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Make Money with Photoshop


How to Make Money with Photoshop

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									                      Make Money with Photoshop

        Photoshop CS4 ,150Dpi Abstract Flower Splater,
 Process of design is very fast, and the important thing is sold, I share with you, if you are
 interested in this design please copy provided only as referrals or comparison. Why do I
                                          say so, because:
            1. The process very quickly, in a single day can produce 4 to 5 designs.
  2. Low cost, a computer unit equipped with the program Photoshop CS2, Photoshop CS3 or
                                 CS4, all generations can be used.
   3. 200 design sold with characters like this, I take a low value eg $ 5.00 or $ 10.00 per one
calculation above is the value of transactions in Indonesia, do you know how much the price of
one design in europe/ UK, the price per one design is 100GBP up to 125 GBP if in exchange the
                                     currency into rupiah is
    Rp1, 365.387 to Rp1, 706,733.75 you can calculate how much income in one month ...
                           can you imagine how much money you can
                            if you work better and faster than me .......

                   As an important note, the principal in this design are:
                                  1. Color-balanced composition.
                          2. A consistent rhythm, stay in one emotion.
 3. Have a motion, space and harmony group who can represent a story or theme of the design.
                                   4. Spontaneity, full of energy.
     5. Honesty expression, it is very important because the artwork will be felt more alive.

                                         Good Luck

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