should check with their home campus for information on transfer credit.
“All the world’s a stage,
  and all the men & women merely players...”
    –William Shakespeare

                                 CORE COURSES
                                 All students must enroll in EN346 and TH334, and select either EN345 or TH234 as a third
                                 core course.

                                 EN346 Shakespeare: The Tragedies – A study of Shakespeare’s tragic work, including the four great
                                 tragedies: Hamlet, Macbeth, King Lear and Othello. The course will include study of contemporary
                                 critical perspectives on Shakespeare (e.g. New Historicism, Gender Studies) and study of Shakespeare
                                 on film and television.

                                 TH334 Dramatic Criticism: Special Studies in Theatre History and Theory – A series of discussions of
                                 productions seen each week. Discussion will be led by a leading London theatre critic. In addition
                                 students will be required to write a critique of each performance.

                                 EN345 Shakespeare: The Comedies and Histories – A study of selected comedies and histories that will
                                 include contemporary critical perspectives on Shakespeare (e.g. New Historicism, Gender Studies) and
                                 study of Shakespeare on film and television.
                                 TH234 Theatre and Culture II: Genesis of the Theatre in the 20th Century – A study of Western theatre
                                 from the19th century to the present day relating the development of theatre to changes in society.
                                 Students explore and analyze how theatre’s components—plays, acting, design, theory, and manage-
                                 ment—combine to express and reflect a culture’s dominant values. (Schools may regard this as either a
                                 drama course or a theatre history course).

                                 OPTIONAL COURSES
                                 Students may elect to take one, two, or three additional courses from those listed below. Courses are
                                 offered based on enrollments.

                                 EN316 The Nineteenth Century Novel – A generic, thematic and cultural consideration of selected

                                 novels by Austen, The Brontes, Thackery, Dickens, Elliot, Trollope and others.

                                 EN343 Shakespeare’s Contemporaries: Elizabethan and Jacobean Drama – Study of the drama of the
                                 late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries, exclusive of Shakespeare, but including such writers as
                                 Marlowe, Jonson, Webster, and Beaumont and Fletcher.

                                 TH303 Acting Styles: Comedy – Concentrated scene study from major periods of theatrical history.
                                 Among the styles to be explored are Restoration comedy, Oscar Wilde, Noel Coward and Harold Pinter.
                                 Prior undergraduate courses in acting are a prerequisite for this course.

                                 TH304 Special Studies in Acting: Shakespeare – Concentrated scene study of a number of Shakespeare
                                 plays. Prior undergraduate courses in acting are a prerequisite for this course.

                                 TH231 Directing – An intensive introduction to the craft of directing for the stage. The fundamentals
                                 of script analysis and interpretation, and production research and preparation will be explored in a
                                 seminar setting, while the studio will be the laboratory for developing clear lines of action and the
                                 world of the play through composition, picturization, and improvisation, as well as exploring the
                                 collaborative process with actors and designers.

                                 TH325 Playwriting – During this course writers will work on scripts which will be discussed, analyzed
                                 and evaluated in terms of character development, dramatic structure and originality. Selected scripts
                                 will be read in public at the end of the course.
                 The Shakespeare Programme’s academic faculty has been selected for its ability to excite the imagination
                 and invigorate the mind and the program’s acting teachers have been chosen for their ability to
                 stimulate creative intelligence and arouse even the most dormant talent. Faculty members range from
 FACULTY         internationally respected figures in British universities to professional critics and well known actors and
                 directors. The Academic Chairman is Professor Michael Dobson, professor of Shakespeare Studies at
                 Birkbeck College in the University of London. BADA prides itself on its close ties to the professional
                 theatre and many of its teachers work regularly for the Royal National Theatre and the Royal Shake-
                 speare Company. In addition to the classes, a stimulating range of talks and master classes are offered.

                               FACULTY MEMBERS:                                  MASTER CLASSES AND GUEST TALKS:
                             Norman Ayrton, Directing                                      Mick Barnfather
                  Christopher Cook, Dramatic Criticism and History                           Julian Glover
              Nigel Geraing, 19th Century Novel and Shakespeare’s Con-                     Henry Goodman
                                    temporaries                                               Greg Hicks
                               John Gorrie, Directing                                     Edward Petherbrige
                        Vivien Heilbron, Acting Shakespeare                                  Diana Quick
                     Nick Hutchinson, Acting and Master Class                                Alan Rickman
                                John Jones, Acting                                            Fiona Shaw
                            Boika Sokolova, Tragedies                                        Stanley Wells
                        Hilary Taylor, Histories and Comedies
                 Michelene Wandor, Playwriting and Fiction Writing

                 The Shakespeare Programme begins with a pre-departure orientation held on the Skidmore College
                 campus the semester prior to studying abroad. Upon arrival in London, you will attend an all-day orien-
                 tation provided by the British American Drama Academy to familiarize yourself further with the pro-
                 gram, the academic expectations, and the city itself.

                 EXCURSIONS & ACTIVITIES
                 Students will be exposed to the many dimensions of the study of British drama and Shakespeare,
                 including weekly visits to the London theatre, numerous social events arranged by BADA throughout
                 the semester, and the opportunity to travel to Shakespeare’s birthplace in Stratford-upon-Avon.
                 Stratford, the place where Shakespeare spent so much of his life and where the Royal Shakespeare Com-
                 pany, the Shakespeare Institute, and the Shakespeare Centre and Birthplace Trust are based, is inevitably
                 the most appropriate place in which to end this exciting course of study. While in Stratford, classes are
                 taken at the Shakespeare Centre where the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust is based and follow the well-
                 established tradition of the Shakespeare Institute of providing high caliber academic programs for
                 students and scholars from across the world. Students also visit the Royal Shakespeare Company to
                 attend performances which provide the basis for lectures and talks by members of the RSC itself. This
                 amazing opportunity proves to be the highlight of the program year after year!

                 • Class on Shakespeare: Head of Education at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust speaks on Royal
                   Shakespeare Company productions prior to students seeing performances.
                 • Production discussions: Discussion of performance with academic staff and with actors, directors
   PAST            or designers involved in productions.
 ACTIVITIES      • Class on Age of Shakespeare: Provides social and historical background on Stratford.
                 • Workshop: Session with Head of Voice of Royal Shakespeare Company.
                 • Excursions: Trips to local environs, including Anne Hathaway’s Cottage at Shottery, Mary Arden’s
STRATFORD          House at Wilmcote, Warwick Castle and Kenilworth, as well as Shakespeare’s Birthplace, New Place/
                   Nash’s House and Hall’s Croft all in Stratford.
                                HOUSING & ON-SITE SUPPORT
                                The program provides housing in furnished apartments at The Landward, situated in the center of
                                London’s West End. Each apartment has either two or three bedrooms, housing 4 or 5 students. Each

                                apartment has a fully equipped kitchen and wireless access.
                                In London and in Stratford, students receive support from BADA’s program manager and director who
                                supervise the day-to-day running of the program and assist students with academic and personal con-
                                cerns. At Skidmore College, the Office of Off-Campus Study & Exchanges handles the administration of
                                the program and supports students before, during and after their time in London.

                                Students are charged the Skidmore comprehensive program fee which covers tuition, housing and meals,
                                orientation, program-sponsored events, international health insurance, and the administrative services
                                of the staff in London and in Saratoga Springs. The fee does NOT cover round-trip airfare, books and
                                supplies, or personal and travel expenses.
                                Skidmore students may apply their financial aid to the costs of the program, and should verify their
                                coverage with the Office of Financial Aid. Students from other colleges/universities should check with
                                the financial aid office on their home campus.

                                Preference will be given to students with at least second semester sophomore standing who meet the
                                following requirements:
                                  • A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0, with a 3.2 in declared major
                                  • Ability to demonstrate, through a personal essay and faculty letters of recommendations,
                                    the level of maturity and self-motivation needed to succeed abroad
                                  • Theater majors must provide a theater résumé.

                                TO APPLY
                                The application deadline for the Shakespeare Programme is MARCH 15.

                                Obtain your application through Off-Campus Study & Exchanges at Skidmore College
                                or online at
                                If you are receiving academic or physical accommodations, you should be aware that BADA may or
                                may not be able to provide the same accommodations that you receive at Skidmore. Skidmore’s Office
                                of Off-Campus Study and Exchanges, in coordination with Skidmore’s Coordinator for Students with
                                Disabilities and your preferred host campus, is available to discuss your current accommodations to
                                determine what accommodations can be provided while you are off-campus. We suggest you meet with
                                the Coordinator for Students with Disabilities before you go away. The Coordinator can discuss any dis-
                                ability-related questions regarding off-campus study. The Coordinator also can provide you with a state-
                                ment of approved accommodations that would be granted at Skidmore; this will help BADA determine
                                appropriate accommodations for your time there.

                               “As a student of English, specifically of
                               Shakespeare and 19th century novels,
                               traveling to London was a dream come
                               true. BADA is such a small, intimate atmo-
                               sphere that I felt truly cared about...the staff
                               made every effort to make sure we were com-
                               fortable in every aspect of our study abroad...”
                               – Ashley Grossman, ’08
     “I have been associated with BADA since it                       “The Shakespeare Programme is a unique opportunity: a chance to study
began organizing courses in British classical                         Shakespeare and theater over a semester in a program designed to link
theatre for students from overseas. In my                             performances of his plays and other productions drawn from the full
opinion it offers the most wonderful                                  magnificent range of British Theatre. The program asks a lot from our
opportunity for students to take part in                              tudents-this is not a soft option. But it has proved for all our students to
this country’s great theatrical tradition.”                           be a richly rewarding time, sending them back to their colleges in the
           – Sir Derek Jacobi                                         United States with their outlooks broadened and their excitement and
                  Patron of the British American                      achievement in their studies raised to levels many never expected to attain.”
                  Drama Academy
                                                                        – Michael Dobson, Academic Director, The Shakespeare Programme:

?                                       WHY DO OVER 50% OF SKIDMORE
                                        STUDENTS SPEND A SEMESTER
                                        OR YEAR STUDYING ABROAD?

                                        Whether it’s in Skidmore-run programs in China, England, France, and Spain, or approved programs
                                        in such countries as Argentina, Australia, Germany, India, Greece, Ireland, Tanzania, or Japan, our
                                        students report:

                                              • Increased self confidence
                                              • An enhanced ability to adapt to new situations
                                              • A more open and tolerant view of the world
                                              • And a greater appreciation of their role and
                                                responsibility as global citizens

                                        Of course, all study abroad programs offer exposure to a foreign culture. That’s a given. But
                                        Skidmore programs provide added value: in-depth study of special topics through integrated
                                        course work, internships, and field-study options. Other program attributes include:

                                              • Superior pre-departure and on-site support
                                              • Dedicated on-site staff
                                              • Courses designed to complement the Skidmore curriculum
Creative Thought Matters

                                        Skidmore’s study abroad experiences are more than just unforgettable memories; they are building
                                        blocks for your future. Come and let us help you create your own global roadmap.

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